Open Message To The Brothers

Hi lads,
Remember last years spring/summer collection? Remember how the pair of you kept pissing your panties and running away all the time?
Remember last summer when you were forced to walk around with your hood up?

Remember that time all those posters appeared in your street? Remember how you were eventually driven to some flea bitten hovel that rats didn’t even want to live in? Remember when I called you both out publicly and asked you to face me in person? All we ever heard was the sound of breaking glass as your bottle crashed, yet again.
You’re going to really like this years summer collection. Or not.

You both owe me. You still have an unpaid account and a debt you will likely never be able to pay off. Moreover, you are both in debt to society as well.

Your whole life is just series of bad moves. It was a very bad move to do what you did. One day you will look back and realise that the worse thing that ever happened was that this should fall onto my radar.

You are what you are, two low life cowards and freaks. You have never in your life raised a hand to anything or anyone capable of hurting you back. You are nothing. You never were anything and you never will be anything.
Many people could not bring themselves to watch what you did. I watched. I know what you both are. I know far more about you than even you realise.
You are both so twisted and weak that you present an on going threat to anything or anyone that has no means to fight back. That is why we will never forget you. More important – you will never forget us. You both have nothing going for you. You are both clearly mentally stunted. You are both physical cowards. You have no resources and little or no backing. Anyone that did back you would be damning themselves.
We are similar in only one regard. You have an absence of conscience when it comes to doing what you do to defenceless creatures. I have an absence of conscience when it comes to dealing with fan boys like you. How about that – we share an ‘interest’.

Watch this space, boys. The forecast is for a long hot summer. With occasional storms.


An Open Message To The ‘Rich Kids of London’
Before today we had never heard of you. Now that we have heard of you I don’t like what I hear and I don’t like what I see.

Your past stunts such as setting fire to an expensive car are irrelevant to us. I have zero interest in why you do it, although you likely consider it some sort of ‘performance art’.

We do however have a keen interest in your latest stunt. This is non negotiable – pets aren’t props for your amusement and shock value.

We are not experts in setting fire to expensive cars for shock value. We have better and more productive things to do such as putting abusers right on our radar. You should look us up. Take to Google and do some big time reading.

At this stage and being in a mood of charity and goodwill, we are prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. What you did was unacceptable, but it may well be that a lack of common sense and your heads being just too full of shock value was your motive and not cruelty.

Our problem with your effort is that it only serves to encourage a climate of abuse. I have seen a video that was created for shock value as well. It also involved a pet dog. You should look it up.

Here is what you could do.

You clearly have the funds to waste it on nonsensical stunts.

You clearly wish (I am sure), want to convince people that you aren’t just yet more animal abusers only with cash to burn.



You should take some of this money that you waste on such stuff and make a significant donation to Battersea Dogs Home.

This would convince people that your ‘stunt’ was merely an ill advised action. It would also convince us and I do want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

As a movement we would invite you to consider doing this and let it be known that you will and what figure. Amends would be made. You can go back to burning cars. We can go back to weeding out filth. Everyone is happy.

With Love,
Operation Frankish
Full story here

Shelley Hutchinson – First Class Lady

Shelley Hutchinson is a valued follower and active participant in the work that we do. Her efforts on Sunday speak for themselves and were an inspiration to me, as they should be to you. I can only thank her for her hard work and effort and as she knows, every penny will be used to take the fight on to new and different levels.
Thanks again, Shelley. I hope others will follow your lead in some way.


Shelley Hutchinson’s Story

I’m still buzzing! I’m sat here with a glass of vino in my hand, reflecting on the past few weeks whilst gazing at my medal for the Bristol 10k that I successfully completed yesterday.

The reason I’m buzzing is because that medal is worth so much more than just a personal goal of completing a running challenge – it helped me raise £1020 for Operation Frankish and such an important issue of increasing animal abuse sentences to 5 years.

