Warren Michael Bell – Take 2


Warren Bell used to be known as Anthony Bruce


You can read the backstory here;









Lauren Brattle is pictured with him in that news story and several others.






I guess if you took that story at face value then Bruce would be entirely the bad guy and his g/f just a meek and mild victim in all of it.




Lauren Brattle claims she changed her named to Laura Terrie Bell to “put Anthony Bruce totally behind her”.




Cool. The problem is that all of our sources were reporting back that the pair never truly separated at all and it was in trying to trace ‘Warren’ that we were led to what is apparently her address officially.




If it seems odd that someone who wanted to put Bruce behind her would just so happen to reinvent herself using the self same surname as he now uses, then its even more odd that our watertight sources that are never wrong should so happen to lead us to her, while seeking him.





What are the odds that they both happened to change their names to precisely the same thing and what are the odds that our search for his new locale should lead us right to her…




However, I am sure that we and our entire network of sources are totally wrong and that Miss Bell/Brattle is the ‘innocent victim’ in ….. well … everything she ever does.






She already admitted to us in one PM that she is “totally unstable”. She blames everyone else for this though. Its my fault, it was Browns fault, it was the fault of everyone in her past ever.



If Brattle wants to insist that her “ex” isn’t with her – so be it. Lets just say its probably not in her financial interests to say otherwise.




We’ll just assume that it was a random coincidence that they both so happened to take the surname, we’ll assume that all sources are randomly wrong at the same time, and we’ll assume that Miss Brattle/Bell/Whatever Because She Uses Many – is a poor and innocent victim.





In actual fact, I’d pretty much say she could be in the running for Person of the Year.




Keep in mind that this girl would have the World believe she is the perpetual victim in everything and never does wrong. How about this little insight? What you’re reading there are screeshots sent by Miss Brattle/Bell to a women and her children today.




Does she still seem like an innocent victim to you?





She willingly told us that her child(ren) are not with her as she is not deemed fit to look after her/him/them.




Its probably not an amazing surprise if her choice of partner is the sterling Anthony Brown. But no doubt that will be someone elses fault as well.




A women has to be pretty unhinged in order for their child not to live with them. Absolutely everything is normally done to keep mum and child under one roof, esp if there is no father around either.




But you only need have eyes in your head to read the sort of filth and sickness that easily flows from her and aimed at a women’s children no less.





We gave her every chance and freedom to denounce what she had written to the women, but she refused to do so.


Just read the words. Those aren’t the words of a normal person. I’ve never written that way to anyone ever – not even to the filth we deal with.



Let alone a women’s child.


The detail and depth is really pretty disturbing as well.




She has at least two dogs. Since she decided to make an appearance to claim that she and Warren Bell are not together etc, and since she willingly told us she doesn’t have her child as she’s not deemed stable enough, we did ask if she considers herself stable enough to own the dogs that she now has.




Dogs can be a big pressure just like children. If she is fit to look after one then why not both? If she’s deemed unfit to care for her own child, its bizarre how anyone could consider her fit to then have dogs.



Her answer to this? Her dogs are “specially trained to deal with people that have borderline personality disorder”.



I’m probably going to have to re-read that one if ever I take LSD.



Its quite remarkable that we apparently have dogs that are trained in dealing with nuanced psychological issues like Borderline Personality Disorder. Keep in mind that this particular ‘disorder’ frequently splits psychiatry.




But dogs have it nailed. She might have picked a boyfriend who put her last dog in scalding hot water (the story goes). She might send outright threats aimed at children. But its okay, because she now has two dogs who are trained in dealing with people with her issue, such as it is.




You can see why her word doesn’t exactly seem what you’d call rock solid, huh?




But hey, I’m sure that she’s telling the truth and that she just hasn’t even set eyes on Bruce/Bell since the day he got out. Perish the thought. It must be a remarkable and astonishing coincidence that the path to him led right to her. Remarkable.



It must also be just one of those amazing things that they both so happened to change their surnames to Bell.



What’s not to believe when you think about it? Everything she says and does seems so watertight and sound. There’s nothing in these messages to this lady and her children that remotely suggest that she could possibly be a bad person.


She sounds ace.


No sign there that she has some sort of psychotic temper issue herself or anything.



Jeez, I even had to say to this girl that when she writes stuff like that, as detailed and as indefensible as that to a women’s children, that people are going to ask themselves just who really did brutally attack that dog.


Officially – him. Granted.



But when you look at the detail and savagery of those posts by her… well of course it would make anyone wonder.




Incidentally, we didn’t contact this girl or her *coughs* ex. She contacted us.



She paints herself as vulnerable and meek while making terrible threats like that to a women and her children.



I told her tonight that she needs to quit hiding behind her supposed mental illness.



I see that far too often and its a sleight on those who’ve had issues.



Anyway. Lets play along with it then.



Lets assume that its a stunning coincidence they both changed their name to the same thing, lets assume its a remarkable coincidence that our lead for him led straight to her, and lets say that she sounds exactly and precisely like a solid and honest person.



And lets pretend that these threats made to a women’s child just didn’t happen. Or something.




Despite what this professional victim may claim we issued zero threats to her at all. Not ever. Never even had contact with her until today.




Her idea of ‘bullying’ is this. We got information that she is allegedly involved in fraud. We informed her we’d report that to the authorities to look into. That’s ‘bullying’ in her minds eye. I call it acting upon information received, and hey, if she is totally innocent (yet again), then what’s the issue? Truth will out, huh?




The irony is that we weren’t even going to do that until we got sight of those screenshots. Its not like it was a huge priority to us right now, until she went off the deep end and began her sick threats aimed at someone’s children.



But okay Lauren Brattle/Bell. Lets just all assume that you are totally telling the truth and that its just a series of incredible coincidences that somehow led us right to you.




I hope for the sake of your dogs that, against the odds, you are telling the truth. I hope for their sake that (again against all odds) you manage to see your way to maybe not bringing assorted sickos and psychopaths into your life.






You? You can do what the hell you want so long as its only impacting upon you. We only ‘care’ about this supposed ex of yours being around you because you do have dogs and other pets. Were it not for that then you and he could bounce around together on insanity beach all day long.




But you INSIST that’s not so. I personally do not believe a word you say, but lets hope I am wrong then.



