One F In Frankish

During a brief conversation with Phil today I said to him that I want to get this case over the line, done and dusted as soon as is physically possible.  Not merely the case but a change to the laws or at the very least a firm commitment to changing them.

There are several reasons why I say this.  I shall explain them now.  The first and most obvious reason is that for as long as they are at large others are at risk.  A tag does not stop scumbags from reoffending and nor does a curfew.  As I wrote in another note, around 60% of offenders break it anyway and when they do they oftentimes escape with a warning.  Even if they stuck rigidly to the terms of it, it does not stop them offending in the day time.

The second reason is that the longer MPs and the “justice system” drag their heels the easier it will be for the legal representative of the brothers to argue that they have “done their time now”.  Their curfew lasts another five months.  That’s on or around October.  This just so happens to be Andrea Frankish’s birthday so I’d say getting things over the line any time inside of that five months is what I would consider to be our objective.

The third reason is public and media momentum.  Both the general public and media are extremely fickle when it comes to news stories.  Ask yourself this – how many people and how many newspapers are still speaking about the Paris and Brussels terrorist massacres?  Not very many and both situations were really only a short time ago.  And those were huge gigantic terrorist stories.

24/7 saturated media has changed how we get our news.  We are assaulted with such an avalanche of news constantly that we end up quickly consuming then forgetting about it.  Until the next time.  We barely have time to even ponder on one news story before we are expected to process another then another and another.

There is an excellent book called ‘Flat Earth News’ by Nick Davies.  It’s a very good read for anyone that wants an inside perspective on how your media work.  In case anyone is vaguely interested I have left a link to where you can get it;
The fourth and last reason is so that we can “retire”.  We didn’t go looking for this battle, it came looking for us.  It’s a battle that I believe we can all win, and when I say win I include changes to laws as an integral part of that victory.  With the dual victories of getting the brothers put away and changing laws we can all leave a positive legacy behind for the next generation.  Since the Frankish brothers is our test case then we (with your support) must do all we can to get those victories.  Only then do I feel we could personally retire.

There is an alternative to retiring which I’ve explained it to Phil when we have discussions, but I only did so in a very hypothetical sense.  As usual he understood the rationale and potential behind it right away and if ever it came to pass it would mean we transform into something that would be unique in all of Britain – and perhaps even Europe.  It would certainly be extremely effective that’s for sure.  It would depend on various things, not least of which would be whether we actually wanted to do it.

It would be a huge undertaking for us and a massive commitment.  And that’s what we would need to sit down and think about.

Have a good week.



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