Midweek Brief

Operation Tour De Frankish.  As you will be aware the target was met and on time.  The more I think about this one the more I love it.  Keep in mind that I have obviously been privy to what artwork we are running with and I am very confident that it will prove excellent.  Don’t miss this free event.  Middlesbrough, 21st May 2016.  9am.  The tour ends at 5pm.  If you are from that region you may want to think about putting that date in your diary and going.  You may also do whatever you can to get the word out to as many people in that town as possible, encourage them to look out for it, photograph it etc.  We will be provided with photographs from the advertising company anyway, but it would be good to have people in the city doing their own thing.
Operation Unforgiven.  This remains open and ongoing.  We naturally wouldn’t waste police time with rumours or old stuff that we’ve seen before.  However it remains open for serious people with serious evidence.  Keep printing and using the posters.


Operation 650.  Still absolutely in the pipe, but we may have to put forward the date by a very short time for tactical reasons.  We were going with a provisional cut off of May 27th for them to get back.  It is likely we will push that date forward for strategic purposes.


Moving.  It seems fairly certain they have gone.  It’s no big deal.  It really makes no long term odds to anything that we are doing.  They were always going to move, I am only amazed they lasted that long there.  They aren’t exactly geniuses – they will mess up and let themselves be known.
Future Stuff.  I truly hope we don’t really end up needing to use what else has been dreamed up, but it’s there if we must.  Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  So there will always be The Plan.  We will almost never run out of a plan.  It’s impossible.  It’s only ever manpower and enough hours that are the challenge.  With that being said we had a good man step up to the plate regarding design work and that takes a big hassle away from us.
Summary.  Everything is looking good.  Everything is in hand.  Everyone knows what they are doing.  It makes no odds to us if they have moved from A to B.  I consider it to be like a fly going from one turd to the next.

May/June is really all about a third wave.  We had the first wave when the story broke.  Then we had a second wave after the plane.  We are now going into the third wave.

To Victory!



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