Three Things You Should Know

The first thing is that the Government are starting to unravel and soften to the long overdue notion of strong sentences for the most vile.


From the Express;

Today Environment Secretary Michael Gove told MPs that the full force of the law” should now come down on the worst culprits.

Mr Gove, responding to Tory MP Philip Davies question about the Government committing to increased animal cruelty penalties, told the Commons:

He said: “

“It’s something I’m actively reviewing.

As you know, I’m not someone who will automatically reach for stronger criminal sanctions as the only route to dealing with a particular problem.

But there are particular cases of animal cruelty where we may well need to revisit the existing criminal sanctions in order to ensure that the very worst behaviour is dealt with by the full force of the law”.”


Quite why this forms any part of the environment secretary’s remit is anyone’s guess. It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is now seizing the moment and holding his and his Governments feet to the fire.


When you clearly see a crack such as the one above then its crucial you take full advantage and hammer away at the crack. There are two ways this can be done. You can do it all yourself.  Or you can simply give us direct and tangible support and we will keep on doing it.


Which leads me nicely to the second thing you should know (and may already do).


Regardless of these soundbites from key Government ministers we are launching the UK’s most comprehensive abuse register this summer. My view is this. If Ministers would have preferred to oversee and run it – then there has been nothing stopping them for years. The fact that they didn’t created a vacuum. And nature hates a vacuum. And that’s why we intend to fill it.




The third and last thing you need to know is that pressure works. We threw our entire body of work at a top PR company for their feedback and their director personally came back and said it was a phenomenal amount of PR over such a short time and with such an old case as the spark.


We asked them for their professional view – did they think our body of work and tactics were liable to eventually cause Government to shift? Their answer was that its all very achievable – so long as the work we do is continual and on going. He stressed that part most of all.


And to do that takes the volunteers you have that make up OF. But it most vitally takes you to step up and either give work or give donations so that we can indeed go for the kill.


You can just make a donation of any kind via paypal.


Or you can be one of the 100 members we are seeking to join Mug Club. Note to those who have signed up so far – we are waiting until we get some more in so we can negotiate a better bulk rate. Annual membership is £30 and again via paypal.



Have a good week.


Let’s See If We Can Make THEM Scream more



There is an organisation called CAAR who have been petitioning the Home Office and Ministry of Justice to bring in legislation for an Animal Abuser Registry.

They are to be applauded for trying.

But here is a simple truth and hear it well. If we want anything done we have to stop asking and we must start doing.

Asking is only of worth if there is anyone listening and acting.

When there isn’t anyone listening and acting then the responsibility falls back upon the citizens.

With that in mind Operation Frankish are not asking or petitioning for a register.

We do not seek permission. We creating and launching our own. This summer. And that’s all there is to it. Its needed. Its morally right. It tilts the balance of power back toward good people.


The powers that be won’t like it. Well, that’s what happens when they sit around and pontificate for too long over too serious an issue. They’ve had their chance, its time for them to move over. The abusers are going to hate it. And that’s a good thing. Everyone else will love it.


OF believe firmly in the rights of good people taking precedence over the rights of convicted and proven sadists.


OF also firmly believe that your local and central Government knowingly place your loved one’s at risk by routinely moving such twisted people into neighbourhoods without anyone having the first idea of the kind of dangerous monster they have in their community.


We also believe that with a one stop shop of cases and faces that’s user friendly and easy to access that we can all be the eyes and ears that makes it impossible for these people to function without it coming to someone’s attention.


We believe in empowering people who think they have no power, while the Government do all they can to remove your power and hand it over to the very worse of people, in the form of free stuff and extra rights.


It is not the 650 MP’s bloated MP’s at Westminster who are forced to live beside this vermin.

No. Their leniency toward them foists them upon YOUR community.

And we think you have the inalienable right to know about it.

So you’re going to.

Share and spread the message. And give us your support.

Historical cases wanted


We are seeking as many historical cases as you can provide us. And as quickly as you can provide us with them.

Send your cases to us at –


Please ensure you put ‘historical cases’ in the title.


All submitted cases must involve parties already convicted and that are a matter of public record.

All submitted cases should include details and a source.

