Feral and Dangerous


Firstly we have a new and additional FB page.
It can be found here –


Please click the link, like the page and share it.



The page speaks for itself, it will be purely devoted to new abuse stories and our database development.


All other OF activism and announcements will, as always, be on our normal FB page.





With that out of the way let me move on to the main point which was ignited by reading this last night;





The sickening rise of people posting vile images of animal abuse – because they think Snapchat makes them invincible.



Youngsters are sharing sickening pictures of animals being abused on Snapchat because the app makes them believe they are ‘invincible and untraceable, according to the RSPCA.



Some of the sick images being shared include a goldfish having its eye cut out, a video of a squirrel being set on fire and hit with a rock and a video of a fox having its throat slit.





The charitys Special Operations Unit, which is investigating the worrying trend, says the app is making people feel‘invincible and untraceable’.


One of the units officers said: “”Not only are these savage attacks on defenceless and vulnerable animals, but videos often include youngsters laughing as they inflict the injuries or text layered over the top suggest that they find it entertaining”.


More here –






Point one. When you cross a line and take part in certain actions you concede your right to be viewed by the world and by society as an innocent ‘youngster’.


If a 15yr old wants to play at being psychopath or gangster, then they cannot hold onto the defence of ‘youngster’. Evil is evil, regardless of whether its done by someone of 15 or 85.


Do I think these so called “children” should be afforded the privilege of anonymity even after getting caught? Absolutely not.



They are not victims they are the perpetrators so why on earth should they be protected by anonymity?



Why shouldn’t good mothers and fathers have a right to know exactly who that new friend their son/daughter brought home REALLY is?



Why should the right be with the sick little offender and why should that right come at the cost of keeping everyone else in the dark?




To illustrate how insane it is, two years ago a pair of girls (14) abducted a toddler from a store in England. They had intended to abuse her. Thankfully, the public and police acted fast and were able to intercept them. They were each later given about 4 years, but they were allowed to remain anon.



They will be young women by the time they are out and the state will pander to their every whim to ensure they remain anon. Its astonishing. That’s not incompetence. That’s a system that’s almost designed to favour the evil person while simultaneously keeping good people in the dark.




Those four little rat faced pussy freaks who abducted that little dog called ‘Chunky’ were all ‘children’ at the time of the event. While their names and identities were to leak anyway, once again – why should they be afforded anonymity at all?



If the family moves, would you not want to know that the new kid at your kids school or college was a dangerous little sadist who should be avoided?




These are not ‘children’ that are culpable of a normal bit of nonsense. They are merely young monsters in the making, any child like innocence they ever had has long long since evaporated by the time they are in their teens and doing things like this.


Good luck trying to ‘educate’ one of them into normality again by the time they’ve crossed that threshold. You might turn about 1% of them around, but the rest are destined to grow up into your future rapists, sexual predators, paedophiles etc.




In my experience of the mothers of such ‘children’ (since it seems its only the mother that appears to surface most times), it is usually very easy to see why they would ‘raise’ them as they do.


I tend to find the mothers simmering with false indignation and a moronic refusals to fully accept and appreciate that the only peope at fault are A) Them for being such a catastrophically failed ‘mother’ and B) Their ugly spawn who are nothing but a dark stain on society.




Here’s what I say to those mothers. Fuck you, fuck your horrible twisted little broods and fuck your anonymity.



Face the fact that you are scum who gave birth to scum, and if you do nothing else right in your otherwise hollow and shitty life then get your disgusting ‘youngsters’ sectioned under the mental health act. Do something. They are your ‘children’ and all they become is a cancer to society. All they do is leave a trail of evil and filth.




Operation Frankish is not the social work department. We are not here to listen to your sob stories and lies. We don’t care. What we do very much care about is when your utterly shit ‘parenting’ produces the next generation of predatory degenerates.




Society owes you and your evil brood nothing. If society had a choice in the matter you and your spawn would be immediately cut off from the teat of the benefits system which you milk more often than not.




OF owes you nothing either. Except for this piece of advice. If your ‘children’ are culpable of these actions and when someone inevitably leaks details, we cannot guarantee that this leak wont gather big momentum. If they do the kinds of things touched on in this article – its is going to be a ‘problem’. It would be an ‘issue’.






Weekend Review & What Happens Next


Our Saturday campaign in the NW of England was a total success. I’d like to thank everyone that was involved in it either with labour or funding.



