We’re going to need to pick a city fairly soon to serve as the launching pad of our UK animal abuse register.



I don’t have any specific preferences, its a nation wide issue so its almost irrelevant to me. With that being said there might be a decent symbolic argument for saying ‘take it back to where it began, choose Middlesbrough’ (this being the nearest big city to Redcar).



The more I think about it the more this makes sense. Our first ever piece of public action as a movement was in ‘Boro, there is a definite coherent relevance to considering the same city to act as our launch pad for our register.



There’s also the fact that parts of our film documentary are likely going to be filmed on location down there.



That’s another good reason why we might want to choose ‘Boro as our place to trigger the register into the realm of public awareness.



However, if you can make an astonishing case for an alternative city then by all means make that case.



The tactic here will not to be sort of covert and ‘under the radar’ with this register. We don’t intend to hide it on some dark and neglected corner of the Internet.



The tactic here will be the opposite, we will purposefully go out of our way to be as overt and over the top about it as we possibly can. Its obvious why we would want to adopt that tactic, but in case its not obvious here are the reasons;



1) Creates a sense of dread and demoralisation in the minds of the enemy. Justified dread as well I should add.



2) Uplifts those who are good people and creates a good solid ‘fight back’ story.



3) Raises awareness of the register as a public access feature thus allowing it to speedily grow organically as the public submit their own documented cases.



4) A portion of it may even make it into the film documentary.






There are probably other good reasons, but four is plenty.


It may also create some sort of reaction from public officials in some way. Its hard to predict what, it depends on how overt we can be. My suspicion is that they are generally not going to like it or approve. My suspicion is that they will try to patronise us and say our ‘hearts are in the right place’ and blah, blah, blah.




Their noses will be out of joint since the authorities are the ones that normally like to put people on a register. Well, they never did get around to putting these types of evil feral creatures on a dedicated register. They’ve had years and they have never done it.


So we are.


They probably will not like that as it means they “lose control”. It also makes them look slothful and incompetent in the eyes of the public. They don’t like that either.



To be honest I’m not that bothered what a bunch of over paid public officials may or may not like. I’m not seeking their approval or say so. Everyone that makes the list, now and in the future will be someone who is on record and convicted.



This will simply grow to be a one stop shop feature that a concerned person can access online and run a simple check by name or location. It will provide facts. Not speculation or opinion.



In a way I am part hoping that public officials do eventually work themselves into a flap over it. It would only be a total PR disaster for them if they tried to use weasel means in order to ‘shut it down’. Besides which, we wouldn’t let them. There’s all manner of ways we can move it around if we needed to.


Its going up.
It will grow.
And its going to stay up.
Its that simple.




Governments have had plenty of chances to do this and they had the means, the funds and public will. They do what they are best at – procrastinate.



Procrastination is not harmless. There are very real and severe consequences that happen due to their procrastinating.



If they tried to make a thing of it then we would make it into a massive free speech issue and paint them as protectors of proven sadists. That’s why it doesn’t really matter if they like it or not – its win/win.



All of this should be good news to animal lovers and bad news for abusers.





Nothing happens by itself. Good things happen when people like those in our team put in the effort, the time, the ideas. And good things become great things when many others rise up in support of people like that.



The way we want to create this and overtly push it into the public eye is big news. It will make a splash, no doubt. No type of abuser likes to be corralled and placed on a public register online. They truly hate it. They fear it.



They’ve had it too easy for too long.



We also need to get back into the habit as a people of creating things ourselves if the state wont play ball. We should get out of the habit of relying on them to create everything.



That’s why we are creating this. There is a need. If you rely on them you’d be here for years before they delivered a register.


And that’s why we must do this.



Give us your support. Your support for us is a blow to abusers nationwide and the lenient culture that they thrive in.



Read Now. Act Today. We’re Winning



Its been a very productive week. We have lots of cool things and gold work going on in the background here.


Some of this will be rolled out soon, other things will take a bit longer.



This is a summary of what we’ve productively done just this week alone;



Met with filmmakers on Tuesday to initiate brief on the documentary film (based on the events surrounding ‘Baby’) that we eventually wish to submit to international film festivals.


I hadn’t heard of this one before, but they asked me to go look it up.







Decided on a short and easy to remember name for our independent database of convicted abusers.

Bought domain and set about creating the nuts and bolts of it.