Not gonna lie I really struggle with running as you may have seen from my video logs! But its a proven method of relief for mental health (if you can get out to start with) and then when combined with a challenge of raising money for a cause you are extremely passionate about (Operation Frankish) then it becomes slightly more achievable! And with a bit of support from a cameraman, a lad on a swegway and a funding page, I’ve felt happier in these last few weeks than I have in months.
I hope you’re still reading because if you follow Operation Frankish then there’s a damn good chance you care about animals and can’t stand seeing the constant abuse that floods our Facebook/social pages! I’m not made of money and I have responded to pleas of financial support by rounding up family members and asking them to give a few quid rarely managing to make £60. I took inspiration from Luci who ran a fundraising stall in support of OF and raised over £300. I thought ‘that girl is incredible and if she can do it so can I’, so I signed up for the Bristol 10k and set up a JustGiving page. (still open for donations)


I’ve not been hugely successful in the past with fundraising but I needed to do something – I am sickened by the fact that the animal abuse punishment in this country is criminal in itself so I knew I needed to just try. It makes me depressed, angry, and feeling entirely useless and helpless when I see yet another act of barbaric abuse on a defenceless animal. This helped me to believe in my ability to help when I have so little to contribute financially myself.
So I started to train, and vlog my progress so that my sponsors could feel that little bit more involved with my journey. I believe it made it all the more personal. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy, technology failed me many times as did my own anxiety, but I got through it knowing that people were behind me and supporting me all the way.

I posted the videos along with a link to my JustGiving page and just tried to add a personal touch and made sure I thanked people and kept them updated on my progress. I then decided to add links to comments on fb pages where another rotten case of animal abuse had occurred and gone viral (Craig McKinley) and implore those commenting that they didn’t need to feel helpless as they actually COULD help by donating or at least sharing my own fundraising mission or following Operation Frankish.
I then decided to do a little local fundraising by printing 200 leaflets and posting them to my neighbourhood. It offered them the chance to sponsor me to be in with a chance of winning £10. Each £2 was an entry into the draw. This raised an extra £30 (when I took out the prize money). Again I did a live video on Facebook when I drew the winning ticket.
I started to look forward to checking my emails to see ‘you have received a donation’ and then finding out the amount I had raised to that point. From what I thought would initially make perhaps £200 if I was lucky, turned into a grand!




When it came to event day I was nervous as hell, but as heavy as my legs felt I imagined the pain Baby felt and it spurred me on knowing I could help such a great cause. She still needs justice as do all the other innocent victims! I had informed all my sponsors and followers of OF of a live tracking app so they could be involved throughout my race and track my progress, again wishing to involve everyone in my journey as much as possible.

When I crossed the finish line I felt such a wave of emotion and relief and pride in myself that words can’t really explain. And then moments after I had put on my medal, i checked my email again and nearly fell over!!! I had received an anonymous donation of £225.



People really do care about animals and can’t stand the abuse but often feel helpless as to know how to help or what to do. I really hope this gives others the inspiration to do a sponsored run in support of Operation Frankish or choose another fundraising idea. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to know you have managed to completely fund an event that will be organised by OPERATION FRANKISH and get that one step closer to changing the laws on punishment for those vile and sadistic animal abusers xx



McKinley from Oldham

Craig McKinley,
There are two types of bacteria. There is good bacteria. And there is bad bacteria. You are bad bacteria.

Here’s something to pop in your bucket list – hope for a custodial sentence. If you end up with a custodial sentence then you are a lucky boy. If you somehow worm your way out of it then you should look us up, Craig. We can find out anything about anyone at any given time. Anything in your past that you wanted forgotten? We can find it. Anyone from your past that has something they want to say about you? We’ll find them.
PS. It would be polite to answer your phone next time. Here I am wanting to be all conversational and there you are all voicemail.


