Pressure Will Pay


Several weeks ago I wrote to both the Westminster and Scottish Government. From Westminster, I wanted to see something in writing that was up to date and reaffirmed their commitment of last year.



From the Scottish Government, I wanted to read that they would plan to follow suit (Scotland has its own legal system).




I picked up replies from both this evening when I finally got around to checking our e-mail.




I have published both replies in full on our Facebook pages, but I’ll put screenshots of them here for you as well.






They aren’t too bad to be honest. The Westminster/DEFRA one did what I wanted them to do – reaffirm their commitment, while it reads like the Scottish Government would follow suit.



The key phrase in the Westminster reply was ‘as soon as Parliamentary time allows’.





This is where the pressure needs to come in. The commitment from them is there. They’ve just repeated it. The only hurdle is to apply enough pressure and publicity that it ensures its sooner and not later.







Even my contacting both on behalf of the movement is a reminder to them that we will not forget their commitment and we will expect them to make good on it.




It is my view that on this occasion, they will indeed make good on it. I have low expectations and little trust for politicians, but I think they are well aware that there is more to be gained than lost by following through. Especially now they have publicly made the commitment.





This country has a range of penalties they can use against various types of criminal. Not all law breakers need to be locked up. However, there can be no doubt that individuals who are like those two mutants should always be caged and for as long as possible. They are so deranged that they present a danger at large.




Normal people shouldn’t be expected to live near that filth. Vermin of that kind should be totally denied their liberty.





You then need only make a legal example of the first half dozen, and very quickly the message changes from this being a low priority offence with minor consequences, to one that’s much higher priority with the potential to lose half a decade of your life over it. Yes, sometimes its absolutely possible to use the law to force a change in social thinking. Its been done before and it can be done again.






Only a Government are given the power to bring in a new law. That’s on them. However, the power to force that new law to come to pass rests with everyone. Moreover, the power as to how robustly the law is then used also rests with everyone. You have agency, you have the power of organised dissent.





Don’t tolerate a country that allows such sick freak shows to just live as ordinary people. See them not as a danger to animals alone, but a danger – period.




Our goal as people should be very clear now. Ensure that Government make good on their pledge in the shortest time possible, and then ensure that the new powers are used robustly. Once those things are established you can keep working at it thereafter.





I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of reading about this country being number one for things that you don’t want to be number one for.




Here’s what I want this country to be number one for and known for throughout the West. I want us to be known as a country that take a zero tolerance approach to these twisted acts and meet them with the full force of the law.



At least that would be something worth being number one at.





Its attainable for sure. The UK is already about mid table among Western nations for prosecution of such offenders. With these changes and with enough pressure behind the changes, they can very easily go from mid table to being the leaders in prosecuting and punishing offenders.





I want a Britain that one day very soon other countries will look to and wonder at how we as a nation managed to bring these freaks to heel.





Thanks for your messages in the comments re my last blog post. All very much appreciated.





As much as the subject matter is toxic, I’ve always been prepared to take it on and that’s not changed. I haven’t shirked anything so far.




With that said, I obviously need at least one hand free in the fight. Owing to circumstances beyond my personal control, I cannot access what funds we had which has obviously disabled my ability to plan and execute very much.




Its also a bit delicate that the only person legally able to deal with the account is Ciss’s husband, and it goes without saying he’s obviously had a lot on his plate since she passed away.




Albeit the guy did do a great many of the things that paypal were insisting of him. It will sort itself out in time but we obviously didn’t want to lose time, to have a plan and a direction you need to know what’s what. My main concern is that he is well first and foremost and anything after that is a bonus right now.




I would like to get things on track, especially as this is obviously an important phase.




Like I said in my previous post, my door is open.




If you think you could do some sort of work for us then get in touch.




If you’d like to help us over this unfortunate patch then we set up a new paypal for those that choose to do so.







Thanks for reading


A diet of pure poison


As many have noticed, we just haven’t been around of late.


Where once our content and activism was high intensity, it has reduced to near total dormancy.



There is no big sinister reason behind it other than to say that circumstances have conspired against us. I had hoped to be back fully functional before now. This has proved impossible and the circumstances are entirely beyond my control or influence. We remain in a state of limbo.


I cannot say with any clarity what the future of this movement is or if we even have one.



The volume of work and activism that we generated in 2016 and 2017 took a super human effort and a vast amount of time. I gave it everything I had in my locker. Probably too much. But its not realistic for one person to maintain that level of productivity on a never ending cycle.




Along the way a very few extremely useful people came our way, but not sufficient to properly share the workload and not sufficient to grow things as they needed to be.