All submitted cases must have taken place within the UK.

If you know of an organisation or group that you think can provide us with a lot of historical cases then make sure they have this link.







One Strike And You’re Out? Tell Us What You Think


Pet banning orders. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them a total waste of time but they are not far off.


I am of the view that they require revision as well. For a start they make no consistent sense. Fair enough, both brothers were handed a ‘life’ ban. Then in the same year you had those four gremlins who stole that little ‘Chunky’ (dog) being handed a five year ban. If anyone isn’t familiar with that case then its out there online if you want to bring yourself up to speed with it.


You’d think that since there is a sliding scale as to how long a ban can be given that it would be based on severity, right?


That would seem to be the most common sense marker if indeed you are going to have a sliding scale system. Yet if severity is a criteria I see no evidence of it. What those four attackers did to ‘Chunky’ was every bit as bad as what those brothers did. Its flat out bizarre to me that they’d be issued anything except for a life ban.


This happens quite a lot and at times I think they just sort of make it up as they go along.




I have a strong suspicion that dangerous idealism probably plays a part. The four attackers who stole ‘Chunky’ were a few years younger than the brothers. The pathological idealism that infects our judiciary probably thinks that they deserve another chance, that they aren’t so bad after all and there’s no reason why they cant all be wonderful pet owners after 5 years.




This is totally delusional. Our judiciary and legal system has been infected and influenced by delusional thinking. These delusions have consequences and the consequences are dangerous.


But out of interest, since all four are indeed still banned, what actually happens when one of them violates his ban, you have evidence, and you contact the ‘official channels’, that is the police and RSPCA?


I can tell you because we tried it as an experiment. We had good evidence that one of them (Ryan Hollick) was in violation of his ban, based on photographic evidence and screenshots of dialogue taken straight from his FB page.




When you alert police (they are in violation of a court order after all)..? Once you’ve spent ages explaining it they eventually ‘advise’ you to ring the RSPCA. When we rang them? We got this dithering old lady on the phone who eventually contrived to completely screw it up.


Pet banning orders need not be the near waste of time that they are right now. Pet banning orders should exist but they should exist with bite.


This is why I believe they should be reformed and revamped.


How about this to make it nice and simple? Anyone convicted of such actions is always given a life ban, irrespective of their age, regardless of whether or not some hand wringing social worker ‘feels’ they can all be good boys in the near future.



Its not a necessity to own a pet. Its a privilege. By going full on with life bans you are merely denying known offenders what they morally deserve to be denied. There is no practical or ethical reason to issue anything less than a life ban when the actions are palpably as wicked as that. If someone is convicted then give all of them a life ban and with no possibility of ever appealing it.




However, that adjustment would not be sufficient in of itself. It would be better – but not good enough. Why not? Because I do not believe there is a good enough mechanism in place to properly manage those who have been given life bans.



There is no practical way of monitoring everyone who has gotten or who will get a life ban. It would take far too much man power and probably prove economically unsound to employ the staff it would take to do so.


The cheapest and most practical way? You have to make it as unappealing as possible for someone to risk violating a ban. That means that reforms of pet banning orders should come with the understanding that further custodial sentencing will be issued if a banned person violates their ban and gets caught.


There’s a good reason why the majority of drivers who are banned for a year don’t just ignore the ban and take to the road. Yes, they would fear a ban being increased. But they are also aware that it could even lead to them losing their liberty.


If there was no real pain for an already banned driver to hop back in a car on the day he was banned? Then all banned drivers would do it.


Some drivers do on occasion get a life ban. And some will violate that. Not the majority though. The majority are afraid of the consequences so they self regulate.




*The term ‘banned from keeping animals’ means being disqualified from owning, keeping, participating in the keeping or being party to an arrangement which entitles a person from having control or influence over the way animals are kept *.

Which Are You?

Ponder this question over the weekend. Are you a coward or are you a fighter? Only you will know and you can’t lie to yourself.

There is a good reason why violent crime has spiked again, there’s a good reason why so many areas are blighted by packs of anti social misfits and there’s a good reason why even the very people at the top of the RSPCA will admit to you that what they are dealing with today is far more extreme and nasty than at any time in their history.

