Famous Events That Happened on June 1st in Britain

Tomorrow is June 1st, 2016.  “Just another day”, people may say.  Entirely wrong.  No matter how long someone lived you will never again live 1/6/16.  In that one sense it is unique as is any day.  I was having a brief look at some noted events that took place on June 1st in British history.  Not uninteresting;

1495 – A monk, John Cor, records the first known batch of Scotch whisky.
1535 – Combined forces loyal to Charles V attack and expel the Ottomans from Tunis during the Conquest of Tunis.
1679 – The Scottish Covenanters defeat John Graham of Claverhouse at the Battle of Drumclog.
1794 – The battle of the Glorious First of June is fought, the first naval engagement between Britain and France during the French Revolutionary Wars.
1910 – Robert Falcon Scott’s second South Pole expedition leaves Cardiff.
1923 : Both Great Britain and the United States are demanding back the loans made to France borrowed during the First World War but the French answer is both Britain and America are much richer nations and as the war was a world war they should not have to pay the money back, negotiations are continuing at diplomatic levels.
1967 UK Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 1st June 1967 : One of the most iconic LP’s from the 1960’s Music is released by The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band selling over 8 million copies worldwide.
1974 – The Heimlich manoeuvre for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine.

Some interesting events from June 1st throughout time.

Rather than June 1st 2016 being a ‘nothing’ day, why not through your own will and efforts make it the day that the British public said “NO MORE” to filth, scum, sadists and paedophiles walking free from courts having been convicted?

As of tomorrow we shall have 19 days until we despatch all 21 boxes.  That may seem quite a lot of time but it is not.  In fact it is no time at all but it is certainly plenty of time for you to do your part to now make this as much of a thing as you can for the next 19 days.  Do it for yourself if nothing else since one day predators of that type may be moved in near you or predate on those you care for.  You don’t even need be a pet owner to get into this, all you really need be is a man or women that believes sadists and freaks should never be freed after getting convicted and that the safety of the innocent should take priority.

It’s that simple.  If we can all play a part in achieving those definitely required changes then its probably one of the biggest and best things you will do.  Ever.  And we can all play a part tomorrow and for 19 days by getting busy and getting inventive and getting the mystery of Operation Black Box out there.

Think of it like that old film ‘The Blair Witch Project’.  The actual film itself almost became superfluous.  Why?  Because of the nature of the build-up in advance.  The creators of that film did a sterling job with the concept and after that the public more or less created their own hype for them.  That’s what Black Box is somewhat like.  The content is certainly compelling and unusual but what really counts this time is the drive and push.

Here’s another way to look at it: Let’s say Operation Frankish is represented by your favourite model of car.  But what use is a car without fuel?  That’s okay though because the ‘fuel’ is the funds that people donate to us.  But what use is a car and fuel without a driver?  Very little.  On this occasion and to a large degree YOU are the driver.  You can drive this how far and how fast you wish.  Or you can sit in the car and never turn the key in the ignition.

It’s that simple.  If you are truly serious about forcing this country to deal with the paedophiles and animal torturers it presently sets free then it’s not something to hope for at some distant point.  It’s not something that those in power are going to wake up and lead with by themselves.  They must feel forced and that force must be you.  I am convinced that with both the imagination and driving force that 2016 can be a huge year for victims of such vermin.

For once I’m not even going to propose ways and ideas to make the build up to OBB a thing.  I think we already give plenty in the way of ideas and I think our loyal funders already give plenty by way of needed finance.  We have shown you OUR imagination and OUR will.  Those who fund us show you their will.  And now we would like to see your imagination and will in respect to OBB.

To maximise this operation brings me no personal gain nor any of the team.  Nil.  However, through the accumulative momentum of these Operations we can all go a long way to putting an end to this madness of allowing these dangerous freaks among us.  We can all make children and animals that bit safer.  And if we can do that?  Then we will all be ‘rich’.