We are also a volunteer force, which means that things can come along that see OF put down the priority list for volunteers. That’s just the reality of a volunteer force. When you rely on volunteers then you cant compel them to do anything, you can only hope that they do.





At times we have also used non voluntary services, in short, we’ve paid to have things done because getting them done free would have been Alice and Wonderland stuff.



That’s a different situation though, because as soon as you’re paying A to do B, then they are compelled to carry out the paid for task at the agreed time and in the agreed way.




However, since we no longer have any real resources to speak of, then it simply hasn’t been possible to pull of the sort of things we did in 2016 and 2017.




On a personal level, I cant say I miss the regular digest of having to trawl around the gutter taking in the grimmest stories carried out by the weirdest freaks the country has to offer.



Its pure poison to take that in, day in, day out.




With that being said, I’d still be prepared to take on the poison and take the slings and arrows, but there has to be a point to it.




Not much good my digesting all that toxin while we remain in a state of limbo, unable to really do much of anything.




No use my raging at the latest story without the means to do anything about it.




There’s also only so many times I can keep saying that you’re living in the age of the drug addled sociopath and that unless there’s push back then it will get spread and get more extreme.



More extreme like this; (see link under image)







There’s only so many times I can say that no one can help you with this but your own self.



Like it or not these are low priority matters for the police and even for big brands like Snapchat. They are low priority for your elected officials as well. The only way to make something that is low priority into something higher priority is by way of relentless and organised pressure.




In the absence of it the given subject will remain low priority. Nothing goes from low priority to high(er) priority by itself. You must either be a billionaire with enough money to ensure those in public office do your bidding OR you must generate enough heat and pressure that, eventually, you force the dynamic to alter.




There is no third option by which you stare furiously at some abuse story and, as if by magic, virtue and justice just occurs.





So that’s where we’re at. We had a good thing going, unique to its kind, but its been extremely hard to sustain it this long. We’re in this state of suspended animation and in the absence of resources (human and otherwise), I cannot say when we will be active again.





What I can say is that I will leave my door open to being active again if the conditions alter and lend themselves to it.



Thanks for reading

Important change – please read



Hi folks


We are first and foremost a pressure group. Whether that’s placing pressure on abusers or pressure for political change, pressure is what we are about.



At our peak and at our best I think we were top class at generating pressure and publicity.




That’s not been the case since the start of the year since everything that could have gone against us has gone against us.




Ciss suddenly dying was depressing for me. I really liked Ciss and considered her a friend over the last two years. I have found it extremely difficult to get ‘in the zone’ again since she passed away.





Then we had the practical issue that Ciss doubled up as treasurer. Our e mail was directly linked to her paypal.




Her husband has been trying to shut down the account for two months now, poor fella. Paypal has a staggering amount of protocol and paperwork that they ask from a person’s next of kin when they pass away. This includes a legal requirement to give them a probate letter, I didn’t even know what that was until I had cause to look it up.





This means that for two months or so we haven’t had any way to pay money out from or into.





Since the situation is not resolved yet, I took the view that we couldn’t afford to lose any more time since, after all, true pressure is all about momentum.





With that in mind I have appointed a new treasurer – her name is Julie. She’s been part of the team for a while now and was part of the team when Ciss was alive.





Since our old paypal is unusable I created a new one and this is now linked to our treasurers paypal.



New Details


Please make a note of our new address to donate to via paypal;







I’d appreciate it if readers would tonight use this new account and donate a couple of quid.





This fix is the best way to allow us to go on and do things while Paypal work through the various procedures with Ciss’s husband.    Makes life that bit easier for the guy as well.




It would be cool if you get the new account active by donating two or three quid tonight.




You can still e mail us via the old address if you want but you can also use the new one above as both an e mail and a donation method.





I think if I left it a great deal longer than there’s a risk we’d lose all the momentum and cohesion that we’d built up, so this will allow us to regroup and keep going.





Pressure is like fire. It takes certain conditions to create it and to spread it. We are at our very best when we are generating pressure.





Due to a range of circumstances beyond my control its been a quiet start to the first four months of the year, but I’d like to take us back to the optimum levels of pressure you know we are capable of.




We have a great tool now in the public access pet abuse register.






Back in October last year we gained a lot of press for merely proposing it as an idea.




Since then its grown to a fully functioning register with hundreds of cases.




We should use the tool of




The next thing we do should be all about cementing the existence of the register in the minds of people, abusers included.





Having the facility is great. Now people need to be fully aware of it in the best way we can dream up.




Thanks for reading

No magic pill, no easy fix


I’ve been having a root around online to see if I could determine where we are at in terms of this increase in sentences and powers.


