Pilot Scheme for NE England….


For many years the general public asked for, lobbied for and pleaded their elected officials for an animal cruelty register.



It should come as no surprise that elected officials failed to deliver.



That is why we privately built and publicly funded our own last October.




Its quite an extensive database now, with several hundred convicted offenders on it.







This will only grow and grow until just about every convicted offender in the UK will be on it.




And while circumstances beyond my control have severely limited my ability to publicise it as I had wanted, that situation could easily change and I will be in a position to do what I need to do to give it maximum publicity, in real life and in the press.





This is an example of how things need to be done. We cannot rely on civil servants to be bold and audacious. The truth is that they just don’t care enough to be that dynamic.





Anything worthwhile, effective and lasting is going to have to be conceived of, built and paid for by the people themselves. Otherwise nothing gets done.





Which leads me nicely to the main point of this article.




For quite some time I have been thinking how best pet banning orders handed out can be better kept abreast of and enforced.




It became clear to me as time went by that you may as well ban offenders for a thousand years – because unless there is rigorous follow up and checks then the bans themselves are of limited use.




And there lies the problem. There is little or no follow up on any of those convicted and who have a ban hanging over them.



I’ve looked into it.



The police don’t have the manpower to do it. The RSPCA literally have a handful of spot checkers to cover the entire country.




It is very easy to see why banning orders are of limited value under the present circumstances.




And they will go on being of limited value until the day there is more robust follow up.




Much like our animal cruelty register, there is something very constructive that can be done about this.




For quite some time I have been giving careful thought and consideration to launching a pilot scheme.




I plan to launch a legitimate and professional spot checking system. To start with we will focus on the NE of England, esp the major cities like Newcastle, Sunderland and ‘Boro.




There were serious issues for me to work through in order to make this viable. I had considered just using volunteers from the public themselves, but this is fraught with issues.



The first issue is that you ned sufficient reliable volunteers. But the main issue is this – many of those banned are dangerous and unpredictable.




I cannot in all good conscious send well meaning random people out to pull this off. This would be more high risk than the anti grooming groups who door step a target. Groomers are creeps and a sexual danger to minors, but they aren’t necessarily unpredictable.




The only viable way this can be done would be for me to literally have us factor this out to professional contractors with the training and experience and the regional knowledge to take the task on.







If they did well in the first couple of cases that we picked then we’d keep repeating the methods. If in a year it had grown into something very efficient then we’d have a template to roll this out nationwide.




I think that this + our growing database would be quite a potent combination.



(Convicted offender – Tyler Laverick)











Keep in mind that those with bans are very often serving a suspended sentence as well. Sometimes its suspended for as long as two years.




This means that any violation can see them brought back to court and sent to prison. Violating their ban is an offence in of itself, its just that with no spot checks and follow up violations go under reported.




I can probably set this all up inside two months.




I’m prepared to do all that it takes to set it up so that its an effective and shining example of something done well.





Then once its up and running, I’m prepared to pull out all the stops to ensure it gets max publicity.





However, its like anything else. I am just one man and with limitations. I can certainly piece this all together and pull it off, but it needs people to support the idea with donations.





If we have resources to work with then things like this can be done and rolled out. If we don’t have resources then we are highly limited to what we can do.




If you’d like to help us in this venture then please make a donation to us via paypal. Its opfrankish@gmail.com




If I get a good enough public response to this, then I’ll be right on the case and devoting time and effort to setting this up.





Thanks for reading and have a good week.





Two questions every good person should answer….


I’ll go straight to the first question. What is it that you want? In relation to the subject of willful animal cruelty, what is it that you want to see happen that you would personally feel satisfied with?




Its an open question to pet owners of all kinds and from every background. There’s no ‘right or wrong’ answers, only your answer. So. What is it that you hope for and want, remaining within the boundaries of actual reality of course.




Its a good question for me to ask and for you to ask yourself. Why? Because if you don’t actually have a clear idea what it is you want and if you don’t have a clear idea what it is that would appease you, then I cannot reasonably see how you’d do anything except stay stuck on anger.





I do not presume to know what people want. When an extreme example comes to light, what is that you would like to happen that you feel currently does not happen?



Be as specific as you can be and, like I say, obviously stick within the realms of reality.





If you do not think the offenders are penalised harshly enough, then what lawful mechanism do you propose that would punish them more?




What would make you read about a case and be left with a sense that at least the punishment somewhat fitted the crime?





I am genuinely interested in your answers, so long as they aren’t things that you and I both know are just not going to happen. There’s not much point suggesting life in prison or hanging, because its never going to happen.






Also keep in mind that there are just too many of them to make a big negative campaign against them all, the way we did with Andrew and Daniel Frankish.


While that would work wonderfully well, its simply not remotely viable to launch such a storm against them all, not even most.





