Silence IS complicity

I have for many years had a passionate interest in the workings of people’s minds both on an individual and group level.  In some ways my past interests and working life demanded that I did, although I think it was more a case of already having the interest and then naturally inclining toward environments where I could put that interest into practice.

I personally find its not really a case of reading things out of books or relying on them as your main source.  Just as you cannot hope to learn to box from reading books about boxing you cannot understand the true nuance of why people think a certain way until you put down the books and start to do some serious amounts of observation and critical thinking.
It’s like anything else you practice day and night – over time you will only find yourself becoming better.  You begin to realise things that once may have sailed over your head unnoticed, you start to see things in a whole new way and context, and you notice patterns in things – especially (but not only) when it comes to liars and deceivers.
There are not only many types of lie – there are many types of liar.  I don’t have time to cover them all here but in general terms the very “best” liars are sociopaths and the poorest liars and general chancers.  Sociopaths make such fine liars that it is not uncommon for them to pass a polygraph test.  These tests rely on changes in the person’s heart rate etc. when telling a lie, but since the sociopath has no conscience then he or she is often able to override the test.
There is another breed of deceiver though. Be wary of this type as they may pretend to come as an ally yet they are not.  They may appear and even start off by saying they are onside with you but they are not.

You may read from such people on your internet travels.  I’ll give an example of what to watch for and why.  Let’s say that a judge has just let a convicted child molester walk free from court.  Naturally the public are rightfully disgusted that yet again more innocent lives are placed at risk by way of these borderline evil sentences (evil in the sense of being so liberal).

For once rather than howl at the moon, the public get together and exercise their democratic right to defend both their children and to fight the liberal laws that permit such dangerous people to be free.  So far so good?  I think so.  Now what do you think when someone happens to start like this “I’m not saying that child molester wasn’t wrong, but this public demonstration of disgust against him makes you as bad as him”?
Hmm.  Interesting right?  Thankfully I do not chance across many that are tacit apologists for convicted child molesters, but if someone were to go to the trouble of leading with “I don’t agree with what he did, but….” then it makes me wonder.  Call me cynical.  But it would truly make me wonder – about them.  I would wonder and ask where their priorities lay.  Do they lie with the victims or do they lie with the perpetrators?

Perhaps if they do not actually know the perpetrator they themselves have similar little secrets and it all being laid out hits an uneasy nerve. Perhaps they are worried that one day their own little secret may come back to haunt them?
There is an anti-paedophile group that does a lot of good work – Dark Justice.  If you are a mother or father with a young child, think about this.  What thought would form in your mind if someone went to the trouble of seeking out their site or page and then went to the trouble of sitting in front of their keyboard and writing something like;

“Not condoning what the child rapist did but I absolutely hate seeing this all over FB and people trying to dish out their own brand of justice, makes them just as bad in my opinion..”
It may just be me, but in my experience when someone starts out by telling you what they AREN’T doing, it is usual a signal for the fact that they ARE about to do that very thing.  Does it not make you wonder..?



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