From what I can gather, England and Wales are still very much on schedule.


This is an extract from a news story yesterday (I will leave the link below).


“We are already proposing primary legislation to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years, and the creation of a new statutory, independent body to uphold environmental standards.”


Environment Secretary Michael Gove




Meantime, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has renewed its call for tougher sentences for horrific cases of animal abuse and cruelty, after a Welsh farmer was jailed for 18 weeks for killing his sheepdog.







There is no magic pill or easy fix to this. Its never going to end or stop entirely. The very best you can aim for and work for is to simply ensure that more of the worst ones are taken off the streets and lose their liberty for longer.




I take the view that the more severe the potential penalty the more it puts off all but the most pathological.



If most cruelty cases end in fines or non custodial sentences then its obviously sent out a message for far too long that the action doesn’t have many consequences.




When a wrong action has little consequence it will draw all evil people to that action. If you change that habit, if you have many cases where the individuals start getting sent down for long periods then it sends out the opposite message, that it is a big deal and you can lose a lot if you are caught doing it.




Then the next generation born are brought up in a country where all they know is that such an action is seen as extremely serious.




In an ideal world you’d prevent these situations from happening before they do, but look at the reality. There is almost no criteria placed on anyone who wants to get a dog and there are FAR too many unwanted dogs in the country.




On top of that you have in this country a fairly big % of quite shitty youths who are unstable and spend their time getting off their face with their equally shitty pals. And in most cases its not like you can appeal to the totally great parents to get their brood in line, since the family usually tend to be pretty shitty as well.







It would be plausible to reduce the instances of abuse and cruelty if you had quite exacting criteria for owning a dog, but it would need to be so exacting that it would be criticised as discriminatory in some quarters.





Its not a total like for like, but in the US there are categories of people who would be disallowed from legally owning a gun. If they were a convicted felon for instance, or if they had a violent psychiatric issue.




If you disallowed dog ownership by drug addicts, alcoholics, those who’d been convicted of any violent offence etc then yes, you may well reduce the number of cases. I think you’d get objections about it though, everyone would know someone who was a drug addict (or whatever) and a good dog owner.



What now?


Message Gove


A few people have asked me what the status is with the Governments Bill, part of which includes an increase to a five year max for animal cruelty.


The simple answer is I don’t know. I have tried to find out through the ‘proper’ channels, but didn’t even get a reply to my brief question.



Quite often it helps if a large number of people all message the same question.



I wouldn’t normally ask people to send dull e-mails, but this is an exception since its brief and everyone wants to know the status of the Bill.




I don’t have the answer, but I know a man who does and that man is Michael Gove MP. As Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, this (weirdly) falls under his remit.




It would be very useful if as many people as possible could send off a quick message to the guy’s office and ask what the status of the Bill is.



The more that send messages the more likely you’ll be to get some replies coming in, at which stage we will have a clear idea where we are at.





There are two e mail addresses for Gove. I’d suggest you send your question to both, spreads your bets as it were.




Remember, the more people that do this the better. It only takes two or three lines. Consider sending one as soon as you’ve read this. Once you’ve sent your question to his office let us know in the comments section of FB.







Durham Area?



We had quite a few people put themselves forward as potential spot checkers on those who have a life ban. I’ve sent a brief reply/thanks to each of them of which there were about a dozen.



The difficulty is that they are individuals as far afield as Belfast to Manchester. It would be far too big of a task to operate it correctly in an ad hoc way in multiple places at once.




I definitely think this can be done and it can be done properly, but I think it would be logistically easier and just far more logical to pilot the scheme in one city and smooth out any rough edges in that one city so we get it all just right.




It would also make sense to select (as the pilot) the city, town or region that appears to have most reported instances of cruelty.



According to the RSPCA, in 2016 (which is as up to date as I can find), the number one region was Durham. Number two was East Riding of Yorkshire and in third was North Yorkshire.



I’m no expert on Durham but looking it up the population itself is only 48,000. Quite small – Redcar sized.




I guess the nearest major city would be Newcastle upon Tyne and that you’d then have areas like Darlington etc not far.




Based on all of that it would make sense to try to recruit prospective spot checkers from that area.




Not much sense in picking some little tranquil town in which things like this happen once every 25yrs.




So, if you are in that general region and you are interested in being a prospective spot checker of those with life bans – then contact us for details.




This isn’t an SAS type situation. No one is turning up in ski masks or jumping through windows. No crimes are being committed nor suggested.




However, if this is done well then its a great way of bringing attention to a court order broken that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.




