Treacherous State Declare War On British People

Make no mistake or error – your own Government absolutely despise you.  It’s almost incidental that we presently have a Tory government – if it were a Labour government they would hate you as well.  Does stating that they hate you and have malicious intent toward you seem like hyperbole?  Then I shall offer some proof to support my theory.

For a start it would not be the first time in history that a state has hated it’s own people.  On the contrary it is actually not uncommon and at it’s most extreme it has always and without exception ended in mass tragedy.  I could cite Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China as just two extreme examples of what happens when the state deeply hates the people.  There are many other less dramatic examples, but the concept of a state hating its own people is by no means some new phenomenon or tin foil hat conspiracy theory.

How can we measure the extent to which the British state hates its own people though?  Easily – by how they both treat and protect them.  So how does the British state measure up in those respects?  Not well.  Let’s deal with protection.  On one hand the state spends an absolute fortune on what they call ‘counter-terrorism’ methods.  There’s the man power, the financial resources, the technology used, the rights they remove from you as part of these measures.

Then on the other hand the same state permits just anyone to come here from lands which are teeming with dangerous people.  No background checks.  No criteria.  Not one thought given as to how this impacts on the safety of British people.

The state would barely need all that spend and manpower if they weren’t just throwing open the doors and allowing literally anyone to come here.  Yet they do it.  And they keep on doing it.  At no time do they ever consider asking the British people if they WANT murderers and terrorists imported.  They just get dumped on us and the risk is ALL on us.  Then when the inevitable happens its a good excuse for the state to award yet more fat contracts to the likes of G4S.

This is not naïveté on the part of the state.  To believe that such strategy is down to random incompetence is a fantasy.  It is a deliberate act of malice against the British people.

Do you have pets and children?  If you threw open the doors to your home to every junkie, paedophile and animal sadist would YOU not be responsible for what then happened to your children and pets?  Would this not be an act of pure malice on your part, knowing as you would that such an action would see your pets and children abused?  Of course it would and if you did this you would be in court for it.  It is absolutely no different to that.  The only difference is we do not hold the state accountable and place them in a court of the people when they do this on an industrial scale.  And that’s just the imported human weapons of mass destruction.  I’ve not even started on how the state use the home grown sadists and maniacs against YOU.

Question: When a court (which is but a machination of the state) permits convicted sadists like the brothers to walk free to live among you, does this…

A) Deeply enrich the community that they are moved to?
B) Genuinely place that community at some level of danger?

It is self-evidently B.  The state KNOW that it does not benefit the community and they KNOW that by such actions they are waging a proxy war against local communities.

Why else would they KEEP letting such utter vermin walk from court and then pander to their every whim?  It can ONLY be that the state would sooner have them at large and a threat to you all than to incarcerate them and negate the threat.

More proof?  No problem.  Let me give you the names Rachel Trelfa and lesbian lover/wife, Nyomi Fee.
Here’s what they did:

‘Can wives be in prison together?’ Lesbian couple’s incriminating Google searches before they battered two-year-old son so hard his heart RUPTURED are revealed as social services admit boy ‘fell off radar’.

Two-year-old Liam was found having died from a ruptured heart in 2014.  His mother and her lesbian civil partner denied murdering the youngster.  They claimed another child had caused the injuries which led to his death.  Jury convicts them of murder and other child cruelty charges after trial.  They tied another boy to a chair in the dark in a room with snakes and rats.

Now you would obviously and logically expect that upon arrest they would be remanded in custody ahead of their trial?  That would be the rational and safe thing to do, yes?  It would be if only your state didn’t hate you so much that they’d rather bail both and put others at risk.


Discover how murderers Nyomi and Rachel Fee were forced out of their Gateshead home.

Murderers Nyomi and Rachel Fee were moved out of their Gateshead home after neighbours realised the pair were suspected of killing a two-year-old.  While awaiting trial, the killers had moved into a house in Forth Street, Chopwell, only a few weeks earlier before scores of residents discovered who they were.  As news quickly spread that the pair were suspected of murdering Rachel’’s son Liam Fee, crowds began to gather outside the property in September last year.  Police officers, police dogs and a helicopter were also dispatched to the scene as tensions quickly mounted.

Just let all of that soak in.  Consider the depravity and seriousness of their crimes.  Then consider that both were allowed to simply move into a house in a place called Chopwell.  And would you believe it, the residents were deeply unhappy when they found out.  Shame on those residents.  How very intolerant of them not to welcome their new neighbours with biscuits and conversation.  And police and state officials almost react like they are hugely surprised and offended that people may hold an objection to vermin of that type living among them!


Local Councillor Michael McNestry was called in by officers to try and calm the crowd down as eggs were thrown.  Coun McNestry, who is a familiar face in the village after being a Labour councillor in Chopwell and Rowlands Gill since 1987, said at the time:

“”I was in a meeting in the community centre when I was called by the police…  “I was told what was happening and was asked to go and talk to the crowd.  There was a fairly big crowd and I just said that the object of the exercise was to get the people out of the village.  The police were trying to do just that but they were hindering their job.  I asked them to move onto the grass verge and a few eggs were thrown.  “The officers went to the property with two police vans.  The crowd wanted to see the two taken away with their own eyes and when that happened the crowd dispersed.  I wasn’t aware of these two people until someone rang me and told me about the alleged murder.  People said they had moved in last week and others say they had been there a couple of weeks.  “Then the comments started on Facebook.  Residents didn’t’ want them in the village.  I started to get text messages and emails saying they wanted them out.  “There was a safety issue and moving them out was the best thing to happen.”


Let that soak in again.

Two women charged with perhaps the most serious of crimes.  While awaiting trial they are allowed to shack up together in a new neighbourhood.  The people are not told- They have to find out by themselves.  The people rightly object and want them out.  The councillor wasn’t aware of the two women or the case.

If by now you don’t see that your state despise you and want to hurt you by releasing and importing as many dangerous people as they possibly can then I truly don’t know what they would need do for you to get the message.

All of these actions are clear and deliberate acts of malevolence against the public, but specifically against the most vulnerable.

What would the state need do for people to finally see that certain actions were indeed a declaration of war against the British people themselves?


Above: As with Daniel and Andrew Frankish the state believes these two women enrich a community.


One thought on “Treacherous State Declare War On British People

  1. I think the question of whether they can be together in prison should be the least of their concerns.

    “Does getting attacked in prison with boiling water and sugar really hurt” would be a more appropriate question for them to be asking.


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