The State – The New God

For the past 40 or 50 years the state and its apparatus has grown larger and larger.  It has grown so large that in a sense people rely on it the way they once relied on gods.  Keep in mind that we don’t just have all the state apparatus in this country but tiers above that which operate from Brussels.  One huge behemoth and gravy train for those that hop on board.  As the state apparatus has ballooned, people’s reliance on themselves and their own people has disintegrated and dwindled.

Here is an example of how that plays out when applied.  Before you had this massive status apparatus and all its tiers, women and men had to be a lot more selective about who they were having children with and getting together with.  The women might seek someone that had the qualities of a good father and protector and the man would strive to find a partner who would be a good mother and raise the children well.  The consequences of making a bad choice or paying no mind to what sort of person they were getting together with were far greater than today.  People had to think more carefully about who they were letting into their life and making the huge decision to have children with.  You did not have a plethora of vulture-like divorce lawyers back then whose very income relies on the utter failure of a relationship.  It wasn’t seen as a small deal to get a divorce and the process was harder.  This was a good incentive to make a more selective choice to start with.  If the women was known in the area as a bad mother it reflected not only on her but also on her husband.  If the man was a bad father then he himself would be placed under pressure by his peers.

None of this relied upon the state to do anything.

As the state grew, a culture formed where it almost didn’t matter who a women got together with and had children with.  If she got together with some total loser who contributed nothing in time or money then by now the state had assumed almost surrogate father status.  This encouraged a generation of females and males who had less to lose, less personal responsibility and less incentive to choose well.  Just take a journey through town and LOOK at some of the self-evident scruffy little trumpets that many girls are dragging along as their “partner”.  Pop a baby into the mix and you have parents that will turn out like the Frankish parents – useless and feckless.

What do people do these days when their stupid “feelings” get hurt by a word on social media?  They very often go running off to the police.  This is another example of people running to the state to referee their emotions being hurt.  I’ve lost count of the times that people have been visited by police to explain some remark on Twitter which amounted to absolutely nothing.  Do you think people went running to police about hurt feels back in the day?  Maybe they just… dealt with it.  Fancy that.

We need to break this bad habit of assuming the state will protect us.  They self-evidently and blatantly do not.  The sooner we accept that the state is neither a god nor a father figure the sooner things improve.

It is delusional to think they will protect you and prevent bad things.  Get into the frame of mind of protecting yourselves.



One thought on “The State – The New God

  1. I like this! I am a product of old school parenting and likewise my children and their children. Today’s young parents have no morals and likewise their children. Gone is respect for themselves and their fellow man. This has led to a generation of nothingness; a generation without hope and without empathy for other living beings. They are in a word, lost.


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