What We Need To Clean Up This Filth (Must Read)

Every single person reading this has an opportunity today and right now to be a pivotal part of that which will go down in British legal history.

There is an expression that goes – “Build It And They Shall Come”.

And so we have built it. The rest is down to you.

In 2016 you now have a concept with clear goals and a simple yet righteous ideology to get behind. There are 65million people in this country. Only we are doing the things that you see and the way that you see them and for the reasons that we do. And yet we are little more than a month or so old.

Outside of my family I have never giving so much of myself to anything. In this past month I have had to wear multiple masks by virtue of the fact we work with a skeleton crew to say the least. I have created, driven, motivated, organised, cajoled, I have gradually found two or three people that have done OF and Baby proud. I have asked a great deal from them and at times been demanding. However I have never asked anyone for any level of commitment that I myself do not show. I’d like to believe that those who have worked with me on the OF team respect the fact I make no demands that I myself do not live up to. Each one of these other people have worked incredibly hard alongside me to turn ideas into reality. Since this first came out we have put blood, sweat and tears into this.

In all truth we could have merely read the story at the time, shook our fist out how terrible it was and left it there. We did not do that. We mobilised into a small and effective cell which caught the imagination of media and public alike.

Some of the messages we are sent are truly moving. People who say that their hope and faith has been restored. There is no price on the restoration of hope and faith.

However, this next bit is vitally important. If you remember nothing else then remember this.

We are not doing this for us. It would even be far too much of an understatement to say we are doing this purely for ‘Baby’. We are not even doing this to merely get those two cockroaches sealed in a bottle nor even to simply influence wider laws if we can.

We are doing this so that all those children in Britain can one day be adults in a better, healthier and more just nation. A nation where victims are not routinely disregarded and the sadists and scum are not pandered to and set loose. If you also want that type of nation for them then what you do or do not do now and today WILL determine whether you achieve that – or if you condemn them.

Do not fail them, do not fail yourself and do not fail to come now that we have “built it”.

We are not the RSPCA, we are not the ALF, we are not PETA, we are unique with our own ideology.

We do not differ between various types of dangerous vermin. They are all vermin. They do not deserve to live free and unknown in a normal neighbourhood.

The rest is now up to you.

This is especially true of Operation Black Box. With OBB we have designed it so that you are part of the story that drives it.

This is unlike the truck which was … driven by our driver!

OBB is all about the intrigue, its all about what YOU can do between now and June 20th.
We cannot do this part. Only you and your numbers can do this part.

That means;

Between NOW and June 20th Operation Black Box is your “box” to pick up and run with.

You must share all any any announcements about OBB and we need the MOST shares ever.

You must share all and any visual memes about OBB and again, we need more shares than would be normal.

You must share all and any audio about OBB. Ditto.

A few dozen shares in no use in this Operation. We literally need to generate a storm by which the time is made best use of. We need thousands of shares. We need people independently taking to You Tube to ponder the box. We need people storming Twitter and getting on it. We need YOUR energy and YOUR drive now. We need your imagination and creativity. And most of all we need your unswerving effort.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to all be part of the drive between now and June 20th. The drive you create is almost as key as those mysterious contents and who they are going to.

This is a part that while being vital does not take any real effort.

Think out of the box.
Get Operation Black Box going viral.

Do what it takes. Like to get hashtags viral? Good. Try these #operationfrankish, #operationblackbox, #operationblackbox21.



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