There are far too many convicted every year for us to hope to repeat that with each one, even if we settled for the top 10%, there would still be far too many for us to do to them what we we rolled out against those brothers.






The ONLY way I can think of to punish them is to remove their liberty for as long as possible as often as possible.




How about you? What is it that you want? What would you consider to be just, what would you consider a win?






This takes me onto the second part of the question. I guess in order to answer it you’d have to have answered the first question.




Assuming that you do have a clear answer to the first part, the second part is – what are you doing to get what you want?




Its not a ‘gotcha’ question at all, I simply want to get a measure whether or not people A) Know what they want and B) What they are doing to get it.





Because here’s one thing I do know for sure, and this can be applied to almost any situation. Unless you do have a clear idea what you want and unless you do follow through with actions, then you’re doomed to drift along and be at the total mercy of whatever pen pushers decide is best.




Anger isn’t enough. People get stuck on anger and become anger addicts.




Anger is only a plus if it provides a spark that sees you take constructive actions. But keeping anger inside with no means to express it except ranting online? That’s no good to the person or to anything.




You’ll just make yourself ill and warp your personality remaining in a permanent state of anger with no follow through. Ironically and sadly, this only hurts you and not the perpetrators of the actions at all.




As the old expression goes, ‘don’t get angry, get even’.



The kind of people who do these things probably feed off impotent rage that has no follow through. They aren’t worried about rage with no follow through.




I say this with love, if you’re the kind of person that gets angry often but lacks follow through, and, if you’re the sort of person who has no idea what would satisfy you in regard to this subject and these crimes, then you’re probably best off avoiding the subject entirely.




Don’t read about it, don’t think about it, do anything except for touch these subjects. You will do yourself no good.





This isn’t exactly pretty or easy stuff for anyone, so if you really do find yourself caught up in anger with no firm follow through, then for your own sake, leave it well alone.




I would never in a million years touch any of this stuff unless I always had my own clear plans and objectives, which are very public and all a matter of record.




If all I thought I was going to do back in 2016 was get angry over and over in comments sections on social media, then I’d never have touched or read the stories in our press. It would only drag you do if you have no intent to follow through in some sense. Follow through is key because follow through gives you a sense of some empowermenet, it gives you skin in the game.





You ultimately need an organised opposition to a virulent problem or else the problem has no obstacles and will spread and spread until its an epidemic.





Its an erroneous task as I have found out. You do attract some absolute gems, but for every gem there will be 1000 people that just rage and do nothing of note.



I guess this is just true of real society, you’ve all seen the social experiment videos where people walk on by when a ‘crime’ is occurring.





I say this with all humility when I state that I’m quite astonished at the absolute shit storm we managed to create all through 2016 and 2017, when I think of the meagre resources we had to work with, we punched far and away above our weight.





At our optimum we were hitting page 2 of the Sun and getting full pages in the Express. The reach of such tabloids is VAST. Companies would pay top £ to advertise on page 2 of the Sun. We were given what would be about a six figure sum in collective regional press, if a company or charity were to have bought all that space.









The press, esp the big press, are in the business of making money. The big papers don’t go giving out premium space if they don’t think there’s mileage in what’s going on. If they think there’s no value to the story, they will not run with it. They are spoiled for choice with stories after all.





Using the British press to create momentum and pressure is a very good tactic. Its such a good tactic that just about every big and small organisation on the planet wants the press to cover their issues.








Its insanely competitive, and don’t forget, unlike us, many use PR agencies and flat out advertising for their coverage. We have never employed any PR firm and nor have we paid for single inch of space.






What we did do was to put on a series of promo’s, backed by press releases, that were attractive enough for the press to cover.






We had them hooked, and my original intention was to keep on going with the promo’s, giving them what they liked and wanted, and generate a maelstrom of pressure.






However, I’d say the last truly constructive thing we did was to create and promote black-listed.info






This also got a great deal of press way back when we first launched it in October 2017.





It was however important to keep promoting it to the degree that it reached sticking point and became a thing within the minds of people.







There were essentially two ways that could be done. I was hoping for one or both, but I’ll get to that. The first way I hoped it might be used, and therefore given exposure, is that people would organically and across the country, do simple things like flyer their town with posters of the URL, take photos, send them in, and we can make them go fairly far and wide.





Its remarkably difficult to get anyone to do things though. You might be lucky and pick up a few, but you’re not apparently going to get multiples of people from various towns, all taking part at the same time.






Not even if you give them the actual poster or even create one bespoke to their city. When all is said and done you can only provide the tools and say ‘listen, get this going, it might be a good idea’. You cant force anyone.






The only other way was then to do a series of promotions in real life, as we have done before, and specifically aimed at drawing as much public attention to the register as possible, and press attention as well.





