Operation Tour De Frankish – With Updated Video

On Saturday May 21st starting at 9am, the Operation Tour De Frankish 30 foot long truck will storm Middlesbrough.
You can all play a part in generating maximum exposure for this carnival of shame.


Q) What times does it start
A) 9am

Q) When does it finish?
A) 5pm.

Q) What date?
A) Saturday May 21st

Q) Where will it be?
A) All over Middlesbrough and for 8 hours.

Q) Does it have a specific route?
A) We are using a very well rated guerrilla marketing company.  All areas of the town with heavy people traffic will be visited.  With that being said we will be sharpening up a brief for them this week.

Q) What will the ad banner say?
A) That is a gigantic surprise.  To everyone.  We thought about telling you then decided we wouldn’t.  Patience is a virtue.  I do know that you will not only love it but you will easily see the rationale behind it.

Q) Can we go take photos and footage?
A) Sure. We encourage you to do so and encourage you to prompt others to do so.  It’s the age of the internet.  Use that to your advantage.

Q) Will there be photos and footage released by OF?
A) Naturally.

Q) Will the media cover it?
A) Up to them but it would be professional madness not to. I doubt they will ever see a message like this one.

Q) Anything else we can do?
A) Share, share and share again.  Share the promo all day and every day.  Link it, Tweet it, if you feel it should probably be linked somewhere then do that.

Q) Do you think the public who see it will react to it and understand quickly?
A) Yes.  We have designed the message and artwork to fit precisely that criteria.

Be part of Tour De Frankish in any of the above ways…


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