Death Has No Dominion Over Your Actions – Be Immortal

One day our bodies grow old and they die.  There is no escaping that end irrespective of how rich or powerful a person is – or how poor.  If old age doesn’t get you then something else will.  Few of us know the what or when.  Probably a good thing since it would probably drive people demented otherwise.

Perhaps the most enduring fear of man is in fact death itself.  This fear of death has likely been the catalyst for every version of an afterlife that exists.  There are thousands of versions of so called afterlives – none have ever come with any proof.  The most likely reason for the total absence of evidence is that such concepts are but an invention of the mind.  I can see why people have been seduced into it throughout time though.  It’s a good emotional sell to market the afterlife idea to people inherently afraid to die.  I’m afraid that for all the so claimed “near death experiences”, these can usually be explained (and the phenomenon replicated) using scientific means.

Its not all doom and gloom though.  There are two things that your death has no dominion over.  The first is the proliferation of your genes – having children.  And the other (and this is a key one) are YOUR actions while you are alive.  If your actions are earnest enough and if they are righteous in nature then the results of your actions will likely outlive you.  And so long as those actions are not rooted in material gains then those actions may lead to many who come after you benefiting from the actions that you chose to take.  And so without all the fairy tales and fables man reaches his sought after immortality by virtue of his actions.  Not for the purpose of fame or fortune (since the person is dead).  Their body will die but their actions, example, ideology and ethos can live on.

There is more good news.  Absolutely anyone can choose immortality by virtue of their actions.  It is never too late and one can start any day.  All that it requires is that you resolve to take or support the sort of actions which may one day make a difference to those who are not you.

No normal and decent person would agree that sadists and paedophiles should be convicted yet set free from court.  That’s why this has always been and remains so much more than two brothers and one dog.  This should be seen as symbolic for all the victims of sadists, animal abusers and paedophiles.

You absolutely must DEMAND that such types are NOT casually let loose after conviction and you must never ever let go until the arrogant popinjays of Government finally buckle and relent.  They WILL bend in the end if enough pressure is applied.  They’d be left with no choice.  And that would mean sweeping law reforms.  Sweeping law reforms that will change British legal history and make you “immortal”.

“From delusion lead me to truth.
From darkness lead me to light
From death lead me to immortality.”

Time to let British public defend themselves

It is time the British public were told a number of truths. The first truth is that this is not the Britain of the 50’s or 60’s.  This almost quaint idea that people still hold is not grounded in the reality of today.  Look at a typical police officer from back then vs. today. That should tell you everything.

Back then they’d have a whistle and a short baton.  That was pretty much their entire arsenal of weapons.  It suited the times as they didn’t really need more than that in most cases.  These days you see officers dressed more like combat soldiers than policemen.  Even your average constable is armed with a range of items that Batman himself would envy.  They have their extendable batons, their tazers, their handcuffs and in some situations they have firearms.  Not to mention the stab proof vests and other gear.  Sadly this is also a garb which is probably applicable to the times of today.  The human excrement is more prolific and more dangerous therefore it follows that the police must adapt accordingly.  It’s sad but true.  Been to an airport of late?  Then armed officers with machine guns are now the norm.  Gone are the days when you could float through an airport in minutes and with no hassle.

The criminals have gotten more prolific and dangerous.  The police have brought their own protection up in line with that.  What about the public though?  We are still stuck in a time warp as if it were the 50’s/60’s?  Despite the fact that there are more dangerous people out there who are so dangerous that not even the police would face them without dressing as robocop, the public have been forgotten.  Our daughters and wives are just sort of expected to accept being more at risk and with no viable means of protecting themselves.

