Operation Black Box 21 – Q & A

Q) What’s in the box?
A) One does not simply ask what is in the box.  Legend has it that whoever does not act having seen the contents is forever haunted by a ghostly image of Andrew Frankish wearing lipstick and girls clothes (as usual).

Q) Is it safe and legal?
A) No.  We thought we’d pop an angry tiger in each box and see if that makes any ears prick up upon receipt.  But yes, it is both legal and safe.

Q) Do you think the courier might see them as “suspicious” owing to them being black?
A) Only if he used to be an LA cop.  To help them in this regard we are clearly labelling each as being “important contents for information only”.

Q) Do you think there’s a good chance OBB can bring more pressure down on the brothers and on the body politic?
A) That’s mostly always our aim.  There’s a very good chance but it will depend absolutely on how much of a phenomenon the public make the mystery over the next two weeks or so.  The more that they do the better a result it will yield.  I can’t control that beyond motivating them and explaining.

Q) How can we help get the fable of the box going?
A) Let your imagination loose.  You can create some fitting hashtags and get them going.

How To Use Hashtags Effectively In Your Social Media Marketing

You can create some OBB memes based on our stuff and share them.

You can share OBB posts on Facebook.

You can make a short video about OBB and upload it to You Tube.

And so on…

Q) Any light-hearted moments during the Operation?
A) Yes.  Try going into busy stores and asking for 21 black boxes and not looking like you are a terrorist.  We got them online in the end.  Far harder to get precisely what we wanted than you might think.

Q) When would be the best time to really push the momentum on this?
A) Right now but increasingly every day until the 20th of June.

Q) How does this compare to all else you have done?
A) It’s totally different.  On the other occasions we wanted (and got) a public push after the event.  On this occasion we need it before the event.



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