The Servants Shall Serve

I consider the entire British body politic to be so far removed from reality on the ground and so drunk on their own ill-deserving arrogance that they have forgotten their place.

Let me remind them what their fundamental role is – it is to serve. To serve the public will.

If at any point it seems like a Government is no longer doing that then it means that Government is not fit for purpose. This would apply to any and all opposition parties whose position was similar to the present Government. If we cannot clearly and easily see that they seek to serve the will of the people then they too are redundant.  For far too long far too many politicians have gotten away with serving their own interests, corporate interests and perhaps some strange “special interests”. For far too long now Government after Government have failed to do the will of the people. They even tell massive lies right to your faces.

Why do they get away with it you may very well ask? The answer is really quite simple, they get away with it because they believe that they can. If it’s not harming them to dither and not do the right thing then they will just dither and never do the right thing.

In all truth they are only partly to blame. It is the fault of too big of a percentage of society that they are this complacent and haughty. There are animals being tortured for fun and there are children being abused for twisted internet sharing and yet too many people totally ignore that and have a huge massive fit if some pop star they never knew dies.

If only they could direct even a portion of the time they waste expressing fake emotion for rich pop stars toward making a difference then we’d already have a far more civilised society where the standards would be higher.  The letter that you see pictured was sent in by one of our supporters. As you can see from the letter these particular types of crimes were put forward for potential review in 2012. As you can also see it was somehow decided that everything was just fine and no changes were needed.

There are two problems I think the British public have with that 2012 position. The first problem I believe that we have are that things aren’t fine at all. In actual fact they could not be further from fine. The other problem is that not only are changes needed but drastic and hard-hitting changes are needed. So that’s what was wrong with their position in 2012 – everything. Naturally, as a mere amoeba I dare say that “they must know best” and that there obviously must be some super-complicated reason as to why having dog torturers and child sex predators at large is a “good idea” that demands “no changes”.

I’m probably just too stupid to understand the excellent reasons that must exist. The British public must also be just too blind to see the very complicated reasons that must exist that permit scum like the Frankish brothers to walk freely among good people. I think both the British body politic and the British people have forgotten something. I think it is time we remembered again and what we need to remember (and what all MP’s need to be made to remember) is that THEY are OUR servants and that without us they would be fortunate to be shuffling chicken around at KFC.

We should take a simple and righteous view that these MPs are all there as servants to our will and if they refuse to do our will then they need to be replaced as there would be no logical reason for them to be paid by the public purse anymore otherwise.

Don’t forget it is all of YOU who is paying the piper in regard to them. They should be dancing to your tune. That’s what they need to remember and they will only do that by virtue of a relentless and growing campaign that will not go away.

When such a campaign keeps on growing it has the ability to influence increasing change and it is able to inflict shame on the body politic. Even if some of them have no shame, it is extremely damaging for their career aspirations to be on the wrong end of massive shaming. This is why MPs spend even more public funds on “advisors”. They are there to protect them from being shamed by scandals.

Too late.

The people are speaking up and out. There are over 60 million people in this country. There are less than 1000 MPs. Who is really more powerful, you or them? It is obviously and naturally all of you, its just that you do not realise your own power.

You have power.

Use it.

They are your servants and so shall they serve.



4 thoughts on “The Servants Shall Serve

  1. Utter bullshit. Their crime of animal cruelty was the worst ever. They killed poor baby. How much more serious does it have to be to get a prison sentence. They are not protecting our animals at all. They just let 2 scumbags off with murder.


  2. Your post is so true.!! There is too much apathy in the world and nobody seems to bother until they are directly affected by an incident that directly affects them. There are many good people in the world, who really care (I consider myself one) and I would try to move mountains to avenge the cruelty and wrong doings in this country and the world. Until the general public realise that the common people have the power and unite with each other to seek changes the status quo will remain the same. As you say, there is too much time and effort made towards wasting ‘false emotion’ for the pop stars they don’t know and helped get very rich! I honestly don’t get it. It’s very sad when anyone dies, but that’s life. The real difference is when an innocent life is taken (more-so when the perpetrator derives some personal pleasure from inflicting the pain and torture.) This is what really makes me very sad and I can never comprehend how anyone can be so wickedly evil. There is nothing more that I want than to hear that ‘Baby’ has been avenged. I really don’t care what happens to the FRANKISHITES, but I want them to feel the same pain (if not more) they inflicted on that dog. And as far as their skanky mother is concerned, she should rot in hell too. People unite, spread the word and make our voices heard. Together we are strong.


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