Most pet abusers have a brain the size of a peanut but even they should grasp this – Operation Frankish does not fear them, they fear us. The laws that exist are not there to protect innocent victims from them, the laws only serve to protect scumbags from us.


But they should also realise this. We have a goal. We are going to achieve it. And we will flatten anything that serves to stand in our way. Period. No exceptions.


I’ve no idea quite how many freaks like this there are in our country – too many. There might be multiple thousands similar to those two, whether authorities are yet aware of them or not. These numbers would be inflated further if you factored in those who are like them but who, as of yet, haven’t quite made that final step yet.


Operation Frankish does not require a similar number of people to the number of freaks to beat the freaks. Operation Frankish will finally defeat them even with just a mere handful of people. We cannot go picking them all of one by one, so the best way is to go after the lot at once. In the not very distant future, offences and actions of their kind will be viewed as seriously as a sexual assault.


Our aim is to remove the liberty of such offenders and take away all their little creature comforts, be that free housing, benefits, or other free stuff. And we will.


If public officials such as politicians are seen to be getting in the way? Then we shall treat them as obstacles to be shamed and hung out to dry.


We have had presence in multiple British cities since last year. Its good to mix it up and try to be everywhere since this is a nationwide issue. Its also pretty smart to try to hijack stuff.

That’s why we’re sort of hijacking this on July 15th


You don’t need watch it all, its just to give you an idea how hugely busy the city gets on that date.


And we will be hijacking it with this.






And for eight hours straight. I recently watched them use it to promo a film festival and it looked pretty unique, a lot like a mounted movie screen on wheels.


The audio visual will be a composition of our works from around the UK this past year, there will be newspaper headlines, images, footage, a guest appearance by the ugly mugs of the brothers, although this is the first time we’ve tried to do this it has great potential to reach many and in an engaging way.


We have budget for this operation. I always tilt my hat to those who made that possible. Without funds it wouldn’t matter how much will or direction I could give this.


Its always about trying to get the right thing at the right time and for the right price. The UK is a nation short on justice but choking on petty rules and legislation that often make our task a great deal tougher than it should be. Let me put it this way – the state make it FAR harder for us to creatively fight for justice than they do to make it hard for convicted abusers to get another pet while serving a ban. That’s how upside down things are.



We’re not like the US organisation – PETA. They have a battery of lawyers and PR firms that take care of lots of things for them. We cant do that. They have fortunes coming in and we do not. But take a step back. We haven’t done too badly on the lawful front so far. While they have the luxury of paying lawyers before they do a thing (and to protect them from blow back), we have just had to rely on common sense + my own informal legal knowledge.


Lawyers are very expensive. I tapped one up to see how much it costs to get one to do something fairly basic and its very expensive to get them to do anything. We don’t have the luxury of paying some big PR company to get us press. We do all of that ourselves by way of our own efforts and made possible by those who give some coin. However, we also do not spend time and money trying to lecture people on what to eat. We don’t and wont ever spend £ on a stunt in which members of the public were duped into drinking dogs milk. A truly horrible project imo.


Here is what we will endeavour to do. We will endeavour to get a message that everyone can relate to on some level to as many people as we can, in as interesting and creative a way as our budgets permit.

We’re not here to tell people to quit drinking milk or to dictate what they should have on their plate. We are specifically here to tell people that they CANNOT accept that the status quo of proven sadists and predators being so casually allowed liberty without punishment.


We are here to tell them that this is a danger to them, to their communities, to their quality of life. Most of all we are here to tell them that with backing and with enough will we can start putting such filth into cages – where they belong.

Its a grave shame we all grew up in a generation in which these offences are treated so casually, at least in the legal sense.

It would be an outright betrayal to leave behind a legacy of the what we grew up with, would it not? In short – our children do not need to grow up in a society where its treated so casually. They can grow up in one where such things would indeed be seen as seriously as a sexual assault. That’s where we need to drag this to. And how do you do that? Primarily by mirroring the seriousness of the offence in the sentence it carries.


At the same time, we wont hesitate to make another example of someone if there’s a truly special case.


As I said only this week, you need to pick whatever horse in the race you think might give you the best possible chance of securing these goals and this long over due justice. I don’t mind where people put their £ so long as they honestly think that thing has a half decent chance of actually changing anything.


If people think the RSPCA or SSPCA are the guys who are going to get the job done – that’s who they should definitely back and give to. If they think a politician or public official will not only get the job done but exert direct pressure on selected abusers – then that’s who people should give their all to.

If they like our work, if they concur with our goals, and if they think we also have the most potential to give abusers pause for thought – then for sure, they should definitely be backing us.


The best way to help us (and thus the aims) is probably just donate to us, to be honest. It simply allows us to do more things, do them faster, and do them better. When we can roll things out in quick succession it creates a momentum which leaks from one newspaper to the next.



Its dead easy to do so and apparently it improves your sex life (*citation needed*).

We’re open for donations now in actual fact.
Paypal. Operationfrankish@gmail.com

Think about doing that which allows us to do more things more often – donating.
See it as investing in the downfall of weak pussy assed pet sadists.

Message to the disempowered

When I write on this site its for anyone to read, but this message is specifically for and to those who feel totally disempowered.

