O Brothers, Where Art Thou?

And so it seems that the three little cockroaches have left the building.  I’m only surprised it took this long.  Knowing their tactical brilliance (as we all do) they’ve probably moved across the road.

“We’ll outsmart everyone by moving out then it will surely die down”.  That’s what they will be thinking.  But then as we also know all three are totally delusional and they are more deluded than I thought if they really believe that.

I hope that a letting agency hasn’t given them a property.  If that proved to be the case then they would be surely inviting a justified boycott against their business, unless they booted them out of course.

In the grander scheme of things it really doesn’t matter that much where the roaches have scuttled to for now.  It matters to the neighbours of that area though.  They naturally deserve to know that there are two psychopathic freaks putting their loved ones at risk.

Let’s make their next move to a place with bars and proper hard men in it.

It is wise not to openly speculate on social media as to where they are.  Nothing to stop you accidentally letting it slip though.  Privately.



One thought on “O Brothers, Where Art Thou?

  1. to move them with their tags would have been unusual to say the least and does show that they are ‘in fear’. Good. I do hope someone followed the van and can let you know by PM their new hovel.


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