Andy and Danny’s Prison Starter Pack



It would be deeply gratifying to see this pair of social misfits under lock and key by the summer. Imagine opening your door on a beautiful summer morning and then pausing to realise that they are rotting away in some grim prison in the North East of England.

The little popinjay that is Andrew would very much not wish to spend his birthday inside either. He is 23 on October 18th if my memory serves me right. We could shower him with birthday wishes and cards if he is inside for his 23rd.

Its really only a matter of time before they are sent away. There is no way they will make the next two years without stepping out of line again. Not a chance.

There is even less chance if they are both placed under constant pressure. They are neither stable nor strong. It will be impossible for them to endure relentless pressure without finally breaking and bringing about their own downfall. Not to mention the small fact that there remains a reward that’s placed against them. I would not be in the least surprised if just one person in all of Redcar gives in to temptation and decides to sell them out.
That’s all it is going to take, one person with one damning piece of evidence. I’d suggest the odds are in our favour. On top of all that there is also a formal request to have their case reviewed as well. When you put all of that together then you can soon see how plausible it is for them to be gone by the summer.

It would seem grossly unfair that they should be sent away without our thinking ahead to what they may need when inside. We should really be thinking about getting some sort of goody bag together for them – things they will require for their stay. Its the least we can do.

I’ve started off by suggesting a couple of items, but please feel free to help us grow their gift box.


4 thoughts on “Andy and Danny’s Prison Starter Pack

  1. one of the best things I ever did was signing up to your email updates…
    what a laugh todays is 😀
    thank you!


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