You see the problem, but you don’t know what to do. You feel demoralised often and why? Because every single abuse story ends with you knowing that whatever punishment is given that it wont come close to fitting the crime.

I can assure you of this much – if punishments were more reflective of the crime then you would feel a great deal less demoralised and you’d be at least somewhat relieved from the cycle of anger and frustration you are often locked into.

Here’s my main message – you aren’t powerless at all. Maybe you think you are, but you objectively aren’t powerless. You have a lot more power than you’ve convinced yourself or been convinced of. I could reel of a big list of things that would prove you have power, but the key thing is for people to realise it themselves and not for me to tell them.


Here’s my next message. This honestly doesn’t need to be as tough of a nut to crack as you might believe. If someone came to me and said ‘Bro, cure all death’ then sure, I’d probably say that was beyond our reach. Likewise, if we were handed a remit of ‘end all wars’, then that too would be just a tad ambitious.


But, come on. Lets get these offenders into perspective. It should not be beyond our organisational powers and will (as a people) to at least ensure we have a country where the punishments better fit the crime in these cases.


That’s what this country has never had when it comes to laws involving pets – and that’s probably one of the reasons why you indeed have so many casual pet abusers. You can definitely achieve that. If you wanted to set a goal of making the UK the toughest in the World when it came to penalties for such actions, this would not be that fanciful of a goal at all.


It would certainly be a very worthy goal, and if achieved it would be one for the nation to take true pride in. But its by no means one of those things that I’d call unreachable – not at all.

Here are a reminder of our goals as listed on Wiki

Ensure sentences are increased from their present 26 weeks to 5 years.

Ensure that judges and magistrates are instructed to use their future custodial powers.

End the practice of electronic tagging and home curfews. The cost is massive and the fail rate high.

Endorse the idea of a national register for pet abusers, which would be accessible to the public.


Those four goals done together would without doubt or question change the entire dynamic of pet abuse in this country for the better – and forever.

These are goals that if achieved would have benefits that would be there long after we all left this mortal coil.

They are common sense goals that are easy for anyone to support and understand and they’d very probably make the UK the toughest in the World when it came to dealing with such abominable behaviours.


I do not think it is good for the health of the nation to have a perception of helplessness at the same time as these abusers are puffed up by the knowledge that the current punishments are so weak that they can laugh them off. That seems back to front. It is they who should harbour feelings of helplessness and despair while its good people who should be walking with a spring in their step.


Things must change. We have goals. I will do everything in my personal power to either achieve the main goal or more than one. I’d love to be in a position where I could pretty much steam roller over all and any obstacles and opposition to these goals. That’s what I always wanted to do, isolate the issue, draught some goals, then just steam roller the goals right through any sort of opposition encountered.


Two reasons why I originally set out to do it that way;
An obvious one. The sooner justice is done the better for all.

Government are far more liable to crack under the relentless weight of pressure from something executed in that way.


I’ve had to sort of modify that as time went by. To absolutely sledgehammer your opposition in this relentless manner takes far more resources than we’ve ever been able to muster. Not fortunes, but you’d certainly need to be resourced for the fight in order to fight it like that.



It could be done that way with a budget of probably 10% of what the SSPCA CEO earns in a year. We just don’t have it though so there’s no use my crying a huge machine of tears over it. It is what it is. Politicians and abusers had best hope some old cat loving women doesn’t throw us some cash in her will – I’d create complete havoc for both if we were resourced.




We may not be able to go at it wrecking ball style as I had designed it to be, but we will certainly still do what we can, the best that we can and when we can. It does turn it into being what should be a short and frantic battle in which justice prevails to one that’s probably going to have to be a war of attrition.


You never know though. For as long as we exist and have a public presence something could change that would indeed allow us to go full wrecking ball.

Don’t forget though – you 100% have the power to make change.

UK v Swiss

I vaguely recall doing a detailed comparison on how the UK holds up against the rest of Western Europe when it comes to protections and penalties. We were about mid table. We weren’t the weakest of all, we were way short of being the most robust. Switzerland faired pretty well though. Perfect? No. You’ll never get a perfect anything. Better than here? Yes.


The difference between the UK and a country like Switzerland is vast though. The main difference is this – imagine you wanted to take these issues and make them a thing in a country like Switzerland. Then imagine doing it here in the UK. The difference would be vast and why? Because, relatively speaking, Switzerland is a very safe and peaceful place and there’s not really a whole lot going on there. When was the last time you heard a huge story coming out of Switzerland when compared to the UK?

(Cheese.   Massive news in the Swiss press)



And clocks




Just look at our press on any day of the week. Its a certified basket case of terrorism, mass murder, Brexit, elections, independence chat, involvement in some conflict etc etc. In the UK it just never ends. If you want even close to your share of coverage for these issues then you have to work ten times as hard as you would to get it in Switzerland.


Switzerland also functions with a direct democracy and not a (laughs) representative democracy which is what we are meant to have. What does that mean? It means that on an issue like ours it would in theory be a lot easier just to garner the popular vote and get it through, the longer sentences, everything we’ve ever mentioned as key.


We obviously cannot make the UK into Switzerland. We have problems and issues that they do not generally have, and some of those problems and issues are as serious as you can get.