Since Saturday I’ve had some amazing e mails and messages of support from people who are only now hearing about us. I particularly had a great many positive messages from people in Liverpool.



Of all the campaigns we have done, this would be in the top three in terms of positive feedback received.




I spoke today with a guy who lives way down in the South of England and who wants to give us some financial aid. He loves our work and our style and says that reading about OF makes him feel better about the bad that goes on. In fact, I have noticed that in the last couple of months there are more blokes than ever before stepping and keen to help out. When we began out men were a tiny % of those who gave support. Not anymore, now I see many more guys seeking us out and keen to assist or give.


And that’s great.



Large chunks of the UK have now had OF presence in this past year or so. Manchester(twice), Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, ‘Boro, Norwich, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. Its not small beer.






Not only have we had press in all major cities listed, let me give you an idea of what social media presence can do. We placed the link from the Liverpool Echo up on our FB wall. The last time I looked it had reached around 35,000 people. Just from that one post.



In 2018 the maximum sentences are set to rise ten fold.


We now have the database that we can add to, develop and further promote. We will do that and in short order it will be a fantastic facility for the general public.




We’ll still promote black-listed.info at key times and in ways that attract a lot of attention. Sometimes we will simply promote it with images to share online, or a video to share online or by making posters that people can print off and put up in their town. We wont always be needing our plane to promote that now. That was really a one off in order to get it into the public domain fast.




New Page


What you will see fairly soon is a big push for our planned sister FB page – one that will be purely dedicated to the database and with links and news to new cases. All such material will then go on that FB page. Our main Operation Frankish FB page will deal with everything else except that.









One last thing. Our film producer is now back from her trip. I’ve asked around for an informal consensus and it seems to be the case that people are very keen for OF to go ahead with our plans to have an original film made, one inspired by the true events of ‘Baby’.



As I have said before, if we are going to do it we are going to do it right and in such a way that the final work can be submitted to film festivals, perhaps even subject to offers from networks. Its a big task to take on, but if the public appetite is there, then I am happy to oversee the fundamentals.


It would be around four months work, from start to end.



If we do it well and we promote it cleverly then its potential is massive. There may not be a need to have any slant in it that’s lobbying for a rise in sentences, but that is moot. What is of great importance is that something well produced and well promoted has the potential to be seen by millions. And who knows just who might be among the millions? It would also raise huge awareness among the public.



How to support our work



If you like our work and want us to be able to do more of it then the very best thing you can do is donate to us.


Our paypal is our e mail – operationfrankish@gmail.com





Stand With OF


Thanks to those who have been sending in the ‘Stand With OF’ posters. I’ve included a couple here that I got in recently.




That (above) is still an active thing. If you want to do it then say so in comments and we will put the poster on for you to print out. You can just use any soft toy that you don’t mind giving up. You just attach it somewhere, take a pic with it – then send it in. Just leave it there so that passers by see it.








Merseyside Police Try To Suppress Free Expression And Fail


Just had word in from the team who were working the NW of England today. There are two interesting nuggets of news.




The first is that our team down there found they had a bit of extra time so they took it upon themselves to fly over Wigan’s ground.


That’s four sports venues in one day. Wigan, Bolton, and the bigger one’s – Manchester and Liverpool.



Which brings me to the second piece of information just in from our guys in England.


This is the message;


“Had a bit of an argument with the officer in charge of the police helicopters at Liverpool today. He insisted that he wanted no inbound air traffic. Air Traffic Control told him there was a plane coming in towing a huge banner. Police tried to claim they were a security risk and wanted no one near there. Air Traffic Control then asked me for my reaction. I asked the officer under what authority he was saying this, under what specific law. He panicked and relented as long as I didn’t go below a certain distance. We pushed them for an answer on tape and they gave in. Felt political”




Now, I’m not anti police but at the same time, I don’t live in a fantasy world in which the friendly bobby on the beat is there to merrily help old people across the road.



There is no doubt or question that the police are a tool of the state. There is also no doubt that the police have a history for behaving politically. They specifically do not like any sort of grass roots movement that has the backing of people who are awoken, and they definitely have form for pullings ‘laws’ out of a cloud in order to shut down anything they don’t approve of, even if that thing is entirely lawful.





