The Calm Before The Storm

It’s going to be a big couple of weeks for Opfrank™ and the British public who follow and support us.  Although the title says the “calm before the storm” in all honesty the storm has been over their heads for at least three straight weeks now.  It’s really an ongoing and relentless storm from their perspective.  Hardly a week goes by when there isn’t some sort of additional exposure and pressure placed on them.  Just last week they had to decant from their lair and run like the cowards that they are.  Just last week two major tabloids picked up on their exodus and ran it.  Regional press covered it as well.

The calm part in all of this is us.  We are the calm when we want to be and the storm when we desire to be.  In some ways when we have a short period of what appears like calm it’s worse for them – it only means we are brain storming at Opfrank Towers.  It only means that everything we are planning to do is up to speed and we’ve managed to fashion ourselves a day to conceptualise other things.

The skies will start to darken as the week goes on, reaching a full on exposure storm on Saturday.  That storm will carry on long after the Opfrank Truck has done it’s tour.  And due to the fact that we began with an ethos of being over-the-top but legal there is not a single bloody thing they can do to stop it.  I have always believed in that methodology from day one and that belief has only grown as matters have unfolded.

Keep this in mind though – it is through the energy of the public that we act as the lightening rod.  This means you can all play an active role in a big push this week and in the days after the tour.

Things you can do this week

We will be putting up our slightly edited Tour De Frankish video in a bit.  What you can do with that is ensure that it gets shared thousands of times.

Only you can do that.

You can do the same with this article.  Its relevant to this week so share it as much as you can and badger others to do so.  Let your imagination run free and post the Tour De Frankish promo on all and any relevant FB pages, sites, comments sections etc.  Do that all week, every day and for as much time per day as you can devote.

What else can people help with?  Well if someone wants to print out and put up some promotional posters I guess that would be good.

If you are a Twitter person share our promotional video in regard to the 21st.  Tweet as many people as you feel relevant and be creative.

People always ask how they can help even in some small way.  Well there is a bunch of ways and it’s not that you are helping us as such, you are really doing your civil duty in helping drive this evil band from our land and into cages where they belong.


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