The Legacy..

Noun – “Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor”.
Even if you have no money or property this is irrelevant when it comes to handing a legacy over to your children and grand children. For there is a far more pertinent legacy that anyone should aspire to hand to them and that is the legacy of a safe, healthy and cohesive society and one in which evil men and women are not permitted to go free almost as standard.

Without leaving behind of legacy of a safe and healthy society no amount of money or property you may leave them will really matter – the country would just be one giant bad cess pool. Having a few quid probably isn’t going to be a huge help if and when the banks burst and the most dangerous people in society have grown so prolific and so unafraid of consequences that the police don’t even pretend they can keep people safe.

We are truly and honestly not very far from reaching that point right now and keep in mind that unlike in the US and Canada the British people are not armed. We never needed to be before – this was a safe country.

Things do not happen in a vacuum. There is also not one sole reason why you end up with a society that is teetering on the brink of insanity and break down. For this to happen it takes a number of different things to occur and over a sustained period of time. Think of it like baking a cake. In order to bake the cake you need all these individual ingredients. If you miss out an ingredient then the cake probably won’t form properly. To create (even by accident) a society in which violence and sexual violence and crimes against children and animals are relentless then you also need certain ingredients to create that.

In no particular order the first thing that was needed was a near total breakdown in boundaries and discipline at home and at school. Without pretending schools had everything nailed “back in the day”, there is no doubt that we have seen a definite breakdown in discipline within schools. I was educated in a different era and the teachers were there to teach and to educate – not to be your friend or counselor. If you were not interested in learning or if you went out of your way to try to stop others doing so then such individuals were far less tolerated than they are today.

In one generation the levels of discipline and respect at schools has gone from relatively strict to zero. The only winners in this shift have been the very worse kids with the very worse types of parents. Less expectations on them and less accountability. Meantime it is worse for the teachers and for all kids who have to be around them.

However you slice and dice it the fact remains that discipline within schools was totally bulldozed. This seemed to coincidence with an altogether more liberal but insidious shift in expectations from parents on their own children. Again this is not to say that in some previous year everyone was getting parenting right – they weren’t. But I see girls and lads aged 10-15 who behave in ways that not so long ago would never have been tolerated, not by working class parents, not by middle class parents – it just wasn’t socially acceptable for youngsters to behave certain ways.

The only winners in this shift were the worse of parents for now they could disguise what before would have been seen as woeful parenting as a “more liberal attitude”. They could now get away with being neglectful of their responsibility as parents and “not be judged”.

On top of that I think there are more young lads with no fatherly influence than there were a generation ago. That’s not to say all fathers are a great influence or that a kid cannot grow up well without one. However, when taken as a broad concept there is no question in my mind that a boy benefits from a good fatherly influence – so does a girl and in a different way.

Added to that heady mix you then had the rate at which technology developed. This opened up avenues to the sickest and most twisted in ways never before seen. Now they could connect with others just like them and internationally. Now they could see things which would have been nearly impossible to see prior. There are probably thousands of very disturbed people all online this very night and uploading and sharing material that would make your eyes shrivel in their sockets. These people do not stop being that way when they log off – the pathology is constantly with them.

The bar was even lowered (or raised) when it came to what passed as acceptable for a horror movie for general release. If there was violence it was once implied violence (the original ‘Psycho’). There is absolutely no way on earth that films like ‘Hostel’ would have been permitted to be shown to a mainstream audience back then. How many hours per week are young adults consuming that sort of filth with or without their parents consent? They don’t even need worry about being turned away at the cinema – they can just download it.

This all round softening reached as far as the police and prison services. There is no way they would once have tolerated the behaviours that today they are compelled to tolerate and take a relatively soft approach with.

Prospective Governments used to run with a strong commitment to law and order because it was popular to do so. You do not commonly hear prospective Governments talk about this so much these days. It’s either “the economy” or “ISIS”. This seems to be about as broad as their subjects go.

When you put all of this together it at least begins to explain how you can go from a relatively safe society to one that is degenerate and gone bad. Its not something that just happens by magic. It takes several things to occur over a period of time.

I should also add that there is much more casual use of all manner of drugs than there was in the decades that went before. This has been made many times worse by the growth of those so called “legal highs”, many of which are more dangerous and make people more unpredictable than even “traditional” drugs. There are shops everywhere selling that sort of muck to kids on the back end of a weak disclaimer that it’s “not fit for human consumption”. Even if you shut down all of those then you’d still have ordering online to contend with.

If you have children then you have to think about what sort of nation you want to leave behind. Even if you don’t have children then if you have any substance about you it would still matter what kind of nation you were leaving behind.
There is still time to turn the tide.

I still there there are more reasonable people than there are twisted people. Numbers alone are nothing though, not if the largest % of those reasonable people are walking around asleep and docile. No use having the larger number of reasonable people if they just assume everything will sort itself by itself and that the Government will look after them.
You need a large number of the reasonable people to stand up and be counted. In the absence of that then the most terrible people flourish and unchallenged. In the absence of that, the haughty establishment have no incentive to do the will of the people.

People are meant to have the ability to look forward and use logic to forecast what will occur if present trends are followed. This is what is meant to set us aside from say a pigeon – to be fair the pigeon is not well known for its ability to look forward and forecast events logically. But we all know that person who may as well be a pigeon since the sum total of their attention is pissing around with their phone all the time. The problem is not a lack of potentially decent people, it is the lack of decent people that even try to do anything on some meaningful level.

Thats the first thing that must change. If that can change then everything else would begin to fall into place in time.

If this does not change and too many good people remain too distracted by BS to play any part in a better society? Then there is no doubt at all that by their inactions they are creating a nation that will be a hell for the next generation.
They may not even realise that their inaction and perhaps selfishness is having such serious consequences but once they are made aware there is no excuse after that.
If it is made known to them that they are contributing to a hell on earth and they can still look themselves in the mirror then maybe they are not all the man they think they are.zomb


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