Meet One of Britain’s Kindest Men

Andrew Frankish is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.  At least this is the gospel according to Andrew Frankish.  In the mind of Andrew Frankish he’s an animal lover, compassionate, decent and honourable.  Andrew Frankish lies not only to everyone else, but he is also kidding himself.

The chilling aspect is that to one unfamiliar with him (and his brother) they may indeed find that plausible.  He is not someone of high intelligence but he is manipulative and that affords him at least an initial advantage over new people that he may meet.  Men of his type do not having feelings in the way that a healthy person does. He has a total absence of empathy and no remorse.  However, since men (and women) of that type would stick out too easily in society they almost naturally adapt and create a facade, a facsimile of emotions if you will.  By doing this they are better able to exist among normal society and escape detection.  I don’t think people of that type consciously choose to develop these artificial feelings- In my observations it seems to occur almost naturally in them. It is almost like a survival strategy that such a mindset evolved.  These kinds of people can be almost chameleon-like especially to those who don’t know their history and who take them at face value.

Do not be surprised if both brothers try to drastically alter their look.  I would fully expect them to do this if they have not already done so.  Do not be surprised if they try to change their names, ordinarily an easy procedure.  The only possible obstacle to them doing the latter may be that they are both under curfew, tagged and have a suspended sentence over their heads for the next two years.  There may well be some legal issue to them changing names under those circumstances.  However, I would advise that you prepare in such a way that you assume that they will attempt to do this. This means keeping eyes and ears open for such potential developments.
Andrew Frankish is far from kind let alone of the kindest people you could EVER meet.  He is an incredibly wicked deviant, he’s opportunistic, a (sick) thrill-seeker, a chance-taker, a predator.  His brother is exactly the same but perhaps gets less attention by virtue of the fact that he “only” seemed to do the filming and some of the narration.  I don’t see one as being more or less evil than the other, instead I see them both as equally evil.

They cannot be allowed to claim any more victims. franks43

Our Message to Each
Andrew Frankish, you may have fooled many in your life but your days of fooling people are at an end.  The size of your ego is not matched by your ability.  You are merely a weak little predator.  You hunt down victims that cannot fight back.  But now the tables are turned and you find yourself hunted by justice.  We will never surrender and we will never relent.  We grow larger and more emboldened by the day.  We are but a reflection of how the British public feel and you are but a reflection of the sickness that has no place among normal society.  We will haunt you until the day you are locked up like the beast that you are.

Daniel Frankish, do not think that because your older brother has probably generated more name checks that you get off.  Not at all.  Even that pathetic court found you both equally culpable.  And so do the court of the British people and so do Operation Frankish.  Remind me Danny, what was that thing you said?  You know, that little thing you said as your demented older brother jumped on that poor dog.  I remember.  “Let’s see if we can make it scream more”.  Was that fun, Danny boy?  So be it then.  We will have you put away along with your brother.  For much longer than you ever may have thought.  There are some extremely violent prisoners in the jails of the North East of England.  Do you think they can make YOU scream more?


3 thoughts on “Meet One of Britain’s Kindest Men

  1. So let’s see, Frankish claims to be a military hero, carer for the elderly, tattoo artist, graphic designer for bands, veritable saint and all round paragon of virtue…… then you look at the reality – loser on the dole with a drug habit, reliant on his scummy mother. He’s known worldwide as a vile coward who horrifically abuses animals but runs squealing in fear to the police for protection when his crimes become public.
    He’s not exactly a Machiavellian evil genius is he?

    You are dealing with a pitiful delusional human being, who invents fantasies about his sordid reality and believes his own pathological lies. Embarrasingly, he doesn’t possess the cunning to lie convincingly – his fabrications were so easy to unpick.
    Bog standard, low achieving sociopath.
    Simply a thick yob with an undeveloped brain, to the extent he has no conscience, no remorse, no empathy, no morals, no ability to care. Alongside his lumbering, gormless brother, they make a fine pair – village idiots living off the taxpayer with nothing to offer but horrific violence.

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    1. In my mind he cannot be called human. He is just a piece of dried up shit, ie a total waste product with no substance masquerading as a decent!!!!!!!!??? person


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