Decided on a way to force that site and the database url into the press when we are good to go. (The abusers and authorities are going to hate this – different reasons)





Started to source a short list people with the skills and experience to do some grass roots reporting for us.


Example. Scotland could be set to announce that sentences are to be raised to a five year maximum. But what of England? I am looking into getting a crew into Redcar to do some face to face questions with the public there. Do they recall the Frankish case? What would they think of a situation in which the maximum in England remained at 26 weeks while just North of the Border it could be five years?


This would be an entirely separate thing to our docu-film.





We are also putting the finishing touches to a cool little campaign that almost anyone can take part in.



We’ve got some animal soft toys, we’ve produced a full colour post card that is to be attached to the toy. The toy is then to be attached to an area of your town in which a lot of people pass by. It invites them to stop, take a selfie with the toy and message, and send it or Tweet it.


Some will no doubt get stolen, but its fine, there weren’t many costs with this. We’d be seeking people from different towns and cities to ask us to send them one in the post and then attach it in an arera where a lot of people pass by.







Gypsy Justice Ty Beanie Boo



Not only do we still exist long after the initial story broke, right about now we’re probably in the best position we have ever been in. We have a steady ship and the crew just work quietly away doing what must be done. Everyone in step with each other.




We’re moving in a great direction with a lot of confidence for the future.




You can see how constructive we are being. I have always taken the view that there’s no use moaning and getting enraged over something unless you are prepared to take action. That’s always been how I have approached life, long before OF.




I may indeed have founded this movement. But people past and present have made a positive mark and they all left a part of themselves in the movement.



This movement is but an expression of the dissent and disgust that exists among the British public over this subject matter. To that end it is everyone’s movement, its most certainly everyone’s problem since having flat out whacko sadists wandering around is never a good idea.




Times are going to change. Sadists like this have operated under the radar and without proper punishment for way too long now. This is not acceptable. They have grown bold and puffed up, way beyond their true bravery or intelligence – its time to bring them back down to size.



Play your part. Support us in one of several ways.




Consider donating to our docu-film. If you wish to donate toward that fund, then please send what you can afford to…






If your donation is toward that then please put ‘film’ in the title.



Perhaps you would like to donate toward the launch and promotion of our database? All the labour has been done for free, but once finished I want to be able to get the press to bite that URL. If you wish to donate toward that then put ‘database’ in the title.




What other ways could you help? There’s that small plan I mentioned before, with the soft toys. That’s easy done. If you want to do that then just send us a PM and tell us what town/city you are in.



You could join Mug Club, annual membership £30, same paypal as above.





And if you cant do any of those? Then at least like and share.



Scotland set to cage abusers for five years


According to press reports today Scotland is set to announce radical new changes which would see the most extreme animal abusers face up to five years in prison.



On the chance that someone within the SNP reads this article, I would strongly suggest that if they indeed go ahead and sanction this change it will be warmly welcomed here in Scotland.



Scotland has its own legal system of course and is able to do such things regardless of what England and Wales want to do. Even if it is indeed only the most extreme examples that get close to landing such a sentence, it would be a huge step in the right direction. It would send a clear message out to all wannabe abusers – at least those here in Scotland.




This is coincidentally positive news since when speaking to our film maker today, she expressed an enthusiasm to speak to a politician as part of our film.



If these propositions in the press stand up and Scotland goes down this route then great consideration would be given to speaking to a Scottish politician. We’ll see.




This news isn’t that surprising to me. It also wont be that surprising to anyone that has read what I have been writing this past while. I forecast that Scotland may indeed cave in and get on it first of all.



I also predicted that if that were to occur then it would create a huge disparity with England and Wales, which is just beautiful, because that disparity makes it so much easier to drag them both into line.



There is absolutely no way that London will hold on to their current 26 week maximum if Scotland slam a five YEAR maximum onto their abusers. The chasm would be too great and they’d simply have to bridge it by changing as well.



This issue is becoming a thing at last in the body politic.



You had Gove saying a month ago that his Government would have to come up with reforms which ‘used the full force of the law’ (against the most extreme). You can pretty much take that to mean that they too have picked up on this five year meme and both London and Scotland are probably in some sort of informal legislative race to see who can get the most far reaching legislation over the line first.



Don’t underestimate the competition that naturally exists between the political class in London and Scotland. Its real and its tangible. When you then try to force an issue into the public narrative, eventually both Scotland and London’s political class see the benefits on getting into it.



Earlier this year we made page 2 of the Sun when we called into question the resolve of Nicola Sturgeon.