Court orders that involve a life ban are only any use if in fact they are being adhered to and that relies on those with life bans being randomly checked.





This is not about vigilantism. This is about the community service of simply making sure someone banned for life is sticking to their ban.




If they are – fine. If not? The evidence is handed over. We’d also do our thing and make sure the person in clear violation got lots of unwanted views and we’d attempt to draw attention to the court violation to authorities. Not everyone will be suited to this and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we began with a small group of up to four people who already trust one another.















We’ve not done anything this year with the purpose of getting press. Ciss sadly passing away obviously set us all back.



It takes a fair bit of planning etc to do the sort of things that the press will find appealing enough to cover and, along with the promotion they tended to always publish our statement in full.




While social media has on some level reduced the importance of the press, I would absolutely still say that to the average person, the ‘formal’ press creates a perception that’s different to something simply being shared on social media.




My intention is to get us back to a level when we could do that which would have the press affording us full pages and front pages.




The last time we had good press was in October and with one thing and another I just haven’t tried to get any since.




There are just one or two practical issues we still need to fix and we’ll be able to do that sort of thing again.








Putting posters up





Sometimes we find that inexpensive grass roots actions work pretty well. At various points during the last two years we’ve had several posters put up in various towns and the pics sent in to us.




We’re fortunate to have two or three good people that will put one together for us very quickly, and when people do print them out and put them around town it raises awareness but it also leaves a presence in that given town.





The posters can be removed but once photographed and sent it we can ‘immortalise’ them online.





If you think doing the spot checking might not be your bag then maybe printing off some of our posters and putting them up in town would be more suited.




This is a tactic we’re done before and its worked well before.





Its just impossible to forecast when people will do it or not. We sometimes get lucky and find a good number of people will print off and do it.





At other times we’ve had a really crisp visual made up and for whatever reason no one has printed it off and used it as suggested. That’s what I mean by impossible to forecast.







Closing thoughts…





Based on quite intense experience since we started out I’d say I’ve probably had a couple of hundreds cases put in front of me at one time or another. All grim in their own way but not equally so.




Its a good thing that I can write that a case like the one involving those two was uniquely cruel. Not all acts of cruelty or neglect are also off the scale weird. Someone can be charged under the Act for not getting proper veterinary care. Not good but not weird per se. Someone can have their dog removed if its under fed. Cruel? Sure. But not what you might call uniquely psychotic.







But Andrew and Daniel Frankish, Robert Koch and maybe a handful of others I could mention? They were uniquely cruel and sadistic. They are blatantly the most dangerous of all the different forms of animal abusers. Anyone can see and understand why they stand out among the rest and any criminal profiler would absolutely tell you that they are the most dangerous of all.









While we had zero contact with the Frankish family in terms of dialogue, we did at one time have a written back and forth with Robert Koch’s brother. He was affable enough and made no attempt to downplay or excuse the actions of his sibling.





In fact he stated to me that he had expressed his fears about his brother to prison authorities and a psychiatrist. He expressed fears of it leading on to people. When I put it to him that since his brother was middle aged, logic would suggest it had led to people before now. It was only when I began to pick away at that area that he suddenly ceased to communicate any more. Make of that what you will.





Relatively speaking, individuals in this category are quite rare.




Here’s a comparison. Every day in the UK there are an estimated 100,000 groomers online that seek out children. The scale and volume of that issue is such that its going to take some sort of radical and unexpected state action to truly address it. Even with the 100 or so anti grooming groups that operate in the country, they themselves admit they can only scratch the surface.





Relative to groomers, psychotic individuals like a Frankish or Koch are much more rare. Thank God (or whoever). We’re not coming across ten cases a day like it. Not even ten per week.





This means it should be much more manageable and it should, in theory, make them easier to keep track of.




I definitely think its important that any neighbourhood is wise to someone as psychotic as that moving in. We can only ever show the locals what they have among them.




They normally opt to protest having it among them and the individual moves on. There might be times when, for whatever reason, they accept what is among them. They do so at their own peril but its each communities decision to make.





They don’t need to accept it, they can show their dissent in a robust but legal way. This is usually more than enough for the person to move on or be moved on. If a community wouldn’t accept a known sexual predator then they shouldn’t accept a known psychotic sadist.



‘Kids Behind Bars’


Back in 2005 the BBC ran a documentary about five or six young offenders. I happened to chance upon it on You Tube this week and watched it.



It was typical BBC stuff in the way they had a quite soft approach toward the individuals and seemed to want to show them in as best a light as possible.




I happened to check out what became of the five or six who were featured. Lets just say there were no success stories. From memory I think two are in prison, two are dead and one sells themselves for crack.





