The Great British Tagging Scam

Although I refuse to watch that video again (once is once too often), I was giving some thought today to the (ahem) “punishments” that were handed out to those ugly little brothers.
And they really are truly and horribly ugly. Ugly on the inside? Naturally. Obviously. But also ugly on the outside. The eldest brother appears to be a keen cross dresser while the younger one has some seriously bad genetics going on – have you seen his half formed fingers?

Keep in mind that while the oldest brother appeared to actually do the actions it was the younger brother who was stood there filming it while urging his older brother to “make it scream more” and suggesting “we should throw it down the stairs by its ears”.


Anyway, as part of their sentence they were electronically tagged. I personally don’t know a single person who has been tagged but then I’m not in the habit of keeping company with sub human excrement.
Given that the courts appear to have a penchant for tagging and curfews I thought I’d look more into it. After all the Government spent around ONE BILLION over 13 years keeping the system alive. That’s YOUR money incidentally. Therefore if that vast sum of your money is spent on this system then you want to know how well it works.

The answer is that it doesn’t.

Here are some extracts from an article in the Daily Mail from 2012. Its possible the devices used now are somewhat upgraded but that just really building on a failed strategy even if true.
“Putting electronic tags on criminals has cost taxpayers £1billion over 13 years – but leaves them free to commit crime by day, according to a study.

Most are required to be at home between 7pm and 7am, when their tag works in tandem with a monitoring device.

But the report says night-time curfews ‘do little to prevent reoffending during the day’.

A study earlier this year revealed around six in ten tagged criminals break the terms of their curfew. But it found they could be at home for as little as one minute of a single 12-hour period and still get off with only a warning.”

Let’s review so far. According to the report in the article 60% of those tagged and under a curfew break it. Then to make matters worse when it is broken they all too often escape with a warning. That’s what you are presently paying for.tag3

Still not convinced? Read on….
“In August last year two G4S workers were sacked after they placed an electronic tag on an offender’s false leg, meaning he could take it off.”

It’s like something from the Daily Onion. Only its not satire.


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