How many people each year are sexually assaulted, raped, robbed and mugged?  With the possible exception of rape and sexual assault the police don’t seem to place a real emphasis on the rest.  If only 10% of those victims could have bought themselves the time to escape then it would be a success story.  I think it is time that the government allowed members of the public to buy and possess certain defensive items.  It goes without saying that if the items were used in a crime then that’s a different story, but for defensive purposes I believe that people should be permitted to buy and possess items like pepper spray, a tazer or stun gun.  In responsible hands such a thing may indeed buy that lone girl at night the time she needs to escape from an attacker.  They all have their flaws of course.  Pepper spray has the obvious one of wind direction.  A tazer gives you distance but requires accuracy and a stun gun you need to be close up to use.  But ALL of them would be better than some 8 stone girl having nothing.

If the police are better allowed to protect themselves (due to a more dangerous society) and if the MPs walk around with an entourage of security then why shouldn’t the public also have a right to better safeguard their family?

It’s a ‘needs must’ situation in my opinion.

By all means licence them but allow people to buy and possess.  By all means make responsible use clear but at least give the public a chance.  These items are presently (and laughably) classed as being “firearms” under British law.  Naturally they aren’t taken as seriously as guns but they do fall under the definition.  There are those who will argue that if it were permitted that criminals would “get more violent”.  But they are already deadly.  Knife crime is prolific in Britain.  At least if someone pulled a knife on you, you’d have a bit more of a chance if you could pull out and use a defensive weapon.

The British public want to hold on to this fantasy idea that things are still very safe and there’s just no call to consider such a thing.

There is.

Operation Black Box 21 – Q & A

Q) What’s in the box?
A) One does not simply ask what is in the box.  Legend has it that whoever does not act having seen the contents is forever haunted by a ghostly image of Andrew Frankish wearing lipstick and girls clothes (as usual).

Q) Is it safe and legal?
A) No.  We thought we’d pop an angry tiger in each box and see if that makes any ears prick up upon receipt.  But yes, it is both legal and safe.

Q) Do you think the courier might see them as “suspicious” owing to them being black?
A) Only if he used to be an LA cop.  To help them in this regard we are clearly labelling each as being “important contents for information only”.

Q) Do you think there’s a good chance OBB can bring more pressure down on the brothers and on the body politic?
A) That’s mostly always our aim.  There’s a very good chance but it will depend absolutely on how much of a phenomenon the public make the mystery over the next two weeks or so.  The more that they do the better a result it will yield.  I can’t control that beyond motivating them and explaining.

Q) How can we help get the fable of the box going?
A) Let your imagination loose.  You can create some fitting hashtags and get them going.

How To Use Hashtags Effectively In Your Social Media Marketing

You can create some OBB memes based on our stuff and share them.

You can share OBB posts on Facebook.

You can make a short video about OBB and upload it to You Tube.

And so on…

Q) Any light-hearted moments during the Operation?
A) Yes.  Try going into busy stores and asking for 21 black boxes and not looking like you are a terrorist.  We got them online in the end.  Far harder to get precisely what we wanted than you might think.

Q) When would be the best time to really push the momentum on this?
A) Right now but increasingly every day until the 20th of June.

Q) How does this compare to all else you have done?
A) It’s totally different.  On the other occasions we wanted (and got) a public push after the event.  On this occasion we need it before the event.


An ethical dilemma

I’m no expert on the human brain and in all truth even the stuff experts presently know might seem rudimentary in years to come.  However they do still know many things right now that are interesting.  Here’s an example.  They can take a sampling of people, show them graphically violent images (car crashes etc.) and they can measure the way it stimulates the brain in different people.  The long and the short of it is that those who could be considered to have a sadistic nature would find that this one area of their brain would become very triggered when such images were seen.  For reasons that I am not sure of this percentage of people seem to have evolved to be mentally stimulated by images that would abhor others.

I’ve seen similar experiments done in relation to sexuality.  I watched a very similar experiment in which a homosexual man was first shown images of attractive women.  Brain patterns did not alter.  When the images were swapped to those of men then right away major changes in brain activity were recorded.  The same thing in reverse would happen had they used a heterosexual man.