By the time you are that age and committing serious criminal behaviours the data all shows that you are pretty much f****.





There are very few who ‘turn their lives around’. The overwhelming majority who are scumbags at 16 or 17 are scumbags through their entire lives, however long that lasts.





And from watching that documentary it was easy to see why. They are moronic little arrogant wankers who have absolutely no care about anything or anyone, except for themselves.





The one case that the BBC featured was the one I have linked to – dated 2003. 15yrs ago now.



(Start at 49mins mark)






The reason it stuck out for me is that the two individuals in it reminded me a great deal of those brothers.




The difference was their victim was a kid and not a pet dog, but other than that it was that same sadistic, cowardly and bullying drive.




One of the individuals found guilty was given a life sentence for these actions – ‘but has to serve four years’. I don’t fully understand a legal verdict of a life sentence in which you must serve four years, but that’s what one was handed back then. The other was given two years.




Both of them spoke during the documentary. Neither of them sounded even remotely remorseful for their actions, only for themselves.





When you are deranged and sadistic at 16/17 then there’s very little evidence to suggest that the person can ever be made right.




In most cases they drift through life destroying and hurting innocents.




In some cases they wind up in prison for a very long time and in some cases they die way before their time.





We are particularly interested in the very worst of animal abusers and not only because they are animal abusers. They are of interest to us because when you watch that now infamous ‘Baby’ video what you see are two brothers who could very easily do this. (link below)


Three important points – please read and act



The Blacklist



There are now several hundred convicted abusers fully logged on our register at




The only way to get all that data on was to manually put it on, case by case, so my thanks is due to the team member(s) who did that.




Its by no means a small number that are on there now and we will grow it all the time.




We are constantly scanning the press and court records for new cases but should you think any have escaped our attention (that are proven), then please use the contact page on




Its better than sending them via FB or sticking them in the comments section.



Its also better than e mailing them to us at our Operation Frankish address. We can be more efficient and keep matters in their place.




What the country now has is a very easy to use register. They can search by name, by location etc.




We have built this tool as an equaliser in the fight against abusers.




With that in mind its key that the tool is used. Share it. Print off some posters with the url on it and stick them up in your local area.







Take photos and send them in, we can use these on our social media.




We want to get more and more people used to hearing about the register, online and in real life.






I can always fall back on the type of promotions the press like if I need to get it out there again, but if people take part in small ways as suggested we can get just as good a reach with a lot less cost.







There are already posters with on our Facebook photos. You could pick one of those. Or make up your own one if you like. So long as it has the site URL and our logo then its all good.





To have the register is great and to have so many proven cases on it is even better.



But I cannot emphasise enough how vital it is that the word gets out there about it.





Its not merely that we want the good people to be informed of its existence. We very very much want all the scum to know.





So, if you want to either print off one of the flyers that you’ll find on our FB photo’s or make one up, then doing that and taking photos of them up is a great way to spread the word.




Even when taken down we can use the photos of them on social media in a way that they cannot be taken down.




Put them on lamp posts, bus shelters, anywhere that a good number of people go by. Be as creative with putting them up as you like.





I thought it would be good if people would print some off, stick them to the offices of their local newspaper building and send the pics into us. A bit better than a lamp post.





Let us know in the comments if you want to do that and then … you are free to go do it.




E mail any photos to –







Volunteer Spot Checkers




We’ve been speaking quite a bit this week about VSP’s.




Here’s why I think they are important – because more often than not a life ban means zero since the manpower and resources do not exist to follow up on those who are banned by a court.




The RSPCA have literally a handful of inspectors who may do a random spot check on someone banned. Since no more resources or man power is ever going to be put into this we have a choice – we either leave things as they are ie; life bans are meaningless in practice. Or we give them meaning.





I should be clear here. In many instances a door may not even need knocked. A car parked up and video and photographic proof would often be sufficient to show the court that Person X was acting in defiance of their order from the court.




However, even in an instance where a door needs knocked all you are doing is politely asking if the person is sticking to the terms of their ban. Either they are. Or they aren’t.




There would be cases in which material evidence would be enough. Robert Koch’s downfall was leaving dog toys outside his property while under investigation.




Its a matter of public record who has a life ban. Its nearly always mentioned on conviction and the life bans is where we should start. In theory they are the most seriously wicked.




I should also be clear that this isn’t something we just charge into, gung ho.




I am more than happy to personally take care of my own city in this regard, but if we did put a team elsewhere than it wouldn’t be a random team of nutters armed with half arsed information.