If Scotland and her party action these changes then maybe she does have some bite after all.


Everything is very much heading in a good direction, the direction I hoped it might go.


We have this news above.



You probably know we are taking on the very ambitious project of creating a documentary film inspired by the true events of the ‘Baby’ case.




You also likely know we are putting together our own independent database of convicted abusers, and we are making it accessible to the public. Indeed, we want the public to send us cases and we will organically grow the data.



And you also likely know that we are planning on pulling off a stunt in order to get that database into the press.



All in all its pretty much wins and gains all around.



With that being said there is still a great deal to do and that’s why you should get behind us today and give OF your support.



Shout Out For Operation Frankish


Been a productive week.


There’s meeting I have arranged for next week in regard to creating an independent documentary , there are the freelance reporters we are speaking to with a view to deploying them, there is the database development.


Everything is totally under control and heading in a great direction.


A small but possibly effective idea here.


As and when I can think of an appropriate person who has a public profile, I will try to contact them and ask them to simply give a ‘shout out’ to Operation Frankish and our goals.


This can be as simple as them Tweeting something to their followers.



This one single action would draw many people over to our cause and what we are trying to achieve here.



So its worth trying. If I pick the right sort of people, people I think may have a sincere care, then I would hope they would at least consider giving us that all important shout out.




I’ll do it one of two ways. I will write an article (like this). Then I will Tweet it directly to them. I will also contact their agent since they will have one.



This would be one simple but key action they could do that would take the press of a button but be potentially so important. Their actions would have to come from goodwill.




We’ll get the ball rolling by asking Anneka Svenska to give a shout out to Operation Frankish.


For those not familiar with her work, this is from her bio;


‘Anneka is a candid & wolf expert and has studied both European and North American Timber Wolves for many years. She lives with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis, as well as filming alongside many wolf sanctuaries in the UK. Her passion for assisting canines led her to personally found two animal charitable organisations and to rescue over 300 dogs from international countries. She is therefore requested to speak regularly in subjects covering dog welfare, rescue and animal politics’.




Here’s a video of her doing some work.




And another.


Mug Club – Mugs Start To Arrive

Just received these pics from Mug Club member, Carol.


Here is her cat, Viva, proudly sitting beside the Operation Frankish Mug.




We’re only seeking 100 members for Mug Club. We’ve not really pushed or promoted it but we’re about 15% or so to target.

This is the first batch of mugs now arriving so there is something physical to promote and show.

Annual membership to Mug Club is £30 and you can join today by sending that amount via Paypal. Please be sure to include a full name and address. And put Mug Club in the title.





Oh. And as Carol has done here, send us a pic of your dog/cat/pet. We’ll include it in our Mug Club Pet Gallery.
This mug will remind you to fight the good fight every time you go to have your morning coffee. Or use it as your ‘office mug’ to provoke conversation.
But the main benefit to Mug Club is that it allows us to do the work that we do and that we plan to do.
Stand With Mug Club.
Stand With Operation Frankish.

‘Baby’ – The Film (A must read)


This new temporary system we are using in which I have more time during office hours to pursue things in person is playing out extremely well.


I have been given some freedom to do what I do best – get on the phone and speak.



I’m only two days into the new model and I’ve already had a long and involved call with a fantastic independent film maker.



On the back end of that conversation we have now arranged to meet next Tuesday to take things onto the next level. Once more, because I have bit more daytime freedom I am able to go off and attend such meetings.



You can see the obvious benefits and results when I am cut loose somewhat.



The remit I have discussed with her would be a 40 minute film documentary based on and inspired by the case of ‘Baby’ the Bulldog.



We are fortunate that this particular film maker has a passion for pets and has already read about our work and history.



We may even call the film simply ‘Baby’. The name is unimportant for now.




What we will look to do is create the most powerful independent short film documentary ever made that deals with this subject. We will use this film to heavily push how utterly failed the justice system is.




I have a very good instinct about doing this. You know how you sometimes get an idea or thought and somewhere deep in your gut you just know that this thing is the right thing to do?



That’s the feeling I get with this.




One thing I may try to pursue is a sponsor for the film. A sponsor is plausible given the potential reach a short film has.


As with all things, the more daytime hours I am able to function with, the more I can pursue things like a sponsor.


But we’d obviously need you the people to step up and fundraise for us as well. Do not see this as ‘my’ film nor even that of OF. See it more as the peoples film. See it not so much as a sentimental tribute to that poor dog, see it as a powerful weapon that can be used in multiple ways.




