Guess Who Their New Neighbours Could Be..?

It began out as a comment said in jest by and then a few people I ran it by fell in love with the idea.  It happened during the thread about North Ormesby.  I casually said “What we should do when they settle is simply rent a flat next door”.  It was intended as a throw away joke – then I ran it past people and they absolutely loved it.  And the more I think about it the more I loved it as well.

We could do it on a rolling monthly contract.  That way if they move again so do we.
With the sort of areas they live in it wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.  20 people putting in £20 every month would cover it.  It wouldn’t matter what size it was or how few rooms it had.
Properties in the areas they go to are likely to be easy to get.
We could keep an eye on them.  Literally.
It would be psychologically unsettling beyond belief
They’d never escape.  Wherever they moved to, we would be their new neighbours.
They’d never be sure what guests Operation Frankish might invite over to stay.
No one can stop us doing it if we want to.



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