We all know Britain’s two most hated brothers are morally bankrupt. But did you know they are going to be financially bankrupt as well? If they do not have fortunes to settle their account at the end then we’d naturally have to consider ‘outsourcing’ it to credit control.

In this day and age you can see an account online. This is how their account stands just for the services of having had to serve justice on them for their ugly actions.

First of all there have been two funded operations. Not much change from £2k there.

Then there’s my own time of course. That’s also a cost to them. Naturally. And since I have had to be many things in the past month and do it day and night (including weekends), we shall call it a total of 280hours. And that’s conservative. And owing to the nature of the endeavours let’s say I’m a £50 an hour guy. That means they are also due another £14k.

16k so far. Then there’s Phil. Seems only fair he gets the same. That’s another £14k. £30k.

Then there’s Nemo. Been with us a shorter time. But we’ll call it another £14k.

So far that is £44,000.
Plus service charge @ 10%. £48,400.
Plus VAT @ 20%. GRAND TOTAL (to date) £58,080.
Naturally the bill will raise the longer they cause a need for the service. It was all in the small print.
They could owe £100k by July at this rate. That’s a lot of cottaging in public toilets for them to do.

*The above does not include any separate penalties incurred for their actions*

*Or proper £ compensation to a dog trust*




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