A film inspired by the true events of that tragic day would have absolute longevity. It would have relevance whenever anyone watched it. We can subtitle it for an international market also.




We can enter it into film festivals and competitions across the country and in Europe.



We can be open to offers from a mainstream media company to buy the broadcasting rights.



This would be by far and away with best thing we have ever done.



You should absolutely and definitely do everything you can to help me, and to help make this a reality.



Our Favourite Number Is One


I am extremely optimistic for the future of this cause, the stated goals and where everything is headed.


There’s a lot for you to feel optimism over as well and I will unpack some of that stuff here.



The first reason for optimism is that we have a good little team here. I have about three people on the team, they are all good in different ways, but if asked to step up and do something – they do it.






We’ve got one guy who is learning as he goes with video editing and nothing is too much for him.  What I really like about his style is that he takes on his brief and just comes back with the thing that was asked for. Usually bang on time as well. Despite learning as he goes, he never fusses me if he has an issue doing a new thing. He just uses his own initiative and finds a fix. Then he fixes it and presents the finished thing. No fuss, no hassle, no drama.




We have two women in our team and what I will say of them is that anything asked of them that relates to our cause, they will do it. There’s no huge debate, they all just believe in what we are doing so we all just get on with things.



This is obviously very good as it means things are very stable with a few very committed people all involved.



Indeed, it is due to the stability and those foundations that we are now able to go off and do some research and development with some pretty cool and exciting things.




Cool and exciting things



For example, we mentioned that in the world of documentaries there just isn’t much that specifically deals with this issue in a powerful way.



Documentaries can be extremely high yield. The potential reach on mediums like You Tube and Live Leak is vast.


You can offer it out to television channels who will v often buy independent content. You can take the full documentary and slice it, using short bites of it over and over, in many different ways. It can be sent as a Tweet or in an e mail to everyone and anyone of significance.



My initial working thoughts are that it will be between 45mins to one hour long and be inspired by the true events of the original ‘Baby’ case.






However, I am by no means an expert on documentary creation. And that’s why I have turned to people who are.


At this exact moment in time I am communicating with two different creators, one of whom has already stated a vested interest in these issues.



I am speaking with these people and my intention is to set up a meeting with them over the next ten days.





Incidentally, now that you know the theme of what we are looking to do, please feel free to offer up any suggestions for a name for it, even a working title. Don’t worry if you cant think of a good one. Its not super vital right now, what is important right now is that I set up to meet these creators and kick on from there.



A hard hitting independent documentary can be a powerful tool – it also demonstrates capability. But its important not to cut corners and its important to get it right. I expect to have the meetings really soon so I will be sure to keep readers fully updated.




Opfrank TV



Another reason to be optimistic is our decision to explore the use of freelance journalists to do work ‘on the ground’ for us. This is entirely separate to the documentary. I will be spending a large part of this week and next week establishing a base of potential people we could use nationwide.



At the very least I plan to trial it. My plan is to find the very best person for the task and then maybe choose a city like Middlesbrough or Liverpool. We’d send our guy into the town centre of a Saturday afternoon to do a live report in which they’d engage with the public and ask them some great questions. I strongly believe this is worth pursuing, at least as a trial.





If it proves popular and people watch it, share it, and if it provokes debate and conversation – we can do it again.



Those are all reasons and evidence of why anyone who cares at all about these issues should have optimism. There is some genuine creativity and direction to all of this. There are some very driven and intelligent people involved in this.






Here’s something else that should give you optimism. I received an e mail from a female in Wales last week saying how she would be happy to travel and ‘doorstep’ abusers for us.



It takes quite a level of commitment to want to do that. I wouldn’t have her do it though. I don’t care about the safety of sickos but I do care about the safety of people like her. It may be true that sadists are cowards at heart, but they are erratic and dangerous, and doorstepping them is not something I would just hand to a female, regardless of how well intentioned she was.



Doorstepping is legit thing to do. It can be done to abusers or public officials. But its not something you just steam into unprepared, so if there was doorstepping to be done, it would be done by those best equipped to do that task. If something happens in my city, I’d be happy to doorstep them myself, but even then I would prepare.






How to create the perfect shit storm with the database



Then there’s the database. As soon as we settle on a name I have some good plans to promote that. A strong public database would be a very powerful thing to have on our side. What I can tell you is that as far as the press are concerned the thing THEY most like us doing is basically flying our plane over a high profile game. How do I know? They have told me.