The reason? We have become a nation of atomised cowards.

Too afraid and fearful to push back against both the perpetrators and the system that enables and protects the perpetrators.


People do not realise their own power – so long as they are organised behind something. It is true that as an individual a person may indeed feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. But when you get organised and when you get behind that which is organised then you will begin to realise that you are not powerless at all.



Being organised and relentless is the key to victory. Feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself is important – it will negate that sense of isolation and vulnerability.


As a nation we must remember how to be fighters again and we must forget how to be cowards.


Do you have kids or are you planning on having any? If like me you do then do not hesitate and leave them to inherit a nation in which the lowest of the low are allowed to do what they want without fear of consequence.


The Britain I grew up in as a kid wasn’t perfect but it was a great deal safer than it is today. That’s not some vague romantic notion. Its a fact and it will only keep on deteriorating unless the good and those with courage fight back. Things are bad but the situation is not hopeless. This country is by no means so far gone that there is no hope.


There is hope. But hope alone isn’t going to put these predators in their place and hope alone will not save untold numbers of future victims.


To salvage the situation, win back power from the vermin and to leave behind a safer nation for your children is going to take effort, personal, sacrifice, its going to take persistence, labour and capital. And organisation and direction of course.


Therefore the question that the casual reader should ask themselves this weekend – are they a coward or are they a fighter who doesn’t want to concede an inch to this assortment of scum and the system which panders them?


Don’t forget those two fan boys and their mother were issued with cameras and panic buttons – all at your expense.


Don’t forget how the witch who spawned them had the temerity to go waddling off to the police because …. someone took a pic of her car driving along a road. This shows where their psychopathy came from. She spawns two evil little fuck tards and she has the audacity to cry a machine of tears when someone took a photo of a car.




Not to mention the hotels they were put up in – again, all at your expense.

We’re not merely failing to punish scum. As a nation we reward them. They are given extra rights and protections.

None of this would be possible if enough people found their bollocks and fought back in even small ways.

Its embarrassing that we pander to and have a situation where the lowest of the low can act out and there’s next to no punishment for it. Its soft and it is weak. We are letting down the next generation if we leave them to inherit this mess.


When you are disorganised and disconnected then yes, you have plenty to legitimately fear.

When you are organised and connected then you have no reason to be fearful.


So get organised. Get connected. And lets destroy the current culture in which cockroaches can do as they please and our system fails to protect society or punish them.


There is one thing all abusers cherish – their liberty. That’s one thing they do not want to concede.


Here is the entire reason we need to grow. We must get to a situation where it becomes preferable for the Government to indeed lock these beats up since we must create an environment where they get no peace from their liberty. No peace for the offenders, no peace for those whose lack of political will enable the offenders.


I do not intend to be here in five years time having the same discussing about two more biscuit arsed freaks like them and how things are STILL lenient.

I want us to be here long before five years and I want to be raising a glass on the day its finally announced that, at long last, scum like that will be going down for years.


Lots of things must change. But the first change is always within us.


Fight against the scum and the systems that protect them.

Are you in?

And will you show it in some visible way?

Our social media reach was 30,000 just last week. But reach means zero to us without action and backing. Reach would only matter if we were some entertainment page looking to make ad revenue from clicks.


Is 26 weeks sufficient? – You tell us

Long before Operation Frankish became a thing I had always held a near pathological aversion to certain kinds of bad people.


When I say bad I mean those whose deeds and actions were so demonstrably wicked and sick that no one could possible argue any grey area.


This usually meant paedophiles since that’s a good example of an action with no possible redemption (at least not in my eyes). Long before even the Internet became a thing I would always do my best to be an issue to one if they became known to me. This happened once or twice.


Before the now infamous ‘Baby’ abuse video broke I actually didn’t have my mind in the zone of animal cruelty. I was only really vaguely that it went on, I had little idea to what degree and severity.




For about 6-12months prior I had been studying the methods and techniques of anti grooming movements such as Dark Justice. There are others but from all of them – they impressed me.


I understood what they do and how they do it and was getting primed to do something inspired by it here in Scotland.


