Okay then, just for you

Over this past couple of weeks we’ve had many messages (all from women). Don’t get carried away, it wasn’t as exciting for us as that may sound. They were keen for us to do something though and that was to contact various people from TV.
To be honest I was initially about as keen as a visit to the dentist. It just didn’t seem like “our thing”. I don’t even like TV let alone have much familiarity with the names we were given.
Its also not like I can just pull out my Big Bumper Book of Celeb Names and give them all a ring. Yes they can be Tweeted. You and about 100,000 others will Tweet these people. I just didn’t see that as a viable way to even have any hope of potentially getting any kind of support from such people.

I mulled over it for a few days and came to the conclusion that whether I watch TV or know these people (or not) is moot. I came to the view that if only one of them were to lend any kind of support then it would be a gain, a big gain. On that basis I decided that it was worth attempting, but not via Twitter. I see Twitter as okay for general fan messages and not for any sort of genuine appeal for direct support.

With that in mind I took most of the names we had been given. I found out their agents and their representatives and I made a case in writing and directly to them.

Will it come to anything? I truly have no idea. This one is really for all those out there that wanted us to do something along these lines. If it doesn’t then I’ve wasted just a bit of time and effort. If it does come to anything then who knows what sort of value it could have.

In all reality they likely get a lot of contact seeking backing and support, so I am not pretending that a single one of them will do anything of value. But I am of the view that some things are worth attempting.
I’d say we contacted about a dozen. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of the people on it or not – it makes no odds really just as it made none to me. If you feel anyone else could be on the list that isn’t then just add it to comments with your reason.
Ricky Gervais
Joanna Page
Paul O’Grady
Amanda Holden
Sara Cox
Holly Willoughby
Jenny Frost
Bradley Walsh
Fearne Cotton
Martin Clunes
Martin Kemp
Johnny Vaughan




5 thoughts on “Okay then, just for you

  1. Hi,
    Another name I can think of is Paul O’Grady. He loves dogs and does a lot of work for dog charities.
    Also Julian Clary? He loves his dogs.
    Keep up the good work X

    Sent from my iPad



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