That’s why I think it would be a great idea to finalise a good domain and promote the domain by flying it on a banner over such a game. If that’s what the press want and like – why not give them it? This time it wouldn’t be a generic message but a domain that would direct people to our database. Imagine that hitting the press.



There is a chance that the Government would try to ‘shut it down’. Not saying they would succeed but they could well try. They do not like you assuming control and power. We’d cross that bridge when we came to it, but any attempt to shut it down would be turned into a gigantic own goal for any Government minister trying to do so. The Government trying to shut it down would play into our hands to a degree.



You really do have something with great potential at your fingertips here. To be fair, an increasing number of people are starting to get it, they are starting to see it.


Together we can change the dynamic in this country so that Britain became the leaders in combating this kind of evil.


And make no mistake – these people are evil.


The state alone cannot beat them back.

The people alone cannot beat them back.



But people putting a long overdue rocket up the arse of the state so they at long last began to use the powers only they are privy to? That would most definitely make a massive difference.




Society is at a bit of a cross roads in this country. Leniency toward abusers has encouraged abusers. They are haughty and arrogant, drunk on the leniency demonstrated toward them.



We can go on choosing that path. Or we can do everything we possibly can to get a grip on this situation and not let up until such a time we are convinced that Britain is indeed the number #1 when it comes to addressing this.




We don’t want Britain to be number ten or four.


We want to be number one.


We want to turn this country into an example to the World.


That’s a noble aim and its achievable.



Lets achieve it.





The Register – Your Chance To Vote For a Name



(Click here to vote now)


Here’s something that should lift you and that you can get involved in on Monday.


As well as those other developments that we’ve announced, the new areas we are going to explore, we absolutely and definitely plan to push and create this database/cyber register of convicted abusers.



The plan is this. We could laboriously sit here for months Googling old cases.


That’s no use.



It would take too long and it would completely distract me from everything else. I think if we tried to get it going that way we’d get bored with it and it wouldn’t get done.



This is the better plan – especially when you don’t have a team of dedicated data researchers you can call upon to devote themselves to this.




What we are going to do is create a very slick infrastructure for it and then simply allow the cases to grow organically.



We will lead with say a dozen big cases and openly invite the public to send in reports of their cases, those seen in the press, court reports etc. We’ll create a special feature button purely for that purpose.



Doing it this way achieves multiple things.



It permits us to get the concept out there and live with the least delay




It encourages people to go visit it and it prompts and provokes them to think of cases and send them.




It allows the register to grow organically and with the public very much involved in the growth of the data.




As more data floods in its then a relatively simple matter of adding it and adding it until one day you have about as comprehensive a database as you could hope for.



I think it would take only a short time and a few promotional videos for people to get the idea and start sending in the cases they remember.




And we can also have a statement on site saying we are seeking one or two volunteers whose role it would be to simply and only research cases and add them.



This will make it a highly efficient model.



My intention is not to just create it and leave it hanging there. Operation Frankish doesn’t do ‘hanging there’.


Operation Frankish does a big splash and that’s how I intend to get the story of the launch into the public domain.



I intend to do ONE public that is the most likely to get our new database known by the general public.


I said we were rolling back on public events to place more emphasis on heavy use of video and exploring the use of deploying our own reporters. Rolling back does not mean stop.



So to promote it and make sure that it ruffled feathers of people in public office and abusers – I plan to action a stunt that will carry the URL of the database to a mass of people.



There’s no need to explain why this makes perfect tactical sense – you are all smart enough to see why.



The only thing I have yet to decide on? A name. What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot as it happens.



Operation Frankish was a shrewd pick because any time it got press checked the writer had to pre face their story with the original case. They had no choice. Their readers would not have understood the name otherwise. This was smart since it kept on dragging the case and those pukes into the public domain, long after it would normally be forgotten.



That’s why a name is important.




I know there’s not much cheer to be found with this subject usually, but my hope is that through our creativity and courage that we can offer you something to be cheerful about.



Rather than being stuck depressed and angry by it all its far better and more empowering to fight back by all creative and intelligent means.




Anyway, to get you off to a hop and skip, I have left a link here which will take you to a list of names that we could possibly run with for the database.


(Click and vote)


Silhouette of man casting his vote


There is a total mix of styles. Some are formal. Some are informal. You’ll see for yourself when you click.




