One day..?

It has often been said and I have said it myself – “They will kill a child one day”.  A chilling and not at all unreasonable train of thought to take.  And yet there is a flaw in the logic.  It starts by giving them the benefit of the doubt i.e. that they have not done so ALREADY.

Let’s keep in mind that what they did happened in late 2013.  That is two and half years ago.  If that is what they were doing in 2013 what in god’s name have they done since and to whom or what?  “But a witness would have come forward” one might say.  Not really – the dead do not talk.

If two brothers can do what they did that fateful day then they can do almost anything.  I wouldn’t even turn my back on them were I there mother. Let’s also keep in mind that not every missing child is able to generate the near theatre that the “hunt for Maddie” became.  Nope.  Many children go missing every year and the vast majority do not get anything like the attention you might expect.

I would be very curious to have a comprehensive list of all minors who have gone missing between say 2013 and 2015 in the north-east of England.  Thankfully the majority of those that do go missing turn up safe and sound.  Sadly there are some who never do.  It is said that if a child goes missing those first 24 hours are most vital.  When hours turn into days then I’m afraid the chances of a happy ending lessen.

If any children are still unaccountable for in that period and within say a 40 mile radius of them then I would be asking them some questions.  Why not?  If they have nothing to hide they would have nothing to fear.  Not to mention that the mother has assured the world that her sons would “never hurt an animal … or person” (this was AFTER it had all came out).  Andrew himself has given us all his solemn oath that he’s “one of the kindest people you will ever meet”.  If he wrote it on his bio then he must be.  A bio written LONG after he and his brother had tortured ‘Baby’.  Still regarded himself as “kind”.

When that SD card was “found” the police could and should have used their powers to seize all their devices.  I am 100% sure that had they done so they would have opened a treasure trove of damning evidence of their other activity.  We already know that Andrew feels it socially acceptable to talk about raping kids “and shitting on them”.

Perhaps we will be eventually proven wrong when we wonder if they will work up to a child next?  Perhaps they already have.  Just a couple of examples of children that seem to just … vanish:
Shariah Agyeman
Current age: 9
Reported missing: 28 Jan 2016
Missing from: North East
Deniro Kwiatkowski
Current age: 14
Reported missing: 17 July 2015
Missing from: North East

(Data from


(Pictured Venables and Robert Thompson.  The Government would prefer to let demons like the Frankish brothers free to murder animals and fantasise about raping children)


One thought on “One day..?

  1. I see deeper than most I already knew this and posted it a while back but nobody listens. You are 100% right.


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