Atomised and Disconnected

I’ve lived where I am for 5 years.  The neighbours have remained more or less the same in that time and yet I barely known the name of one of them.  They most likely do not know mine or one another’s.  I do not think this is an uncommon scenario these days in fact it is probably repeated up and down the country.  I understand that some people may prefer it that way on a personal level.  I’m not really one for wanting to be too buddy with neighbours.  I’m polite and say hello if I pass one by.  That’s really about as far as it goes.  I couldn’t tell you a single thing about what any of them do.  So long as they are not causing any bother or extreme noise then I have zero reason to be interested.  This scenario is likely more applicable to those that live in a busy city than in some small village.

There is a down side to this though.  Society wasn’t always as atomised as it is today, not even in a city. People knew the others in their neighbourhood and it gave them an insight into what kind of people they were.  As a result of this it was much less easy for new neighbours to move in and remain under the radar.  If the person was highly unpopular or deemed a threat then that person would likely be known sooner and driven out.  With that being said the brothers do actually appear to have been driven out in something of a throwback, but a great deal of the pressure was external and not from within the neighbourhood itself.  Indeed, several neighbours remarked how the family had always been quiet and not often seen.  I think they lived on that street for about two years so you can easily see how this atomisation allowed this extremely perverse family to stay under the radar until they were hung by virtue of the SD card.

If you have a neighbourhood where everyone is isolated from one another and cut off then there is a very much higher chance that someone could be getting away with murder – literally.  If it were not for the storm that has followed the brothers around then they could very easily have vanished to another area and resurfaced with the minimum of fuss.  They could even have just stuck it out where they were.  Naturally those options are long off the table for them now and its far too late.  It is unfortunate that not all people of their kind are usually subjected to this amount of intense scrutiny and pressure.  They should be, especially since the justice system seems to fall well short of protecting society.  However it is simply not a practical possibility.

There are just sadly so many that would be deserving of ‘special attention’ that you would need to be properly funded, you’d need a good core of people from different skill sectors prepared to devote themselves to it full time and all the time.  There’s no other way such an organisation could thrive and be an effective tool on a large scale.  Operation Frankish is ideally tailored to do what it is doing – focusing on the brothers as a test case to get a change to laws as well as a review of their original sentence and the right decision made second time around.  That’s all we designed ourselves to be since that was what was needed – no more, no less.

A well meaning person will message us and show us some other situation and ask “If we can do our thing with them”.  It would simply not be possible.  Even doing this is like a full time commitment.  Even if we felt these other cases were deserving it would not be possible to do it.  The only thing that can be done with the manpower and resources we have to hand is to maximise those and focus on one lead case and use that to try to impose change across the board.

However if I ever win the lottery it would be a game changer overnight.  I don’t do the lottery and never have..



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