Weak, gluttonous and effeminate

This message is really aimed at any men that may read this site.

With that being said, please feel free to read if you’re a women.  I dare say that you might recognise some of what is written in many men that you know.

Being older than “Phil” I have a past generation to compare this one to. And the report card doesn’t make for pretty reading.

British men today are by and large a total mess. An embarrassment in actual fact.

Their ancestors would be turning in their graves given that they were probably out there fighting real wars in the most gruesome conditions. Even their very distant ancestors would have held a warrior spirit and their natural inclination would be to protect women and children from predators.  Any invading tribe that was deemed a threat to the women, children and animals would have been seen off and beaten back. This makes absolute perfect sense for if they had not done so then their women and children would have fallen prey to the invading and malevolent force.

As a man I look at men today and despair. All too many of them stand for nothing. They have no heart, and heart is everything.  Men can jag all the steroids they want into themselves but it will never give them heart.  Ever known a battle to have been won thanks to steroids?  Nope.  Ever known a battle to be won by the side with most heart for it?  Just about every battle in all of time.

Living in a busy city I see a good cross section of different men.  The first type that you cannot miss are those who are diabetes on legs.  Huge obese men that are barely 30 and can hardly walk naturally.  They must sit there all day and just stuff their face.  They must never walk anywhere or climb anything.

When I see men as gluttonous as that I wager that since they have no selfrespect and self-control then why would they truly have respect and control when it comes to anything else?  I was at a game today and all around me are men who are obese.  I hope beyond hope that they are never called into a true battle, because in that shape what are they going to do – eat their opponents?
Then there is this bewildering number of “men” that just seem completely and totally effeminate to me.  The way they dress, walk, carry themselves, even their social positions are extremely effeminate. They usually aren’t gay, they are just these weirdly effeminate men.  They tend to be 18-25 and in actual fact look a lot like Andy boy.
Then there is the all too disturbing % of older guys, say over 35, and its like they have arrested development.  They are like children.  I am totally and completely amazed to find out that men my age play stupid games on some console and often times for hours per week.  They literally still have toys, these types of men.  Many of them even have wives and girlfriends which just amazes the crap out of me, as it then feels like the woman is with an adult who has the emotional capacity of a 12 year old.  On the back end of that, such men tend to get together with the most naggy and whining women in the universe – and they don’t even have the nuts to take a stand against that either.
The only time I see any fight in British men might be late on a Saturday night when some pissed-up and biscuit-arsed loser thinks he’s Tyson Fury.  Hours later they find themselves wasting the time and money of A&E as they get their stupid face stitched up.  What a pathetic waste of energy and aggression.  What sort of so-called men go pavement dancing with one another while doing the square root of f*** all about protecting women, children and the vulnerable?
British men – you need to get your crap together and grow a pair.  Stand for something that matters for once.  You can still have your sport and games but at least step up, be a man again and say enough is enough.  It will be the best thing you ever do.  Stop being so passive and hedonistic and fight back for the love of God.


If you are a man and recognise yourself in this, don’t wet your panties and seethe about it to us.  Change.  And change today.  Don’t be these men…

The proportion of men and women who actively participated on a recent Operation Frankish post:



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