Operation Blood & Innocence – Saturday May 20th

Although we don’t contribute to the main page or this site anything like as much as we used to, their is a very good reason for this and the reason is that we established a private steering group some weeks ago. It was a better use of our time to get together the core people of action and bring them together that way. People in it have gotten to know each other better and developed a camaraderie. That’s why we had fantastic people like Shelley Hutchinson who is running the Bristol 10k for Operation Frankish.
Please give her your support here


We have two positive announcements to make. On Saturday May 20th we plan to put on a spectacular optic event set against a stunning and public background.

We are going to commission our plane and have it fly over Edinburgh Castle on that date and at the busiest time of the day. Then what we are going to do is have the crew released thousands and thousands of rose petals into the sky so that they gently cascade to the terrain below.


We are going to use two colours. We will use white to symbolise the innocent of thevictims, we will use crimson to symbolise the blood spilled. We will pre alert the press by way of a statement nearer the time. We will encourage people in the city to look out for it over the Castle on that date. It will be a spectacular and poignant thing to do with great visual and press potential. Each petal represents a victim that the system has let down.


We are deploying Scotland now as a sort of lever to crack open the rest of the UK. We decided that this was a winning tactic some time back and now this is it starting to manifest itself.
May 20th also coincides with the Scottish Kennel Club event on the same, on the outskirts of the city. Its a big event. Depending on logistics and finances we may be able to do a flower shower from the air at this event as well.


Something of this type will almost certainly get press and it will definitely push these issues back into the public narrative and in a poignant way this time over. For obvious reasons you are severely limited what you are allowed to drop from the sky. This is one of the only things you are permitted to drop so we’ve decided to work with that and fashion a really good visual event from it.
Shelley is training every day to run the 10k for us, so that we can pull off something like this and commandeer the public and press attention that this subject constantly needs.
As always our small team are prepared to do all the work from conception to finish, but this is everyone’s fight so we’d ask you to support us to fund this event in May. It would be appreciated by us, but it would mostly be appreciated by those with no voice.

You can do your bit today by clicking here and donating today


That’s not all we’ve been working on though. On Sunday the 25th of June we will be putting on a high end public presentation which will take place in the stunning indoor venue at the The Royal Botanic Gardens. The public gallery has enough space for 150 people, which will be a mix of truly interested members of the public as well as figures from organisations like Scotland For Animals.

We have invited them to do a guest talk during the event and they were honoured to be asked.


We intend to have other speakers as well and are presently speaking to organisations with a view to brining a criminal psychologist in, as well as a spokesperson from the dog division of Police Scotland. What we have organised is an event that will be powerful and engaging. It will bring people together who we can network with and carry the fight forward. The venue itself is breathtaking and credit is due to Jane who negotiated a really good deal.
The cost of the venue has already been met by our private steering group. Jane will be flying up to do part of the presentation, I will obviously speak about both our work and these issues and goals.

We are not fundraising for this presentation in June, the cost has been met.

We are inviting you to donate to help us shower the sky on May 20th.
Have a good week

Important structural changes

To the loyal and the committed – please do not forget that as of this coming Friday that our main FB page will be relegated to an afterthought while we invite all the good, serious and loyal people we’ve encountered this past year to join our new, leaner and more stream lined private think tank group.


We will be able to come together, build a true unity and none of us will have our time wasted by anything. We all have a key job to do – we must get on and do it and cut loose from the FB voyeurs, the trolls, the borderline insane and the time wasters.

We intend to do top class and gold standard work in this next year. This is far too serious an issue and the consequences of wasting time are far too terrible.
The reality is this. We can achieve far more and farm more efficiently with a mere 40 truly committed people than we can with 40,000 voyeurs.

We want to bring together the most committed people, the best, the boldest and the brightest. We already have a good core of such people and a great relationship with them. This will grow and develop even better when we finally and at last cut off all the dead wood and bring the best together.