Its not that this is a particular paradox or anything, it would be quite plausible for me to hire a set up and have it locate itself near the HQ of a well known newspaper, and then just start broadcasting the register to passers by.





You cant get much more blunt than that, but it would absolutely serve its purpose.





However, as interesting as that may sound, and it is, it takes some sort of budget to do stuff of that type. It also takes a good bit of time to piece it all together, but that’s never been the issue.






As much as I give my all to secure discounts, favours, etc, I’m not going to pretend to anyone that any of this is possible with a budget to work with. We don’t really have one which is why we haven’t been able to do a whole lot, beyond sustaining the register and treading water.






We don’t really even ask for donations very often now, it gets to a point where people either understand that its necessary to do things or they don’t. Again, no one can force anyone.







What I can say is that we have always given back far more worth in content than what we were given to work with. For every £1 we got we delivered £100 of exposure and promotions.







What I’ve never been able to do is convince people of the power of momentum. The pattern has been more one of do something, its admired, and then…..its a huge struggle to get people to get the momentum part.





Then when they don’t get the momentum part we invariably dip on the momentum we had already created.






This is something that you need to go hard at with. If I honestly thought this could have been done with my slippers on and pipe in, then I’d be cool with that.





I’d be saying to people ‘hey, just chill, things will magically work in your favour somehow’. However, just like ANY injustice or imbalance that is LONG overdue to be rigorously corrected, you must go at it in a near relentless manner.




No injustice or imbalance has ever been corrected without constant effort, over and over, until the nut cracks.





If you genuinely believe there is a systemic injustice or something inherently malfunctioning at the judicial level then you’re going to need to either organise and come up with what it is you want (from them) or you’ll have to do more to back those who are willing and prepared to fight for you.




There is a third option.



You can do neither and concede your country to this.











Your story matters


Sometimes in the comments section of one of our two FB pages we’ll get someone who seems to have an interesting story to tell.



I cant think of a specific example right now, but from time to time I do see them. If you have a potentially interesting story to recount then rather than have it lost among the comments section, why not write it down in story form and send it into us?




If its interesting and instructive then we can run it here and it will be read by many more people. Maybe you have direct and personal experience of someone convicted of cruelty offences, maybe you have had different experiences with organisations that are there to offer protections, the list is endless.




If you think your story is on point and relevant, then I am happy to give it a platform on here. Again, I’d much sooner that than have a good personal account lost in a comments section.





If you wish to submit your story/experience to us then please submit them to us at the e mail address provided at the bottom of this piece.





No one expects the works of Shakespeare, but if you have a candid and from the heart story to share, then that’s what people want to read.







An insight into what you’re up against



I have come to the conclusion that by accident or design, the justice system in Scotland and England favours the perpetrator and not the victims so much.



I have no idea why the system seems stacked to be outrageously lenient on the most twisted and unhinged of creatures, but it is.



To give you a flavour of what we’re up against trying to make any gains, consider this.




Today, a guy called Traherne Williams was given a mere six and half years for the murder of his own baby of three months old.









Threw her with such force that it caused catastrophic and fatal damage. He is 23 yrs of age, and the odds are that he will serve half his sentence. This means he will be a free man at 26, free to have other children with his partner, who was originally charged with murder along with him, until he decided to cop for it all.




You really cannot get more literally defenceless and innocent and frail than a three month old baby. This little girl is now denied ANY chance at life and the judge ‘punishes’ her killer with six years!





I wish such things and such baffling examples were rare and cherry picked, but in fact they tend to be the default position.





Six years for that should illustrate to you how truly detached from reality the judiciary are, the whole system.




Can you see why it is be such a grind to get any Government to drag animal cruelty laws into the 21 century when we have a culture of giving six years to baby killers?




No wonder that in Britain today its the law abiding and the good who live in fear, while the assorted filth live in the knowledge that our system is incredibly lenient.




How can any mother or father relax and let their kids go online today, when there are an estimated 100,000 active daily predators online? There are 80+ anti grooming groups in the UK and I am glad of that. But even when they secure convictions, its typically a suspended sentence and being obligated to attend some course. That’s it.





It must be incredibly frustrating for them to put months of quite disturbing work into stinging one person, only to later find that he was given a suspended sentence and some other nonsense.





You wouldn’t want to live in London today. With rates of violence higher than NYC, and with scooter gangs driving by and casually robbing people, sometimes assaulting them badly, its not a safe place to be. What’s more, the state that are lenient on the thugs don’t even permit a women to carry a mere pepper spray to at least give her some chance of defence.





I wont even get into the mass cover ups that certain police forces and councils have been complicit in, in regard to victims of ‘rape gangs’.




If you look at each injustice in isolation then it just seems that yet another judge has given yet another soft sentence for some abominable crime.