And whie I am sure that most officers are people that act in good faith, there is also no question that there have been some terrible cover ups ordered from the top. The tragedy of Hillsbrough was made many times worse by the way police at that time conducted affairs. And then there was Rotherham.




Not to mention the many entirely legitimate and lawful public gatherings that police are infamous for trying to undermine one way or the other.




I don’t think its too much of a stretch to suggest that its plausible the police would also have reason or political motivation from trying to stop a grass roots movement like OF using our freedoms to advertise a public tool to the long suffering people.





Either something is lawful or not, there is no in between, yet if they had remained unchallenged then you can see how easy it is for the police to try to invent an in between.



Their cited reason of “security” is one of those catch all terms that says nothing. Note they didn’t say safety but security. Subtle difference.





The fact of the matter is that the people we send into the sky are professionals with years of experience and all the right documents to fly and to do this.




The safety and security demands on them are so exacting that if there was any genuine risk they wouldn’t have been flying for so long.



They wouldn’t have their licences, the aircraft would never be allowed to take off and air traffic control would never permit them in the air.




Therefore, its fair to suggest that the cited reason of “security” was some made up thing in the hope that our guys would feel bullied and back down. After all, if it was REALLY about that and they really had that authority, they’d have said it on record and in detail and they would not have relented – but they did relent.






Good coverage in the Liverpool Echo. Its on our FB wall but I will also leave a link here.








The new register can obviously be found at






Please consider it to be developmental. In the days and weeks ahead we will grow it, add features, and within short order it will be a powerful tool for the public and a definite psychological blow for abusers (who WILL want to avoid being included).



Our intention was always to run with a number of the most heinous cases and then organically grow it into being the best facility of its kind in Europe.



Today was all about getting it out there. And we did. In four separate towns and cities.



If you like our work and want us to grow and develop projects exactly like this one, then please consider donating to us on the back end of today.




Our paypal is – operationfrankish@gmail.com




An open message to the media




In the spring of 2016 Operation Frankish were formed with one primary goal in mind – to see the maximum sentences for animal cruelty raised from 26 weeks to 5 years.


As you will be well aware the Government very recently announced plans to make that change early in the new year.



It is said there is ‘no rest for the wicked’. That is true. But there shall also be no peace or hiding place for the wicked either.



It is for that reason that on Saturday the 14th of October our plane will take to the sky.


Our plane will fly over three venues.



Anfield Stadium. Toward the end of the game between Liverpool and Man U.



City of Manchester Stadium. (Etihad Stadium). During the game between Man City and Stoke City.




Macron Stadium. (Bolton). During their home game against Sheff Wed.





This country needed a public access pet abuers register.



While the political class procrastinate we create.



That is why we have created http://www.black-listed.info




*data will formally go live on Saturday*



That is why we will take to the sky, to show the political class that people at the grass roots level will not sit back while they waste time and pontificate.







We will create. We will build. And we will triumph.





Our register will lead with a number of powerful cases. In a very short time we will built it into the most comprehensive register of its kind in all of Europe.



This is in line with our goal to make this country the toughest in the Western world when it comes to dealing with dangerous and deviant sadists.



Satan’s Spawn


Guess who turns 24 next week? Yup, on the 18/10/93 our little friend Andy boy was born.








What a light unto the World he has truly been in that near quarter century since. We at Operation Frankish cannot let his birthday go by unmentioned.



When our plane is in the air for two and a half hours covering three locations on Saturday it will be promoting the new public access database.






We have carefully selected key cases to run with. We wont forget Birthday Boy. Nor his brother, albeit his birthday is a January.



Liverpool, Manchester, and as an add on, Bolton, on the way back to base.







Mental health…


It must be a bit of a kick in the teeth to many good people who have had some sort of mental health problem when degenerate little scumbags try to pull a ‘mental health’ card in the hope of leniency.


This much I can tell you as fact. From when he left school to early 2016, ‘Andrew Frankish’ was generally in receipt of JSA.



To those that don’t know, JSA is just a basic benefit given to anyone with no job, a very small amount, and they have to go in every week to sign on etc. That’s all JSA is.



When Andrew Frankish did what he did he was 19 and, at that time, in receipt of JSA. Its important to make note of that, because anyone that had an acute mental health problem would not claim JSA. Someone with acute paranoid schizophrenia would generally not apply for and stay on JSA.