Nor would we just let someone knock on the door of anyone when alone. Like I say, often times it may not even involve a person door knock. Even speaking with neighbours can often bring out a lot of truth.






We would naturally risk assess any property where someone with a life ban resided. The intention is not to intimidate or shout. The intention is to make sure they ARE sticking to their life ban. Its that simple.






If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear. If the approach is polite and firm then it could be in their best interests to demonstrate that they are sticking to their ban.





A unit would consist of between two and four people, depending on circumstances. Every possible precaution would be taken to ensure the safety of the unit, just as I will take every precaution in my city. If there are instances in which we feel the individual is a danger to adults then we would obviously assess on its merits and organise security.






I think it will work better and be far easier to keep cohesive if we pilot it in one region to start with.






I will take care of my own city as I’ve said, but since the vast majority of our readers are in England then in term of a unit south of the border I would be inclined to suggest its piloted in Cleveland.






It would make perfect sense given that’s where it all began out. And then there’s the small matter of that region having an unenviable high record of quite serious abuse.





I think that region would tick all the boxes as a pilot region.





If we can make a gold standard job of the unit in that region then the work will get noted and it can then be replicated in adjacent regions.





We’ve had a lot of interest in doing this but what I want to hear from are people in or around that region who want to set up a team. This will be done absolutely correctly in every sense, we want it to be a credit not a blight.





If you want to put yourself forward for that then its the same e mail as above.











If you like the work that we have done and our resilience, the very best way you could thank us right now? Give support to the RNLI memorial that we set up for our much missed colleague and supporter – Ciss.




Without Ciss it would not have been possible for us to do half of the things that we did.




The RNLI were a big thing for Ciss and her husband so please click on the tribute page and donate something to them.



Thanks for reading






The British justice system is obsessed with the idea of rehabilitation as a core principle.



There is history behind that obsession which you can read about here if interested;





I’m not going to take out a broad brush and say no one can be rehabilitated ever. It really depends very much on who and what it is you are trying to rehabilitate.




Its viable to rehabilitate a drug addict or alcoholic for example. Its done every day. It might be possible to rehabilitate someone that was once a thief. There are all manner of smallish crimes and actions which I do think you could probably get people to quit doing or not do at all.




And then there are classes of people who I do not believe you can ever truly and fully rehabilitate. They engage in actions so bad that even if time passes and they don’t appear to have acted up again, you would drop your guard at your peril.




I would regard the kinds of people we deal with as being in a class that cannot be rehabilitated.




To that list I’d add all those that have been exposed by the many anti grooming groups that are active in the UK.




Both classes of offender are vile. Both classes of offender are pathological liars, and you could play excuse Bingo, marking off the tired responses they give.




I have yet to come across one high profile offender that demonstrated sincere remorse before going on to show how he(or she) became a pillar of the community. They are only sorry when they get caught and it impacts upon their life and comforts.




You have absolutely no chance of ‘rehabilitating’ anyone who fundamentally refuses to fully accept the gravity of their actions. Not that you have a high chance anyway, but without that sincere acceptance you have nil.




All you have is someone that will repeat the action.




But even if they did appear to fully own their actions they are often devious liars who will try to convince you how much they have changed.




I think once someone has proven form for certain actions that society finds taboo that they can never be trusted again.





In a sense the courts do sort of agree that some of the offenders cannot be rehabilitated. I suppose the life time pet ban (as weak to enforce as it is) is a sign that they don’t think that person can ever be trusted.




Only a total fool would ever take someone into their life that had proven history for certain types of action.




You would have to have something wrong with you to get together with someone that had history for the sort of extreme violent sadism we have highlighted, you’d have to have a screw loose to let that be around your life.





You’d also be a fool to get together with anyone that proven history of sexual offences against children. It is totally beyond me how anyone could do anything but dissociate from that individual as soon as their actions were proven.





It is astonishing to me that there will be girls/women who will accept such individuals into their life knowing who and what they are. In doing so they put themselves and any family they have at risk.





To the best of my knowledge there is no formal rehabilitation programme that specifically deals with the class of offender we expose. Not saying I’d be a fan of wasting money on them, but I’m not aware that there is one that’s specific to that area.





There are such programmes for child sex offenders, but as far as I’m aware the individual doesn’t have to take part if he’s in prison. Its voluntary for them.





Our Government lean heavily on a number of non custodial alternatives that, in theory, are designed to prevent an individual from offending while still living free and easy in the community.






They cost a lot of money and don’t work well at all. The Government doesn’t have anything like the man power to properly monitor all the convicted sex offenders that they give an alternative to custody to.




What chance do you have of them properly monitoring all the psychos who have life time pet ban orders?