Lets hope that we are totally wrong and somehow this is a massive coincidence and that you are neither seeing him nor committing fraud.



Time will tell.


One little koch and two small balls


If you aren’t good with the idea of men like Robert Koch and the Frankish 1 & 2 being free on the streets – then make the most of what’s being handed to you next year.


Its very uncommon for a Government to increase the maximum for anything by ten times.


But that’s what they are going to do at which point two other factors come into play. Firstly, the judges and magistrates now have to use the powers that they have been given.



I’m not expecting all cases to all get the maximum. I would expect a Robert Koch or a Frankish to get the maximum if a case like that comes before court. Koch did in fact get the maximum that was available at the time, but we need to ensure the courts don’t lose their spine and pause to give someone like that the new maximum.



That can only be done if the public do their thing to ensure the subject and issues remain a hot topic.




The difference between taking one extreme case and pushing it versus just hoping it will be remembered by itself is massive.



Google the name Robert Koch. Nothing, page after page. Google the names of both brothers and page after page is dominated by them. That’s because their case kept being forced into the news cycle while that of Koch’s did not.




The same is true if you hit the images or news tabs after their names. It the brothers experienced a tsunami of media, coverage and exposure then Koch experienced a gentle breeze by comparison.







Anyway, do all you can to ensure that once the courts are given new powers that they are not afraid to send evil and dangerous people like Koch or Frankish away for a long time.





If communities can convince the courts by way of their outcry that such individuals will not we welcomed in ANY neighbourhood then the courts will get into the habit of locking them up.




What you’ve had for years is this lunatic liberal mentality that treats the most vile of people like errant schoolboys who can be managed in the community, and who only need more free stuff and understanding.



That mentality is a disease.



You need to work hard to ensure that this mentality is NOT allowed to ace the new powers and new maximum that will be available.




No one cares about all the whiney bitch excuses these kinds of people put forward. The anti grooming gangs get sick hearing the same old half dozen excuses when they do their thing. I’m so bored and used to reading their self pitying whining that I could make Excuse Bingo from it.




What we should and do care about is that freaks like that are locked up and for as long as the new law allows.




We shouldn’t even need to be in a position where the public are required to do civil surveillance on people like that. But its either that or you do what? Ignore these obviously dangerous individuals and then you’re just an extension of the issue.


Absolutely no one in their right mind should feel safe with Robert Koch any place near them. Doesn’t even matter if they have no dogs. The same applies to both brothers. No citizen would want to risk having that live near them. Would mothers and fathers from local schools really want a Koch or Frankish yards away from them, for instance?




Of course not. No police chief, judge or MP would have Koch or Frankish anywhere near THEM. They take risks with OTHERS when they afford liberty to them.




Its true that even if Koch or Frankish got five years that they would have to come out one day. There’s not much you can do about that and I wouldn’t sweat it too much.




For 2018 I’d focus on making sure they DO start getting the new maximum when appropriate. At least start getting those that do exist and who are caught off the streets for a significant period of time.



And while you could argue that not even life would put off the very determined, its also a fact that the heavier a penalty there is for a crime the less appealing the crime becomes.



As I’ve said before, if the crime of rape only carried a max of 26 weeks as of tonight, then I feel certain that reports of rapes would spike very sharply in days.



Yup – fear of losing liberty and everything tied into it really can be enough to keep a % in line and prevent them from acting on an impulse or notion.



In terms of real numbers, cases like Koch and Frankish are quite small and unique. With a new five year max it should be theoretically possible to apply it to nearly all who fit their type of profile.



They may only need to apply the maximum a relatively modest number of times in order to get at least a good chunk of the most extreme off the streets.



I believe that would then buy you a window of opportunity.



While you wont get another increase from five years, its possible to use that pocket of time constructively.



You could start to make a case that they serve all of the sentence.



You could start to make the case that upon release they be monitored and made subject to spot checks.



All would be valid objectives for anyone to hold.



Its the best you’re going to get in your life time, so don’t allow the courts to then have the powers and not use them.



Insist that they do and always strongly object to any such person being dumped near you.


The more and more the courts see that they aren’t tolerated in the community, the faster they will abandon the idea of ‘rehabilitating them in the community’.



Doesn’t mean any should ever be Rambo. But at the same time, you don’t have to keep your head down and your mouth closed if you know that someone like a Robert Koch or a Frankish is at large. Its not a matter of speculation and subjective argument how dangerous they are. Its a matter of objective fact.




I would guess that people like Frankish and Koch do/did get some ‘hate mail’, I don’t know for sure, but I’d assume they’ve had some. I’ve never felt inclined to send anything as there didn’t seem that much purpose.



I obviously don’t control what others do, but in terms of productivity, its always better to flyer your neighbours to let them know who they have near them than to send dog crap in the post.



Its 2017 so I guess ‘hate mail’ is likely mostly cyber messages these days or something. Again, not something I do. I’ve never had the desire to contact and vent and rant at any of them. I just cant be bothered.



I want them off the streets and in a cage and that will do for me. I want innocent people to be fully aware of any sort of predatory monster like that. Not so they can act out some sort of fantasy revenge thing. So they can reasonably demonstrate that they might just not be cool with having such a freak live among them.



The more loudly and reasonably you make that known, the more inclined courts will be to lock them up.




I take a neutral view on any ‘hate mail’ anyone like that might get. Its not something I’m into, its not my bag, but I don’t think any offender can really go crying a million tears over it under the circumstances.


I’m guessing that nasty wee letters that call them mean names might go with the territory when you’re as twisted as that.



Do they expect chocolates and flowers? When a community finds out do they expect hugs and invites to tea?



No one reading this would feel at ease having a Robert Koch or a Frankish live on their street, with time on their hands and nothing tangible to monitor them. Its not some sort of irrational concern plucked from a cloud. Its a legitimate concern based on grim fact.



I obviously don’t expect the state to recall Koch or Frankish next year and slap them with the new max retrospectively. That’s not how it works. The only way that would happen would be if they were caught for other offences.



All you can do with the stand out and uniquely dangerous cases that have already been heard in court is keep their actions ‘alive’ so that public awareness is always sharp.