It was only in the summer of 2016 that Andrew Frankish suddenly teleported from JSA to a Disability Allowance. Now, a Disability Allowance IS the type of benefit that someone with an acute mental health problem (that could be backed up by medical evidence) would apply for.



Its not a guess that he went from one to the other last year – its a matter of fact. And contrary to what we might think, its not something just handed out easily to anyone.



It is interesting that up until last year, Andrew Frankish must not have considered himself to have a mental issue. He must not have pondered that maybe he had an issue right up until last summer when, by total coincidence, everything came out in the wash and the shit hit the fan in the press and social media.




Only at that exact point does it seem that Andrew Frankish decided that he had a mental issue.



My guess is that he probably claimed that he had some sort of mental ‘breakdown’ as a result of all the exposure. Which could in fact be true, because lets face it, he wasn’t starting from stable foundations and, sure, when everything exploded all over the press etc, and when he was moving over and over and over, I guess that would probably get to the little snowflake.




Its not that I necessarily think he would be totally faking his mental state as such. I’d be depressed as well if I were him. I’d be paranoid too I guess. I suppose I’d start to think the world was against me, and not without good reason.




Its more a matter of this. I have no issue at all in Britain having a system that helps out those who are disabled in some way. I DO have an issue in individuals who are convicted of acts of gross sadism later being able to claim a ‘disability’.





I think there are good ethical grounds for saying that if an individual is convicted of a sick and violent incident like this, then it should disqualify them from claiming and receiving any sort of state benefit, and certainly not one that is there to aid good people with issues.






I don’t need any convincing that he and his brother do have a mental ‘problem’. Andrew Frankish is most likely qualifying on the grounds of severe depression and related things. His actual diagnosis should be a sadistic personality disorder and I genuinely do not believe that is a disorder that taxpayers should throw money at to help them out.





The Government and DWP should make a simple amendment to the criteria for such benefits. If you have been convicted of an offence of this type you cannot apply for and receive a state benefit, and especially not a mental health related one.




I don’t think taxpayers mind the idea of helping out harmless people with mental health issues.




I do think the taxpayer has an issue helping out someone with a mental sadistic personality who makes torture videos.







Am I wrong? It would be very easy for the Government and DWP to simply disqualify anyone like that. Not that they would get it in prison of course. But I don’t even think they should get it when they are out.




Its morally wrong to take peoples money and hand it to a proven sadist so that he does not need to work.







All Ready To Go


If you don’t already know then here is what we are going to do this weekend.


We have hired our plane…








And created this site and database. *data to go in*





On Saturday our plane will fly over Anfield, then it will take to Manchester and, on the way back to base it will fly over the Bolton v Sheff Wed game as well.





Our aim? To raise public awareness that there will now be this live register that they can access and to undermine the abusers and demoralise them even further.





We’ll probably do Anfield deep into the second half, we’ll get to Manchester for their first half and fit Bolton in near the end.




Everything is pretty much done and organised so if you are reading this now then there’s not really a whole lot for you to do.




I guess if you did want to do something you could take the link to this article and share it around all pages that are affiliated to Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton. Doesn’t need to be football pages, any sort of social or news page can feasibly be linked in. Its pretty easy to source such pages on Facebook, so if you want to do that then please press on and do so.




If you happen to live in Manchester, Liverpool or Bolton then I guess you can always show up outside the stadiums someplace and take your own footage and photos. Likewise if you happen to be a supporter of any of those three clubs.




Its already possible for you to submit your own cases by the way. That’s the whole idea behind it, that the public eventually get used to sending cases in and we will data input them and grow the register organically.




We’ll ideally get to a point where we are smoothly getting proven cases in and fairly speedily putting them up and keeping on top of new information as much as possible.



There’s no more anyone can do to lobby for an increase to five year maximums – been done, its already being granted.



However, in light of the fact that the bulk of those convicted likely wont get the maximum then its key for the public to have resources they can bookmark, visit, search and even send in their own cases.


And that’s where this Blacklist comes in.



We’ll be able to develop and add more features as time goes by, for example we may look into developing an app or we may look at developing video on it.



But until then we’ll get this into the air in Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton on Saturday. If I manage to find a gap in my week then I’ll ring around their press to let them know to expect us. Seems polite…




We have someone creating a poster that you will be able to print off and paste and stick up wherever you live. The poster will also be to promote awareness of the register. We once had Redcar splattered with a poster, I’d like to see our poster to push this splattered all over different towns in the UK.