They only operate in the Newcastle area AFAIK – probably due to ease for them if they are from that region. Makes sense. Having looked closely at their decoy/bait/trap methods, I felt this was something I would be capable of establishing here.


I took it seriously and far enough to ask them direct questions and their first bit of advice was to get a lawyer here and tell him what I wanted to do so that I would be covered.


When you are confronting people in the street for grooming then you need to ensure you do everything by the book. I was then getting to the stage of sourcing the right legal firm and laying out for them what I intended to do.


It was really just an accident that happened to take me off in a different direction. Had I not watched that video on that day? Then I think my own version of an anti grooming movement up here would have been well established and running.


Do I regret a fluke evoking me to go off in a different direction as I did? In some ways, yes.


The appeal that would have held is that I’d be directly involved in the real world at all times. I prefer that. The other attraction is that you are getting significant numbers caught in your web. Every time I did that I would get a real lift from it.


Its a totally different story when you’re not trying to trap and bait but relentlessly attempting to push politicians into restructuring a long neglected part of the justice system.


Don’t get me wrong. To do that is not only a worthy goal but its the only possible way to make sure people like Frankish are properly punished in future. But in order to achieve a historical change to the legal system its more a war of attrition than a series of short and sharp boosts that you’d get from ensnaring a groomer.


To achieve what we need to achieve is much more of a slog without the weekly visible pay off that you’d get with an anti grooming bait and trap movement.


It is for that reason we always endeavour to do our lobbying in interesting and different ways.




I quite like the technique Dark Justice use and I respect their restraint and the way they protect their brand. They do share a common issue in one sense – despite the fact that their methods often lead to convictions, all too many of those convicted are given suspended sentences.


As far as I am aware DJ do not take part in any sort of lobbying that’s aimed at correcting that part of it. But what they are able to at least do is enjoy the buzz of ensnaring lots of creeps on a regular basis, even if they later get piss poor punishments.


The only down side with the method is that it really only traps those who are trying to groom teens. I say ‘only’. I mean that in the sense that I would ideally prefer some way to ensnare those who targeted the very youngest of children – but that would be far more problematic.


I don’t really make much distinction between scum that would do what the ilk of Frankish did and scum who target kids or who collect child abuse material. In my eyes they are all scum to be dealt with and much harder than our wimpy Governments presently do.


I chose to take this direction as what I saw and discovered was so eye poppingly bad. To then find out how prevalent it is, how leniently they are treated and how lacking in advocacy these matters were was not acceptable to me.


I also always saw this as far more than a pet issue. This kinds of offenders are insane. Their insanity would by no means be restricted to pets alone. It just struck me as amoral and nuts to allow such people to walk around free without ever having paid any price by way of loss of liberty.


It also struck me as dangerous to others that such people are issued new identities and given new homes at the tax payers expense.


I definitely believed and still do believe that the very first big foundation you must lay down is that you have to start sending the worse of them down for several years. Once you make an example from a few it suddenly doesn’t seem such an easy thing to do anymore.

The bar gets raised. The stakes get higher. The risk of pain if caught increases.




Elevate the sentence such acts carry and marvel as you witness the domino effect it would have in other areas. Suddenly media would be discussing it more, the police would probably have to do investigations and not RSPCA officers. Pet ownership bans would probably be redundant since the person would be locked up. The education system would probably leap on the bandwagon and get in on it in some nationwide way. When you skim a stone across water it creates many ripples.


Anyway, I do occasionally have regrets that I went off in this direction since I probably passed up a chance to have weeded out quiet a few groomers here by now. There’s no doubt. If I had put the same energy into it as I have this – there is no question that I’d probably have ensnared a bunch of groomers by now.

There are times I definitely reflect upon that.

Everyone despises paedophiles. Rightly so obviously. There’s not much that most people agree on or unite around these days but paedophile is still a word that sends the public into meltdown.

Probably because people immediately think of their sons and daughters or maybe a good % have themselves been victims. Include the word paedophile in your fight and so long as you are active and stay legal you wont need to work as hard to make the issue one that sticks.


Animal cruelty and pet abuse? Nope. Not so much. Even though there is unquestionable overlap at times, I still think the general public are far too inactive on the matter.