The sexuality one isn’t massively interesting in the context of this, but the capacity to record a sadistic nature in someone is.  By the time most sadists are apprehended they’ve usually already left behind a trail of victims.  I have no idea at all why a percentage of people seem to have evolved this trigger aspect in that part of the brain when shown very violent material.  Maybe there is no ‘benefit’ to it and there never was and its just one of those evolutionary flukes.  It’s possible that this part of someone’s nature would have remained totally dormant until one day it was in fact triggered by images or scenes that were the catalyst.

Notice how there is an explosion of sick child and animal abuse materials since the internet became a thing.  One day someone with a nature like that which had remained dormant gets curious.  A few clicks of a button and he is faced with an ocean of images that serve as that facilitator.  It would not have been possible to source and see such images pre internet.  Therefore no stimuli to activate that part of their brain.  Then once that part of the brain lights up it seems to become an addiction to these people.  It seems to consume them.

Imagine if at around 18 everyone was required to take this visual test to see what results in them it yielded.  What would you do about the percentage that were revealed to have this nature?  Would it be ethical to intervene early and pretty much keep a sharp eye on them forever?  Or would that be way too much of an intrusion and it’s better not to test for it at all?  Is it better to just have the status quo in which these sadists eventually reach critical mass and start destroying lives?


National Disgrace

Abuse of children and animals tends to be very secretive by its nature.  Any figures and statistics are liable to be vastly understated.  In order to get an idea of the scale of these problems in the UK I took to some brief research.  This is from the NSPCC:

How many children are abused or neglected in the UK?
“We don’t know exactly how many children in the UK are victims of child abuse.  Child abuse is usually hidden from view and children may be too young, too scared or too ashamed to tell anyone about what is happening to them.”

With that being said;
“There are currently over 50,000 children identified as needing protection from abuse in the UK..”
Source: Child protection register and plan statistics for all UK nations for 2014.

Don’t loosen your collars yet though because…..

“We estimate that for every child identified as needing protection from abuse, another 8 are suffering abuse”.

So in reality they estimated it’s more like 400,000.
That’s the population of a good sized British city – all full of victims of child abuse.

Not doing so well with the children.  Let’s see how we get on with the animals.  It’s not good news.  This from the site of the RSPCA:

During 2015 the RSPCA…
Rescued and collected 118,994 animals
Treated 153,605 animals
Investigated 143,004 cruelty complaints

You could discuss numbers all day long but the bottom line is that in this country there are absolutely stunning levels of child and animal abuse.  An estimate 400,000 children considered at serious risk is absolutely disgusting.  Having to investigate nearly 150,000 separate cruelly complaints against animals is intolerable.  How bad does your nation have to have gone to be throwing up figures like that?  And it won’t get better by itself.  It’s like an infection – left untreated in can spread and spread until it puts everything in grave danger.

The police can do their best and I am sure they often do.  But they are often hampered by the fact that witnesses refuse to come forward or months of their work is wasted when a court gives the person a non-custodial sentence.  I don’t think the police are given the man power to implement true crime prevention – they only sweep up the debris after the fact.  I’m not even sure extra man power would prevent crimes of this type.  Many take place in the home.

What extra man power could and should be able to do is take down every single paedophile ring that operates in the UK.  They should be able to do that on an island nation and with the technology they have.  By ‘they’ I mean the police, Intel services and Government.  This should not present too big of a challenge and in my opinion it should be possible to eliminate them all inside two years.  It should also be possible for them to completely smash dog fighting circles that operate in the UK.  It’s a different sort of cruelty to what you saw from the brothers – but cruelty it remains.  Not to mention the fact that those involved in that tend to be involved in other crimes.

It really comes down to a shift in will and resources.  If the same will existed to go after those kinds of criminals as HMRC has to go after a minor tax offender then this would be the cleanest country in the West.

That will won’t shift or change by itself.  If you think the focus needs shifted and priorities changed then I’m afraid only creating an absolute shitstorm is going to achieve it.  Nothing less will work or cut it.  The only other alternative, the only other way you would shift the will is if the state were under threat of losing it’s income that it steals from people in tax.  Money talks.  If people were organised to a large scale and threatening to cut off a funding source to the state then the state would shift and change.


