The 21 Enigma

The number 21 is starting to prove something of a numerical hex to the brothers. They were handed a suspended 21 week sentence, it was the suspension of this 21 weeks that made the public even more enraged – and on the 21st of May Op Tour De Frankish rolls into town.
They don’t even know what it is going to show or say this time. That’s even worse than being somewhat prepared in advance – last time over we put it out into the public domain in advance but not on this occasion.

21 mistakes that they and the nefarious family have made.

1) Having the sons at all
2) Having them and ever allowing them pets.
3) Andy thinking he is “one of the kindest people you will ever meet”.
4) The mother claiming that neither of her sons would “hurt an animal or person”.
5) A complete absence of contrition.
6) Doing what they did to their dog.
7) Filming it.
8) Holding onto the “smoking gun”.
9) Losing the “smoking gun”.
10) Initially thinking the police weren’t pursuing it.
11) Openly speaking about raping children on the net.
12) Having far too much of an internet presence for their own good.
13) Believing that since this was a while ago the reaction may not be that bad.
14) Believing that when they walked from court with just a curfew and tagging order that they had had the last laugh.
15) Thinking that there was no way the tabloids would cover it and if they did it would surely be once and briefly.
16) Believing that nothing like Operation Frankish might emerge from the public revulsion.
17) Thinking that a house move will make any difference.
18) Failing to surrender themselves when given an early chance.
19) Having the temerity to get new dogs and pets after ‘Baby’ had to be put down.
20) Forgetting that some things can strike back with bewildering force.
21) Overlooking that the internet never forgets.poster55


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