The best and really only viable way to at least limit the actions of Koch or Frankish is to leave them in no doubt that the public are watching. Continual awareness about very extreme cases like them at least gives people in a give area a heads up and it informs them for their own safety.




You’ll notice that all animal abusers and all sex offenders always make it about their safety whenever the reality comes to light. While I have said again and again that going full Rambo is not the best way, its really the safety of EVERYONE ELSE that I care about.




Its weird how these abusers and predators seem to forget that THEY are the one’s who are deviant and out of control. If there is a risk it comes FROM them and not TO them. That’s a fact.




Our guys have been putting in the hours on the abuse register. Promoting it as merely an idea alone got four newspapers running it a couple of months ago.




There’s a lot to it, there’s all the data gathering, there’s putting that all on, there’s making sure everything is secure and easy to use. We spent a bit of money on it as the mechanics of what we needed were beyond our own scope.



We have a core team of about six people and between that core team they probably fund 80% of what we do. That meant we were able to spend a bit of money to get it done right.




It will be a good start to 2018 to have that completed and entirely functional.




We will probably make a big push on that after Christmas. We’ll do things to get the abuse register well known as fast as possible.





My hope is that the register will eventually be known by millions across Britain.




That will happen in time and if we robustly promote it as well.




I’ve a few ideas in mind to start the New Year of strongly by way of promoting it.



We appear to have access to brand new police cars. You cant obviously drive them around London with POLICE splashed all over them. I’ve a feeling the actual police might get triggered.




But what we could maybe do is take them and put some great looking stickers over where it says ‘police’. Stickers that promote the register. Then we could possibly have them drive around London, film it, and have good 60 second promo which could be promoted on social media.



That actually sounds like a pretty decent promo.


I can visualise that.



If you like the work we’ve done in 2017 and want to see us grow more, then our door is always open to those that want to give us a skill set that they might hold. Our ears are always open to reliable informants. But if you don’t have a skill set that you think would fit, and if you don’t have information, then any donations are always welcome and used for things like the register and promoting it in 2018.


Our e mail and paypal is – operationfrankish@gmail.com







Bought to torture and mutilate


Just try to picture it in your head. A 50yr old father of three from relative affluence gets in his car.


He goes to buy a puppy. Happy with his selection he then writes the seller a review.


Under any circumstances that would be a quite mundane scenario so far.



Now try to picture the man driving those puppies back home and systematically torturing and killing them until one day he is caught. We’re not speaking one visit and one dog. He did this over and over.


Just let that sink in. Just consider the levels of pre meditation and total absence of remorse there. Just think of him waiting to choose a dog, and then taking it home to strangle it to death or put bleach in its eyes. Then he’d go back again, buy another dog, repeat this process.




It takes a certain kind of sick to do that and leave a review as if he is a goodly dog buyer and owner. This is an authentic review by the way. I wouldn’t run it were I not convinced of its authenticity.









(Here is the full transcript of his review –  )







‘ Following the BBC programme on puppy farming I was so hesitant when I arrived at Little Rascals as I did not know what to expect, especially as I had had such a bad experience with a puppy farm in Wales-Clunderwen, so upon my arrival at Little Rascals I did not know what to expect.



Not only was I greeted at the railway station by a charming partner of the business who took me to the farm, but the same again at the farm. I looked around and felt so good immediately to see it was not converted horse stables being used, but instead the cleanliness was incredible not only at the shop where you are welcomed but when you go to choose your puppy the floors, walls and surroundings were spotless no poo on the floor, fresh shavings on the floor not being sodden with urine and the dogs in a happy and content and NOT stressed state.




As I am walked around it got better with special lighting, proper man made cubicles to separate the breeds of dogs/litters and the walls to these were so spotless I could eat off them. You can see the care and attention having been taken to not only customer service, but to the dogs welfare was second to none, and honestly whoever reads this can call me or contact me and I will tell you the same.




As you move on, there is no pressure for whatever you want to do. In walks a grandma and granddaughter purchasing a second puppy in the same week, why I can see that, but the knowledge from the trainers is spectacular, especially if you have certain needs i.e. height of dog, injections etc etc.




The dogs leave with a blanket and a fully documented medical card, not with any numbers written on it, but specific medical care/attention given to that particular dog, so when you take it away you know where you are with the dog and what the vet needs to administer to the dog and when.



I tell you no lie I would be so comfortable sleeping on the floor on one of these cubicles, you can see a full expenses has gone to make this a successful business and one to last.




Please if I beg of you for one thing go to this breeder you will not be sorry, and keep clear of the others who have not got any write up (sorry I know mine is long), but I am very passionate about doing the right thing and wanted to share it with you all’.


Kind regards







It goes without saying that the place cited may not have been the only place he purchased dogs. After all, its not as if there are many demands placed on someone that wants to buy a dog. In all too many cases all you need is the money and off you go.



Koch has three(maybe four) children who are in their late teens or 20’s.



That’s quite disturbing in of itself, since you have to then question and ask what they have seen or been subjected to by this sick beast.



While its often easy for such people to trick those not too close to them, its impossible to hold back showing your true nature to your family.



It must have shown itself as he was fathering and raising those children. To what extent and degree we may never fully know, but no one suddenly begins doing this at the age of 50.



That would simply not fit in with the profile of how these things go. It is impossible that he was absolutely fine until he was 50 and then, all of a sudden – that. No way.




This isn’t some drug sniffing teen that was doing something to ‘impress’ their friends. This is a middle aged man from what he claims is a professional background and from what appears like relative affluence.




It was reported that Koch was ‘isolated from his wife at the time’. In other words, if the reports at the time are to be believed he wasn’t with her (or his family), and carried out these actions on his own and alone. Frequently.






We’ll assume that to be true and we’ll assume its not just something he said to somehow keep any focus away from them. We don’t know much about his wife except that she is from Qatar.




Its not his kids fault that their dad is a beast. Like I say, I only wonder and ponder what they have seen and experienced as they have grown up.




There should be absolutely no excuse for any breeder or person to now sell to Robert Koch, although, to be honest, I don’t think we can rely on that alone. If only it were that simple.




What we can say is that if Koch is convicted again and a breeder knowingly sold to him – then we will do everything in our power to shut them down forever. We’ll make sure they don’t even sell a hot dog let alone a real dog. If private sellers knowingly sell to Koch and he is convicted again – we will find out. And we will be calling them out for it.