That should be ready soon and we will put it on our Facebook page or something.


The only other way to support us is to donate. We’ve had some great donations for £200 a time recently and with that we are able to do things like create and promote the register.



With that said, we’d be happy with 100 people giving two quid as well.




The tide is turning against these evil people. They have new five year maximums in their future but even if they don’t get the full five they are going to be logged, registered and they are going to end up on this register (most likely).




You will never stop all evil. It seems there are a % of people who have a dangerous and sick mind. But what you can do is have some proper measure of control over it rather than just let it run wild, free and happy.




You can choke the life out of the shadows and the secrecy that they must have in order to function. You can do that and you can of course go after their liberty via the proper channels. You can let them know you mean business.



These kinds of people are erratic and they are sadists. But all sadists are cowards with no exceptions. Once you are organised and have some tactics then you have nothing to fear from these people at all. That’s another thing the predator relies on – people being in isolation and not getting organised.




Our aim should be to totally destroy their swagger (ill deserving that it is), and reduced them to little more than confused cockroaches in a bottle.



Like our work and hate our enemy?


Support us –



REGISTER LAUNCH – October 14th- Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton


I took a call earlier alerting me to the fact that SKY (as they are prone to doing) have brought forward the Liverpool – Man U game to a lunch time KO.



This had the potential to be a bit of a pain in the backside, but I’ve not just sorted it, we’ve emerged with an extra.




So, to cut a long story short we are going to invade the skyline at Anfield deep into the second half of that game. Then we will fly over to invade the skyline at the Man City game – KO 3pm.



But its worked in our favour as we can now cover a third game on the way back to the hanger – whoever Bolton are playing at home (Sheff Wed).



In short – three fixtures. In one day. In three separate places.




No campaign slogan on this occasion. No need. The new maximum will be introduced sometime in the New Year, notwithstanding totally unexpected opposition.




This time its all about letting the British people know that as of next week they will have a live and active register, which, over time and with heavy promotion, will become THE place to go to if the public want to inform themselves on proven cases and proven offenders. Its also about very publicly letting offenders know that the net is closing in on them on all sides.


(Artist impression of home page)






This should be as uplifting to pet lovers and normal people as it is demoralising to abusers and the evil.


I have no problem at all speaking to any of the newspapers in Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton. Journalists commonly visit our page so if they should contact me ahead of the official press release then I’d be more than happy to speak to them.


In fact the first newspaper on it will probably make their editor happy.



You’ll see photographs of the banner with the URL for the register being put up on social media on Friday of next week.




There will be around 125,000 at those three games on that day. Then there’s the readership of the press. Then there’s your social media reach after the fact.




The first thing people will do when they see its a site is visit it. From there everything else will be self evident.



Unlike a generic campaign message, with something like this there is an immediate element of people logging onto the site to see what this register is.



For the record the URL will be –





Its not live right now but that’s the URL regardless.




We have contrived to create all of this on what really amounts to relative pennies, for what we spent doing everything you’d do well to get yourself an 1/8th of a page as an advert in a local newspaper.



And when SKY decided to drag a fixture forward we turned it into a gain by adding a third fixture to cover that day.


As you can see we do try to make every £1 go as far as it possibly can in terms of value.



My heartfelt thanks goes out to those who donate, big and small, because it all adds up and with it I can turn it into something like this. Were it not for you guys who do donate, then none of this stuff would be possible. Nor would it have been possible if I didnt have a really hard working fella in out unit as well.



When you donate to us we’re not an organisation that go out and rescue stricken pets. There are already those who do that and far better than I could ever possibly hope to do.




When you donate to us what you invest in is an organisation that will take it right to these abusers in all and any ways that we can.




Yes, the law obviously disallows for going fully medieval on them, but they are dumb, we are smart – we can outwit them. We have done and we will do so again.




‘Tis not merely that we have something gold standard arranged for next week, internally I am starting to see OF evolve as it was intended to be, which was around five or six people, all of whom have specific roles to play, but who all generally know what the other is doing so that no one is really out of step.




For a while I’d been seeking someone to keep me right with legal advice. We now have that to fall back on. We were seeking another graphic designer and appear to have found one.