They do not see it as being as much of a threat to them as a paedophile might be. They may or may not be correct – but that’s the comparative perception.




We’re not saying there aren’t a ton of good dog owners out there. There are. I am one myself. We’re not even saying that there aren’t those who like to do stuff like foster dogs or perhaps work with them at their local shelter. There are, and bless them all.


Nope. Its none of that. What we are saying is that there is an apparent lack of demand to actually punish such people properly (at long last). We can and have done everything in our power to stimulate more demand, but unlike the paedophile targets its extremely difficult to do so.


With a bait and snare method its not highly participatory. They go out. They meet the target, they film, they ring the police. There is of course no actual true victim. But the method does not demand participation (save for when they take on decoys).


A movement with goals like this one demands that it be far more participatory. We cannot go out and trick dog abusers into meeting us in that way, what we could and really need to do is get to a position where those convicted of it are locked up and let the domino effect kick in thereafter.


Our style relies on relentless lobbying and doing high visibility events which incur a greater running cost than if I took to my own streets with two buddies and a video camera.


I definitely think for certain that people who are as extreme as those Frankish pricks do need to be sent to prison, and I do think they deserve to lose their liberty for quite some years. I am absolutely certain that it would lead to a significant reduction in abuse. Not an absolute vanishing, but perhaps a drop by as much as 25 % over five years.


But here’s the thing. None of that really matters. It doesn’t even matter if I am totally right and on point. What matters is whether the public are happy and content to settle for the 26 weeks that you have (52 here and both rarely given)?


If the public are generally content with the penalties as they are then it doesn’t matter what I think they should be and why. Demand normally creates supply. Get enough people demanding it in meaningful ways and you’ll be supplied it. But without that demand? Then you wont be supplied it. Its that simple.


I’m really not sure if people think the 26 weeks max is enough or not. I wouldn’t have guessed so a year ago. You wouldn’t think so based on Internet seethe.


But in terms of demand being measured in more accurate ways, such as action, advocacy, supporting those who work around the clock to generate advocacy? Piss poor. Like trying to get blood from a stone that someone else has already squeezed.


In fact without a tiny number of extremely hard working and generous people we’d get nothing done at all. But with the exception of them its piss poor.


I just really want to see very dangerous predators taken off the streets. Whether they come in the form of a Frankish or in the form of a groomer – I want to do them as much damage as I can by making life as uncomfortable for them as I can.


But I am conscious of the fact that the public may indeed generally think that the present sentences for these actions are broadly fine. If the opposite were true then we’d definitely have more of a genuine measure of it by now.


Are we just assuming that the public really want game changing and historical reforms?


There are polls that suggest otherwise, but polls are just polls. There is no substance to a poll. Someone ticking a poll does not mean they personally intend to do or give a thing in order to bring it into being.


If we are assuming that people must surely want to finally grow a pair and start pressuring our Government to lock them all up for years then maybe we are wrong to do so. If the consensus is that people are generally happy with the status quo then maybe my time and efforts would better spent doing what I have laid out earlier?


I wouldn’t like to use up another year advocating for something unless I was sure that far more people wanted that something more than what I have seen this past year.

If that were the case then I’d sooner spend that year ensuring groomers were trapped and handed over to cops. I cant do both though (obviously). I can only really give one thing my all out effort.


It has to be one or the other for me. I want to do what is best and I want to do what is in most demand. If its in demand then it makes things easier as you already have the wave to ride. If its not in demand you first have to create it.


All I do know is this. I’m going to dedicate as much of my time as possible to plotting the downfall of these really bad people.


But I am one man. I cannot take on all of them. There are too many. I can only target either the animal sadists or these groomers. I can only give all out effort against one of those enemies, notwithstanding any overlap.


I am more than happy to stick with this one as it needs doing (in my view anyway). But if there is not the hunger and energy for locking up these losers for five years then of course I’d be more productive doing my lure and trap.


If the demand really is there to start treating animal torture more seriously and if the demand really is there to see the convicted get real prison time – that’s great. But we need to see it. Your MP’s need to see it. Your local reporter needs to see it. Its just not enough to sit and want it mentally in your mind.


I want us all to win this. I’m not interested in gallant failure, or a good try, I want us to win it.