His local community ALL need to fully understand just how sick and dangerous this man is.



No one in their right mind would wish to remain ignorant to having Robert Koch in their midst.



At minimum a local community has a duty to itself and to society at large to keep a close eye on men like Robert Koch. These are not minor infractions that can be ignored and forgotten. This is a very dangerous individual.




He has an incredibly elevated view of himself as can be seen by the fact that he went on doing this despite being under investigation already. His puppy purchase review also demonstrates that same psychotic arrogance.




There is just no way a guy like this should ever be truly free. He’s obviously very dangerous and who knows what other skeletons he has in his cupboard?






From what I can gather, Koch had something of a liking for dismemberment. I’d like to know exactly what vulnerable people Koch has ever had access to. That’s the sort of thing the press would have looked into back in the day – real journalism.




The only slight surprise to me is that (to the best of our knowledge) there was no name change.




We could be wrong but aren’t aware of one at the time of writing. It may simply be that he got lucky and not enough people picked it up at the time. Its not like there’s been a historical campaign built entirely around his name. I myself had no knowledge of this until it was sent to me as a ‘unique case’.





Robert Koch did spend time in prison for what he did. That’s not my argument here. My argument here is that a few weeks in prison have neither contained nor have they ‘cured’ Robert Koch. He remains a danger today. And with his level of arrogance its my conclusion that unless he is made aware that society is watching that he will haughtily believe he can act out again.







Someone like Koch is capable of kidnap and murder. Koch isn’t a breeder, a hoarder or someone that was flat out neglectful. Koch is an educated man in his 50’s who buys dogs to torture and leaves glowing reviews on the breeders page. It pretty much doesn’t get a whole lot more sinister than that, right?






It would be almost a neglect for anyone to be aware of such an individual and not draw as much public awareness to it as possible.



I simply do not believe this got the level of expose that it merited at the time.



The only possible chance the public have of sending a Robert Koch back to prison (and for longer) is to remain vigilant of him. Always be watching. Never drop your guard or trust him.

‘Makes the brothers look like amateurs’


We’ve been speaking over the last few days about a case that only came to my attention in those last week – Robert Koch. I probably get sent two dozen cases a week and after the Frankish case there aren’t many that make me stop dead in my tracks.



The case involving Robert Koch did. Its true that Koch was handed the maximum possible sentence. He likely served half or less. But as someone remarked in the comments section, his actions almost make the brothers seem like ‘amateurs’.



Koch doesn’t fit the typical mould. These kinds of offences are ordinarily the domain of young males. Not 50 something men. These kinds of offences tend to be done by drug addled youths, the products of dysfunctional parents. Wasters.




But Koch is a middle aged man who presents himself as a middle class professional. He also has a wife and at least one child, although its unclear what his present dynamic is with them. At the time of his convictions it was reported that he was ‘isolated from them’. Not entirely sure what that means but it does obviously suggest that they are estranged.




Koch wasn’t responsible for the torture and death of one dog. There were multiple. He even went out and kept doing it while under investigation for strangled dogs found in his bins.





That takes a very unique and particular sort of mind. Its not a dumb guy that goes on doing this while under investigation – its one that has an almost haughty arrogance and a sense that they can beat the system.




Andy and Danny boy were 17 and 19 at the time of their actions. At that age they mercifully cannot have an extensive history. Not old enough.




Koch is in his early 50’s. There is absolutely no way he got to that age and out of the blue began plotting and doing what he did. This Robert Koch has dark history and dark secrets yet to be discovered. What’s he been up to for the rest of his life, all that time prior to his arrest and conviction?




There is something seriously wrong with Robert Koch. His own brother by adoption has said he fears it could ‘escalate to vulnerable children and adults’. His fears are not misplaced, but I wonder if this is something he fears of his brother or something that he already strongly suspects? After all, few would know him better than his own brother.




Just how many work positions has Robert Koch ever held that may indeed have given him access to vulnerable people as well?




Koch is clearly banned from keeping animals for life. He copped that along with his stay in prison. But he has proven himself defiant and arrogant before. It takes a phenomenal arrogance to go on doing this while under RSPCA investigation.




If he was shown to be in violation of his ban there’s a fair chance he’d be remanded and sent back to prison though, especially if it were shown that his behaviours are continuing.




That takes the public to keep an eye on Robert Koch though. Since the Government do not have the means or the manpower to ensure that people like Robert Koch are being fully compliant, it takes the public themselves to monitor monsters like him.




And they are. Here is a photograph taken today of the street that he lives on now. Lodge Road – NW4 4DG.






I believe that someone also went to ask him directly if he presently has any dogs or animals. However, there was apparently no answer or activity.





(Snip from press)



‘In the new draft bill, animal sentience is enshrined in UK law and five-year jail sentences for animal cruelty are introduced.

It also explicitly rejects exemptions for cultural animal cruelty that the European Union allows in its law, such as bullfighting and the production of foie gras’.







New animal abuse law





All over today’s newspapers you’ll probably have read how the Government have drawn up their draft legislation Bill. The procedural outcome of this will be that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty will go from its current 26 weeks to five years.





This applies to England and Wales. Scotland has its own legal system and I would certainly expect them to follow suit. The maximum in Scotland is presently around 52 weeks.





I have said since day one that its absolutely imperative that this was secured.



Without the foundation of a much higher maximum to build upon anything you tried would be like trying to build a house on top of quick sand.




It is VITAL that magistrates and judges are given the powers to hold at least some of these offenders for years and not weeks.





Robert Koch recently became a name that was flagged up to me. After dealing with the Frankish case there aren’t many that cause me much of a stir – Koch and his actions were the exception.






While he did receive the maximum possible at that time, he has long since come out. Had he been convicted and handed the maximum as of next year – then he would still be caged. That why its vital.



You NEED to keep monsters like Robert Koch off the streets for as long as physically possible. In an ideal world their sentence would then be commuted to life in a mental asylum, but in the absence of that, you cannot have someone like this being free and at large after such a relatively short time.




He is far too dangerous. And his actions were repeated far too frequently, and he even openly defied an RSPCA warning (despite being under investigation).