But if you take a step back and see all these injustices together then doesn’t it dawn on you that the system appears designed to let as many Orcs as possible beat, torture, rape, molest and terrorise as many good people as possible, good people who are denied any means of defence?




Is it any wonder that set against that back drop that animals get such a shitty deal and that the freaks that seek to harm them are treated with kid gloves?





Its totally consistent with how the state and justice system appear to value good citizens and victims of crime – they have no regard for it.




I don’t think the typical person is quite able to conceive of how high the levels of total freaks and beasts there are wandering your towns and cities.




You would be astonished if you knew how many people with convictions for quite serious offences were living within a mile of you. The country is totally contaminated with a plague of predators in various forms.




If they aren’t after your kids, they are after the old or less abled. If they aren’t after them then they are after dogs, cats, any pets they can lay their grubby hands on. And lets be honest, its all too easy for just anyone to go get themselves a pet.








Its almost impossible for anyone to wrap their head around just how many mental freaks there are in 2018. There was a man convicted last week of  raping both his Bedlington Terriers, and he was witnessed no less, presumably by a family member. Its like something from a dystopian made up story, but that’s how far we have sunk and that’s the sort of freaks who are not uncommonly living among you.





There is something deeply wrong at the very heart and soul of our people and its manifesting in all sorts of increasingly degenerate, abominable and sick ways.






Here’s something to ponder. It used to be thought that prostitutes whose ‘clients’ raped them and beat them up did so born from some pathological hate of prostitutes specifically. Turns out that’s only true in the smalllest number of cases.



The reality is far more obvious.



The reason why prostitutes are targets is that they are seen as low risk targets. They tend not to talk to police, they tend not to file reports, they may not even be taken seriously. Those doing it would just as soon do it to a non prostitute but they know there is a far greater risk, not only of being reported but of that female having a brother or husband that would seek revenge.




The same could be said of animal cruelty. They are low risk targets of convenience for the disturbed.



Those who do such acts aren’t specifically anti dog or anti cat, its more that they’d be a high risk to ANYTHING that was under their ‘care’ that happened to have no voice or was weaker than them.





If they chanced upon someone with severe learning problems, that would be their target. If they had small chidlen, they would be the target.





And if they have dogs or cats, then those will be the target.




Its not acceptable to me that we have a dynamic where the rules favour the perpetrator and that leniency is the default position.




Listen to any of the political talking heads and are they speaking about these issues beyond lip service? No. They all speak about Brexit, day in, day out, rinse and repeat.





They don’t care if British children are groomed, they don’t care if your estate happens to have someone that once tortured their own death into incapacity. Its not their children, and the obviously dangerous animal abusers ain’t living on their street.




If you take the systemic leniency and agency afforded to the very worse of people as a whole, then the situation is very very grim. Short sentences, no sentences, fines, tags, community service, suspended sentences, prevention orders, all of these soft options have been tried over and over, and at HUGE cost to you.



Have they worked? Just look around. The question is rhetorical.








Media matters.




Gaining some control of the narrative matters. Not relying on the press or politicians also matters.



People are watchers rather than readers. That’s why films tend to be more popular than books.




Film or documentary is the most direct route to expose people to a message, since all they need do is be curious enough to watch.




When the news tell you about the troubles across the World, they don’t just write down all the bad shit on a piece of paper and hold it up for you to read. They will supplement their news stories with as many visuals and as much film footage as its possible to procure. Visuals are more of an instant shock than words, that’s why the seek out a visual story.




There has never been a British made documentary specifically dedicated to how we intend to slant our documentary if we are able to pullit off.






Even without the services of a PR company to push it forward, in this day and age a well made indie documentary could be exposed to a vast audience, nationally and internationally. These things can be very powerful.





There are then so many real life services you can tap into, its more than possible these days to essentially show your documentary in major cities across the country at selected venues.





Its then really no sweat to get reporters out to be present at the screenings, and all of that feeds right back into the mainstream, to be frank, something like that done well could lead anywhere.





Its possible we could shoot this in July, its quite involved obviously, and unlike the RSPCA we don’t have vast resources (to say the least). Everything we’ve ever done we have had to fight and scrape for. We’ve endured unexpected setbacks and even tragedy, yet here we are, ready and willing to raise the bar.




Britain is a country where people are moved by watching things, we’re a country who still place quite a high value on life, we’re a country who generally still care for dogs, cats etc, and we’re a nation whose people are sick to the back teeth of utter freaks being under exposed and slapped on the wrist.




Put all of that together and give it a unique twist in the form of an independent documentary and what you have is a quite powerful tool.




Britain is quite a small country. It wouldn’t be like parting the sea to make such a production go totally viral here. Trigger people often enough and in ever impressive ways and it will generate its own momentum to the extent that it will become the issue of the day.