There’s never been a better time to stand with OF and stand against cowardice and evil.



As usual, like, share, and most of all, consider giving either your skills or a donation to OF.


Paypal – Operationfrankish@gmail.com








Turning Evil Into Good – ‘Baby’


Its been a great week for this country. Confirmation of the ten fold increase in sentence maximums came in, Scotland is liable to fall in line any time soon as well.


We read about the first forensic science lab in the UK dedicated to using their expertise to combat this threat, and today we read about the work of Virtual College and their collaboration with The Links Group to produce this…




And this




That second link is probably more relevant to the general public.



As you are also aware, Operation Frankish are creating our own pet cruelty register of convicted offenders and we plan to heavily and robustly promote that so that the public are aware of a useful tool, but its also another psychological hammer blow to abusers.



We should be able to generate quite a bit of a hype with this.




But this post is mainly about the film we are planning to make. A film that will be inspired by the true and tragic events of Baby. A film that will engage, inform, inspire and a film that will be of interest to film festivals and big networks alike.





This will be an independent British made film about Baby and related events. Its not a film about Operation Frankish, per se. Its important to emphasise that since there’s a subtle difference.




The fact that the Government have committed to big New Year reforms means we can now focus purely on both actively pushing the register into the public domain and we can get on with the film.




These two examples(below) aren’t exactly what we are doing, but they give you an idea of how powerful a well made indie film can be (both examples were given by our production company).






Its going to take about four or five months to produce from start to end. I will oversee it obviously, but its not me who is personally making, producing, editing, and creating the film.



That would be way beyond my skill set or the skill set of an average person. Who we have picked has the experience, the crew, the best equipment, the studio and insider contacts for later assisting us to enter it into film festivals and such.


This is a little bit of film they made for something else.





Not only will a powerful and poignant film about Baby raise public awareness about such abuse, it would be such a fitting tribute to that little dog to create and produce something so good that everyone could be proud of it.




Yes there will be costs – obviously. However, a well made film has the potential to be viewed by millions and it has the potential to reach far and wide and in unexpected ways.




Moreover, a well made film is liable to get offers to buy the broadcast rights. As I have said, when it got to that stage we would obviously only agree if the sum offered was more than what all the production costs had been. With a decent profit made from it, my intention would be to put that decent profit toward some sort of innovative and slightly different animal education centre of some sort. A positive and lasting thing for a community.




We’ll be looking to get the production team to film, cut and produce a trailer failrly shortly.



It will be an exciting and bold move.



Please give us your support to help create these things. All amounts are well received.



We’ve got one or two other interesting bits in the pipe as well, but for now we are focused on the register and the film.


Thanks for reading and know you’re winning



Too easy to get dogs?



I’d like to start this article off by offering thanks and eternal respect to certain individuals.


I’ll refer to them by initials since I don’t know if they like being named checked or not. There’s PCP. For someone to tell you that OF means everything to them means everything to me.




PCP hasn’t just backed us with kind words, without PCP I very much doubt it would have been possible to do half the things we’ve done and are doing. Then there’s AS. He was a supporter from the get go and just quietly bided his time until the right opening came up for him to step into. His effort and work ethic are first class.




I have had to ask him to do things he had never before done. He goes off and finds a way. I have a lot of respect for someone that self educates so that they are able to carry out the piece of work that needs done.




Mention must also go to the two D’s for their sacrifices these past months. Both of them got out on the streets with me when we did the audio visual screen truck in Edinburgh. Six hours of walking around the city at the height of summer, and one of them had a serious stroke just two years or so ago. The self same person was out in the streets against last week, putting up posters.





There are two other sets of people that I must give sincere thanks to. The first are all those who donate, whether it be £10 or £200.



Every time you do that it enable us to turn ideas into reality. Ideas with no funds are merely good ideas that gather dust. But good ideas backed by finance are the foundations of great things being done.






And thanks is due to those who have done work for us in the past but who are no longer around. All made a contribution to what we are which helped us along the way at a specific time.





Whenever you feel down about the state of society, always remember its not doom and gloom all the way. As you can see from just that little example above, there are good people out there, people who are willing to work and to invest in a brighter future.





As you can see, there are people like me who wont just lie down and surrender to a threat, eventually people come by who don’t surrender to a threat or challenge and who in fact take the fight right to the enemy. I believe that most people in this country are inherently good, and generally want to do the right thing. I do not believe the majority of people to be inherent wicked like those abusers.






