But why…?

It is an often asked question but one worth addressing again.  Why this particular case?  After all it is not the only very ugly case out there – So why this?

I prefer to see it this way – why NOT this?  If you really want to create real change then the best way to do so (at least this is our strategy), is pick one lead case and work with that.  It is not necessary or even pragmatic to simply highlight case after case after case with no end in sight.  I honestly think if I was in a job where I had to view such material all day and thought there was no hope of change then I’d probably just kick back, give up and care about nothing other than suiting me.  What would be the point after all?  Without hope of change all I’d be doing is logging and processing case after case.  I honestly cannot think of anything more frustrating than doing that if you have no hope of change.

Moreover if you load up with too many cases then you spread yourself too thin.  Animal rescue centres need to spread themselves thin – They are there to rescue animals already abandoned or abused.  This is not what we do.

Our strategy is to force such radical change that it will in turn go a long way to shaping social attitudes.  If the punishments for certain crimes are very severe then rest assured the numbers doing them would drop – sharply.

Let me put it this way, if bank robbery only carried a sentence of tagging and a curfew you would have an explosion of bank robberies.  It is only the fact that it can take ten years or more off your life that puts many opportunists off.

You would never entirely eliminate people like Frankish entirely but it is realistic to seriously drive such degeneracy down so that inside a few years you simply have vastly less cases.  Less work for all those rescue centres as well and less pain and grief all round – prevention is better than the cure.
Although evil has always existed it doesn’t always thrive as well in some generations as it does in others.  In Britain today it not only thrives but it is an epidemic.  A simply staggering number of seriously evil and dangerous men and women are tonight free and at large having being convicted of heinous crimes… then maybe asked to work in a charity shop as “payback”.  Not enough people care about this fact until the spectre of doom comes calling on them.  Only then do they care.  These evil people are a cancer. An aggressive cancer that will spread and keep spreading until one day very soon it will kill the very soul of the nation.  One day very soon it will be at such a rate that there literally will not be anything anyone can do anymore.

Once a tipping point is reached and a society goes all the way bad then it is done for and the first targets will always be the vulnerable.  A zombie movie is something of an allegory for what our society will be like, full of unthinking, unfeeling creatures.  They look human. Yet they do not behave in a way that we recognise as humane.  If you remember nothing else or dismiss everything else we have ever written, remember at least this: Extremely sick and evil people are going to keep on spreading until one day very soon one really will visit you or someone you love.  We are already very close to that point already.

Do you see MP’s deciding to get tough off their own accord?  Of course not.  There are only two ways to engage them.  Either you must bribe them or pressure them.  Since we would never bribe them we shall pressure them.

I’m personally not anti-police.  I think you get some guys who are really good at their job and you obviously get those who are not.  However I do understand that it must be very frustrating when they spend a long time snaring a paedophile or animal abuser only for the court to give the offender a slap on the wrist.  I am absolutely certain that most police officers would want to see the brothers and their ilk sent down for longer.  When they remove the uniform they are men just like me.  Outright police corruption is another matter entirely.

Why do you think animals and children are so habitually abused?  Because they cannot speak out.  They often have no one to advocate or speak out for them.  And this is wrong.  And also because the courts send out a message that its not so bad by way of such pathetic and weak sentences.

I don’t want it to get so bad that the paedophiles and animal perverts are so rife that society is damaged beyond all possible repair. I implore you to believe that we are not far from that hell on the horizon.  At the rate it is going I think we have a margin of a few years. If the battle is not won in a small period of a few years then society will be lost and the generation born today will be cursing us in our graves.

Thinking of having children or have young children?  Ask what sort of society you want to leave behind for them to inherit.  It does not need be that way.  It is NOT inevitable.  Evil is inevitable.  Tolerance of it is not.  We must be unashamedly intolerant of wicked people.  To tolerate it is to betray your own children no less.

I have a strong belief in what we are doing here, why we are doing it, and I have a strong belief in the people who make up OF and that includes donators very much.  At the end of the day it matters not how creative or driven we are, what really matters is that you give us your support.  Not once have we ever asked for anything for ourselves. Every single penny we get is maximised to the fullest so that we get best value for it. This is not a business to us – This is a cause.  Not only do I want it to be a cause (which it is), but my vision is to create something that, if effective, may act as an example for other men to follow.  Those who come after us will be able to learn, both from our successes and even our errors.

We hope to motivate and inspire people that wouldn’t otherwise feel motivated.  We want to create something that can at least be part of something larger to push back against this degenerate filth.  Almost anything you can imagine can be brought to reality with enough belief, hard work, positivity and sweat.  If you’d like to imagine a Britain where children and animals were safer and better protected then it can be a reality.  Or it can be the opposite, a virtual hell on Earth.  With belief and creativity and a LOT of work, the former can be made the reality.  The alternative does not bare thinking about.

Quite a dark narrative (but it must be said for I know it will come true).

Let’s end on a lighter note. We have something audacious lined up that we created tonight as an idea.  I am not going to say a thing about it other than when I suggested it to Phil he laughed hard at how outright blatantly cheeky it was.  I honestly do not think anyone will have tried to do it before, and most certainly not for issues like this.

I’ll leave a cryptic visual clue.

There is no way you will get it from that but the guessing in comments would be sort of fun.  If we manage to hit that £1080 by say Sunday night, I will flat out announce it inside ten days.  Maybe eleven.

You won’t need to really do anything at all for this one.

Except sit back and watch.
Legal etc. etc. blah blah…




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