Coming Soon to a Prison near Middlesbrough – Andrea Frankish

Andy loves nothing better than to become his cross-dressing alter ego, Andrea.  I dare say he specifically goes to charity events and Halloween parties as a smokescreen for his penchant for lippy and girls’ clothes.

Not a bad looking girl is our Andrea.  Not my type you understand but I feel certain that she will be a perfect match for some sex-starved 25 stone guy with a liking for new meat.  At just 22 years of age Andrea is still very much that new meat.  Its just as well for him that prisoners have zero net access and can’t get mail.  Wait.  They do and can.  It would just horrible if the wrong person got these images inside.  Anything could happen.  What if those photos stimulated them and they were incited to asking her out on a date?  And when I say “asked out on a date” I really mean bummed.  That would be incredibly tragic as I am sure you will agree.

And that’s why the general public must never show other prisoners these sexy snaps of Andrea when she joins them.  Even if he avoided the bumming it would only make the bullying far worse if others saw these images.


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