Just Two Poor Boys Who Didn’t Do ‘Nuffin Wrong

I suppose it’s inevitable that people will always ask questions about the parenting when people like the Frankish brothers come to light.
I’ve heard plenty of speculation about how they were raised, but only they and their family know for sure. As far as Andrew is concerned his parents were model people and neither he nor his brother wanted for anything. That’s more or less what he stated on his bio. That he was “one of the kindest people you will ever meet” and with a fantastic family. This could well be yet another lie of his but in all truth I just don’t really care.
It doesn’t really matter if they had the toughest of upbringing or the easiest. This is all that matters – would they have known what they were doing was wrong and were they aware that such actions would injure the dog? The answer to both is clearly a resounding yes.
Even psychopaths know right from wrong – they just don’t believe it applies to them. The only sort of person who may not have realised what they were doing was wrong would be someone so badly brain damaged that they had no concept of right and wrong. Such a person would not even be considered fit for a normal court process to begin with. Since the brothers did make court we can safely assume that neither are considered brain damaged.

The one and only piece of written communication we’ve seen from Ma Ma Frankish was a short and somewhat whining screenshot in which she said “muh drugs” were to blame and how her sons would “never hurt an animal or child”. The level of self delusion that this family are capable of is almost impressive.

Besides, there is something deeply ironic in a mother trying to make excuses for her sons being dog torturers by blaming it on their drug use. Good job, mum! You must be so proud. If only those nasty drugs hadn’t forced themselves into the body of your sons then I’d imagine they’d have gone on to cure cancer or be the first men to walk on Mars. Give it enough time and they will consider themselves persecuted victims. They probably already do.
No one cares about their stupid excuses and self pity. I would imagine that those are traits of that entire family their whole life. Nothing is ever their fault. It was always something else that caused it.
Its pathetic. Its sad. Its almost laughable.

The mother later tried to deflect again by asking “What about the father?”. What about him, Mrs? It was you that chose him. It was you that chose to have two children with him. It was you that chose to remain with him until 2013. Yet she has the temerity to ask everyone else “what about the father”.
There is NO excuse. No one is interested in their stories and victimhood. Everyone is interested in them being locked up for the beasts that they are. They are two little mummies boys. That’s probably been part of the issue.

Mummy won’t be allowed to go with them to big boys prison. What will they do without Mummy to wipe their backside for them?


3 thoughts on “Just Two Poor Boys Who Didn’t Do ‘Nuffin Wrong

  1. Two of the most sickest vile scum of the earth. Need to be locked up & throw away the key. Or push them down the stairs several times until all their bones are broken.

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