We’re not going to be able to make all these issues which constantly blight our country and press go away, so the only recommendation I could fairly make to people in this country is this – you just need to work ten times as hard to get some share of the press, and you may need to work twenty times as hard under the constraints of a representative democracy which is so slow moving and very often flat out incompetent.


See it as a British newspaper editor would. Consider the vast array of huge stories that happen here daily and consider that he must decide what to devote space to. This is esp crucial in the news sections. The reality is this – when you reflect on events in this country in just the last month alone, the press editor here is going to have to be really quite taken if he’s to afford the issue of pet abuse any serious and on going space.


Thus my recommendation would be that not only does it require ten times more effort than you’d need in Switzerland but that it be done in ways and in a style that can be justified as an on going news story to the press.


Like it or not you are going to need the press here. The press still forms the public narrative in this country, they can determine what issues people find hot topics and which aren’t. The press are still one of the few entities that Governments do fear for the press even have the power to bring down a Government if they so wished. You will need to give them strong reasons to devote space and to keep on doing so.

Social media also has its place in shaping public outlook, but its still generally the press who hold the big red button when it comes to dominating the narrative.


The other big differences between the UK and Switzerland are population size and demographics. In short – Switzerland isn’t very heavily populated and its nearly all just Swiss. The UK is far more populated and its much harder to get a consensus with the very mixed make up of the UK.

London also has a second chamber, basically another cash cow for old politicians and others who were made ‘Lords’. Its meant to act as some sort of buffer to the first house but in my view of things it doesn’t seem very dynamic. It looks like a bunch of pensioners half asleep. Maybe I am wrong and they are all just in a state of deep meditation!


We cant really abolish the House of Lords in order to get this done, just as we cannot ‘be Switzerland’.

This is where I’d propose you be tactical. When you want to eat what looks like too large a cake, how would you best do it? Slice by slice and over a short time the cake would be gone. Trying to stuff it all in at one go will just cause you to choke.


Set against all the special issues that you’d be faced with in the UK, what you do is annexe it. You isolate the part of the UK which is you think you can best open with – then you use that success to drag the rest along with you.

That’s certainly how I’ll be seeking to do it, it gives us the best possible chance of success for all in the end. Its not the only way to do it, but for all of the reasons I’ve listed, its what I believe to be the best way when working in a problematic country like the UK.

You take part of the UK, you essentially turn that into some shining example to the rest, and hey presto, now everyone else has something big and real to hold up within the UK that they can argue for UK wide.


This country is one big state based bureaucratic mess. Either by accident or design this country wasn’t really set up in such a way that good ideas happen fast.


Not even good ideas that would save lives nor even those recommended by experts in a given field tend to result in what you’d call dynamic action by over paid and under worked state officials.

This means what appears the most direct route may not always be the best route. In the UK you could say London and Westminster is the most ‘direct’ route, but when you actually sit down and consider London, consider Westminster, consider all these major things that totally dominate the narrative there – then it becomes clear that the most direct route is not that most likely to yield ultimate success.

If there’s enough fight in the dog then against all the odds people can probably not only reach the level Switzerland enjoy but go beyond it.


The Horse

That huge fire in London reminded me of the Bradford disaster in some ways. For those too young to clearly recall the latter, what you essentially had were three things;
An old style stand – made of wood
A build up of rubbish that had accumulated beneath the stand.
People could smoke in the stand.

It was a disaster just waiting to happen and it tragically did happen.

Here’s my point in mentioning it – its not like it would have been super complex to have realised that a combination of those three factors would lead to a fire one day. Its essentially the ingredients for a bonfire. People weren’t total morons 25yrs ago, they realised that fire + wood+ paper + people = death.

Had the rubbish been cleared from beneath the stand? Then that stray cig end would have had nothing to ignite. If someone had exercised some common sense beforehand and banned smoking in wooden stands? Then the many who lost their lives that day would be alive today.

Once the dust has settled you’ll find it will be much the same with this now infamous tower block. Things don’t occur in a vacuum. There will prove to have been plenty opportunities to make the building far safer and you’ll find that a combination of factors each contributed to the big disaster at the end.

There are accidents that are totally avoidable. You get hit by a bolt of lightening? Chalk it up to an act of god and say hello to the angels in heaven. There’s nothing you could really expect any Government to do to prevent that.


Then there are tragedies made all the more tragic since they were absolutely preventable, the means were there, the powers were there, the demand was there .. yet they weren’t prevented. What happens in the end? It climaxes in a total disaster.


Its a not dissimilar situation with this. When you have someone as senior as a Detective Sergeant going into the press and openly saying that this cat killer person is probably some sort of rapist, when you have them raiding the home of a convicted rapist on suspicion it could be him – then at that exact moment it must be realised that pet abuse is far more than pet abuse.


This is why these issues are by no means trivial or fluffy issues that should speak to a niche. To ignore or not take seriously enough the threat that such people pose is as bad as all those who could have prevented other tragedies but either stayed quiet, left it up to someone else, or hoped public officials would do right by them.


This isn’t to say that all such people will be de facto sexual abusers. I think it depends on the nature of the abuse. The guy with the cats? Yup, I can see why the DS would make that profile of them. Those two brothers? Yes, I am absolutely certain they would both present a potential danger in that way. I could give other instances of those who I think would possibly be a sexual danger, but I think you get the idea.


