Oh, George!

An excellent piece in the Gazette Live by James Cain.  I’ll leave a link to it but for now I want to draw attention to this part right at the bottom of the article:

‘Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar, received a letter from George Eustice MP, minister of state, confirming that the maximum financial penalty for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is unlimited, and the maximum jail sentence is six months.

Ms Turley had raised the question at a Defra Oral Parliamentary Questions on May 5 concerning the Frankish brothers and the sentences they received.

Mr Eustice had incorrectly stated that the maximum sentence was five years but promised to write to Ms Turley if he was incorrect.

“You were right,” Mr Eustice added in a handwritten note below his signature’…


Just LOOK at the utter level of incompetence in your body politic.  George Eustice doesn’t even seem to know what the laws are.  This is the sort of thing a child of ten could establish in 5 mins.

Anyway, as far as we are aware the maximum sentence is 51 weeks.  An unlimited financial penalty is no use in cases like this – what do those brothers have?  I am also of the belief that the maximum cash penalty isn’t unlimited but sits at around £20k.  Ask George – he seems to believe that such an offence carried up to a 5 year jail term.

Is it really too much to ask that the Minister of State would KNOW things like this without having to later scrawl “you were right” in a note below his signature?  It makes you wonder how many would fail a basic test on laws of the land. It makes you wonder how many more labour under the false idea that there is already a 5 year jail term option in place.  Well there definitely is NOT and there SHOULD be.  Perhaps by dint of his error he is subconsciously agreeing with that.

Enjoy the rest of the article…

Operation Frankish now plans to ‘storm Middlesbrough’ in protest against brothers filmed abusing dog.

The pressure group plans a ‘carnival of shame’ aimed at Redcar pair who were filmed attacking bulldog named Baby ..’






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