The Future Is In The Youth – Don’t Waste it

From time to time I may meet a guy a lot younger that myself who I think has real potential as a person.  Not very often though.  For every Phil I meet, I meet a hundred lads of his age and younger who are just an embarrassment.  They lack discipline, they cannot work under direct instruction, they are lazy and have a bad attitude.  They often drink far too much, take too many drugs, have a horrific attitude toward women and are generally just a blight.  Many of them even look feral to me.

They think they are hard when they are not, they think they are clever when they aren’t.  Most of them could not survive if you removed them from their comfort zone and placed them in alien conditions under pressure.  They have that heady mix of ill-merited arrogance blended with absolute ignorance.

I see it all the time and I saw it when I used to live and work in Tenerife.  Every two weeks the flights would come in from the UK.  Later that night the people who arrived would be lying in a pool of their own vomit.  Girls would get separated from friends and fall asleep outdoors, and groups of pissed-up lads only seemed to want to find a fight.  Even then they would be too stupid to pick their fights properly. If you’re a small mob of pissed up tourists looking for trouble the last people they really want to provoke are the people who have already lived there for some time, do business there and have a lot of contacts and back up.

In general terms I have to be honest and say I am not at all impressed with what I see from under 25s.

All need not be lost though.  I think there is still potential in a great many of them.  They just need to cut out their bad habits and stand for something.  They have to remember to be men again.  They need things and people to look up to and feel inspired by but in a positive way.  Pill-gobbling music stars or really thick football players are not good role models.

They will only have their youth once.  I truly suggest that they do not waste it.  Men who have good intentions who are older can show them the way – and they should.  And the youth should take their lead from their example.

If the youth is strong then the future will be strong.



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