In my observations of British society what you have is as follows.  These are naturally just approximations and they could likely apply to any society past or present.

The first and by largest group are the 80%.  Who are the 80%?  The 80% are all those people that just sort of sail through life and go with whatever the order of the day is.  If we lived under a plutocracy they’d be okay with that, if we lived under some insane liberal democracy they are okay with that.  Whatever changes occur, good or bad, they are generally disconnected from it all.  If they do anything they may react in words for a time… then conform.  I do not believe there is any way of changing this, it almost seems to be close to a scientific fact.  I think you will always have the 80% who just go along to get along and hope for the best.  The only exception you might ever get to this is when that 80% were subjected to some extreme event such as famine or mass unemployment.  But short of starving or having no income the truth about the 80% is that they just float through life and assume everything will be fine all by itself – somehow.  The 80% do have power, in fact they have the most power.  However since it does not naturally occur to them how much power they have they simply do not get close to using it as they could.

Then you have about 10% of a society who I’d call seriously dangerous in some way or another.  Some of that 10% may be common low-lives like the brothers.  Others may hold high office.  This 10% are your sadists, paedophiles, psychopaths, morally bankrupt and deviants.  The only sort of society they want to create is a literal hell on earth.  They flourish in sewage.  This 10% do not yield the power of the 80% but in practice they have dominion over them since they are very active in their nefarious activities and intentions.  It is that 10% who prey upon the children and loved ones of the 80%.

Then you have a remaining 10%.  This 10% are the absolute nemesis of the other 10% for they are almost like the polar opposite of them.  They take risks, they make sacrifices, they stand for something and go beyond words.  Some of that 10% could potentially be in a government but I would wager not many are and that most are not in the establishment at all.  I do not think our body politic want people of that type, in fact they want to ensure people in that 10% are not part of the system – that would mean a potential loss of power for them.

The former 10% are destroyers and bringers of chaos.  This gives them a head start since it is easier to destroy than to create.  This 10% are like a venom.  Once they penetrate the body of a society the venom goes to work, eating away at soft tissue and paralysing vital organs.  That 10% do not even need to be organised (albeit they often can be).  All they need do is drip their venom in and all of society is blighted.  This 10% also do not pay any mind to law so they can operate outside of it and they do not care.

This 10% now have a vice like grip on the direction and nature of what is acceptable in this country.  How things are now are nothing compared to what will come down the line at this rate.  The 80% do have power but they prefer to use it to argue over so many distractions and trivia and bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the ugly side of life.

The other 10% are there, they do exist, but such is the sheer scale of the evil and amorality that exists today, such is the pace it grows and the slack afforded to it, that the ‘good’ 10% are not fighting on a level playing field.  Firstly they must function within the law.  Secondly the 80% are something of a burden unless some of them actually do anything.  Thirdly they usually scrape by with meagre manpower and resources.  Lastly, they not only have to motivate that 80% and try to negate their opposing 10% but they also have to navigate the legal system as well.

Which 10% tends to win in the end?  It always varies but I will say this much: When the malevolent 10% have gotten bold enough and dripped enough venom in and when the 80% have proven too apathetic then great disaster usually follows later down the line.  When the ‘good’ 10% can no longer possibly hold back all the depravity and it comes breaking through it always ends extremely badly and on quite a large scale.



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