Do you want to win it though? And if you do want to win it, if you do desire to see historical change that would lead to such beasts being sent down – then what are you going to do this weekend to help achieve that?




Friday Round Up

Mug Club Launch


This week saw the launch of our Mug Club. Full details are on this site and on our FB wall. We aim to attract 100 members in a month.


If we can get 100 members to sign up inside a month then the proceeds can be deployed to give the cause more advocacy.


It also serves as a physical way for us to measure true public enthusiasm for real and lasting change. If you’ve already joined Mug Club – thanks. Please be patient because the more people we can bring in the better deal we may be able to broker to purchase the merchandise which = more of it available to spend on campaigning.


Make sure we have your full name, postal address and if you want your pet featured in our Mug Club Hall of Fame – send us a good image together with the pets name.


We accept paypal as its fastest and easiest for us. Its –

The annual membership is a one off fee of £30.



PR Agency


I thought it would be a useful exercise to contact a reputable PR company, show them our past body of work and our campaign and ask for their professional and sincere feedback.

They gave a good and thorough reply. There was no fee involved for getting their overview nor any promise of business. We just asked their sincere and professional view. I wanted the feed back from someone who actually runs and owns his own PR firm. This wasn’t someone I know, I contacted them based on researching their reputation.


I was very pleased to receive a prompt and quite involved reply.
The response was long but here are some extracts from it;


‘It’s all very achievable, Steve’.

‘Your crusading ethos will get you successful coverage if done on a consistent basis and backed up/supported with strong case studies’

‘I do think you have all the ingredients of a good campaign’

Kevin Dorrian
Director, Acumen


You can draw your own conclusions from that, but he has significantly echoed what I’ve preached about over and over – ‘if done on a consistent basis’.


So that’s both me and the Director of a respected PR company both saying ‘it will work, it just needs done a lot’.


This is why I always go on and on and ask people to enable us and its why I go on about not allowing time to drag before we do the next thing. That’s why we’re always appealing for funds to make ideas a reality and that’s why we sometimes ask for labour as well.



£354,000 down the drain


Here’s a snippet from a breaking story today;


‘The restriction of liberty order means he will be tagged and will be unable to leave his home between 19:00 and 07:00 each day.

The Crown has estimated that Gorman had assets totalling more than £1.2m, and that his actions had left the SSPCA with a bill for more than £354,000.

However, the sheriff said that he did not have the power to make a compensation order as part of the sentence’.


You can read the rest here;





This is NOT a good use of £354k. The only positive part is that most of the dogs appear to have been rescued (but he went out and got more). Leaving aside the rescue of the dogs what did we really get for £354k?

The guy has to stay in his house after 7pm. Wow.

And despite being of substantial worth there are no powers to even force him to compensate the SSPCA. Someone such as this should surely fall under the proceeds of crime act in which assets can be seized and sold if its believed they were funded by illegal means.


The crime here is that for all that leg work and for all that cost the guy has not been punished at all. He may even go off and do it again because … why not? There is no real deterrent to him doing so. If there’s no real deterrent and no real punishment then its inevitable that he’d consider it worth the gamble later down the line.


These private prosecutions cost the RSPCA and SSPCA huge sums of money, but what is the actual point if there’s no real punishment at the end of it?



I will never understand the rationale and reasoning behind ploughing huge financial resources into prosecutions when the system is designed to fail the victims over and over and over.


It seems blatantly obvious to me that what you really need to is first afford the courts new and far reaching powers. Once you’ve done that then every prosecution will have far more value.
That’s why we are all about that aspect. We are all about pushing and pushing until the courts have those far reaching powers and use them.




Join our ‘Mug Club’ – 57p per week – 100 Members Wanted

We are seeking 100 people to sign up to Mug Club. What is Mug Club? Usually the first rule of MC is you don’t talk about MC. However, if we do that you wont know about it. And then you wouldn’t be able to join which would make it all totally pointless.

Seriously though, Mug Club is a way for people to participate in the very big fight we have in front of us to be the voice of those with no voice.

They cannot do it for themselves so if the supposedly more sentient human doesn’t do it on their behalf then they are doomed to a future exactly like the present and past.