You are invited to cast a vote for your favourite. Take your time. Consider each. Keep in mind that this is purely the name of what we might be calling the register.



When you think of your choice, stop to consider it appearing on a public promo or in the press. You don’t need to say which one you opted for. On Sunday we will revisit this list and this poll and we will put up the results.




It doesn’t mean I will 100% go with the winner, but the winner will most certainly shape my thinking. In fact the whole poll will shape my thinking, so its worth doing and a fun thing to do.




You’ll note that in the choices I have only listen names and not the .domain.



The reason for this is that you can get many different types of .domain. You obviously know about your usual suspects, etc.



But you can get things like .lol



Giving a list of those along with a name would just confuse and mix people up. That’s why I have simplified it down to just the name.



I guess I am asking you to vote with your head and not your heart here. I personally cannot stand candy floss. But do I think candy floss might be a good product to sell at a kids show? Yes!



When you are looking at this list try to see it that way. See it how you think it might look when it gains momentum on social media, or if we used it in a public promo, or if were quoted in the press. Let that lead how you vote.





It also goes without saying that to do all of this cant be done for free. Your donations are the lifeblood of the work we most passionately wish to do to make life better for pets in the UK. And to make life much less of a ball for those cowardly freaks who would dare abuse them for a laugh.



Even doing this feature, creating and heavily promoting a register like this – not easy and not free. The reason I am here on a Sunday night writing about it is that I believe in it. I believe the time is long overdue to go on the front foot.






There are only four very quick and easy things I ask of you over Monday.




1) Click on the vote link and cast your vote



2) Donate just £2 toward our aggressive pursuit of this facility by paypal –






3) Write £2 in comments on FB so we have a measure who stands with us on such things.




4) Share the hell out of this.


Like and Share Thumbs Up



Statement to our readers – good times


I have decided to freshen and mix things up somewhat over the next few weeks and months.

I consider this to be a necessity.


In the relatively short time we’ve existed we have shown how its possible to put bad people on the back foot, again and again. You can consider that a demonstration, and the abusers can consider it as an example. But the main point is we have shown how doing that is possible.



We have also shown, multiple times in fact, that we can put on a promotion that attracts both public and press attention.



It is obviously positive that we have shown and proven that we are capable of doing such things, different things.



However, there are times when you have demonstrated a thing and you must either then put that thing to one side or use it less.



For example, we would simply not have the means and manpower to do to every abuser what ‘those two’ were faced with.



That’s why having demonstrated what can be done its key to then have more substance. That’s why we are all about ensuring that the sentences are restructured in such a way that in future punishments better fit the crime.




We are still all about that. Its merely that for the next few weeks and months we are going to adopt a different approach. Its good to keep your tactics fresh and always be evolving. A new way does not mean you cannot dip back into proven methods already used, those methods are always there for us to use at any given time.




We are going to be placing less emphasis on public promotions for the time being. In an ideal world I’d keep them going as well as doing what I am about to speak about.



But we only have limited funds and limited pairs of hands, so we need to choose a way and go with that for a time.




So what are we going to place more emphasis on?




Well, for a start, we are going to explore the use of freelance journalists to do work for us. We can use them in any number of ways and I’d like to investigate and use at least some of those ways.



I don’t think we can always rely on the conventional press to get out there and ask the pointed questions that must be asked. One example of what can do is have a journalist on the ground and speaking to members of the public in any city where a big story breaks.




We can do more than simply write a factual account of events. We can get journalists on the ground and engaging with the public. Asking the public the questions that are rarely asked of them but need to be. Questions relating to animal cruelty, questions relating to present punishments, questions relating to public funds being spent to mollycoddle and give special protections to the perpetrators.


N24 Reporter mit Kameramann




That’s the sort of work we want to investigate and pursue. It might be that one month we have a reporter in M’boro and another month there will be one in Liverpool.


My vision is that their work will be mostly visual, recorded and uploaded to social media and You Tube. Their interviews or when we send them to challenge a public official – we plan to have all that recorded and upload it. This means we wont only deploy the use of freelance reporters but we’ll take on a camera man on an ad hoc basis as well, depending on where the report is being done from.







With that in mind I have set aside the next few weeks to go on a recruitment drive. My goal will be to return with a series of journalists who fit our model as well as people who can serve as cameramen for us.




My intention is to create regular edgy material which is about 30 mins long and very easy for anyone to watch and engage with. We will then heavily promote that content so that it gets maximum reach and exposure.