The Hunt

With the warmer weather pest control is a concern for all of us.  Few enjoy the warmth more than the cockroach.  A visitor to any warm climate will tell you that.  I used to see them scuttling in the gutters when I lived in Tenerife and Spain.  Some very large ones at that.  Never knew they could fly until one flew right in my face.  Nasty.  The tricky challenge is seeing a roach and then it vanishes and you aren’t certain where it went.  You have to start pulling back furniture to try to expose it.  You do want to find it though.  They are dirty and spread disease and infections.

Two cockroaches recently took flight.  Three to be exact but two that are particularly diseased.  As a pest control enthusiast I strongly suggest we find what dark hole they’ve taken refuge in.  For one thing who wants two infected cockroaches crawling all over their neighbourhood.  And for another thing we have pest control awareness plans which count on determining where these two cockroaches went to.

In all truth I am somewhat surprised that two cockroaches were able to take flight without someone in the area following their path.  But it seems that no one did and now we are going to have to do it another way.  We set the ball rolling last night.  With a bit of luck we may have a result in a week.

In the meantime if you know where to find two cockroaches that are a health hazard – be sure to let us know.


The 21 Oaths of Operation Frankish

Oath #1;
We shall attack the weakest areas of our enemy at all times. If they desire privacy we shall bring exposure. If they wish for people to forget, we shall make the people remember.
Oath #2;
Creativity and innovation shall be central tenants to all that we do. That which is most creative is often the most seductive to the general public.
Oath #3
Boldness shall be our guide. People will grow to respect that which is bold. That which is timid or passive rarely wins respect.
Oath #4
We are committed to an ethos of trust. There is not enough trust and we wish to be built upon trust. Anyone that works with us we place trust in and they in us. Funders shall trust us to deliver and we shall trust them to support our growth
Oath #5
While we condemn senseless acts of violence and criminality we are committed to reminding society of their birth right which allows them to take steps to prepare for defensive force if it were required.
Oath #6
We shall find operatives nationwide that commit to our ideas and we shall prime them to enter local politics. In this way we plant seeds that will later grow.
Oath # 7
The police are not our enemies. In fact the police are victims of Government cuts, reduced budgets and courts that often undo all their hard work.
Oath # 8
The media are not our enemies but in fact can be a righteous force in this fight to crush the walking evil on two legs that blight our streets
Oath #9
We shall use shame as a weapon. This will be applied to different groups and people as required.
Oath #10
Mockery shall form a large part of our methods when attacking the enemy. Such people cannot usually abide constantly mockery. It also reduces the enemy in the eyes of others.
Oath #11
We shall make full use of visual and audio to create powerful propaganda. Rather than have one restricted method our propaganda will be designed to provoke different reactions at different times.
Oath # 12
We do not accept that evil men need flourish and be so prolific. We believe that there are aspects which hasten their number and spread. We shall seek to identify those aspects and neutralise them at source. If access to child pornography facilitates paedophiles then we shall endeavour to destroy the source.
Oath # 13
While we respect women we are committed to the idea that men should learn to be men again and lead. We believe that women excel when they play a supporting role against evil of this type.
Oath #14
We shall use psychology to test the mental strength of our enemies.
Oath #15
We shall create written material that is designed to inspire, inform,give hope or mobilise.
Oath # 16
We shall lead by example but will expect the public not to shirk their duty and will not be shy to remind them of it. And the consequences for failing.
Oath # 17. Albeit society is at a low ebb we believe the will still exists to create a new one, with better standards and ethics. The people have no conduit that represents them in the body politic. We shall endeavour to be that conduit.
Oath # 18
We should never forget that to fight against animal perverts and paedophiles is not merely a righteous cause it is to remove a parasite. The public must see them as parasites.
Oath # 19
We will not align with, join with, be a part of or otherwise merge with any other organisation or group. We will however assist them if they need it and would ask the same in return. Our strength shall be our independence.
Oath # 20
Anger is a emotion not to be discouraged but to be controlled and used positively as one would with fire.
Oath # 21.
We must remind people of their own potential as a collective and we must make them feel empowered. They will very soon find that to feel empowered makes them feel like a giant. And with this new empowerment they shall support us.poster83

