Band Aid

As was mentioned on our FB page earlier we have decided to do just a small thing to help out a deserving dog welfare place in the region that ‘Baby’ once lived.  We just threw the choice out there to people and the vast majority went with Maxi’s Mates.  Here is their site –

We are producing a limited run of Operation Frankish bands.
These are classic silicone style wristbands with our name and logo debossed and ink-filled for superior durability.
We are selling these for £5 each, and the entire proceeds (guaranteed to be at least £300 if we sell them all) will be going to the Maxi’s Mates rescue and rehoming centre for stray dogs.

Pre-ordering instructions:
1. Please send your £5 payment to our Paypal address –
2. Don’t forget!  Send us an e-mail stating where you would like your wristband to be posted to.

Please allow a couple of weeks for production and delivery.  We will keep you updated with the order progress.

The wristband will look something like this.  Obviously this is just a brief mock-up for demo purposes.




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