Then there are the second type. A good example was the guy who admitted that he stabbed his dog in anger. My view on this type of character is that he is less likely to have a dangerous sexual pathology than those other examples. However, he is no less dangerous since his temper has proven that he has the capacity to plunge a knife into a sentient creature – and his own at that. I think you know how he would react if he lost his temper with a person and had a knife near by.


There are certain things I expect a Government to do since only they can do them. One of those is to pass laws in which the punishments better fit the crime. I hate having to go to them for anything, but since they alone are empowered with passing legislation there is nothing else for it but to do so.


I also expect Government to use some common sense or even read the supporting data that exists – all of it would show them that this is an offence that deserves better than a limited little magistrates court, in England and Wales.


This is an offence which merits more than a person paying £300 court costs, its totally and utterly pointless. If they are on a low income or not in work, it will be paid at £5 per week. If they aren’t in work then all that’s happening is that the taxpayers money is getting recycled back into the treasury via these court costs.


This is all I expect a Government to do and even then its because only they are permitted to do that part. If they aren’t doing that despite public demand and compelling evidence then they simply aren’t doing their jobs and they are responsible as and when they do ‘graduate’ to either sexually assaulting people or stabbing people in anger. Its not merely that we should have much stronger sentences because the abuse itself is bad. We should have stronger sentences due to the associations such behaviours have.


After the Government have done this and assuming that judges were indeed convicting with the expectation of a custodial sentence for the offender then there’s not a lot more I’d want from them after that.

I’m not asking them to create a utopia.
I’m not expecting them to eliminate all abuse


I am only expecting them to open their eyes, use their brain and take preventive measures to at least slow down self evidently dangerous people who are convicted of such offences.

I only expect them to make the punishments better fit the level of violence and sadism. Its almost amazing that we even have to try so hard to secure such a thing, but we evidently do. I’m not even expecting them to ‘make better people’, simply punishing the very bad will do just fine.


Its not all about the Government though. Its about what we all do as individuals. I cannot obviously ‘make’ anyone do anything, all I can do is be a good example with my own dog and, of course, I built this movement to give us some advocacy and presence.


Those two things are sincerely as much as anyone can do. I think when more of the public are made more aware then you’ll find momentum will build (again). We’ll do all we can with what we have to make as many aware as possible.


Its not for me to tell others what to do but obviously if you have any sort of interest in winning this then a person is going to have to either back an existing horse in the race or be their own horse.



If someone thinks that the SSPCA are best placed to get this deal over the line, then they should absolutely give all of their everything to them. If they think the RSPCA are the guys who will finally batter the politicians into long overdue submission, then I would urge everyone to give all of their everything to them. Ditto the Dogs Trust.



I’m not saying that any of them WILL get it over the line, I’m just saying that people would at least need to find a horse and back it – whichever horse they most fancied to win. If someone thinks Anna Turley is the best horse (sorry, Anna!), then they should give her their full support and assistance. Whatever you think will win is what to back the most, its that logical.


I honestly don’t mind who or what changes it, I care only that there is change. Big change. I can definitely tell you that if I thought any of the above would get it over the line then I would definitely give them all I could. And so should you if you believe that. Or you may prefer the direction and tactics that we have deployed and you may consider that to be the best horse for this particular race. That’s absolutely fine as well and you should back that horse with all that you can then. Or you may think that all of the above, including us, have missed the magic answer. In this instance I would be blown away with happiness if someone emerged who had the magic answer.



The Government can and should pass new legislation governing this issue. But the Government cannot make people do any of those things. That’s down to people just like me, ordinary men and women who are mothers and fathers and dog owners, and who will not accept this issue being neglected until we reach a stage of total but inevitable disaster with it.




You definitely need advocacy if you are going to achieve those things, its just down to you to pick a horse or be the horse.

On one hand I’d say we were the outside bet, given that we cannot possibly match the vast resources of those others mentioned. However, in another way we are not an outside bet and benefit from being small, compact and able to adapt to new circumstances faster.


But to be honest – at this stage backing any horse would be better than backing none.

Even if its that 15 yr old wheezing horse with asthma and a funny eye.

Anything is better than nothing to punish this…


Wayne Bishop stabbed pet mastiff dog to death ‘in anger’


A man stabbed his dog to death “in anger” before leaving its body to rot inside his flat for several days.

Bishop, now of St Margaret’s Terrace, Weston Super Mare, was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, and he was given a lifetime disqualification order on all animals.

He was also ordered to carry out 250 hours community service and pay £865 in costs.



Bite, lock on, don’t let go



This country is in a bit of a spot right now and in more ways than one. But we will stay with the one – the animal abuse laws and related topics.

What a shambles that is. The RSPCA are rocked by scandal after controversy which, in the end, undermines any good work they do and lets down the many who give to them, probably on the basis they trust them by dint of that Royal seal. Oh. And their boss quit after less than a year, despite a huge salary and perks. So they are effectively without leadership and certainly there is a doubt over continuity.

Here in Scotland its much the same picture. The SSPCA mired in controversy, most recently over the revelation that they own shares in Shell Oil who are involved in vivisection. Its almost too surreal to be real and it must be very disheartening for Scots who give to them.