Mug Club is an annual membership. It costs the equivalent of about 57p per week to join – a one off payment of £30.




For this you will get…


Your exclusive OF mug. These pictures are just for representation purposes. Aside from it being the sexiest mug you’ll have in your mug collection it has practical value. You can use it to drink coffee out of. Even tea and cold drinks are possible with this mug.


Your pet featured on our wall of fame. Send us your very best photo and we’ll add our logo to it. Include a short bio about your buddy.


10% discount on any future fund raising merchandise.


Inclusion on our bi monthly e mail bulletin, with latest news and happenings.


But the best thing you’ll get is the feeling that as a Mug Club member you are directly helping people who have time and again proven their devotion to victory and to dragging our laws up to date.


100 sign ups is what we seek. It should be a modest number given the nature of the issue we all face and given how badly continued advocacy is needed.

It should be a modest number when you think how many dog or cat owners may even read this one post. It will probably be read by 10,000 inside one day.

We only need 100 sign ups from that.

How do you sign up?



Ensure you put ‘Mug Club’ in the information section of Paypal. Ensure you include full postal details. Then send your annual sub of £30 to us here –


Please share this on your own page as well as linking it to anywhere you feel may be of use.


The Mug Club does something else. We are blessed with a very devoted team here. Almost nothing is too much for us. We never stop trying and we never give up. That’s why we know we will succeed in the end, because when you are tenacious, when you refuse to lie down – you will emerge the victor in the end.


However, the uptake of Mug Club will be a way for us to measure to what degree the general public want advocacy for those with no voice or way of fighting back.


If we get a good uptake of Mug Club, if we were to get 100 sign ups? It would completely convince me and the team that not only are we fighting for that which is right but also something that people are sincere about making happen.


Run… like the wind now – and sign up for Mug Club today.

3 Day Challenge

This is a short unpacking of the things we have done since just Saturday alone;

We carried out and oversaw the all day and high visibility action in Edinburgh.
We collected all photographs and film and made them publicly available to all.

We have engaged in the further development process of what will be a huge leveller – a UK database for those convicted of animal cruelty.

We have initiated and explored the development of an app which could be deployed in any number of very practical ways.

We have started to work on video to promote the launch of the database.

We have started to produce e-posters to promote the database.

We have been in touch with a number of independent film and documentary producers.




I have personally reached out to companies in the UK who are regarded as being the most philanthropic.


I have personally reached out to that group called SNARL to ask them if we can be of any help to them with their issue.


I have been in contact with a few independent radio shows that have a large audience with a view to getting on.


We have planned some on the ground activism which will be aimed at dog walkers in an interesting way. We are finding people to assist and one two people have more or less offered to absorb the cost.


I have written, edited and uploaded stories about our weekender in Edinburgh.   Finally, began planning our next public event.


All of that has been done by me and a tiny team – since Saturday.




There are probably things I’ve forgotten that we also have developing in the background.


I probably gave over ten hours of Saturday and a large part of Sunday and yesterday evening to get those things done. The team often do things long into the night and have done since Saturday as well.


Thanks is always nice but thanks wont push back against the evil that unquestionably must be brought under control. Likes and shares on social media are not entirely without use, but its going to take a lot more than likes and shares.


Its going to take an unrelenting effort in actual fact. When the victims in question cannot vote and do not pay into the economy they tend to be low down the priority scale for the style of politicians we have. That’s also why there is so much historical sexual abuse that went unchallenged – the victims cannot vote and have no economic power.


That unrelenting effort has to actually come from someone and right about now its coming from us. The first and last thing I think about of a day is what we can do to further the cause and what can we do to wake up more of the citizens.


I truly believe in what we are doing here and why we are doing it. If I didn’t then I’d have quit way before now as its very demanding and with no personal gain. I have looked at the faces of evil and on that day I realised that this was all far more than a mere ‘pet neglect’ issue. There are serious sadists out there who are being routinely allowed to walk free because the courts don’t have the powers to hold them for more than a few measly weeks.


I will do everything in my power to make fathers like me see that this isn’t some fluffy pet welfare issue – they need to understand that since the system presently protects and panders to evil sadists that their daughters could unwittingly start dating one .. and you would never know until it was too late.