Wasteful and Wasted

It was during a casual conversation with Phil that I asked him this question: “How much do you think the people of a town like Middlesbrough spend on alcohol in one Friday or Saturday night”?  Or any town or city in any part of the UK.  I wasn’t asking because I thought he’d know off the top of his head.  I was really asking to reinforce a point I was making to him- A point that we agree on.

I thought I’d look into it a little more. This next item is from 2013 so the quoted figures will be higher now.  And it also deals specifically with students.  This is their average weekly spend PER student (on booze) in British cities;

1. Birmingham £68

2. Manchester £63.23

3. London £61.10

4. Plymouth £52.13

5. Bournemouth £47.61

6. Nottingham £41.52

7. Leeds £37.99

8. Bristol £35.81

9. Liverpool £31.12

10. Southampton £28.42.


It’s now 2016 so it’s probably reasonable to wager that instead of £68 as the lead figure it is going to be closer to £100.  Per person.  Per week.  From students.  I fail to see how they can plead poverty when set against figures like that.  Not to mention the fact that with that volume of alcohol consumption they will probably drop down dead before they get their degree (which is probably in ‘post-modernist feminism’ anyway).  I only hope their parents aren’t giving them money if that is how they commonly use it.

That’s just students.  If you took a city of say 500,000 people then it would be fascinating to know what is spent on alcohol on a typical Friday or Saturday among everyone.  It must surely be tens of thousands of £.  In just one evening.

Now consider that for a mere £500 we are able to conceive, create, organise and deliver Operations like Black Box which are part of psychological methods of raising awareness, shaping change, engaging media and putting pressure on both the enemy and those who have the power to be part of a giant leap toward better justice in this country.

The truck and plane cost our funders about £1800 in total.  Yet from that £1800 were were able to secure invaluable exposure.  Our reward poster had almost zero cost.  Yet from just that one thing we seduced a national newspaper into running the story and poster (and so bringing up the whole thing – yet again).

Operation Black Box raised it’s entire target a day ahead of schedule.  That’s three financial targets in about 5 weeks and ALL of them have been met by our funders.  This demonstrates beyond all question that there are obviously sufficient people that buy into our methods to the extent that we can do them fast.  We began with one person, then two then added one or two along the way who augment OF and allow us to do additional things.

But imagine this if you will. You know how people these days just LOVE to do utterly inane things like the ice bucket challenge or stuff to do with growing a moustache on a designated month?  Then imagine if just one city in all of Britain took part in “Sober Friday”.  One Friday in an entire year where they just didn’t waste their money on alcohol that evening.  Then imagine what could be done and made a reality if the entire saved budget for “Sober Friday” were donated to an activist and pressure group like Operation Frankish.  Just think what we could achieve with that.

Just think how it would transform us into something that would probably have no equal.  By virtue of that one thing we would very soon evolve into that which even held real influence over the body politic.  If less people than you’d get in a 5-a-side team with no operating budget can create this much ‘theatre’ inside 5 weeks then what do you think they could do in 5 months and with access to materials and methods that are at present beyond their budgetary scope?

If 21 people can fund an Operation like Black Box, what could a town of people being sober for one Friday fund for us?  Logic and our short history would clearly show you that in such a case it is obvious that what would occur is that Britain would end up with an organisation that would rapidly be taken seriously by those who you need to listen the most – those with the powers to form and pass laws.  We could do a great deal more than that though.

With even a fraction of the budget that some charities spend on just advertising, we could save all advertising spend because we do not need to advertise.  We have made things interesting enough that the media cared enough to follow it around.

