How does this story end? It’s down to YOU.

This is a story not just about the brothers, but all beasts who are cut from that same defective cloth.

The story of ‘Baby’ and these two weak little runts will be THE animal abuse story of 2016.  Isn’t it already a strong contender?  This dog was ‘put to sleep’ in early 2014.  These two brothers have already been charged, convicted and sentenced.  There is no question that in all typical circumstances this story would have appeared once – then no more.  We have engineered conditions that are entirely untypical and in lightning fast time.  Our enemies have no idea how to deal with these methods.  They can deal with idle death threats, they can deal with with broken glass and they can deal with having to move house.  They have absolutely no idea how to cope with or deal with our methods.  None.  The only thing they know is that they can do nothing to stop it.  Their only certainty is uncertainty.

How does this story end?  What happens to the brothers in the end and what happens to so many like them who also (right now), walk away with a slap on the wrist?  The answer to that is very simple – this last chapter will be entirely down to you.  It won’t be up to us, your government or anyone else.  It will be your chapter to write.  Either the story will end with a true shift toward better justice or there will be many more people like them that walk away free men again and again.

The choice will be that of the public.  In the weeks that lie ahead Operation Frankish will know for certain whether people want lasting change or not.  We have no idea if they do yet – but we will.  After all, people can easily say they want this or that, but when it comes down to it they want someone else to do it all then just deliver them the end benefit.

Those we value most are naturally those who have funded our operations.  These were more like investments than a spend though – I’d say we all had great media value for the cost of both.  You could not buy that exposure with the budget we had.  To give you an example, a full page advert in a typical evening paper will cost four figures.  For one insert.  One night.  We do not need to advertise, we have made things interesting enough that the media are rightly interested.  Of course they are – this is an unusual thing for them and they have said so to me personally.

However we are going to enter into a crucial phase over these next few weeks.  Those next few weeks will determine many things and among them it will show us who is for walking and who is for talking.  It will determine not only if this is THE animal abuse story of the year but the future of animal abuse laws in this nation.

You are going to have one shot at this.
Take it.  You may not get another.


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