The Strategy of Negative Association

Before those two horrible little parasites caught my attention and took up my time I used to have other interests!  One of those interests was the study of propaganda and it’s application.  I took a great interest in how different propaganda could evoke a different reaction in a mass of people.  I found it so fascinating that I spent six years getting right to the heart of it.  People assume that propaganda is something which is entirely based on lies – that can be true but rarely is true.

The most effective propaganda is that which is grounded in facts but has the twist of implying or inferring something other than the stated facts.  People are by nature worriers.  They worry about the here and now and they worry about the future.  Those who are true experts in propaganda know this and virtually all political propaganda is based around it.  They do it that way because it works.  If it did not work they would not do it that way.  It’s not usually the politicians themselves that create their own propaganda.  That’s usually done by design houses and with a contribution by those with an insight into group psychology.

In the wrong hands it is a science that can even be used to prime the public into accepting a war.  The Government know that unless they build a good narrative that the public would not give support to a military action.  As unpopular as Iraq proved to be the fact is that there was a good percentage of the public who had been so alarmed by the propaganda that they supported it.  All they needed to do was allude or imply an immediate threat.  People react emotionally and in doing so they give the Government the green light to be the “solution”.

It goes without saying that this is an amoral use of propaganda in the extreme.  It need not be deployed their way.  It’s like any kind of energy or skill – you can use it in a deeply amoral way or in a way that either inspires or is fair.  To that end I feel that all propaganda that alludes to or implies that people like those brothers being an imminent threat to children and the elderly is legitimate and moral.  Unlike the government in the case of Iraq the use of association propaganda in this way is entirely reasonable.  There is no huge lie attached to the implication since it is a fact that such sadists are an imminent threat to the vulnerable.  If it stimulates a sense of alarm among the public then it is right that they are alarmed.  It is justified that they should be and need to be.

All material which fuses the actions of animal sadists with other vulnerable groups is not only legitimate but an absolute must.  Please feel free to send us your best visual creations that would incorporate that detail.  We like to involve people when possible as we are asked to do so.  We don’t always have a suitable thing for them to do at that immediate time but something such as this is work that many could do, with the theme mentioned.

People are very visual. When they see something that implies or infers then it registers faster than if they are reading it.

Keep in mind that when it comes to this sort of thing you almost have to detach yourself from what you find important.  Example: Some people I read from are exclusively animal protection type people.  It’s a noble enough position but those who are exclusively so are niche.  There are lots of people that don’t dislike pets but wouldn’t want any and aren’t into them.  They’d still find this case disgusting but they would perhaps be able to sooner forget it than someone who was exclusively about animals.  This is no good.

They have to be made to be interested and stay interested since both the numbers they would bring and the potential talents among them cannot be allowed to go to waste.  This is why you must use propaganda to make it relevant to them… not merely to you or I.  You have to step inside their mind and think what is a priority to them.  Then you must bridge the gap between the case and their trigger.  By doing this you will no longer make sadists like this a niche interest for “animal people”.  You will generate a whole new and different percentage of people by dint of cleverly having taken that sadism and made it relevant to them.



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