As you sow, so shall you reap…

While it is true that bad things happen to the best of people and good things can happen for to the most ill-deserving of people, I broadly feel that a person truly does “reap what they sow”.  I suppose another expression people might use is “Karma”.  With that being said I wouldn’t rely on some intangible entity in the ether to sort things out.  That’s not how it works.  Instead “Karma” needs a very big push at times.

In the absence of actual people giving it a push then you are reduced to hoping entirely for good fortune to deliver justice.  You are left pinning your hopes on a favourable fluke.  Without real people to give it a push all that would really happen is that evil would flourish (even more than now).

I’m personally not religious so I obviously have no faith in any sort of supernatural being making everything alright.  However, even if I were religious I’d still want to rely on my own actions and not pin my hopes on a god to fix things.

The other concept I buy into is the domino effect.  In the case of the brothers it began in earnest the day they carried out their evil deed.  The deed led to them filming it, the filming of it led to their exposure, their exposure led to a conviction, the absurd nature of the sentence led to the public storm and the public storm has led to every single thing that has happened to and with them for the past few weeks.  Who can tell what the next few weeks will bring?

At Operation Frankish we have been very consistent in urging people not to do anything reckless, insane or counterproductive.  We have been at pains to explain that even if someone went full Liam Neeson and gave them panda eyes that after a week or two it wouldn’t bother them any more.  The only short term purpose it would serve might be to make the person doing it feel a bit better within themselves.  Once the bruises healed though they would get over it, keep in mind they have probably had a slap many times in their stupid lives.  Furthermore in real life these things often have unexpected outcomes and unwanted ones at that.

Obviously we cannot control nor influence what the entire British public do.  We can only suggest and recommend but if someone went off and did something of that type then while others would not formally condone it (of course..), at the same time it is part of that domino effect I spoke of.

Had the magistrate grown a pair and just put them away then all of this could have been avoided.

I understand that sentencing powers MUST be increased but the magistrate COULD STILL have put them away for 51 weeks.  The fact that they moved heaven and earth to let them be at large has only served to fuel all of this.  As if what they did was not bad enough it was spitting in the face of good people to just make them wear some stupid tag and compel them to abide by a pathetic and weak curfew.  Therefore if anyone did happen to go “loose cannon” then this would only be as a result of their reaction to the fact that two dangerous sadists have been IMPOSED upon their neighbourhood.  People are being FORCED to tolerate the intolerable. Then when people react, the system would have the temerity to blame them for reacting!

All I ever hear from officials is “People shouldn’t take the law into their own hands”.  I do agree with that in theory but does it ever cross their tiny mind that when the law itself spits in the face of the good and the innocent that it merely encourages the public to DO something?  For all the quality education the establishment have, they score an E in the common sense exam.  Even a village idiot would grasp that if the law routinely allows evil perverted filth to live in good neighbourhoods that decent people are just NOT going to tolerate it.

The truth is that no one would need do a single damn thing, legal or otherwise, if the law itself was seen to serve our interests.  Even if they had just been given 51 weeks I feel sure that there would not have been this sustained and relentless situation.

The decision to allow to dangerous sadists to not only be at large but now allow them to go AWOL and surprise some new neighbours is not only disgusting it is the single and sole cause of everything that has unfolded since.

It is starting to look like one of the worse decisions made by any judge or magistrate in recent legal history.  What makes it worse still is the fact that if the will was there this could have been fast tracked, a review done and they could have been just sent down.  The public would have at least respected the system for manning up and making good their error.

But no.  Instead of doing that they spend public money on equipment and man power and all so that these two utter bastards can be at liberty.  They permit and allow them to move and inflict themselves on some new people.  Who in their right mind would WANT that carnival and all the baggage they drag in with them in their street?  Would that magistrate want it?  Would Michael Gove want it?  No they would not, so what bloody right do they have to inflict that on others?
The Government CANNOT claim that the public did not use democratic means – they did.  800,000 people signed two petitions.  This is not a small number of people by any means.  Not a single word from Government though.  People individually wrote to their own MP in many cases.  Still crickets chirping.  We even had one politician local to the area directly writing to Gove – still nothing.  The biggest majority of those that wrote off to an MP didn’t even get a reply.
The Government CANNOT claim that we have not used lawful means at OF. We have gone out of our way to be creative but lawful.  We legally hired a plane and flew it over a packed football stadium.  We legally worked with the media when they asked us for photos or screenshots.  We legally sent off screen shots of Andrew Frankish speaking about raping kids.  We legally and lawfully hired a huge truck for Operation Tour De Frankish.  We paid for both of those with monies legally donated.  We lawfully offered a reward for information leading to their re-arrest and conviction.  If someone in their new area did take umbrage to being forced to live alongside twisted sadists and they did go renegade then it will have been because they feel all democratic and lawful methods were ignored.

The Government could EASILY avert all of this.  It is truly not hard – all they need do is review their case FAST and then do the RIGHT thing.  No need for them to take months and months over it.  No cause for them to drag their heels.  No excuses for them to fudge the issue.  They only need step up to the plate, do the right thing, and by doing so people will feel justice has finally been served and more grief can be totally avoided.



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