We’ll be able to discuss and organise things without people who’ve never got off their ass and done anything believing laziness qualifies them to have waste serious peoples time with their crap. We have one main goal – to get these demented types of freaks locked up for as long as we possibly can.

We believe that with that goal achieved that many other positives would occur almost naturally and as a consequence.


We are the only recognised movement in the UK whose entire reason for existing is to achieve that goal. We have punched way about our weight for the past year and with the thinnest of ‘staff’ and a small budget. It is our belief that we can win this on behalf of all the victims and we believe it will prevent many future victims.


But the time has now arrived to cut loose from all but those who have shown themselves to be the most committed. We are here to take care of business. We are not here as a generic debating page or to talk shop forevermore or to serve as a platform for never ending abuse stories.




I will personally feel far more motivated to bring people over who I believe can be a massive help. Not so keen to subject them to a main page where they have to read never ending violent fantasies from those who appear then vanish again. Not so keen on them being involved when they have to trawl through a bunch of BS just to read the comments from the serious players. I will feel far more motivated to get out there and get on the phone and persuade companies to give us their support.


We will still do events and we will continue to court the press via these events. That wont change. The voyeurs weren’t doing anything constructive to make them a reality anyway, so we can just as easily do them by getting the best of the best together and working as a true unit. We just wont discuss things freely and openly as we have. We’ve given that approach a fair try – it only hampers us. We will incline more toward stealth and surprise. The first thing the public will know about things is when they happen.

We will explore other avenues. Jane is keen to explore doing radio. I endorse that. I also believe that there is a great benefit in speaking to people directly. Even if you being with a captive audience of only 50 it probably has more value that a post that reaches 5000 on FB.


I am a fairly confident public speaker esp when its a subject I have passion about. It would not be a stretch for me to pilot this in my own city. I’d only need a venue, a mic, a list of content to work through and a bit of promotion to get 50 people to attend. I am going to pursue that.


We also aim to increase our Twitter activity ten fold. With a FB page you can reach thousands but what you cannot do so effectively is send a direct message to a key person. By increasing our Twitter activity we can make far better use of our Internet time.


I also want to organise a pilot a scheme aimed at very young children, something we will be far better placed to progress free of time wasters.


What was our ‘main’ FB page will be little more than a place to link to a news story that involves our cause and work.


We will use it for almost no other reason than that.

We will desist from public exposure of offenders since it brings no practical value and only brings impotent rage that no one can do anything with.


Indeed, we will desist from all work that does not in some way relate to the main goal. We will not take on any new individual cases. Everything we do from now on will be all about that goal by which we define ourselves by.


We do not have the volunteers, the resources or the time to spread ourselves so thinly. If you suspect abuse then contact the RSPCA and police. Their chiefs earn six figures. If you have a known abuser in your street then its down to your own community to accept them or not.


We now exist to purely achieve our goal.
Nothing else.


I think a combination of these structural changes will ultimately prove to enhance us and the cause.

As of Friday the group for the sincere people and known loyal supporters of the cause will be live.

From that date on this page will be little more than a platform to showcase a particular news story.


˙˙˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pǝuɹnʇ plɹoʍ ∀

Here was my Friday. Got up at 6am. Threw up on and off all day. Became worse as day went on and couldn’t go out at all. I only did two things today. The first was to rearrange for Kiera to visit me Tuesday and not Saturday. I don’t want her first night with me to be one when I am being sick every hour or so.


The second thing I did was respond to an SOS. Someone who has been on here from the start and who has always given sound information witnessed an alleged attack on a dog along with others. Since the women was alone in a field they couldn’t v well physically restrain her. The best they could do was get a photo of her and give us the location and time.


Without doing that her identity would still be a mystery and they’d not be able to file a report and get things looked into. I’m pleased to say that the women has now been positively identified and the witnesses now plan to file their report. I for one am glad that this gentleman had the gumption to at least take a photo since without it this would have vanished into the night. I am happy to be able to help them out even if all I wanted to do today was go back to sleep.