That’s the entire objective of wanting to make this, not as some arty farty project to do, but as an unashamed weapon to smash our way forward.





I would go to huge lengths to make sure that every single one of your elected officials got to see this, if that meant my having to bring in external advice in order to do it brilliantly, then bring in that advice is what I would do.






Other than that, I do have some other ideas up my sleeve, but for one reason and another I’ve been more or less disabled from doing much to make them happen. They’ve had to remain ideas until that changes, which I hope can be soon. Very soon, because things are pretty disturbing out there.




I plan to do something in real life to get The Blacklist into the public domain. My thinking is to pick a city where abuse is high, find the busiest spot, then we can hire and park up a screen on wheels that would promote the register over and over, via video. I’d probably call a couple of local reporters and let them know what was what.







To E Mail us. Operationfrankish@gmail.com




To donate to us so we can function






Note the difference between the two!



To Tweet us – @Opfrankish



To visit The Blacklist –








Looks like a nice bloke….


So, another week, another case of mindless brutality against an animal.

This handsome pillar of the community has made the news for sadistically killing a pigeon, laughing about it and being egged on by his mates, all for the benefit of the camera. Not content with actually killing the animal, he then felt it necessary to throw it to the floor afterwards, and growling like a madman. Nice.






Oddly enough, the entire situation in the case above seems to mirror the behavior of Andrew and Daniel Frankish, one person acting like a deranged lunatic on camera, while the others taking part laugh like maniacs in the background.


It is not yet known for sure where this happened (the police and RSPCA were, at the last time of checking, still looking for the peculiar looking man-child in the video). The only info being that the violence took place on a building site either in the North of England or Wales.





Bearing in mind the video has done the rounds all over social media, how he (or his pals) have yet been identified is a mystery. Who knows, maybe he is well known to people but they are reluctant to take the trouble to identify him only for it to result in another slap on the wrists through the courts. Maybe it is complete ignorance, or indifference at the fact it was “only a pigeon”, as one commentator on Facebook put it (that same person has since had it pointed out to them that even the most famous of serial killers started out by torturing animals before turning their attention to people. He has not yet replied to that.)
This is what we are up against in this country, folks.



Mindless cruelty, a mentality that says it is acceptable to act like an absolute psychopath as long as it is not against a human, or the usual “I’d love to see him try this when I’m there” bullshit from the public, and it becomes patently obvious just how much of an issue we have here.



Not only do we need the law-makers and the judges in our courts to seriously start throwing the book at animal abusers, we also need the general public to wake up, grow some balls and ask themselves if they really want someone like the individual in the video to be living freely among them, committing gratuitous violence and laughing themselves stupid afterwards.



It also emphasises just how much of a need there is for a national database of convicted animal abusers. So people who are switched on and clued up can identify those individuals like the one above, who clearly needs to be taken off the streets for everyone’s sake.




It will also help people to ensure the safety of themselves and their families, by being able to check whether their neighbour, or colleague, is someone who needs to be kept at a very safe distance. Just why the Government has not yet produced such as database is another mystery.




However, Operation Frankish have started the ball rolling with black-listed.info. A list of convicted animal abusers freely available in the public domain. It has been created with the safety of people and animals in mind, and you can help to make sure it grows. Please visit black-listed.info for further information.


Moving Forward…


It’s heartening to me that the people we tend to attract are people of the very highest calibre. It can be like panning for gold to find them, but when we do they are high quality people capable of producing high quality work.



To that end I’d like to extend a thanks to the guys at Police Car Hire UK for all their work and effort producing content of this standard for us.





Everyone in that video is an actor, and I believe the dog is a rescue with a story behind it.




We put this advert on both our social media pages yesterday, and its already have many thousands of views.




The Internet and social media has liberated grass roots organisations from the days when all you had were a few TV channels and some newspapers to bring you content.




We are living in a good time in that we are able to operate and function almost free and independent of that if we want to.




We are living in a time when you can inform, expose and report to a large audience of people, and it does not rely on the old fashioned forms of media.




Its a luxury that your ancestors didn’t have, so you should use it to the max and use it effectively.




Its much less common for people to ‘buy the paper’ to keep up to date with what’s going on in the country. Its now far more common to go online and get your information there.




With that said, it doesn’t need to be one OR the other. Our work has seen us get exposure for the campaign in the paper press, the online press and, of course, on social media. If you are able to engineer a mix of both then that’s the ideal.





The best thing you can do here is to get to a stage where these unhinged types of freaks are locked up for as long as possible.




In the absence of a magic pill that ‘fixes’ them, then getting as many off the streets and for as long as possible is the most practical goal. It wont make them better people, but locking up rapists doesn’t make them better people – yet it must be done.