We could place operatives in local government.  This would gradually influence things from the inside out.  We could do spectacular campaigns the likes of which would have no precedent in this country.  We could do even more video visuals and make them go viral.  We could eventually tack on a direct report and rescue line as part of what is done.  We could broaden out (and it would be key that this happened), so that it wasn’t merely cockroaches like those brothers that we were no longer going to tolerate as a society but all the currently free to roam around child predators as well.  In many ways they are a lot easier to deal with as they are easier to draw out.  Then instead of people feeling like all is lost and instead of them feeling the groups that do exist are either too niche or waste too much money of the salary of the CEO, all of a sudden you’d have that which was none of those things and that would lift people out of the gloom by way of its energy and boldness and speed of growth.

All of that and a lot more is entirely achievable.  Not in “years to come”.  In months if the people wanted it.  And to think that all it would take is for one town to go sober for one night.


Brawn And Brains – The Perfect Marriage

Not so far from me is quite an exclusive gym.  There are exceptions but all the women who go there look like athletes.  There are quite a number of men that go who could be in the WWE, that’s how huge they are.  I’ve spoken to lots of guys of that kind in casual conversation.  They are decent enough guys I suppose.  But for some reason that I am not very clear on they don’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.  There will be exceptions of course, but in my experience these pumped up guys that are full of steroids are not very bright.

It may simply be due to the fact that in order to look as they do they are dedicated to just that every day and this means they are limited in knowledge beyond weights and power shakes.  I’m also not convinced that many of these guys would be very good in any kind of fight.  They are almost TOO muscle bound beyond the point that is practical.  They seem slow moving.  There’s nothing wrong with someone keeping themselves fit and in shape but I get the idea that with some of these uber pumped-up men it’s like a disguise – It feels to me that they are concealing their lack of inner confidence by way of this external display.  Maybe they are even disguising a lack of true heart and courage.  With that being said there are many who by virtue of their size alone could be a real asset.  I speak in general terms and not in relation to Operation Frankish specifically.  They could be far more than the pumped-up guy with the fake tan.

By the same token, there are a lot of British youth that seem to almost enjoy some sort of combat.  The only problem is they are hurting one another and fighting for no reason at all.  They are wasting their energy and their natural fighting spirit.  There’s nothing wrong with them having fighting spirit but they are entirely misusing it any time they just fight other random people.

Instead of totally wasting their life doing that they could make use of their skill set by being what I guess you could call a “people’s army”.  Not for the purposes of thuggery and attack, but for the purposes of defence and pushback.  We all have an inherent right to do what it takes to defend ourselves and our society against threats.  Especially threats that are not subjective but can be seen as entirely threats in any objective way.

If the men who spend 5 hours a day lifting “muh weights” and drinking “muh shakes” were to be given more direction and meaning then they would be an asset to society.  If the men who seem to like to fight were to harness that aggression better and use it in an organised and defensive manner then they too would be an asset.  If both could operate in a disciplined manner then without doubt you’d have a vast asset right there.

It’s mere presence alone would serve as a preventive measure to a large extent.  There are pensioners in housing estates in the UK too afraid to go to the bank without fear of being battered and robbed.  If the assets I speak of were harnessed and prepared to work under instruction, then these vulnerable people could be accompanied to the bank by men of virtue.

You have areas of towns that are no-go zones because very young little toe rags are out late in large number and their presence intimidates women etc. – This should never be accepted.  If that brawn were fused together with the best brains available then you could very soon take back those areas so that women and people no longer felt intimidated there.  All you’d need is the presence, and the right amount of organisation with no gung-ho individuals.

These are just some examples of the great strides that could be made if you morph organisation, creativity, leadership and brawn.  So long as you aren’t engaging in criminal behaviour or wearing a political ‘uniform’ then what you have is something created by the people and for the people.  Something that can operate and function on multiple levels.

You could alter a society for good like that.poster81