The witness was very grateful for our assistance in getting a confirmed ID so that he can at least now go to the police or RSPCA with details. We were grateful that someone stepped forward and offered the information.


You’d think that when a very trusted person witnesses a dog beating and has the wits to take a photograph that dog lovers might be happy that via our platform we could at least get a positive ID for him. But no. Instead we had to spend all day dealing with trolls in the comments section who seemed more bothered about the accused than about the dog.


I hope the witness is now able to take his case forward and perhaps prevent another tragedy. I’d call that a pretty decent result for him in less than one day. If only someone had been that alert in the weeks and months before Baby met her fate.


This is a witness who has been around since day one and never let us down with anything. As sound a witness as Jane would be or Katie. Only they know exactly what they saw but at least now they have a legitimate chance to report it. We could easily have just left this until Monday. Jane is off spending time with her partner. I am sick. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything today but since it was this witness and since I don’t want any dogs to suffer I agreed to help him.

We helped. He thanked us. We thanked our source. And that was that.

We try to help out and we try to prevent abuses.

But no. Jane cant have a day to herself and I’m not allowed to be sick. Some people in these circles are so damn pushy and flat out rude that its amazing that anyone ever wants to make anything better for them.

That’s why we cant wait to bin stupid FB and just bring together the people who we know are sincere and genuine. At least then we can get on with the business of prevention and a cure without all the tedious and time consuming trolls.

Have a good weekend, I am off back to sleep.


Only serious people are going to win

You cannot unlearn what you have learned. This wasn’t my World up until the day I saw their video. I was just an extremely quiet and self contained guy living a peaceful life with my now departed four legged friend.

All of this filth and evil simply wasn’t on my radar or in my life up until this. I went from that to being immersed in it for a year, day in and day out. Its a horrible and nasty subject at the best of times but when you are on the inside and working with it constantly then its many times worse. Keep in mind we are not a rescue and rehome – we don’t even get the satisfaction of taking in a dog and successful rehoming it.

Instead we face a big daily grind and a Government who, as you can see, are absolutely determined not to shift if they can.



This means constantly dealing with an ugly matter all the time and knowing that your main goal isn’t going to transpire easily or next Monday. I’m sick of looking back at the faces of the abusers and I’m sick of seeing the results of their actions. They disgust me in ways that words don’t do justice to but what disgusts me more is knowing that they essentially get off with it. Again and again.


I am and always have been fairly confident that if you hold the Governments feet to the fire long enough that they will likely relent. You’re not going to get 100,000 people sent to prison for 5 yrs per year. You won’t even get 1,000. That’s not even realistic or probably necessary. What is necessary and what is required is to send the very worse of them away for five years (or more if possible). You make a big example out of the most extreme and society will naturally learn that this is a very serious thing. If you had a situation where the max for rape was 26 weeks then you would see a huge spike in rape. Its just common sense.
If you want to see many less tragedies like ‘Baby’ etc then it is obvious and clear that you must start locking the offenders up for a long time. Anything less than that just isn’t going to cut it. It would be like trying to address rape as a crime set against a background of a 26 week maximum. You could ultimately talk for years and years but until that maximum was raised the message would be – rape isn’t that big a deal.
You could even educate that ‘rape is bad’ but for as long as you were giving rapists 26 weeks the message would remain that rape is not a big issue.

It is for that reason that we have that one clear goal. Anything after that or beyond that would be a bonus.
I’ve been reflecting on what Malcolm said the other week about FB being treated too much like a drama on TV and I’ve also been reflecting on the fact that Jane was keen that we essentially go forward but cut out all the dead wood. Lurkers, trolls, people that just read for something to do, her view is that FB attracts way too much of it and in terms of actually sparing these dogs from a fate worse than death its not helping. They are both right.


