Brawn And Brains – The Perfect Marriage

Not so far from me is quite an exclusive gym.  There are exceptions but all the women who go there look like athletes.  There are quite a number of men that go who could be in the WWE, that’s how huge they are.  I’ve spoken to lots of guys of that kind in casual conversation.  They are decent enough guys I suppose.  But for some reason that I am not very clear on they don’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.  There will be exceptions of course, but in my experience these pumped up guys that are full of steroids are not very bright.

It may simply be due to the fact that in order to look as they do they are dedicated to just that every day and this means they are limited in knowledge beyond weights and power shakes.  I’m also not convinced that many of these guys would be very good in any kind of fight.  They are almost TOO muscle bound beyond the point that is practical.  They seem slow moving.  There’s nothing wrong with someone keeping themselves fit and in shape but I get the idea that with some of these uber pumped-up men it’s like a disguise – It feels to me that they are concealing their lack of inner confidence by way of this external display.  Maybe they are even disguising a lack of true heart and courage.  With that being said there are many who by virtue of their size alone could be a real asset.  I speak in general terms and not in relation to Operation Frankish specifically.  They could be far more than the pumped-up guy with the fake tan.

By the same token, there are a lot of British youth that seem to almost enjoy some sort of combat.  The only problem is they are hurting one another and fighting for no reason at all.  They are wasting their energy and their natural fighting spirit.  There’s nothing wrong with them having fighting spirit but they are entirely misusing it any time they just fight other random people.

Instead of totally wasting their life doing that they could make use of their skill set by being what I guess you could call a “people’s army”.  Not for the purposes of thuggery and attack, but for the purposes of defence and pushback.  We all have an inherent right to do what it takes to defend ourselves and our society against threats.  Especially threats that are not subjective but can be seen as entirely threats in any objective way.

If the men who spend 5 hours a day lifting “muh weights” and drinking “muh shakes” were to be given more direction and meaning then they would be an asset to society.  If the men who seem to like to fight were to harness that aggression better and use it in an organised and defensive manner then they too would be an asset.  If both could operate in a disciplined manner then without doubt you’d have a vast asset right there.

It’s mere presence alone would serve as a preventive measure to a large extent.  There are pensioners in housing estates in the UK too afraid to go to the bank without fear of being battered and robbed.  If the assets I speak of were harnessed and prepared to work under instruction, then these vulnerable people could be accompanied to the bank by men of virtue.

You have areas of towns that are no-go zones because very young little toe rags are out late in large number and their presence intimidates women etc. – This should never be accepted.  If that brawn were fused together with the best brains available then you could very soon take back those areas so that women and people no longer felt intimidated there.  All you’d need is the presence, and the right amount of organisation with no gung-ho individuals.

These are just some examples of the great strides that could be made if you morph organisation, creativity, leadership and brawn.  So long as you aren’t engaging in criminal behaviour or wearing a political ‘uniform’ then what you have is something created by the people and for the people.  Something that can operate and function on multiple levels.

You could alter a society for good like that.poster81


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