Anna Turley MP

Although I have almost no time for professional politicians I will at least credit Anna Turley with making something of an effort in regard to this case.  She did bring it to the attention of Michael Gove and fellow MPs.  She also gave Operation Tour De Frankish a thumbs up on her Twitter.  For an MP this isn’t too bad.  I’m not saying she has done everything she can but at least she has done something.

One thing all MPs have regardless of their party?  Direct and swift access to other MPs.  It stands to reason that this would be the case and that they’d even have telephone numbers for other MPs that we are not privy to.

I think what Anna could do is draw the attention other MPs to the fact that an increasing number of people are watching to see if reasonable, high profile and democratic methods really work when it comes to politicians doing the right thing.  Even those who are not pet owners are keeping an eye on this since they desire to see if a group deploying inventive yet non violent means does in fact get the desired reaction from our PUBLIC SERVANTS.

People have invested time and money into bringing these methods to pass.  We aren’t doing it as a game.  On top of all that Operation Frankish have done an additional million or so lobbied the government via petitions.

If I was a paid government advisor I would be on the phone and making calls advising that the government do not send out the message that fair means will be ignored.  That is an extremely dangerous message for an elected government to send out to the British people.

It is totally insane for any government to further provoke one million people by way of sending them a message that all reasonable means shall be ignored.  I don’t think these MPs fully realise quite how close the public are to having NO faith in reasonable means at all.  I don’t think they fully understand that to keep on releasing convicted sadists and paedophiles back into society without them even seeing the inside of prison is blatant incitement against the people themselves.  I don’t think they fully understand that no people are going to endure that forever and at some point the public are going to forget fair and creative means and go straight to disorder.

We do not want this.
The government should not want this.
The opposition parties should not want this.

Yet we and the people seem like the only ones trying hard to avoid that shift in public attitude.  The majority of MPs are NOT helping to avoid society reaching that point, in fact through their inaction they are making it many times worse.

I think these MPs take us for fools.  If they did not take us for fools then they would not incite the public by permitting human weapons of destruction to walk free from court after a conviction.  I think these MPs think we have unlimited patience.  They do not seem to understand that we do NOT WANT these freaks being allowed to float out of courts and rejoin society.

Anyone that understands human nature understands that if a body politic are as haughty and arrogant as this then no good will come of it.  We are trying to set an example of how things can be done without a need for criminal actions.  These MPs must understand that if the public see that our enduring efforts and one million British people are ignored and deferred then those who are young and watching will conclude that non-violent methods do not work.

And if they learn that lesson it will be the MPs that taught them it.



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