Its fine to have a large FB following if you are an entertainment page. But there’s nothing entertaining about this subject matter. We hate it and we just want these people sent to prison for a good length of time – which is LONG overdue. I can hardly think of a worse subject to get involved in. The topic is completely depressing and you are up against an unbelievable bureaucracy that are determined not to budge if they can get away with it. Jane is (without going into detail) one of the bravest people I’ve known. Since she’s been with OF the last 5 months she works herself into the ground for the goal. Far too much at times. She truly doesn’t have time to waste. Nor do I. Nor do those next set of victims.
It is for that reason and with the words of Jane and Malcolm in mind that I am going to trial this out in a different way that makes best use of our time while reducing the ‘something to read’ factor.


What we are first going to explore is doing radio work. I believe Jane has something in the pipe and I’d like to pursue that more. There are conventional radio shows and now you also have independent shows online. Both of us are quite comfortable discussing our goal so that’s an area I’d like to pursue for sure.
We will change our page to a group. To this group we will invite everyone who wants to be productive in one way or another. We’ll likely recognise many of those names anyway. At least we would then know that however many people are in it are at least on some level productive. We could have better quality discussions and those people would probably feel more inclined to be open. It would waste less of Jane’s time, it would waste less of my time, and we could just get on with what we want to do.
I think if the productive people were brought together then we’d achieve things just as fast if not faster. Sometimes the comments and suggestions of our best people are just lost under a sea of utter crap. Its not productive for our best people, its not productive for us, and it only wastes our time.
Unlike the head of the RSPCA or 650 MP’s we aren’t paid. We only do this because it is the right thing to do. We don’t enjoy it – none of it. We want a result and to get a result we need the serious people. We’ve good some fantastic people so we can begin with them. We’ll be able to discuss things and work together knowing that everyone there is ready to work/do. The first thing the wider public would know would be when something happens and appears in the media. Keeps a bit of mystery and surprise as well. But its mainly about bringing the good and the serious people together in a way that is more productive than having them swallowed up by generic FB junk.


I want to do something this summer that is so good that it will eclipse anything else done. I have some thoughts in mind and with the serious people I am able to explore and further those ideas with them more effectively. If over time others also want to step into the circle and be someone that’s part of an effective unit then the door will always be open to that.

I’ve taken on board what Jane and Malcolm have said and I have also thought about it myself. It is with that in mind we shall trial it the new way as of next Friday. We will set up the group. If you’re already known to us as a direct help then we will add you straight off.

With that said we don’t want to miss anyone in error. So if you are one of those people send a message to Jane and she will add you to the list. When I’ve had time to set up the group (next week), we will invite all the people of action and those who are of help.

That’s the only way I think we are going to win this and in relative short order (or at least in a reasonable time frame).



Should the Government give this statement of intent?

Anna Turley gave a speech today at least part of which was poignant for me – and that was to hear someone narrate their actions. Its not as bad as seeing it but hearing it that way unsettled me. The speech was fine enough – but there were barely any MP’s there to hear it. That probably tells its own story since I am sure they’d fill the place out on a debate about their salary.

As far as I am aware this was not her presenting her Bill but taking a chance to read the speech she had prepared had her Bill been heard. This opportunity was arranged by Neil Parish MP (Conservative). I don’t really know what happens from there if much at all. The Government themselves are on record as saying they wont support her Bill so unless a majority of Tory MP’s decide to rebel against their own party position then I don’t see how else it could be taken to a swift and successful conclusion.


That’s what needs to happen. You do need cross party support but since the Conservatives are the Government what you really need are many Tory MP’s visibly and vocally giving reforms their support. Or Tory party advisors need to get a meeting together with Truss and May and simply give them some new advice shaped broadly around the 5 yr sentence situation.