He is 50 odd years of age and presents himself to the business and local community as stand up guy. Yet this is a guy who habitually went out and bought dog after dog, only to kill them in a variety of the sickest ways you could imagine.







I have read hundreds of cases in a year and a half. There are truly only a few that stand out above the rest. Obviously the Frankish case is one. But this Robert Koch and his actions would certainly be right up there.







His actions involved around nine individual dogs over a short period of time. His actions involved going out and actually buying them. Sometimes he’d kill them outright. Sometimes they died following months of torment. Sometimes this nut case would try to take them to a vet under made up name and it was that which eventually proved to be his downfall.




Had it not been for that he’d have gone on buying dogs and doing this monstrous stuff to them over and over. Quite who he was buying these dogs from is another matter, whether it was random and ad hoc people or from one or two sources.



We have his location.






Our information is that the building he lives in does not allow for dogs. That doesn’t give me much comfort in of itself. If he is capable of ignoring a warning from the RSPCA while being investigated for strangling puppies to death, then he is capable of thinking he can defy and conditions of his tenancy.




I do not know (yet) if the property is a private let or some local authority house.




I cannot stress enough how seriously unhinged Robert Koch is and I cannot emphasise enough the need for those in that area to keep a very serious eye on this man.




I’d say it was maybe worth contacting any rescue centres in the immediate area and any breeders, but the truth is that if this freakshow is as pathological and determined as he is then it would probably be of limited value.




My point is that he did get the maximum he could be given at the time. But since the maximum is insufficient he has been out for ages. Being given the new maximum that comes into play next year would at least ensure he wouldn’t be free for a long time. Not him specifically, but someone like him.



There aren’t that many individuals like Robert Koch or the brothers who do such things to that extreme and pre mediated level. There aren’t tens of thousands of people in our country wired up that way. Its a manageable number.



I don’t have an exact figure, but if you’re speaking about individuals who’d fit the Koch/Frankish category then there might only be a thousand individuals like that in the entire country. Its a lot – but its a not a lot (if that makes sense).



Of that 1,000 you might find 10% of the cases ever come to light each year.



This makes it a manageable number to contain.



And you begin that process of containment by ensuring that they are imprisoned and for a number of years. That’s the best way to contain those who are caught and convicted.



It 100% guarantees that they cant be a danger. It means police and local authorities don’t need to perform cartwheels trying to ‘manage them in the community’.



If the likes of Koch and Frankish weren’t free then we wouldn’t even have much cause to mention them let alone alert people as to where they are.





There are two notable differences between Koch and Frankish 1 and 2. The first difference is on a Google search. Typing in Robert Koch brings nothing unless you also happened to know in advance and added the words ‘pet abuse’. Typing in the names of either brother does not require that anything else be added.




If you then hit the historical news tabs for each, you’ll see that while Koch’s story was definitely reported, it was reported and then it died. What it didn’t have is a vast body of press that kept tacking itself onto the case and therefore him.







This isn’t a good thing. It only means that Robert Koch has enjoyed far bigger shadows to operate in than either of those brothers could have wished for in their dreams.




While those brothers are inherently not right in the head, even I would credit them with enough self preservation between them not to be caught in possession of a dog in any way or form.




Someone who works in dog welfare and whom I respect very much said to me that in most cases the convicted person relaxes after a few weeks or so. They think its all blown over, the storm has passed, and they will have open social media presence again, they’ll even go right out and defy their pet bans again. The exception she said was the two brothers. These are the only two such individuals who she has known to break that mould and keep their heads as low as humanely possible. She puts that difference down to us.




We have ‘spies’ all over the place in that region, so it would be totally insane for either of them to brazenly act out or step out of line.




They both know its true. We don’t just discover where they are in some Shamen like dream. We have anonymous ‘spies’ all across that region and they feed back anything of interest.




Is it any wonder that the public might want to serve as our eyes and ears, given how freakish and sick Frankish et all are? Its not merely dogs they worry for. They worry for anyone vulnerable that such people can win the trust of – including children.




The public know that their Government aren’t going to keep people informed and give them the heads up if a psycho has just moved in next door. The public know the local authority and police wouldn’t even generally tell the neighbours. The press might and often do publish a location at the time of the case, but there is no newspaper that has the will or the balls to keep people alert as to the whereabouts of these highly sick beasts.





In my experience people don’t like the idea of being in the dark about having a Frankish or Koch live near them and their family. They don’t like the idea of knowing them under a different name but being ignorant as to who they really are. They don’t like the notion of perhaps being caught short and letting such a person into their life. Employers do not like discovering that one of their employees has this extreme behaviour in their personality.




Society just wants to reject them. They don’t want to live near them, they don’t want to pay their benefits and rent via taxation, they don’t want anyone to employ them, they don’t want them being at liberty to be near anything innocent or good.




There are a relative handful of individuals who come to my attention that I absolutely do not recommend you let just slipping out of sight. Both Frankish brothers. And Robert Koch.




There are many many others who are low life scum bags. But if you’re speaking about those who you almost have a moral duty to watch and keep alert to – its them. There is far more to the likes of Koch and those brothers than is even publicly known. Until such a time that individuals as dangerous as that are indeed serving years, then you definitely need to keep a light shining on them.





Peace and Goodwill To Andy and Danny (A must read…for them)


Danny boy. Its your birthday in January. Your 21st in actual fact. And Christmas is upon us. I’m wondering if it will be a ‘white’ Christmas.


Andy boy. It was your birthday back in October. Our gift was to find you – yet again.



We know what you want. You want to be free and you want peace. You expected all of this to die down after a few weeks or at least a few months. You expected it because that’s what has happened in almost every other situation.




That is not what has happened though. Its not gone away. Its not died down. You’ve tried your very best to evade the general public and reinvent yourself – this has failed. It will always fail.




But here are some glad tidings I bring. I’ve been having a think about your video, and maybe we’ve all misjudged you.



After all, someone spoke out for you and said if we’d seen the rest of the video then we’d have seen you both happily playing with the dog and with the garden hose. Very touching.




If you want peace and goodwill then there’s only one way to receive it. The pair of you are going to have to show yourselves. No one cares what your mum or auntie or your mums friend, David Westwood (a convicted sex offender) has to say.