This is a very exciting direction to go in if I can get the right people in place. That’s now going to be my focus for a month – get those people in place. I already have a massive number of leads and potential contacts that I can start to work through on Monday.




We want to create gold standard reports and bulletins that are professionally done. We need to look and be serious. This is a good and fresh direction to take it. If its done as well as I want it to be done, there is a very good chance that these high quality ‘on the ground’ reports will be picked up by your conventional media as well.




Just mull over this. We want to put ourselves in a position now that if a big story breaks we can dispatch a reporter to that town or city for some on the ground public opinion. We can deploy a reporter and send them to ask public officials some searching questions. And we can record it all and heavily promote it.



I am very enthusiastic about this evolution of our methods. It doesn’t mean that we wont do an event or promotion here and there, but I would very much like and recommend that if we can get the right people then we go forward this way for the next while and that the bulk of donations go toward producing this and making it possible.




The other new method I hope to rely more heavily on are short videos of about 3 or 4 minutes long. This is something we have dabbled in here and there and they do prove popular.




However, I would now like to extend the use of short promotional video and vignettes far more often. They are easy to watch, download, share, and they get a short message out in striking ways.


We do have someone in our team who is learning on the job, but I want to place a lot more emphasis on short videos that are excellent optics – he is going to need help. Some of the video we have in mind would be beyond his level of experience at this time. So as part of the time I am taking out to focus on development, I am going to get him some help and we are going to place far more emphasis on that as well.




We can create a powerful media mix of reports, short cutting edge video and supplemented with the occasional public promotion.



We can have presence across the UK by way of deploying one of our eventual short list of reporters to the scene. We will have far more editioral freedoms than any newspaper since they often would not dare to print what the independent content creators will print. For example, they were too afraid to publish that screenshot of Frankish making dubious comments about children. We were not.




These are developments you should embrace since what we are seeking to do is seriously add to our arsenal and take things on to a whole new level.



If we get this just right it can be an extremely powerful use of resources and time.



I at least think we should explore and trial these methods a few times, lets see what sort of content we can create, lets see what feathers can be ruffled by sending our own reporter to the scene of an incident.



Our reporters can even have an Opfrank TV logo on their mic since, after all, they would be working for us. We can even have them ‘doorstep’ public officials to ask them pointed questions. Its entirely legal, journalists doorstep people all the time.




If we are able to develop and pull off what I now have in mind, it would be an amazing thing for this cause and these issues.



It would elevate things to a whole other level and it would draw in large numbers of real people.



We’d not only be the pressure group with our stated goals in mind, we’d be the go to place to watch uncensored reports and the people and public officials being asked the most searching of questions.




I am extremely optimistic about these proposals as I can clearly see the obvious potential in them. The good thing is that I think almost anyone could visualise the potential in them.



Produced, edited and promoted well the reach of such material would be vast, and what’s more – people can always watch it anytime and it would still be relevant. The better we became at doing them the more people in real life would be drawn over to these issues and made to think about what they can do.




If you stand with us then what we can literally create is not just a pressure group that does good promotions to get a headline for the issues. You can invest and help to create what would really be your own media.



Lets say for the sake of the story that there was an appalling story in Manchester. Lets say the general consensus was that there were still too many unanswered questions and public officials who had come up short but not been properly challenged (if at all).




We can do it. We can dispatch one of our journalists to Manchester and he or she can work to our remit as wished for by the people. In this way you are shaping what the story might be about as well.



I am also going to appoint someone to manage our You Tube channel. Its critical that I find someone to do that one task since our intention is now to seriously put our channel on cyber steroids.



When we produce the sort of content I speak about we are clearly then going to use such mediums to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people.




Will this be easy? No. But I think I can probably pull it off. That’s why I am going to spend some time putting the framework in place. Would it be fantastic despite not being easy? Yes. To do what I now want to do is quite innovative, at least its innovative when specific to one type of crime.




Its going to take a lot of efforts, calls, conversations and negotiations. I will do all of that. I’ll screen prospective reporters to ensure they are a good fit, I’ll find those prepared to go the extra mile, I’ll negotiate their remit and their rates as competitively as I can. In some cases I may even be able to secure services for free, but we cannot count on that, that would be a bonus ball.




My belief is that if we can lead in with some good opening content that has mass reach then there will soon be amateurs coming forward keen to do work for us for expenses or totally free.




