19 Ways In 19 Days

19 Days In 19 Ways To Promote Operation Black Box.

1) Have a printer?  Make up and put out some OBB posters.  This is especially useful if you are in their region.  You know what the project is, a black box being sent to 21 media heads.  You know when.  June 20th.  You have all you need.  Just make some, print some, and put them out there.

2) Go make a bunch of stickers.  All they need have on them is Operation Black Box, a date and a link to our site.  Then just go stickering places.

3) Can’t print anything?  Make some OBB memes.  Send them into us and we will put them up for people to share.

4) Think of ten figures in local politics from that area.  Tweet them our OBB trailer vid that NEMO put together.  He made it for a reason.  We asked him for a reason.  The reason is a tool for you to use.

5) Find ten good dog related pages on Facebook and based in the UK.  Strike up a chat with their admin and see if you can persuade them to promote it on their page.  Even the video would suffice.

6) While print media and online media have straight away and ever since be on this, for some reason radio have done little or nothing.  This is despite both the story of Baby but the things that have come since being definitely good radio material.  Especially for some regional radio station who usually lead with news about “Man Loses Giro.  Finds It Again”.  If you think OBB makes for more interesting discussion go contact their studio and ask them to get on it and stopped being left behind by print and online media.

Try these guys

Or maybe these

Or do better ones if there are any.

7) Keep sharing posts about OBB.  Obviously.

8) Link our website posts about OBB to at least ten places.

9) Make a 30 second video about OBB.  Send us it.  We’ll put them out to share.

10) Get a stamp and some ink.  Stamp some stuff with Operation Black Box.  Stamp the morning papers.

11) If you know someone that runs a high traffic UK site – ask if they will link us to them.

12) Just generally talk about it a lot.

13) Make or use a cover photo with Operation Black Box – June 20th.  Use that.

14) Get some hashtags going strong.

15) If you are a member of a dog club or welfare place – let them know.

16) If you are in a bulldog club – let them know.

17) Do you blog?  Then blog about it.

18) Do you otherwise write?  Then write about it.

19) Do at least half if not all of these for 19 days and you will have played your part in the gradual downfall of those two lumps of phlegm.

(Above: Actual footage of a black box near the sun)


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