The Operation Frankish ‘Official’ Competition

We’re doing a competiton – with a twist though.

You won’t actually know why you did it until you have.  There is also no prize, at least not in any material or monetary sense.  There’s actually a far more rewarding prize – we just can’t tell you what that is either.

We want a good acronym.  Something that reads well and makes sense when read out.  You can use whatever number of words you like for your entry, but the acronym itself should make sense and it should contain the letters A, D and F.  Doesn’t need be all three of those letters.  You can either use the A & D or merely the F.


Here is an example.    Its not a great example but it will give you the idea.


F – Frankish

I –  Inserts

L – Lubricant

T –  Through

H – Holes


You will not be doing this without purpose or reason, since we would not waste your time or our time asking you to do something without end purpose.  It’s just not important what the purpose is for now.  In fact it would only distract you.

What I will say is this  – if you come up with a good one and it wins then you will be glad that you took part and that it did win.

It is free to enter.   Its not a money orientated contest in any way at all.

There is a deadline though which is Saturday night at 9pm.  If you miss the deadline you’ll probably regret it.

We had a few of our own (like the one given as an example), but we thought it would be engaging to throw it out there as a contest.

If we don’t get any entries we will just invent something ourselves.  If we get entries but don’t like any of them then I guess no one will win.  We won’t just pick one for the sake of feels.  We wouldn’t patronise someone that way, if we pick it we want to pick it because its good and inventive.


Summary of entry requirements.


  • It should be an acronym
  • It should be about Andrew and/or Daniel Frankish.
  • It should make sense when read out


You can enter as many times as you want.

E-mail your entries to

Put “Competition” in the title.





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