The Lies of a Sociopath

Let’s take a trip back to Janurary 2016.  An SD card containing a dog abuse video has just been found on a shop floor, and Facebook users have identified the person in the video as Andrew Frankish.

In a moment of panic, Andy attempts to manipulate one of his female friends into supporting him:

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Trying to maintain his nice guy reputation, Andrew claims he can’t remember doing it.  Well Andrew, that’s the great thing about carrying a memory card around- It remembers for you.  What about Daniel, does he not remember as well?

Animal lover Andrew isn’t exactly horrified at seeing images of what appears to be himself torturing his own pet.  The “only thing” that bothers him is that he is being accused of doing it.

Andrew adds “I’m a complete pussy so why would I even dare ‘torture’ an animal lmfao”.  You’ve answered your own question Andrew.  You torture animals because you’re a complete pussy.

Even at this early stage, Andrew is expecting this whole thing to blow over.  Well it might blow over in 50 years Andrew.  Might.


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