I think their boss quit his £200k a year role as well not so long ago – for some reason these big charities cant seem to keep their top men for very long despite what strikes me as inflated pay. I don’t know why – maybe they get into the organisations and realise its such a mess that they could earn the same money elewhere with less fuss?

I think its probably fair to say that the above conditions are not exactly fertile ground if we were hoping that such monied and established organisations were going to lead the charge when it comes to historical legal changes.

That’s ok though. I see potential in the UK regardless of them.


I’m a dog owner and it was something that struck me the other day – people in this country buy some pretty amazing things for their dogs that I didn’t even know exist. There are some incredible devices out there to cool, groom, relax, walk, and generally make the life of a dog pretty bloody good.

The fact that there’s such a massive range of products that sell so very well shows me that people must at least care a lot for their own dog and often spend a lot of £ and effort on it.


If the general attitude in this country was apathetic about their dogs then such industries would fail in spectacular fashion. Private vets would go out of business as people would settle purely for home remedies or just let the dog die if it was something too serious. Dog insurance wouldn’t be such a profitable industry, so much so that supermarkets got in on it. Its only profitable because there is a huge demand. And there was a huge demand because…people are bothered enough to spend the £.

There would be no grooming salons, dog behaviourists wouldn’t exist, and so much attention and science wouldn’t be spent on food and nutrition unless ……… many people very much cared.


There are literally tens and tens of thousands of people just like that ^ in this country. There are far more of them than there are yeti’s like Andy and Danny boy. Its just that the majority of them are probably just like I once was – still fairly unaware and not fully informed. I think as they better understood and became aware they would soon begin to wake up, just as I did when I understood better and became fully aware as to the extent and depravity of what I was dealing with.


Once that happens then its going to be a sorry time for their ilk. Once those dog owners I’ve profiled collectively start to fully realise what’s going on then things are going to get very hot for such losers and any politician who is seen to be obstructive in bringing them to justice.


I do not yet think that the best dog owners in this country are fully aware of this issue, the extent of it, the miscarriage of justice any time one is convicted (by virtue of the present sentencing limits). Nor do I think they are yet fully aware of the wider social implications.
They care, they just aren’t fully aware.


If a dog owner is willing to make all that massive effort with their own dog then it stands to reason they are not going to be a happy chappy when it fully dawns on them what has been going on, for how long, and, how extreme it is. I know I wasn’t Mr Happy when it dawned on me. That’s why I created this. As a warning to others like those two gimps (as well as to create advocacy). There will be others like me who just aren’t fully informed and aware. When they are it will naturally change the dynamic.


Those who invest the most time or £ on their dogs just do not yet fully realise what is being allowed to happen here. Its not really their fault, before I chanced upon the Baby story its not really something that entered my head, I’d never seen anything that extreme before, I had no idea what sentence someone got for something like that.


If I wasn’t fully aware then why wasn’t I? It can only be because the press, the big charities and politicians didn’t do all they could to get it out there, to inform and show the truth. I know they did campaigns and the press would sometimes run stories about abuse – but for most of my adult life I had zero idea it was that extreme, nor did I have any clue what sort of sentence a person got for such cruelty. If people who do have a vested interest are not fully aware then it stands to reason that they will not act. To act you first need to see and then accept the full extent of the issue.


The hope comes from the very real fact that there is a large and dormant ‘army’ out there who, if fully informed and put straight would act constructively. At least a good % would. What we need to try to do is get more of those dog owners to be fully informed and awake. Once you are awake yourself you sort of owe it to others like you to awaken them as best you can. At least that way they can make an informed choice how they are going to react to the situation.


Its with that in mind I am looking forward to putting our moving screen on wheels on the road on July 15th. Audio visual is a good way to go, taking that around a densely populated city on a day when it will be extra busy (due to a big festival) is a good way to go.

A shout out is due the others working on this, I cant take even a sliver of credit for the visuals since I just gave a bunch of raw material over and a brief. Its been others who had to make that into a working thing, and, with a few weeks to go it is still a work in progress. Its all looking really good though.


Lets be honest. Once enough people are fully awoken we’re going to make pretty light work of these abusers and this issue. These abusers survive on people being uninformed and not fully aware. They rely on that, for if more people like me were fully aware then it would be impossible for them to be at large at all.



What should be a national scandal has been for too long kept something of an open secret. The information was there, but you had to really want to go looking for it, it would have to occur to you that there first was a big issue.


Like I said last week, I do notice patterns in things. One pattern I see is not a lack of care about dogs and pets at all. There is plenty of care. The care is all good and we should be proud to contribute to it in whatever way that we do (even just by how you care for your own dog).


But care alone is not enough. Caring for pets is obviously very moral but care alone is not enough, its too passive and defensive a reaction. The level of care needs to stay.

What we need to keep doing is going on the attack though. We need to keep attacking the abusers by whatever lawful means we can get away with, we need to keep attacking the politicians who could do more and do not, we need to attack the problem of people not being fully informed by fully informing them.


One day society will desist with this ‘only a dog’ notion and see such extreme acts as they would see a serious sexual assault.

That society will be British society.
I am confident of this as I am convinced there are thousands like me, men and women that are very fond of their own dog and put in hours of care for him/her, men and women who would be aghast if they knew the full extent of what goes on. Not just the abuse, the complete sick joke that passes for ‘punishment’.