Its a big challenge. But we can rise to the challenge and I think if we do this, I think if we get it right, then it can be a very powerful step forward for this entire cause.



These abusers may not pay what they owe but there will come the day when they reap what they sow.



This would be the biggest leap Operation Frankish has ever made. This would be a giant leap for everything related to these issues. We could potentially send our reporters anywhere to cover any incident, or we could get them to door step public officials who had failed us.



At a stroke we become a pressure group and our own grass roots media outlet.


This is pure gold. What do we need you to do? We need you to know you stand with Operation Frankish as we progress and we raise the bar to create a media that gives real people a voice and that doesn’t let failed public officials slither off unchallenged.



So if you do stand with Operation Frankish and this amazing development do two things.


Write “I stand with Operation Frankish” in FB comments. And share this post.


And please consider donation to our plans.


Paypal –





Project Doom And Op Rain storm


As you can see we’re currently inviting people to step up and assist in making our latest promotion a reality;




If you want to read more detail about that project and have not yet done so – you can do so here;


We’ve had a few £20 and even £50 donations in so far as well as one larger donation. If they are reading – thanks to all of them.





If you want to assist the cause then our paypal is listed at the end of the promo video. The more we get in the more we can do and more often. And the more often you hammer away at something the faster that something gives way.



Sharks and Serial Killers


People may know I’m not into(watching) TV but I quite like looking for a good documentary to watch online. Something grounded in gritty reality. Its not that there are a lack of documentaries out there to watch. If you want to know about sharks, serial killers or JFK then there are no end of documentaries.



What I have noticed is that there are a dearth of any documentaries which specifically tackle this subject. Very thin on the ground indeed. You may get some brief reference within another type of documentary, such as one on serial killers. You might find something on dog fighting, which is a phenomenon in of itself.


But there are a definite lack of any documentaries that set out to address these very specific offences and offenders heads on.


I have looked. There isn’t much. There’s a few shockumenaties about slaughterhouses and so on – again, a different sphere.



The long and the short of it is we are looking into producing our own documentary on the subject. We’d have to get outside assistance of course, but we are already speaking to various contacts, the conversation is being had.



When done well and promoted on mediums such as You Tube, a good independent documentary can draw in mass views. It would not be at all implausible to get a million views in a year these days. That’s a million new people who’d be engaged and informed by way of a documentary about a subject not often covered by the mainstream.



We’d hold editorial and content control, so no need to worry about being misrepresented in the final cut. No need to hope that a particular piece of content had been included.



This would be a very exciting project for us to do and we’d hold full copyright. That means if any mainstream channel wanted to use it in whole or in part – they would be obligated to gain our permissions.



I am going to be spending quite a bit of time evaluating this and I’ll give updates as and when there is something extra to say.




Project Doom


A biggest issue with doing the database is physically securing enough data. We don’t have a team who can sit and Google cases all day long and then collate them all to us in a coherent way.

I definitely would not have the time to sit and do that.


Nope. The solution is simple. Rather than painstakingly try to pull together every story that we can when we can, I plan to simply roll it out as a prototype with say 12 of the worst cases to start with.




As the database is promoted and pushed people will themselves soon use the ‘report a case’ feature to alert us to other cases which can then quickly be added.


In a fairly short time you’ll end up with a very comprehensive database in which the data itself is fed to you by the public (and checked, of course). Once people get the idea that its participatory they will soon start sending in submissions of cases.


We’ll create video to promote both the database but also aimed at specifically inviting people to send us their cases.


As it grows and evolves we will update it weekly and more as it develops.


But for promotion purposes there is absolutely no reason not to lead in with the 12 worst cases and go from there.


So that’s what we plan to do.


Which brings me to a related matter and one you are welcome to chime in on and give your feedback on.


We need to call the database … something. There’s two ways we can run with this and here are each in turn.


We can call it something fairly mundane but certainly transparently obvious. Like (as an example) Pet Abuse Database UK. Dull? Yes. Functional? Certainly. So we can go down that route and keep it all very formal that way.



The alternative is to be a little more creative and bad ass. The one thing abusers dislike is being on a public register of any kind. They want people to forget or be unaware and a database like that undermines that capacity to say the least. A database never forgets.


We could go a different direction from a functional name and be very trollish and in their face with the name. We could it something like



Let us know if you connect better with the more formal and functional or the more wilfully provocative.



That’s the round up. I’ll look back in at the weekend so have a good second half to the week.