The Allegory of The Ants and The Crab

Although I never watch TV and don’t even own one I will sometimes watch nature programmes on You Tube. The other evening I recalled a clip from such a nature programme that included ants – and a giant crab.

Remembering the clip struck a chord with me and I felt it a good parallel to the situation we might consider ourselves to be in. The crab could represent the state and all its machinations. Well protected, well armoured, slow moving. The ants represent the citizens. How can a mere ant possible hope to deal with the presence of something as large and as armoured as a large crab? Simple – the ants are many, they are highly organised and they seek out and destroy the weak points of the crab. Soon it is the crab that cannot defend itself from the relentless waves of ants and it succumbs.

This is how we should aim to be – exactly like those ants. Individually small but as a swarming mass more than capable of overcoming opponents that would seem insurmountable.


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