I think some of them will do it willingly, perhaps like Neil Parish. Others will need prompted and cajoled. Some may need shamed. Its not always as easy as we’d like to keep you in the loop with matters relating to this Bill as people have often found Ms Turley to be slow to communicate information. Some of the time we’re sort of left to guess a bit.
There are instances when any sort of communication would have been a great help – such as when people wanted to know the name of the ‘whip’ who blocked her Bill. People were reduced to trying to piece it together like a jig saw. There are other instances when it would have helped. She was on a radio show a while back and the presenter asked her some good questions that she didn’t have the answers to. We did though. We didn’t keep the answers a secret.


He wanted to know how they were paying their rent. Had there been any sort of communication we’d have been able to fully and precisely inform her of the who and how. No one has created more press for this than we have and no one has put in my hours than we have.

It might have been good manners for Anna to acknowledge the vast and relentless amount of work this past year, given she ended with an almost Oscar like flourish and thanked the RSPCA (whose CEO gets £130k per annum).

Anna is just in the huff with us because we dared to ask some pointed questions to a vet.


I think it would simply have been a common courtesy given that without us there wouldn’t have been anything like the coverage that fanned the flames.

Don’t worry – we will go on updating you the best that we can in this regard and irrespective of anything. We will go on supporting her Bill in spirit and indeed by way of our many actions.

We’d do that no matter who the MP happened to be.
Moving on. While the fight to increase and radically reform sentences must go on I believe there is something that the Government can at least do with immediate effect. I still hand on heart believe that both brothers should be in prison. The magistrates made a big mistake. This mistake should and must still be corrected. It was and remains a miscarriage of justice.

Since the pair of them were turned into the most reported on pet abusers ever I think it would at least be a start if this Government stepped up and ordered a recall.

I think they should both be resentenced. Even if the prison time given is not what we want I still believe that its in everyone’s interests for them to do it. I think the pair of them and this case are now high profile enough and for long enough for Liz Truss to do the right thing and use her powers to at least bring that about.



People have gone to prison for cases that were not as severe this past year. Its good that they have. Its not good that they both seemed to get lucky at the time of their sentence.

The Conservatives need to show leadership here since they want to lead.

This case is most definitely high profile and infamous enough for a Government to consult their lawyers and order that they be brought back.

It would be a very positive gesture by the Government.

It would demonstrate that they are at least prepared to listen and act.

This is ONE symbolic gesture that they should do.



In the press today (and on our FB wall) was this story.
‘A £5,000 “bounty” was reportedly put on the head of a man prosecuted for animal cruelty, a jury has heard.

John McLellan, 37, was the victim of a sword attack at a Middlesbrough home, it is alleged.

He attracted ill feeling from animal lovers and threats after he beat and kicked a Staffordshire bull terrier, jurors were told.

It was rumoured there was a £5,000 bounty for someone to do him harm in the wake of his animal cruelty case, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Raymond Allison, 42, is on trial accused of slashing Mr McLellan with an ornamental samurai sword.

Each man claims the other was the aggressor in the violence at Allison’s home on Ellesmere Walk, Pallister Park’.


I remember McLellan from being in the press last year over his dog abuse. This is obviously going to trial so a fuller and more accurate story will emerge in time and not one with words like ‘rumoured’ and ‘reportedly’.

There are conflicting reports in regard to it all but in time it will all come out. I honestly don’t give a single hoot what happens to such people and the same goes for paedophiles. We cannot obviously endorse it but we have no pity or empathy if that’s how it ends up playing out for them. I don’t feel sorry for them. I’m neutral about it. I don’t care what becomes of such predators but at the same time I always look at the gains.
If it is true that someone or some cabal of people put a £5k ‘bounty’ on this guy then it didn’t work out that well and I don’t think they got their £5k worth. The main problem with such ideas is that you’re usually not selecting the cream of the crop who will with stealth and discretion act. Nope. You usually get left with some blokes ‘down the pub’ who are certainly violent enough to do stuff for money, but who will make so many basic mistakes that it will end up with them and whoever they paid going to prison – for years.