You pair are going to have to show your faces. You pair are going to have to speak. This way you can help us to show the public that you are two misunderstood lads, possibly two of the kindest people anyone could hope to meet.




This is your big chance to enjoy peace in 2018. Our gesture of goodwill to you.



I wont drag you too far from your comfort zone. You both recognise this location.






Go there on Friday the 15th of December. At midnight.




Take with you recording devices and make sure you have lots of battery life. Don’t mess up.



You will then livestream yourselves from that location and at that time and on that date.




You can host this livestream on your You Tube channel. Make sure you enable the live chat and comments feature. Make sure we know which channel.






No need to get twitchy. The fact we’re not taking you out of your region and the fact you are livestreaming it is for your own good.




The date, time and specific location are non negotiable.




Expect this to last at least an hour. We will ask questions of you in turn. You’ll know its us asking as the live chat feature will display our avatar and logo when we write something.





Its your choice but its the best offer you’ll ever get and it wont be made again. This is your big chance to man up and show the World that we have it all wrong and that you’re both really stand up guys with your whole future in front of you. Don’t bring anyone else. If you do – the deal is off.




Of course if you don’t do it, if you reject the chance to show us and the public that you’re really just two kindly and misunderstood guys then we’ll obviously have to assume and draw the conclusion that you want to be exposed and monitored forever.



A taste of what lies ahead


You may have noticed that over the last few days we’ve run some extreme cases from not so long ago . With up to date locations and, in the case of Anthony Bruce, an update on his latest name which is Warren Michael Bell.



We also revisited the very disturbing case of Robert Koch. I didn’t think it possible to find one probably more dangerous and disturbing than the Frankish freaks – but if there is one Koch would be it. That’s coming from someone who has had to become somewhat hardened to this.




One of the reasons we’ve done this is that its a little taster of the kind of individuals and information that will appear on our register – black-listed.






We’re not merely revisiting old cases, we’re demonstrating that these old cases have new twists and turns and information as well.




The technical and mechanical side of the register is not my bag. Its not just a site, the site then needs to have the capacity to securely store a great deal of data, and then the entire thing must be user friendly for the public.




I’m an ideas guy and a psychological planner, so the mechanics and technical stuff is being figured out and done by other parties.




We’ve had to invest money in it owing to the sensitive nature of the content and the absolute need to make it the best and most comprehensive that it can be.




The URL has been live for a month or so, with only a few sample cases on it. You may recall we simply promoted the register with just that and it caused various newspapers to cover it. And that was just the prototype.







Once the actual and completed site is done, it will have many many cases on it, with as much information as we can possibly give, with slick and easy user features.




It should be pretty much complete over the next few weeks. If its all done by then, in the New Year I will think of an interesting way to promote it again. This time not merely a prototype, but a comprehensive register of doom.




We now have access to some pretty useful people, one or two graphics people, one who has video editing facilities, so what I will likely do is drawn down on that and have them create a series of ‘adverts’ which we can run and promote all over social media.




That will make tens and tends of thousands aware that the register is now fully open for business. If I can do it that way then it allows me to promote it to the many while trying to keep our costs low.




Once its all completed its a necessity to promote it robustly as much as possible. You can have a very informative register that looks the part and has a goldmine of information – but if the public are not fully aware of it then it defeats the purpose.





We’ll probably do this in low costs ways as alluded to, keep in mind that about 80% of the funding we get for anything we do is actually put in by the OF team themselves.




The other 20% comes from everyone else that reads our page. If we take in £1000 then about £800 is given by the team itself. The other £200 will come from the many thousands of readers. That’s the rough dynamic. We also do 100% of the work.





Once the register is fully functional, filled with data and aggressively promoted, then its not only the abusers who will dislike it. There are those within our establishment who will dislike it as well. They wont mind if its not promoted heavily. But if it kept getting promoted and it was to keep getting into the press as it did – they wont like it. The establishment doesn’t like you taking control over your own destiny and safety. They would sooner you were a passive consumer pawn.





Anyway, that’s mainly why I fed out the information on those two cases together with updates. Its a little window into what’s to come.










I would repeat that we don’t do this in the hope or expectation that citizens will go way over the top and do something obviously stupid. We do it because these individuals are extremely dangerous and unhinged, and unless something keeps on top of them then I cannot see how they can be at least somewhat controlled.



Koch was so arrogant that when the RSPCA warned him not to buy more dogs while under investigation that he ignored that warning and bought more dogs. I have serious doubts that Koch would have risked a similar ‘suggestion’ from us. And if he had? Well, I think you can see what would have happened.





Photo Contest


Not much triggers abusers more than being photographed. Its remarkable how camera shy old Andy and Danny boy are. Remember that time the absurdity of the situation was illustrated when a member of the public took a photo of big Mommas car while it was on a public road – and she went crying about it to police.


The guy even got a little notice giving him a telling off. That’s what I mean when I say it illustrated the absurdity.


Truth be told, I don’t have any interest in Momma. I don’t event want to look at her since she reminds me of Jabba but with lippy.




I would like to get a nice clear shot of our two least favourite siblings though. That would be a very WHITE Christmas. Get out your phones and devices. Lets play ‘spot the Frankish’.



Their most recent locations are a matter of record, they don’t stray far from the region, and people like them despise being photographed. With good reason. One – there is nothing they can do about it.




Its not a crime to take a photo of someone and you don’t need permission. Two – they hate it because any attempt they have made to alter how they look is blown out the water. They also hate it because they are weak and hate that something is outside their control. So if you’re in Stockton/Cleveland, here’s your chance to be the Paparazzi this Christmas.




If you get a good clear shot of either in public – e mail it over to us – operationfrankish@gmail.com




Being part of the OF team



We do add people to our core team on occasion. As mentioned our core team do nearly 100% of the work and/or raise about 80% of the funds from their own pockets. Without the core team there would be no Operation Frankish and without an OF we wouldn’t be there to draw in and attract the informants that we do among many other things. There is a sense of achievement in knowing you’re not merely a spectator though but a part of something real and with form. We are always potentially open to adding someone to our core team.






Supporting us with funding.



Supporting us with funding permits us to do more things more often and better. Its that simple. We can function anyway, as mentioned, its the core team that carry the labour and (most of the) financial burden of what we do. It does make us relatively self sufficient to a degree, but it obviously somewhat restricts what we can do. Its still good. But we could probably do a good bit more with greater resources behind us.