I think mothers already more easily get it without much prompt. They can instinctively see how two people such as the brothers are more than mere pet abusers and they seem better able to understand the connection I always preach – these brothers (and those like them) are a danger to your kids.




Here is a sobering fact. Two of the three key signs of psychopathic mind set are a compulsion for fire raising and animal cruelty.


Now ponder this. One would get far more for wilful arson than they would for even the most extreme animal cruelty. Even if a building was totally empty at the time the person set it on fire its a stick on that they would see the inside of a prison faster and for longer than someone convicted of extreme sadism to animals.


Both are obviously wrong. Yet one is bricks and wood and is insured and the other is a thinking and sensitive creature. So shouldn’t it really be the other way around?



I will close with a friendly challenge.


You can obviously see how devoted we are.

You can obviously see its going to take devotion in order to bring about change.

You are obviously intelligent enough to know that if weak but sadistic people are let off as a social culture it simply emboldens them.


The challenge is this. It is Tuesday. Lets put this challenge out there. You’ve seen what we are prepared to do for the victims and in practice – for wider society. You can see what we are aiming for and you can see why achieving those aims would just make life better for everyone. Well, nearly everyone. I guess the abusers wouldn’t do so well.


Between today and Friday the challenge is not what OF can do for the cause but what you (the casual reader) can do for the cause.


You know how to reach us. You know that it takes either labour or capital to grow anything.

Lets hear your voice and let yourself be known.

The List of The Damned

Over this next while what you will see is us heavily pushing and promoting the launch of our animal abuse offender database.


In fact we have one member of the the team working on a video aimed at promoting its launch. It wont be the first video, it wont be the only way to pre promote it. Such a tool is only of use if there is a weight of awareness and knowledge about access to it.


We don’t want to miss anyone that’s been convicted so if you are able to provide large scale archival data on many cases – contact us. Don’t just send us lots of individual links though as we would never have time to look through every message that way.


The more we promote it (before and once live) the better. Not simply because it alerts people to the fact they will now have the feature to do a search with. But the more we pre promote it the more it will psyche out the abusers who love the cover of darkness and who rely on fading memory.


I am fortunate that we have the people who can do all the mechanics of it. I have then given them a brief on ways we can promote it which they are quite taken by and understand the psychology behind.


It will still be a lot of work for them and for me though and we will do it, we will do what must be done since if left to politicians we’d wait forever. We need to get out of the habit of sucking on the state teat and creating our own fixes and solutions anyway.


When we rely on them nothing gets better.

So we had best rely on ourselves.

We’ll use video to promote it.
We’ll use online posters that can be shared.
We’ll print off physical posters and have people put them up.



I will also take to Twitter for an entire day and use Twitter as it should be used – to get a short message to everyone and everything that may matter.


In this case I will take to Twitter with promotional video and I will endeavour to force the launch of the database into the public narrative.


When the Government were last asked about such a thing they first said we apparently don’t need one and then sort of said ‘okay we might need one, but we’re too worried about repercussions aimed at the abusers’.


Always fretting and concerned over the feels and freedoms of the worse of people, huh?


Here’s the thing. Our intention is not to use it as a means to incite this hysterically exaggerated idea of vigilantism that Government ministers push.

But let me also be clear – the emotions, feels and liberties of such invidivuals is of zero interest to me. They shouldn’t be at large to start with, but since the Government insist on being pussies and letting them roam free, then I guess we have been left with no choice but to take legitimate defensive measures.


And that’s what this is about. It will be an easy to access and easy to navigate tool that the decent people in this country can go on and search as a defensive measure tool.


I hope to grow this side of it to the degree that we can put out near instant alerts if one convicted abuser moves from A to B.

With that in mind I have started the process of looking into having an app developed.


What can you do?

Well, when we v soon start to promote it with video etc you can share as many times as you can.

We’d certainly not shout at anyone that wanted to throw some dollar in so we can pay for printing or even to take out an advert. It would help with the development of the app as well.


And that’s pretty much all you need do.

We’ll do the rest.

Hopefully that sounds a more than fair proposal.