To the courts it will be almost moot what McLellan did or is like. If it is true that a supposed bounty of £5k was raised with the specific and sole purpose of doing this then its a very serious offence. Its more than just assault it would be classed as a conspiracy. It would be seen as entirely premeditated. I’m no lawyer but something like that can probably get you ten years if proven.

Not much of a gain if you were the one that took the money and in 2020 you are sat in a cell. Not much of a gain when the person attacked will be living his life on the outside and probably richer – thanks to the criminal injuries compensation they could claim.

It also costs the Crown a large amount of money for this to now go to trial, money which could be better directed at dealing faster and better with the actual abusers in the first place. It wont deter other abusers and it wont enable circumstances where there are better owners.


Its for all of those reasons I see no point to it. If anything its clearly counter productive. Its not like you can go doing this with all of them even if it did achieve something which it really doesn’t. The return for all of this is very very small.


You also have to keep this in mind. While I don’t care what happens to such predators it does take a certain sort of person to go wielding swords so casually. If you factor out who their target was then such a person may be very violent in other ways, ways that you would not champion. People often have this romantic notion (esp of prisoners) that just because they stab a paedo inside that the attacker must be some sort of good guy. That’s often not true at all. Its just that they are perhaps very bad in some other way.
If we had a society in which that sort of allegation were habitual then it would NOT be the utopia some believe it would be. It may sound fine if you don’t think about it but when you do think about it you’d soon see that we’d be reduced to some sort of Mad Max quasi third world country. If you want to live in a healthy and civilised country you cannot accept sadists walking free from courts. True. But you also cannot have a nation in which we are reduced to violent mob rule. That never ends well.


Mistakes get made, accidents happen and things can spin out of control. Not to mention the fact that the police will treat and monied conspiracy to commit violence extremely seriously.
What I will say is this and its a message that I wish could be read by the present Government. Despite everything I have just written I can understand why the reaction to such people is becoming more extreme. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out – the reaction gets more extreme as the original actions become more extreme. Then when people see such offenders being given paltry sentences over and over they get more and more angry, and they (maybe fairly) come to the conclusion that ministers just aren’t working for them.
The Government are just thick if they honestly think they can just pop such offenders back into a given community and that all will be fine. They seem pretty ignorant to basic human nature if they think any community is going to tolerate that over and over.


Its all easily avoided. If McLellan et all were still on the inside then the public outside wouldn’t be forced to have them live among them, at least not for a long time. But to let such people out so soon (or not send them down at all) and expect that a community is just going to tolerate this forever? That is insane. That is outright incitement. Easily solved by simply taking them out of circulation for a few years. At least with that the public don’t feel spat on by the Justice system and at least by the time he came out public anger may have tempered a little.
The present circumstances just aren’t fair on everyone else. I’d simply not be able to tolerate those brothers living in my street. There is no way. They would HAVE to go one way or the other but there is absolutely no chance I could tolerate to see them, day in and day out. No one should be forced to do so, but they often are. Someone is being forced to tonight – because the brothers will live near them. They are likely well aware who they are but are at a loss what to do and are reduced to suffering it. No one should need to, and no one should be put in a position where an individual of this type is just foisted onto them – and they are expected to tolerate it.

It is that pressure cooker situation which ends in the sort of story we led with here.


Outcomes such as that one are still rare (if its as reported). Its very easy to avoid such outcomes and avoid them becoming more prolific. All the Government and Mrs May need do is take some direct and long over due action and start putting these offenders away – and for much longer.

That is all they need do to avoid both the extremes of abuse and the extremes in the reaction to it growing.

It would be a very responsible and commendable thing for them to action without any more fuss or fight. People want to see some results from the people well paid to Govern. Over talking it for decades leads to them becoming more frustrated and less trusting of the justice system.

All May and her Government need do is see that a swift and way over due reform of the sentences and we wont need to descend into this.