What we need to do is keep striking matches and lighting fires (sic).





I said it yesterday and its worth repeating – you cannot be as close to working with this material and these issues without noticing patterns. Patterns are not absolutes though. Patterns merely mean that something is definitely visible in a consistent way – it does not mean there are zero exceptions to a pattern.

Yesterday I stated that one big pattern I have noticed is that the matter of wanton cruelty seems to be mainly the domain of the very young. I gave a bunch of high profile examples and people could see they were anything from 12-19.

Today I am going to point out another pattern that I cannot help but to have noticed. When it comes to the specific action of starvation of pets, this seems disproportionately represented by females.


The very direct and physical abuse seems a mainly young male issue. But the action of starvation always and without fail seems to involve a lot of females.

The story at the bottom just being the latest one.

That this pattern exists is not in doubt imo. The question is why? My best guess would be that some women can be every bit as twisted and sick as men, but men by nature are more directly aggressive, while women are more passive aggressive.

I dislike comparing two evils as it means having to state one is better or worse. The physical actions of young males like AF and DF definitely seem more shocking, as they involve brute force and extreme violence.

However, there is a very sound argument for saying that wilfully causing starvation is indeed possibly worse. For one thing its not some spur of the moment action. Its enduring.

For another thing, to starve to death is incredibly painful and a horrible way to die. In terms of pain and fear, you could definitely argue that this would be as bad, maybe worse than an extreme act of physical violence. When you starve you don’t just feel super hungry and then sort of keel over nice and peaceful. Its a slow, painful and terrible way to die.



It is every bit as wilful as the more direct and violent methods more commonly associated with young males. In some ways its more wilful as its something they are not doing each day and every day and not, as mentioned, a single act of extreme violence.


I’ve laid out how to change the entire dynamic in my previous post. I wont repeat it here, but if you want an end to this type of culture and these sorts of impotent penalties then there’s only really so many ways you are going to get it.

(Another case of a female culpable of the same)



A movement that is independent of any party politics and that isn’t bound by charity status is your best bet. You need an edgy advocacy group that has easy to understand goals and who can do things that get the issue in the mainstream press. That’s how you will alter the landscape. Waiting on ANY party to take the lead isn’t going to work. Hoping that the big animal charities will take the lead isn’t goingto work. And as angry as the stories and penalties may make a person, nothing has ever been won by bursts of anger without direction or follow through.



Lets be honest. This here is just totally unacceptable.

“Benji’s death is so tragic, and was caused because his owner showed such shocking disregard for a fellow living creature”,” he said.

“Veterinary inspection found this poor dog was malnourished, emaciated and was weighing only 3.3kg”.

“Owning a dog like Benji is a privilege, and it is heartbreaking to think what he went through after being left to die.”

At Flintshire Magistrates Court in Mold on Monday, Peet was given a decade-long ban from keeping animals and was told she must observe a three-month tagged curfew, where she will remain indoors between 8pm and 6am.

She was also given an eight- month community order with rehabilitation, and told to pay £200 towards costs, and a £85 victim surcharge.


The Fix

I’ve been in this grim ‘business’ for what feels like a life time now. I notice patterns in things. In regard to wilful animal cruelty the principal pattern I have noticed is that this tends to be a young persons offence.


A better way to put it would be to say that the young are grossly over represented when it comes to such extreme actions. This doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as an abuser who is 40, 50 or 70. There likely are. But one would not suddenly become such a person at 40. If they haven’t committed such acts by that age – they are almost never going to do it. If they are like that at 40? Its because they were doing it since they were very young.


You need only look at some of the more high profile cases to see this is predominantly a youth issue. The brothers? 17 and 19. The ‘Chunky’ attackers? Not even that old. The guy convicted of animal abuse on a farm a month or two back? About 18. The girl in the press today? 14.


Its not hard to understand though. The simple fact of that matter is this – owing to an array of different reasons that I could list but no one would really read, what we have right now are a youth who are low empathy for one thing.


Low empathy youth leads to abuse of the first thing weaker than they are – pets. They aren’t just low empathy though. They typically place no value on things as everything comes too easily to them.


If owning and getting a bulldog were some sort of high privilege and if there wasn’t this insidious disposable mentality then you would not have a situation where two brothers would so casually do what they did. But since they were so very easily able to get other dogs after Baby died, nothing has value to them, all things can be gotten rid of and replaced, and very little is earned.


You only need to take a walk through parts of any city to see little packs of them and full of swagger they are as well. No wonder. Under a certain age they are well aware I’m not allowed to lay a glove on them, they haven’t been raised to respect the police and they know the court system is a cow that is easily milked by them. Set against that background, what is there for them to fear? Why would they not be emboldened when this is the situation?


I am old enough to definitely tell you that there has been an explosion of pretty scummy youth and its only going to get worse for as long as courts and social workers wring their hands and try to excuse it away with their usual mumbo jumbo.


If I were you the first thing I’d do is accept that, yes, this specific form of abuse is predominantly a young persons domain. AF and DF were quite young at 17 and 19, but I’d suggest that they were abusers even before that age. Perhaps as young as nine or ten.