Id love to be able to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about and that your town/neighbourhood isn’t impacted. But the reality is that this country is crawling with absolute filth and some of them will be near you. Even if you are not yet aware.







If authorities do anything its to protect the identity and rights of the abuser while deny those in the immediate area full truth.




Unless you spent a good while taking an overview you would not believe the scale of utter filth that walks free this evening.





They wont be a threat to the politicians, judges and those who are bleeding hearts though. They are safe in their exclusive and gated community with extra security. Its everyone else that gets placed at risk.





If the authorities were doing the job they are well rewarded to do there would be no need for us to exist, there would be no requirement for so many anti child grooming groups to be active.






It may come as an amazing surprise to some pampered politician but neither we nor those anti grooming groups like having to spend our time and our efforts tracking down, dealing with and exposing this type of trash.








If we left things to public officials then you’d get entire towns in which huge scandals were purposefully covered up by them. So how is it possible to trust them?





Only we as people can make the difference. While I don’t believe in touchy feely rehabilitation I do believe in the power of fear. For example, I think a good % of the online child groomers will be driven off the apps that they use by virtue of the FEAR of being exposed (often live) by one of the many anti grooming groups. I think its possible to keep individuals from repeating an act on extreme cruelty if they fear the counter reaction enough.





Fear should be confused with flat out criminal.





The anti grooming groups don’t work by committing huge crimes. They are lawful and they simply use truth and exposure against the target.




Some of them do go pretty near the line at times – but that’s what citizens need to do if you want to get things done.





We’re the same.




We basically use the truth and facts and expose them in such a way that the given individual isn’t allowed the usual free pass. We endeavour to give people half a chance of being informed as to who they might have living on their street. We created a whole database just for that purpose. An easy to use and one stop shop of cases.





This country is absolutely swarming with scum. Their numbers are vast and their rights are (too) many.




Every good man and women has to play their part in pushing back against that swarm and those who seek to protect and pander them.




We must become…. VERY intolerant.

Going After Those With Bans


We are totally deflated that Ciss died. Ciss despised animal abuse and rightly saw all offenders as pathetic cowards.



The best and most lasting tribute I can personally pay to her is to get back in the saddle and fight on. That’s what she would have wanted us to do and that’s what her family definitely want us to do.




We have now started that process of fighting on. Our presence in Sunderland in the past week and the tens of thousands of shares our stories reached on social media are proof that we are fighting on.




Any time we hit an area or town with posters it creates some sort of stir. We’ve used the tactic a few times now and every single time it creates a stir.









Given that I am fortunate to have access to people that can put posters together very quickly, I think this is a tactic we will use more.







With our reach there is no reason at all why we cannot have presence like that in any town at a moments notice.







If you are up for doing a bit of future flying then let me know and I’ll keep you in mind (state your area). The wider the network we can create the easier and better we can hit an area and get posters out with relevant messages on them. I will obviously do any in my own city as and when required.






Here’s point number two. Pet banning orders are a bunch of nothingness unless they are enforced on some level.





Question. According to the RSPCA/SSPCA how many people violated their ban in the last year?




Answer. I have no idea but I’d love to know if they even have a figure. I will contact both with that question and would encourage you to do the same.






I put the RSPCA to the test once with someone that was banned. What a dogs dinner that was. The women on the phone didn’t seem to be fully awake nor did she understand concepts like screen shots. It was like trying to talk to your slightly senile Nan.





I occasionally get asked HOW the orders are enforced. The answer is that they aren’t. There are a tiny number of inspectors in the country who MIGHT do a random check on someone. But 99% of it is down to the general public telling the authorities and providing evidence. Not always easy when abusers tend to move lots and change their names.





That’s why we paid to have a really slick register built which we are developing constantly. Anything you think that we should add/remove – let us know.






Actually the promotion of that database will be one of our new posters for people to print out and put up around their area. Its all about awareness and its all about generating this mass psychological presence.






If public officials and Government did their jobs properly and protected society from this assorted scum then we wouldn’t need to invest time and money doing this. But since they are utterly useless we need to.







The same goes for the pet bans. What’s the use of having them if they are never followed up? I really must find out if there is data to show how many people were shown to have violated the ban and what happened when they did.





I think there’s a really strong feeling among people that they would like these bans to actually have meaning. But as with the abuse register if we wait for a Government to do anything we will wait forever and get nowhere.






Here’s what I think we should do. Keep in mind it IS a criminal offence for them to violate a court order. A court order is an order, its not a gentle suggestion.