Anyone who would like to help us in that way can do so via paypal which is –










We already have the funds to fully complete this public database. That’s been pretty much all paid for by our team.



We also had the funds to promote it as an idea into the press a couple of months ago.




We did have an issue with funding in regard of creating the film documentary, but we found a fix to that, a vastly cheaper way of doing it, although that again took an actual person to pretty much step forward, see the potential, and put his company on it at a fraction of the cost.




We are strong enough and we just about have enough talented people now to go on regardless of whether the public help or not.




With that being said, public donations permit us to perhaps commission some actions faster. Example. If having paid for everything else we have a budget, then when a really extreme abuser moves into a community, not only can we raise awareness by way of flyering the area, we could make sure that everyone with the postal area received a warning alert in the mail.


Have a good week

Category 1 offenders…


Animal cruelty just like any other deviant and degenerate actions are on something of a spectrum.


All animal abuse is bad. All child abuse is bad. Period.



There’s no such thing as an acceptable level of abuse.


However, not all levels of abuse are equal and not all offenders are equally dangerous.



Lets say we informally graded animal abusers from 1-5 with 1 being considered the people who are the most dangerous, not only to animals but vulnerable children and adults as well.



There would be large % who’d fall into the lower categories, 5 ,4, 3.



Then there is a smaller % who would be classed as category 1 offenders. Anyone in category one should be seen as an on going threat and anyone in category 1 always needs monitored and can never be permitted to just slip quietly back into society again.


Those in category 1 are psychotics, sociopaths and the most pre meditated of sadists.



I would consider both Andrew and Daniel Frankish (I’ll just use their birth names to avoid confusion) to be category 1 offenders.




And I would most definitely and absolutely consider this individual named Robert Koch to be a category 1 offender.




If anything, at least in terms of repetition and known cases, he was even more evil than them, he did unspeakable things to multiple dogs and he actually went to the trouble of buying them.





He killed several and others were injured beyond retrieving. He is in his early 50’s. You cannot possibly be in your mid 50’s and hide behind the ‘young guy doing wrong thing’ card.



I 100% refuse to believe that a man of that age was a pillar of society until one day he went out and began buying dogs to torture to death. Sorry. No sale.



I just don’t buy it because that is not how it works. You do not get to the age of 50 as a great guy and then suddenly to do this sort of stuff. That would go against all studies across all accepted mind sciences.






This Robert Koch was said to be estranged or “isolated” from his wife and ‘child’. He may well be. As far as we know they do not live with him at the location we gave.



But then you would seriously have to ask why. Maybe his wife and child are well aware that Koch is a sick abuser and that’s why he is ‘isolated’ from them.




Someone like this is deserving of deeper investigation. There is probably a greater chance that Koch may even be responsible for unsolved abuses and attacks on people in that N London area down the years.



I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised given his age, and given the very unusual lengths he went to in order to keep on doing these acts, even defying an RSPCA order not to buy any more dogs while under one investigation.




That takes a level of arrogance that not even those brothers would have dared to match. Koch is someone with such a grossly inflated opinion of himself that he simply doesn’t believe that such orders apply to him. He thinks he is smarter and above the authorities who warned him not to buy more dogs while being investigated – and he did. No prizes for guessing what he then proceeded to do.






His psychiatric evaluation only showed a slight OCD. In other words, Koch does these things because he freely chooses to do so and there is no voices in his head and no brain damage to explain it away.




If abusers were graded 1-5 then its definitely those who are category 1 that we always need to give most attention to.



We’re good at what we do but under ‘staffed’ and under resourced, so we have to prioritise.




There are no other animal abusers in British history who’ve had as much enduring press mentions and Internet searches as the two brothers. Compared to them Robert Koch has had it very good. Koch did get prison mind you, so there is that.




But in terms of relentless exposure and never ending heat and in terms of his name enduring in the press? Koch has had it very good when compared to the two brothers. There are other examples of individuals a bit like Koch who have also had it really good when compared to everything that’s been chucked at those two fools.




The simple fact is this. When someone like Koch is busted and convicted, one or two newspapers will give it coverage at the time. No doubt about that. The RSPCA press office and the court reporters will make sure of that.



Then it will all die down. This is the normal way it would go, this is precisely and exactly what might have been anticipated with the brothers, a bit of press at the very start, a bit of a public seethe, but it would all die down, and they’d be forgotten and free to pretend to be whoever they want to whomever they want. Free to take on more dogs even, just as Koch did.






The fact it didn’t go this way is because we did so many things that it kept forcing their names and their actions back into the public eye, via social media and the press.


The press tend not to mention convicted abusers once a week or so has gone by. In the case of the brothers? It is impossible for them not to drag the case back up by dint of what we are called.




If the press want to run a story about something we do – they have to preface the story with a short explanation as to why we are called what we are called. A generic name would never have achieved that same end.





I would go as far as to say the coverage and exposure they have had, and how long it has lasted is very much the exception and not the rule. We have obviously engineered it to be that way. Had we decided to focus on Koch and not them, then it would have been Koch whose name was still dragged into the press again and again, and it would be Koch that was getting rejected by community after community.




It would of course not be remotely possible for us to create that same level of exposure on just everyone as you’ve seen with the brothers. It takes a mammoth effort, much more so than anyone on the outside would appreciate. Its worth it, but it takes a vast amount of effort.





It is potentially possible to get to a point where you could apply that level of pressure to most of the category 1 offenders though. That would be more doable. It would still take us to have more manpower and be better resourced, but its certainly realistic that through a mixture of ways and tactics, you could apply similar pressure to other category 1 offenders as has been applied to the brothers.






As you will see on our site and FB page, we fully updated the details of two very serious convicted sadists, one in Newcastle and an even more disturbing freak in North London.



While we obviously tend to use the Frankish case as our lead example, I have absolutely no issue at all reaching back and doing this with others, especially if I feel the cases were serious enough to suggest the individuals are a clear danger.




There is absolutely no way that I can know where these extremely deranged people are and in good conscious keep people in the dark.




These aren’t petty thieves. They are very dangerous people who should never be truly free.