Its my view (not without merit) that the most crucial age for a child is between say 6-12. Whatever they are exposed to in those six years will go a long way to shaping what they are by the time they get to their late teens.

Its clear that an all too high number of children of that age are being and have been exposed to that which has warped their personality – usually irredeemably. When they are doing this stuff well into late teens and 20’s – there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. Its too late for them by that time.



You simply have an era with a youth who are disproportionately low empathy and with sadistic and narcissistic tendencies. That’s the reality and one symptom is this ever increasing abuse and extreme behaviours, toward animals among many other things.

There’s no easy answer to the end result of decades of moral decay. You cant just roll that back with the stroke of a pen.


There are answers though. Fixes. Ways things could be dealt with short and long term simultaneously.


The fixes are pretty simple – the best fixes usually are. Whether the fixes are applied or not, I have no idea. But if they were applied then you’d move forward at a rapid rate.


I’ll simplify it right down. Part one of the fix is that you are going to need to take care of those who are already a blight and a danger. When guys in their late teens come before courts for stuff as extreme and macabre as this – its crucial that an example is made of them. Examples need to keep on getting made until that part has gone as far as it can go.


However, the key thing is this. It is possible to toughen up and deal with those in the here and now. That must happen. But what sort of children do you think these low empathy youths are going to spawn and punt out into the World when they finally get around to breeding? It wont be children ‘like them’. They will be even worse than the already bad parents who brought them into the World, with even less empathy and even more of a swagger to them. The result? A shit load more victims, be they pets, kids themselves, old people – you name it.


If you want a less cruel and less sadistic next generation then this is what you are selectively going to have to push and promote as the standard.


This should not be confused with raising a generation to be too soft or a pushover – not at all. On the contrary, the new culture pushed should overtly make clear that sadism and cruelty are the actions of losers and freaks while to fight sadism and cruelty are the actions of the brave.

This is the notion and these are the ideas that need pushed into our youngsters and on a national level – and as forever deal. No use aiming it at middle aged people. Even those in their 20’s are already too old. This is a meme that needs and deserves a place in the daily learning life of kids aged approx 6-12. If it were done properly (key word) then it would serve a duel purpose. The first one I have just explained. The second purpose is that some kids that age may very well go off and tell a teacher that things at home are bad.



That’s the two fixes. Those are basically the only two ways that your kids wont be here in 10 years feeling as betrayed by the justice system as you are.


Here’s a fact you can take to the bank though – no Government is going to just hand those fixes to you on a silver platter. They will not initiate them because …. I hate to break it … they really do not give a fuck about you and your issues.


Why would they care about the implications of a low empathy youth? They are the safest people in the country, with their gated community and a hot line to the Met. Do you think the low empathy youth will be going to the schools they pay for their kids to attend? Do you think they’ll be letting their kids hang out with mindless packs of morons? Do you think pets belonging to anyone in high office are at risk of abuse from a thief? Do you think professional politicians who only think in three or four year cycles actually care what your country will be like in 10-15 yrs, when all these low empathy kids start breeding? Forget it. They do not care. If they did care they have long had the powers to show it.


Keep this in mind. Your Government are NOT going to take the lead on the punishment part. And they are definitely not going to take the lead re the part in which you purposefully and wilfully change the social culture among kids in the age group I mentioned.


Does this mean we are all doomed then – if no Government will take the lead? No.

That’s the good news, it by no means the two aims need be doomed at all. It simply and only means Government wont take the lead.


What it does mean is that something external to a Government must take the lead instead. There’s nothing else for it, because if a Gov don’t take the lead and nothing external takes the lead then – that leaves zero.


In regard to this issue its either something external or nothing. There’s no third way, either the Gov take the lead OR something independent of them takes the lead and forces Government into making it a bigger deal. That’s how it works. That’s what it will take and that my friends is how you win this for keeps.


And yes, there are very interesting and innovative ways the other side of it could be made into a national phenomenon as well. There’s no need to wait on the state for that – in fact, anything like that which is state run would probably be third rate. Just look at ANYTHING the state run. Its all waste and corruption.


Really the only true issue is that whatever that external thing is will always need resourced. That’s the biggest and really the only obstacle. The external thing can certainly be built on the sound principles of volunteerism, but even so it is still going to need both financial and human resource.


Obviously the external thing can only grow as fast as that grows and is only as effective as that may be. You need an external force in this case or nothing at all will change – ever. Okay – maybe tweaks.


The dogs don’t need to be doomed to this, but without that external force then they obviously will be. These things I am explaining would be objective truths, regardless of whether we were that external force or not.

This is going to take bold, ambitious and audacious ideas. Even that wont be enough, its pretty much going to take a full on effort for an indeterminate period of time. But if you do have an external force, and if it does have some audacious methods, then what needs to occur is that it needs to be elevated.

Creativity and bold ideas are great – but they are worthless without the resources to turn them into a reality. Again – this is objective true when applied to ANYTHING that is organised with a big job at hand.




If there was some little known EU grant that I could get it would be bloody interesting days. The irony is that there probably is some bizarre grant out there that we would get given! That would be great because I could create the perfect shit storm on one hand and, on the other hand, I would have the freedom to explore the other side of it and actually put things into action.