That is achieved through pushing as much as possible in as many ways as possible. You have to push and push until finally the obstacle cracks under the weight.




To be honest, I’m not particularly interested in supposed ’causes’. I’m bored reading the same excuses trotted out, not only by these types of offenders but also by nonces.



I’m just not interested in hearing about their depression or their (insert thing).




All of them, with no exceptions, CHOOSE their actions. This is regardless of wheher they have some ‘condition’ or not. Its that simple.




They know right from wrong and they choose to do wrong. The missing link is that they tend not to endure negative consequences for their choices. This has sent out the wrong message in this country for generations.




That’s what must change. Instead of generations of sending out the wrong message, how about a generation where the right message is delivered and becomes the norm?




If you like our work and believe in the principle, then there are various ways you can play a part.



Quality video content is always welcome.



Originally written articles for this site are always welcome.



Donations are always welcome and can now be made via paypal here;





Please use only that address for paypal.



Donations in the past have allowed us to build and host tools such as http://www.black-listed.info



They have also allowed us to do high visibility campaigns.




Thanks for reading, enjoy the weekend.

Police Federation Chairman Calum Macleod


Calum Macleod is the Police Federation Chairman for England and Wales. A position of high office which I’m sure comes with all the usual benefits and perks of those in high public office.



I’d never heard of the man until I happened to read some comments he made in the press today. Having read his comments my conclusion is that Calum MacLeod is a bit of a clown shoe.



I would not expect a man in such a responsible position to make logical fallacies and baffling statements like this below;





Police Federation Chairman Calum Macleod also called for thugs who attack police officers to be jailed for up to 24 months, up from the current limit of six months.



The Animal Welfare Bill will raise the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty from six months to five years.


Mr Macleod said: “Officers are worth more than an abused household pet.

It makes a mockery of our justice system”.







(Full link here)





His comments are off the scale stupid for a man of his standing. The two things are unrelated. Its not a matter of having the choice between better protections for officers OR coming down hard on abusers. This is such an absurd statement that it sounds like something a teenager with a petted lip would blurt out.



The safety of officers on the line of duty should indeed be imperative.



He could have just said that and left it there. No one would have argued the fact. But by randomly dragging in a crime and using that crime to patheticallly try to boost his point is just clumsy and ill advised.




You would think that someone with his level of experience would know that pet abuse is usually a window to other abuses going on in a home. You would also think he’d know that someone guilty of this is many mre times likely to hurt a person, perhaps even a police officer in fact.




Its a nonsense of a statement from a man in his role to make since it diminishes a violent crime for no reason whatsoever.




Rather than come off as professional and on point, he comes off sounding almost jealous and bitter.




I might Tweet this guy to ask him to explain his bizarre train of thought.


I’d encourage Twitter users to do the same. He can be reached here –









If you don’t have Twitter, you can shoot an e mail off to the Police Federation here – gensec@polfed.org



Simply mark it for the attention of Calum Macleod.

Pressure Will Pay


Several weeks ago I wrote to both the Westminster and Scottish Government. From Westminster, I wanted to see something in writing that was up to date and reaffirmed their commitment of last year.



From the Scottish Government, I wanted to read that they would plan to follow suit (Scotland has its own legal system).




I picked up replies from both this evening when I finally got around to checking our e-mail.




I have published both replies in full on our Facebook pages, but I’ll put screenshots of them here for you as well.






They aren’t too bad to be honest. The Westminster/DEFRA one did what I wanted them to do – reaffirm their commitment, while it reads like the Scottish Government would follow suit.



The key phrase in the Westminster reply was ‘as soon as Parliamentary time allows’.





This is where the pressure needs to come in. The commitment from them is there. They’ve just repeated it. The only hurdle is to apply enough pressure and publicity that it ensures its sooner and not later.







Even my contacting both on behalf of the movement is a reminder to them that we will not forget their commitment and we will expect them to make good on it.




It is my view that on this occasion, they will indeed make good on it. I have low expectations and little trust for politicians, but I think they are well aware that there is more to be gained than lost by following through. Especially now they have publicly made the commitment.





This country has a range of penalties they can use against various types of criminal. Not all law breakers need to be locked up. However, there can be no doubt that individuals who are like those two mutants should always be caged and for as long as possible. They are so deranged that they present a danger at large.




Normal people shouldn’t be expected to live near that filth. Vermin of that kind should be totally denied their liberty.





You then need only make a legal example of the first half dozen, and very quickly the message changes from this being a low priority offence with minor consequences, to one that’s much higher priority with the potential to lose half a decade of your life over it. Yes, sometimes its absolutely possible to use the law to force a change in social thinking. Its been done before and it can be done again.






Only a Government are given the power to bring in a new law. That’s on them. However, the power to force that new law to come to pass rests with everyone. Moreover, the power as to how robustly the law is then used also rests with everyone. You have agency, you have the power of organised dissent.