My intention was to create and fashion something that could at least give them hope on some level. I didn’t want them to be merely reading stories in the press of beaten animals over and over. I did want them to read stories about the subject, but if they saw something we were doing in the press, I didn’t want them to be left feeling demoralised as they are when they read abuse stories. I wanted them to be left with the impression that there was something out there that was fighting their corner.






We were recently approached by a switched on guy who wants to be part of the team. He gets us. He understands that our strength is that we were designed to be nimble.




As he pointed out we are able to just think of a thing and do it. We’re not burdened by committee procedure or other protocols. We are able to do stuff that the big established charities could not do, even if they aren’t illegal, there is no way they could do them. That’s not a criticism, its just a fact.





We couldn’t do what they do, we don’t have the infrastructure to rescue dogs and rehome them or things of that type. We were created to be able to perform free from the usual boundaries that go with making a thing too formal or officious.





We have a particular style. You’ll probably never see us in the press endorsing the opening of a new rabbit and reptile rescue centre together with a nice fluffy picture. Nothing wrong with that, its just not the sort of style for us.





What you are more likely to get from us is a ‘right, we are raising the fucking pressure here’ idea.





That’s what buiding the pet sadism register and flying the website name for it over two big English cities on the same Saturday, reachings multiple thousands of people, is all about.




That is more our modus operandi. That’s our style and that’s what we do best.




Everything is moving in the right direction, but I will leave you with this thought.





All gains aside, I don’t think many would disagree if I said that it could only be a good thing if we also either had A) More good owners or B) Less dogs, with it perhaps being just too easy for anyone to get one or more.



‘In total, 102,363 stray and abandoned dogs have been handled by local authorities between 2014 and 2015, with under half being claimed by their owners’. (Dogs Trust)




I’m a great believer that if something is way too easy to come by and there are a surplus then a person will tend not to give that thing the due care and attention that they would if they had to work harder to obtain said thing.




Thankfully, those like Frankish are in the minority. But there are still far too many dogs and not enough owners, and due to that you get other issues, such as totally unsuitable people having unsociliased and dangerously out of control dogs.




You still have too many owners that are probably pretty neglectful on a sliding scale of neglect. You still have too many people apparently buying from ‘puppy farms’. None of those things are a direct comparison with what they did to Baby, but with less dogs and more good owners, you could only eventually get to a better place with more responsible ownership, and much less breeding for pure profit.






I don’t see any reason at all why all of those kinds of issues could be addressed by raising the standard of owner, the standard of onus upon them, and, if there are too many dogs and just not enough good owners, getting down to sensible numbers of dogs would greatly help as well.






Think of it this way. Imagine there was almost zero criteria to drive a car or HGV. Imagine that just anyone could get one and, despite having never before driven or proven their proficiency, they take to the open roads. Imagine that drink driving as also fine. Oh. And imagine there were zero quality controls on the actual vehicles.



How do you think that would pan out?


Chaos and death on a mass scale is the answer.





The fact that there is a criteria before you can take to road doesn’t = no deaths, no tragedies. It doesn’t 100% stop people drink driving or driving while banned. It doesn’t even mean everyone ends up a fantastic driver. But the fact criteria exists at least avoids the catastrophes that would follow if there were zero criteria.





If the standard of dog owner could be raised by even 20% then it would naturally lead to less general abandonment and neglect. If there was at least some sort of onus beyond the most basic of basic (provide food and water’) then it would obviously not harm. If the numbers of dogs (and cats) generally unwanted was cut by 20-25% over the next few years, then that must be better than clearing a mess up after it has happened.




Prevention is generally better than a cure.




Dogs are taken on far too casually by just anyone at all. The status quo is such a low bar, there are so very few requirements, that the only way could possibly be up if firm but practical moves were made to raise the standard of owner and reduced the number of dogs.




There was this from earlier in the year;


‘The legislation announced today will tighten the rules around breeding and selling dogs and will make it illegal for anyone to sell puppies under eight-weeks-old. Anyone breeding and selling three or more litters of puppies a year will be required to get a licence to do so’.



Since that was only annoucned in February I guess it takes a bit of time before you can fairly measure how much it is helping.


Nothing is a cure all, but anything which raises the general standard has to be a positive.