Someone tripped up last night whilst carrying a brick and it accidentally went through the Frankish family’s window.  Our thoughts are with the Frankish family at this sad time.

A free copy of our Operation Unforgiven campaign poster was hand delivered to the family’s address.  Of course, Andy and Dan would not actually be eligible to claim the £2000 should they decide to hand over any animal and child abuse videos they have to the police.


Frankish brothers “targeted by smear campaign”

The Express have covered Operation Unforgiven today.  I wasn’t aware we were an “extreme animal rights group”.  What did the journalist find so extreme about our expectation of a criminal going to jail?  Personally, I think animal abuse is extreme.  Andrew Frankish is an extremist because he advocates violence towards animals and raping of children.  Compassion for animals is a normal viewpoint.


Never relenting, never retreating..

Welcome to the new website of Operation Frankish. I would first like to give a genuine thank you to those who made it possible to get us up and running today. While many people have flattered us with their good wishes and support the truth is that when people step up and assist then they are OUR inspiration. That is one of the reasons why Operation Frankish will never relent, retreat nor surrender. There is no question of us ever taking one single step back for as long as we have your support and backing. You drive us to drive this.

When we learned today that Facebook had shut down our main page we were not surprised. However we had legislated for such a thing and had an immediate back-up page ready to go. From there we had messages offering to help develop and get a dedicated site going – Here we are.

The site will give us so much more than a mere FB page ever could. First of all we will not be beholden to FB and their ever bizarre “community standards”. Moreover it is very easy for work to get lost or be hard to find once posted on FB.

For first time visitors with no previous awareness of who we are and what our goals are this Q&A should cover everything.

Q) When did you set up and why?

A) We formed in April 2016. Our goal is to not only ensure that both Andrew and Daniel Frankish are recalled to court and that they have their sentence reviewed, but that the laws themselves be changed to ensure that all those who are convicted of such offences go to prison for a substantial length of time.

Q) Are you a vigilante group or lynch mob?

A) Absolutely not. From the outset we have campaigned on a platform of being creative but remaining lawful. We have actively discouraged random acts of violence or vigilantism. We are a growing network of intelligent and creative people who believe our methods and plans will bring a better result than random acts of aggression. We empathise with people who feel that way, but it is not our way.
Q) Why did you choose to do the plane?

A) The plane over the football stadium was high visibility, high impact and it generated a high level of press coverage, national and regional. It delivered all of that for an affordable budget.
Q) How are you funded?

A) Donations. We have had donations from all over the world. Donations make the ideas come to life.
Q) How many of there are you in Operation Frankish?

A) Everyone that assists, donates and backs us is a de facto part of OF. There is no number. We are a reflection of a public mood which has rightly lost faith in the justice system. These people want their faith restored.
Q) Tell us about the £2000 reward?

A) We have put out a reward of £2000 for information and evidence leading to the conviction of Andrew and Daniel Frankish. Two sick and twisted individuals such as that have more than one dirty little secret. The reward is a carrot to tease out the secrets people may hold on them. All information and evidence will be passed on to detectives if appropriate.
Q) What’s the aim of it?

A) If they are convicted of further crimes then they will be given a sentence for those crimes and they will also have to serve their original sentence for what they did to ‘Baby’.
Q) Do you have future plans and operations?

A) Yes we do. We plan one for May and potentially have one for each month covering the next year. If we need them.
Q) Why was this case unique?

A) It was unique in the sense that they filmed it and made a point of holding onto the footage for two years. The level of sadism and evil demonstrated in the clip was such that makes both of them a clear and legitimate danger to women, children and, of course, other animals.
What was not unique was the pathetic ‘sentence’ they were originally handed. The public have had enough of dangerous and sick individuals walking free from court and at liberty to hurt something or someone else.

This MUST change.