Don’t tolerate a country that allows such sick freak shows to just live as ordinary people. See them not as a danger to animals alone, but a danger – period.




Our goal as people should be very clear now. Ensure that Government make good on their pledge in the shortest time possible, and then ensure that the new powers are used robustly. Once those things are established you can keep working at it thereafter.





I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of reading about this country being number one for things that you don’t want to be number one for.




Here’s what I want this country to be number one for and known for throughout the West. I want us to be known as a country that take a zero tolerance approach to these twisted acts and meet them with the full force of the law.



At least that would be something worth being number one at.





Its attainable for sure. The UK is already about mid table among Western nations for prosecution of such offenders. With these changes and with enough pressure behind the changes, they can very easily go from mid table to being the leaders in prosecuting and punishing offenders.





I want a Britain that one day very soon other countries will look to and wonder at how we as a nation managed to bring these freaks to heel.





Thanks for your messages in the comments re my last blog post. All very much appreciated.





As much as the subject matter is toxic, I’ve always been prepared to take it on and that’s not changed. I haven’t shirked anything so far.




With that said, I obviously need at least one hand free in the fight. Owing to circumstances beyond my personal control, I cannot access what funds we had which has obviously disabled my ability to plan and execute very much.




Its also a bit delicate that the only person legally able to deal with the account is Ciss’s husband, and it goes without saying he’s obviously had a lot on his plate since she passed away.




Albeit the guy did do a great many of the things that paypal were insisting of him. It will sort itself out in time but we obviously didn’t want to lose time, to have a plan and a direction you need to know what’s what. My main concern is that he is well first and foremost and anything after that is a bonus right now.




I would like to get things on track, especially as this is obviously an important phase.




Like I said in my previous post, my door is open.




If you think you could do some sort of work for us then get in touch.




If you’d like to help us over this unfortunate patch then we set up a new paypal for those that choose to do so.



Its opfrankish@gmail.com




Thanks for reading

A diet of pure poison


As many have noticed, we just haven’t been around of late.


Where once our content and activism was high intensity, it has reduced to near total dormancy.



There is no big sinister reason behind it other than to say that circumstances have conspired against us. I had hoped to be back fully functional before now. This has proved impossible and the circumstances are entirely beyond my control or influence. We remain in a state of limbo.


I cannot say with any clarity what the future of this movement is or if we even have one.



The volume of work and activism that we generated in 2016 and 2017 took a super human effort and a vast amount of time. I gave it everything I had in my locker. Probably too much. But its not realistic for one person to maintain that level of productivity on a never ending cycle.




Along the way a very few extremely useful people came our way, but not sufficient to properly share the workload and not sufficient to grow things as they needed to be.




We are also a volunteer force, which means that things can come along that see OF put down the priority list for volunteers. That’s just the reality of a volunteer force. When you rely on volunteers then you cant compel them to do anything, you can only hope that they do.





At times we have also used non voluntary services, in short, we’ve paid to have things done because getting them done free would have been Alice and Wonderland stuff.



That’s a different situation though, because as soon as you’re paying A to do B, then they are compelled to carry out the paid for task at the agreed time and in the agreed way.




However, since we no longer have any real resources to speak of, then it simply hasn’t been possible to pull of the sort of things we did in 2016 and 2017.




On a personal level, I cant say I miss the regular digest of having to trawl around the gutter taking in the grimmest stories carried out by the weirdest freaks the country has to offer.



Its pure poison to take that in, day in, day out.




With that being said, I’d still be prepared to take on the poison and take the slings and arrows, but there has to be a point to it.




Not much good my digesting all that toxin while we remain in a state of limbo, unable to really do much of anything.




No use my raging at the latest story without the means to do anything about it.




There’s also only so many times I can keep saying that you’re living in the age of the drug addled sociopath and that unless there’s push back then it will get spread and get more extreme.



More extreme like this; (see link under image)









There’s only so many times I can say that no one can help you with this but your own self.



Like it or not these are low priority matters for the police and even for big brands like Snapchat. They are low priority for your elected officials as well. The only way to make something that is low priority into something higher priority is by way of relentless and organised pressure.




In the absence of it the given subject will remain low priority. Nothing goes from low priority to high(er) priority by itself. You must either be a billionaire with enough money to ensure those in public office do your bidding OR you must generate enough heat and pressure that, eventually, you force the dynamic to alter.




There is no third option by which you stare furiously at some abuse story and, as if by magic, virtue and justice just occurs.





So that’s where we’re at. We had a good thing going, unique to its kind, but its been extremely hard to sustain it this long. We’re in this state of suspended animation and in the absence of resources (human and otherwise), I cannot say when we will be active again.





