They said…

“It was bad but it was two years ago now” they said
“It was probably drugs that made them do it” they said
“It was probably the company they kept” they said
“It was bad but the dog didn’t die right away” they said
“It was bad but its only a dog” they said
“The curfew will teach them a lesson” they said
“The electronic tag will keep them in line” they said
“At least they have a life ban from keeping animals” they said
“They may not be like that toward people” they said
“They were always a quiet family” they said
“They’ve maybe been around children and never hurt them” they said
“They won’t dare do anything again” they said
“Those brothers are in the press again” they said
“Is it about ‘Baby’ again?” they said
“No, this time they have killed a baby” they said
“We shall have reforms” they said…

And so ad infinitum.

(Illustrated: What your government would prefer as opposed to making you safe from sadistic maniacs.)



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