F.A.O. – OpFrank Tweet Army (Important)

As per my Facebook post a day or two back we are developing a Tweet Army.  I said that if I had 50 good people devoted to doing what we needed done then this would be satisfying.  However, I also said that we could begin Tweet Army activities with even less than that.  Following my FB status we had a sufficient number of people committed ‘join’ in the comments section.  When I say join it’s really only a matter of Tweeting one thing to a bunch of different people.  To be totally honest almost anyone can do it.

However we’ll begin with those that said they wanted in and others can jump on board at any time.  Because we’re only working with a relatively small number of people on this so far it means it should be far easier to just get them to rattle through the list and Tweet what we want Tweeted.

Don’t dwell or over think why your are Tweeting a given thing to a given person.  We will not be asking you to Tweet anything criminal.

This is ALL we need and ask:
1) For those that originally wanted to join the Tweet army to be the first to step up.
2) That you Tweet the image we ask you to Tweet.
3) While Twitter is limited to what you can write, you can write what you feel is a fitting message to each.  Or you can just include a generic message to all.  Do not be impolite.  Obviously don’t rant, swear or write anything while drunk.  Just one reasoned line and the image – Tweeted to all those on the list I shall provide.
4) That you do all of them on the list.  Don’t just pick out those on the list that you favour.  Do them all – they are all there for a reason and it only works if everyone is in step.

To be entirely honest we may as well ride on the waves and get the Tweets out tonight. I have the list.  I have all the pages of all the people.

All we need the Twitter Army to do is work through the list and Tweet today’s truck image to them. You may not even need a written line since it really speaks for itself.

I shall hope that the original Tweet Army people pick this up but also that others do as well.  Either way we 100% would need you to stick to those four basic points.

Here’s what we will do:

I will leave the list here.  If you were one of the volunteers (or those who also just want to do it now) then when you have worked through the list tell us that you have done so in comments.

Here’s the list to work to.  It’s not that long but let’s just stick with it for now:









army  .


2 thoughts on “F.A.O. – OpFrank Tweet Army (Important)

  1. Was I the only one who did this?
    Can I just ask what was the outcome of doing this and was the outcome what was hoped for?
    Thank you


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