What I can say is that I will leave my door open to being active again if the conditions alter and lend themselves to it.



Thanks for reading

Important change – please read



Hi folks


We are first and foremost a pressure group. Whether that’s placing pressure on abusers or pressure for political change, pressure is what we are about.



At our peak and at our best I think we were top class at generating pressure and publicity.




That’s not been the case since the start of the year since everything that could have gone against us has gone against us.




Ciss suddenly dying was depressing for me. I really liked Ciss and considered her a friend over the last two years. I have found it extremely difficult to get ‘in the zone’ again since she passed away.





Then we had the practical issue that Ciss doubled up as treasurer. Our e mail was directly linked to her paypal.




Her husband has been trying to shut down the account for two months now, poor fella. Paypal has a staggering amount of protocol and paperwork that they ask from a person’s next of kin when they pass away. This includes a legal requirement to give them a probate letter, I didn’t even know what that was until I had cause to look it up.





This means that for two months or so we haven’t had any way to pay money out from or into.





Since the situation is not resolved yet, I took the view that we couldn’t afford to lose any more time since, after all, true pressure is all about momentum.





With that in mind I have appointed a new treasurer – her name is Julie. She’s been part of the team for a while now and was part of the team when Ciss was alive.





Since our old paypal is unusable I created a new one and this is now linked to our treasurers paypal.



New Details


Please make a note of our new address to donate to via paypal;









I’d appreciate it if readers would tonight use this new account and donate a couple of quid.





This fix is the best way to allow us to go on and do things while Paypal work through the various procedures with Ciss’s husband.    Makes life that bit easier for the guy as well.




It would be cool if you get the new account active by donating two or three quid tonight.




You can still e mail us via the old address if you want but you can also use the new one above as both an e mail and a donation method.





I think if I left it a great deal longer than there’s a risk we’d lose all the momentum and cohesion that we’d built up, so this will allow us to regroup and keep going.





Pressure is like fire. It takes certain conditions to create it and to spread it. We are at our very best when we are generating pressure.





Due to a range of circumstances beyond my control its been a quiet start to the first four months of the year, but I’d like to take us back to the optimum levels of pressure you know we are capable of.




We have a great tool now in the public access pet abuse register.






Back in October last year we gained a lot of press for merely proposing it as an idea.




Since then its grown to a fully functioning register with hundreds of cases.




We should use the tool of http://www.black-listed.info




The next thing we do should be all about cementing the existence of the register in the minds of people, abusers included.





Having the facility is great. Now people need to be fully aware of it in the best way we can dream up.




Thanks for reading

No magic pill, no easy fix


I’ve been having a root around online to see if I could determine where we are at in terms of this increase in sentences and powers.


From what I can gather, England and Wales are still very much on schedule.


This is an extract from a news story yesterday (I will leave the link below).


“We are already proposing primary legislation to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years, and the creation of a new statutory, independent body to uphold environmental standards.”


Environment Secretary Michael Gove






Meantime, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has renewed its call for tougher sentences for horrific cases of animal abuse and cruelty, after a Welsh farmer was jailed for 18 weeks for killing his sheepdog.










There is no magic pill or easy fix to this. Its never going to end or stop entirely. The very best you can aim for and work for is to simply ensure that more of the worst ones are taken off the streets and lose their liberty for longer.




I take the view that the more severe the potential penalty the more it puts off all but the most pathological.



If most cruelty cases end in fines or non custodial sentences then its obviously sent out a message for far too long that the action doesn’t have many consequences.




When a wrong action has little consequence it will draw all evil people to that action. If you change that habit, if you have many cases where the individuals start getting sent down for long periods then it sends out the opposite message, that it is a big deal and you can lose a lot if you are caught doing it.




Then the next generation born are brought up in a country where all they know is that such an action is seen as extremely serious.




In an ideal world you’d prevent these situations from happening before they do, but look at the reality. There is almost no criteria placed on anyone who wants to get a dog and there are FAR too many unwanted dogs in the country.




On top of that you have in this country a fairly big % of quite shitty youths who are unstable and spend their time getting off their face with their equally shitty pals. And in most cases its not like you can appeal to the totally great parents to get their brood in line, since the family usually tend to be pretty shitty as well.







It would be plausible to reduce the instances of abuse and cruelty if you had quite exacting criteria for owning a dog, but it would need to be so exacting that it would be criticised as discriminatory in some quarters.





Its not a total like for like, but in the US there are categories of people who would be disallowed from legally owning a gun. If they were a convicted felon for instance, or if they had a violent psychiatric issue.




If you disallowed dog ownership by drug addicts, alcoholics, those who’d been convicted of any violent offence etc then yes, you may well reduce the number of cases. I think you’d get objections about it though, everyone would know someone who was a drug addict (or whatever) and a good dog owner.