They should always be monitored, but of course, the Government will tell you they cannot even monitor the thousands of known Jihadi’s in this country.



So you’ve no chance of them ever having the means and resources to monitor these freaks and keep the public informed and on guard.



If they do anything at all its conspire to keep you ignorant and naive as to the sort of extremely dangerous person that you might have living next door.




There is not one single MP of the 650 that exist who would have one of these freaks living on their street. Believe me. If convicted freaks were obligated to take up residence in the streets where MP’s live then almost overnight you’d see this apocalypse size change, which would suddenly restrict the free movement of such individuals – forever.




Do you honestly think for one nano second that one MP would tolerate Robert Koch living next to a school their children attended?



Do you think for one second that any MP on ANY side of the House would accept the two brothers living anywhere near them?





Of course they wouldn’t. That’s for you to apparently tolerate.




And when these blatantly obviously dangerous people inevitably act out yet again and to the natural conclusion of murdering a kid? What then? Do you think those MP’s will come back and apologise? Do you think they’d even remember the name of the victim? It would be too late by then even if they did. The damage would already be done.




The simple fact is this. Sadists and predators such as them function when there is no spotlight and no mechanisms in place to publicly monitor them, put innocent residents first, and give them the people the heads up.





They thrive on secrecy and they rely on operating in the shadows. At this moment in time they are fans of the justice system as it does more to pander and protect them than it does punish them.




There is absolutely no way at all that certain people should be permitted to just vanish into the ether. Its not about hate and revenge and vigilantism.


Its about what is right and wrong.



It would be morally and ethically wrong to know where these highly dangerous people hide out and fail to at least try to alert those in that immediate area.




We do not do this in the hope or expectation that someone will do something that would land themselves in serious trouble. We don’t and never have wanted anything firebombed, nuked and flattened with tanks. Maybe the last one sounds fun.



Seriously, the primary reason we do this is that these are such deranged individuals that if we were to hesitate then the consequences could be dire.



I take the view that the more eyes and ears there are keeping tabs on these people, the more we will be able to safeguard against them.




I would want to know if a Frankish or a Koch were living next to me. Wouldn’t you? I’d rather know in advance and take all precautions than be kept ignorant by national and local Government and live to regret it.




I feel nothing but disgust for these individuals. They are truly sickening specimens who belong in some sort of old school lunatic asylum where they can spend the rest of their days bouncing themselves off padded walls.




Its amazing to me that we actually allow and permit such obvious dangerous people such free and easy liberty.




If by showing you the latest photos and locations we are able to reduce the risk and heighten public awareness by 20% – its worth it. Or any % to be honest.




Our sources are watertight and I trust them implicitly. We have various sources and they’ve never got it wrong before. Unless I trusted their track record I wouldn’t run these locations. You can pretty much take this information to the bank.




We do not issue threats to any named individual. Threats are counter productive and most threats are empty noise.




We do however issue an unashamed warning, and a warning isn’t a threat. A warning can even be seen a positive thing to issue.




Our warning is very simple. If you happen to end up on our Wheel of Misfortune, then you can say goodbye to anonymity, new jobs, re-inventing yourself, and believing that you are home and dry. We will not allow that to happen. And there are many others who also wont permit it.


And if the needle from that Wheel of Misfortune so happens to land on your name? We have shown we can find you.



We have shown we can get your new name. We have shown we can expose your lies and stories.




We also have presence that goes beyond the Internet. We can make a real presence. Even in your actual street. And if we’re not quite satisfied with your sentence, or if we feel that you have been less than honest with the press? Then we will make a huge storm of the former and we will do all we can to expose your every lie to the press.




Don’t be ‘the guy’ who ends up like those two in 2018. No matter how twisted and demented you are, you will NOT like what follows if you so happen to be THE guy of 2018. You will not find your actions so funny after we are done doing our thing.





You have no idea who or what we might be connected to and with. You have no idea who we know, what we can find out, and how long we will remain locked on to a special case if it merits it.





No matter how cocky, thick or haughty the abuser, the friendly warning to them is to take a long hard look at Andrew and Daniel Frankish.





They began out cocky and full of mouth in the early days of the evidence breaking. A year or so on? Its not good for them. Not good at all. If you want to be in their shoes, then by all means – be that guy in 2018.





Operation Frankish will fully expect this Government to make good its conference pledge to increase the max to five years.




We also expect and insist that Scotland and Wales follow suit. If they fail to do so we will immediately set out to make them look absolutely brutal.




We will be watching carefully for the first big case that comes before the beaks after the new legislation is passed.





We fully expect the judicial system to make good use of the new powers they have been promised and we insist that this inclination toward leniency be at an end.




If they fail to do so we will create a storm.




For those in the NW4 post code….


The man pictured is convicted sadist, Robert Koch. Its not very often we are drawn to a case that’s more extreme than that of those two Frankish fools. But if there is one that merits it – its this.



This individual needs watched and monitored 24/7.



A summary of his actions for which he was given six months for;



Bought and choked a tiny puppy to death with cable ties.



While under investigation and a warning from the RSPCA NOT to buy more dogs … he bought more dogs.



He procured a female cockapoo. In an attack so psychotic, he was described as having ‘almost ripped the tail off’.




He then purchased another dog and subjected it to months of torture including spraying bleach in the eyes.



He also smashed the jaw of yet another dog he got, and LIED that he ‘fell on her’.



One dog had multiple broken bones, fractures, and other serious trauma. He also admitted to his own father that he bought dogs and stabbed them to death.



This freak used a range of WEAPONS to carry out these acts.




‘You caused severe injuries to these dogs and you used weapons to torture them’. (Magistrate Michael Herlihy).





Koch may have gotten six months, but he’ll have served half and he’s been out for a good while now. Walking the streets. Applying for consultant positions. Coming into contact with good and innocent people who have no idea what monster they have in front of them.





We have it on authority that even his own brother by adoption considers him a serious risk to other animals, but also to children.




Its simply not acceptable that someone as sick and demented as this should ever have liberty at all. I’d give them their prison sentence. At the end of it the sentence should migrate to them being held in a mental unit without limit of time.



This sadistic POS lives here – 26 Lodge Road
NW4 4DG.



If you live in North London I’d keep an eye on this beast if I were you.