Judges and magistrates are quite egotistical and don’t like to think they’ve been taken the piss out of by someone defying them. Keep in mind – it IS a crime for someone with a ban to go against their ban.





What I think we need to do is provoke a set of circumstances that would cause people in violation of their ban to be exposed and proven to be in violation.





If this means having to do something very public in a major city with a special contact app for people to report anyone in their city they know to be in violation – so be it.




If this means picking one town per month and doing a flyering campaign of that town – so be it.





If this means having to find UK wide volunteers prepared to take video of someone in violation of their ban – so be it. That one is a bit specialist though. It takes a particular kind of person but if you think you have what it takes – get in touch.





Any combination of the above would drag out a lot of abusers who are today in violation of a court order and, therefore, committing a crime.




If we keep on catching those who are in breach of their order then more who should have gone to prison will end up in prison. Like I said – courts don’t like being defied.





If we keep on catching those in breach and we use the power of our social media, then we have gradually create circumstances in which the police and authorities will be forced to follow up complaints – and we will have compelling evidence.





If we can get it going enough then Government may even get so sick of us that they themselves decided to put more inspectors onto those with bans, or they make those with bans check in with police once a week.




Even if the Government still do nothing it will catch more of them and put more in prison who should have been there to start with.




If you are interested in getting stuck into any of the above – contact us.




We are still very much going ahead with the video to promote our abuse register. Its all been filmed and shot, its just taking a wee bit longer because its being done as a favour and the guys only have one day per week to work on it.





It should be ready soon and with it we can get tens of thousands of shares and views, thus raising awareness about The Blacklist



South Hylton – 48 hours to give yourself up


As per our recent Facebook posts, last Tuesday at around 3pm the charred remains of a male Rottweiler were found in a pathway in South Hylton, Sunderland.



South Hylton is a village with less than 10,000 people in it and the body was left in a fairly public area.



Despite appeals by the RSPCA and police for information, no one appears to have come forward to them. If they have then we certainly haven’t heard anything official.




The police did issue a statement in which its claimed they ‘quashed stories that it was done by a gang’. I haven’t ready any stories suggesting that at all, but its curious how the police can rule it out entirely if they don’t know what happened.







We have also put out our own appeals for information. We even put real life presence in that village itself and had various posters put up everywhere. They are on our Facebook.









Have I heard any information? Sort of. It didn’t sound quite right to me so I wasn’t going to run it, but on the off chance that there is some measure of truth to it I will run it now.





What I’ve heard is that the dog was hit by a car and killed. Neither the name of the driver or the name of the owner of the dog were offered to us.





I guess off lead dogs or strays being hit by cars does happen. How did that explain the charred condition though? Well, according to what I heard the dog was ‘discovered’ by a (young) male with ‘leaning difficulties’. He then (according to the narrative) decided to set the body on fire.






Its taken me a day or so to process this information since it does beg the question – if the person proposing it can be so detailed about it then it surely follows they personally must know this individual.





Lets just assume it true for a second. They may not know the car driver. But if they are speaking of a young guy with supposed learning issues then they logically must have a face and name in mind.






Its in everyone’s best interests for the truth to be put out there sooner rather than later. I will reserve judgement on the above being the full truth but if it is then its definitely in the interests of all for that person to step forward and own up.






If the person has learning issues then someone must have some level of agency over him. Again, it would be in their interests to step up and clear this up through the proper channels.






And that means going to the police and getting the local paper to make a statement with the truth. Its that simple.





If that story has any substance to it then step up and clear it up – it will then be judged on the facts.







If the dog was already dead and someone who is 10p short in the pound subsequently set the body on fire its far better they and their carer make the situation known.





Its been less than a week since it happened but that’s still a week that the person hasn’t owned his actions. If there’s a relatively ‘innocent’ explanation to this – lets hear it. It will be judged on its merits.





But the longer there is silence and the more time we personally spend on this? The less inclined we’ll be so reasonable.





If the person involved or his representative is reading this they should realise one thing – we are past masters at finding people that do not wish to be found. We have form for it.




We have found people hidden in central London before. We have found the same people over a dozen times before. We found all of them and we can find you as well.







And by virtue of the fact we had to go looking and asking we will be left with no option but to assume the worst. We wouldn’t then believe some bizarre tale about a dog that was knocked down and then the village odd ball so happened to find it dead and set it on fire.






If that information we heard has truth to it then the person responsible or their family member need to go explain it to both police and the RSPCA. And then they need to make sure the local paper confirms their story.






We’ll give the person two days as of today to own their actions. If there’s nothing after two days we’ll just assume that the person killed the dog as well and I will just put a lot of focus on South Hylton until we squeeze the facts out.