The Hunt

With the warmer weather pest control is a concern for all of us.  Few enjoy the warmth more than the cockroach.  A visitor to any warm climate will tell you that.  I used to see them scuttling in the gutters when I lived in Tenerife and Spain.  Some very large ones at that.  Never knew they could fly until one flew right in my face.  Nasty.  The tricky challenge is seeing a roach and then it vanishes and you aren’t certain where it went.  You have to start pulling back furniture to try to expose it.  You do want to find it though.  They are dirty and spread disease and infections.

Two cockroaches recently took flight.  Three to be exact but two that are particularly diseased.  As a pest control enthusiast I strongly suggest we find what dark hole they’ve taken refuge in.  For one thing who wants two infected cockroaches crawling all over their neighbourhood.  And for another thing we have pest control awareness plans which count on determining where these two cockroaches went to.

In all truth I am somewhat surprised that two cockroaches were able to take flight without someone in the area following their path.  But it seems that no one did and now we are going to have to do it another way.  We set the ball rolling last night.  With a bit of luck we may have a result in a week.

In the meantime if you know where to find two cockroaches that are a health hazard – be sure to let us know.



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