The Hide of Frankishstein

The sun is shining on all of us but another storm is forecast for the biscuit-arsed cross dresser and his greasy younger brother.


Consider this for one second: It is June in little over two weeks.  Despite the fact we are a heartbeat from the summer time the media are STILL going with this.  Just place yourself in their pink crocs for a second.

Imagine that you finally decided to tuck tail and run this week only to find your move splattered all over regional media and the Express.  This is the last thing on the planet that they will have wanted to happen.  It has happened.

This is totally devastating for them and don’t think for one second that it just all bounces off them – I ASSURE you that even a man with nerves of steel would be rattled.  And they definitely do not have nerves of steel or intestinal fortitude so just imagine how it must be eating away at their every waking moment.

Remember their sickly smiles in the video?  They are not laughing anymore.
Even when these clowns do something it only plays right into our plans.  Imagine being so dense as to move out the week before Operation Tour De Frankish.  Their timing has only served to act as a handy conduit for us in the build up to the 21st.  Thanks boys, good work.

I can just imagine them whining and bitching to mummy right now.  “Its not fair.  We are persecuted and misunderstood”.  Their only friend is a giant sized box of tissues.  They should have accepted our ultimatum when they had the chance.  Too late now.

As they grow weaker we grow stronger.  As they run out of allies we add new allies, and extremely efficient people at that.  As they run out of resources we generate backing and resources thanks to you.

What is more, absolutely every single thing we do is thought-out, fine-tuned, qualified as lawful and with great emphasis placed on tactics and strategy.

As things stand they’d probably be better off in prison because at least it has a predictable air to it.  We are only predictable in one way – we are unpredictable.

With your continual support and backing we grow stronger.  We get smarter.  We are a manifestation of the public mood and spirit.  You can all be a part of a significant turning point in legal history.  Don’t ever think it is beyond your reach – It isn’t.  All you need is the will and the belief.  You can all be a part of a force for good and you can all play a role in leaving behind a better society than the one you see now.

Keep fighting, never ever surrender and never harbour self doubt.  If you have that character then you will find that you have far more power than you ever thought possible and you will help enable long overdue change.


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