I honestly wish I believed the RSPCA/SSPCA could be trusted to take care of business here and get the job done. I don’t think that they will. For whatever good works they may do they are not and never have been a specialised pressure group and they would never ever be able to function in ways a totally independent group can. Not to mentiion that the RSPCA seem to be in disarray while the SSPCA may still hold shares in Shell who do experiments on animals. That’s why I don’t have much faith that they would get this particular job over the line.




There are things that I despise just as much as the abuse itself. Here’s a BIG one, I may even despise those more (sometimes an abuse story does have a happy ending). The idea of losing to a % of total moronic, twisted, weak and cowardly filth – this I cannot accept.

I think that even if no one at all was interested I would go on despising the thought of losing … to dregs.

I cannot think of anything more weak and cucked than to lose to scum. That’s what I think of even more than the victims, in fact I try not to think of victims as I get the idea. I could come to terms with losing to scum if there was just no options and zero hope. But that’s not the case AT ALL.

Truly – this is an enemy that can be as utterly destroyed as the law and social boundaries will allow AND you CAN wilfully create a new generation in which those traits I mentioned are cleverly and creatively emphasises as I explained.


With proper resources behind the external force it would trample right over the piss take the abusers have enjoyed too long, it would crush any political filibustering and, as well as that, it would be planting those seeds for the next generation to come.


I would absolutely 100% and without a flicker of doubt stand by that as a template of total domination and victory.

This is what you need and this is what its going to take.

Nothing less will do.
Never give this enemy too much credit. There may be 2,000 people like AF and DF in Britain. An external force does not need 2,000 active people to combat and ultimately totally defeat that. Not at all. To defeat an enemy of approx that size and knowing their mental capalbities as I do, then you can defeat any enemy like that with less than 200 highly motivated people.


A Billion £ Industry Should Give Back

The pet insurance industry is worth a staggering one billion £ per year. Its not a bad thing. There’s nothing inherently wrong in selling solid insurance and many people find it gives them peace of mind.

Many are grateful that they did. I have no objections to an industry being made from this since there is clear demand. I have no objections to the companies making good profits, so long as they are generally providing what people are paying for.


However, I do think that an an industry worth that much and absolutely reliant on A) Pets and B) People caring enough to insure pets, could give something back to the very creatures they rely on to make such profits.
That wouldn’t seem too big of an ask to me.

They aren’t obligated and shouldn’t be. This is something that they should do because they have the means, it would only be good PR, and the public would probably be far more drawn to using their services.

There may indeed be the odd insurer who has done something here and there. But as a collective industry I think they could and should do far more. Its not merely a case of them throwing some money at the issue that they could offer. They could offer all sorts of expertise and other types of non financial aid, not to us per se, but at least to something like us that had a fair and firm set of pet specific goals.


Do you pay for pet insurance?

Would you look favourably on an insurer who went out of their way to give something back?

Do you think a £1billion industry that relies entirely on people and animals could perhaps do just a little more for people and animals?

Who are Britain’s leading pet insurers?



According to this source its the following;
John Lewis
The Kennel Club
Argos Pet Insurance
More Than Pet Insurance


However, you could very easily replace those five with another five who would be near equally big and in profit.

If you generally agree with the direction of this article then why not directly ask them to kindly step up to the plate in some meaningful way?

I’ll start you off.
Pick any insurance company. Put it in here


This will give you up to date and direct e mails of CEO’s and other senior executives.

Why not write to them? State your case if you think my points here are reasonable.

Poster Campaign – 2017

Remember that time one of our posters surfaced tied to the gates of the White House?

Well, I dare say many of you are off on a holiday this year. With that in mind we have created a series of bespoke posters, each one designed to appear in both English and another language.

Wherever you are going there will be one for you. Simply check out our poster gallery on Facebook. Select your country of destination. Print one or two off. Locate it in the most interesting place you can find.

Photograph it then send us your best efforts.



Lets Move In

I was asked today what sort of thing I’d sanction or pursue if we had more resources to play with than we do. Not as in a stupid amount more – it was framed as being a plausible amount more. The only caveat is that it had to be pretty unusual.

My answer was instant and decisive. In such a hypothetical circumstance I’d absolutely and definitely consider investing in .. real estate.

Let me be more clear. I’d source, locate and rent a property right next door to the enemy. Or at least as close to next door as we could be. Since the properties they stay in aren’t exactly Mayfair, I’d negotiate rolling monthly rental terms for a property, it could be a house, but a shop would serve much the same purpose.


It wouldn’t be terribly expensive to do this, but yes, its fair to say that we’d need to one day be in a position where we had spare budget to genuinely pull such stuff off.


What would we do with it? Make it in our informal HQ. So long as we looked after it and paid on time, the odds are that whoever owed it would be just fine with it. Wouldn’t even need tell them the whole back story.


Who we would put there and what they would do would be kept a guessing game for when we moved in. Done properly, if they chose to up and move out, you could go through the process again. And again. Once we had roots there there’s a lot you could do. Again, I wont say what for reasons that I am sure you appreciate.



Properties in that entire region aren’t prohibitively expensive to rent. Its not London or even Edinburgh prices by any stretch. Wouldn’t even matter if it was one bed unfurnished or a studio flat. In fact that would be just fine.


Maybe one day we will easily be able to just do such things…

We could be neighbours and …. ‘friends’.