Use it or lose it

These are just some Monday morning personal thoughts. I hope they are interesting and on point anyway. Phil may have totally different thoughts, but I doubt they would vary all that much since I naturally discuss all such things with him before they appear.

Where do I start? I am glad I came into the ‘Baby’ situation with a totally fresh eye and fresh perspective. I am glad that I didn’t come into it on the back end of years and years of “animal activism”. I didn’t need that background to grasp what is going on. I didn’t need to be a genius to watch their infamous footage and see with my own eyes that this was insanity itself in action. I didn’t need a background in animal rights to see that what they did were clearly and obviously the actions of two men for whom prison should be compulsory and NOT optional. I also didn’t need an extensive history in animal welfare to understand that a mere tagging and curfew was no punishment at all.

I had a look around at what else was out there and this is generally what I saw.

There are a lot of pages and sites that churn out no end of photos of abused dogs. The pictures are frankly disturbing and I think after a while they only serve to demoralise people.
They do attract a lot of traffic though and a lot of comments.

Most of the comments are people just expressing their mock outrage. The next day another dog pic appears and the whole seethe fest starts over again. This just goes on ad infinitum, since there is rarely a clear direction or path with these groups and no ideology to speak of. Just pics of abused dogs and people raging that “something should be done”.
They don’t want to do that something though and they haven’t a clue what that something should be. They only know that someone should do this something – for them.
In the end, such sites and pages, however heart felt, just become an echo chamber of abused dog pics and seething. I suppose it may sate the public in some Orwellian “Two Minutes Of Hate” way, but I don’t see that it changes anything.

The dogs are fast forgotten and so too are the abusers, owing to the frequency of the dogs and individuals that are featured. It begins to take the feel of a bunch of battered wives all getting together to compare how battered they are and how much they suffered. Then all raging about their abuser. Then logging off and going back to the same old dysfunctional set up. No real plan of action on how to stop or lower the abuse.

There are dedicated rescue centres that do great work. At least many do. I wish they had no reason to exist but they do. I’d even settle for them having much less reason to exist, because that would mean social habits are changing. However their niche is really to sweep up other people’s failings in dog care. They take the dogs, they fix them up, they try to rehome them to someone suitable. Many are nearly entirely voluntary and rely on donations, so I salute the work they do.

There are what I’d call fringe and publicly unpopular organisations that have existed. They are unpopular because they have a long history of extremely dubious and criminal actions behind them. No one wants to be part of them as they are heavily infiltrated and probably a ticket to prison. Plus they have no real record of ever having changed very much despite existing for a long time.

And that’s about that. Unless you want to fling the RSPCA into the mix as well, with all their faults and lack of dynamism.

So when I one day happened to chance upon two guys from some town in Redcar booting their dog around I took at good look at what was out there … then I decided what was long overdue was something entirely different to what else was out there.


The RSPCA seek to convict those suspected of abuse.
We seek to shame the sentences handed to the already convicted

Welfare centres exist to rescue dogs, patch them up and rehome.
We want to exist so that one day there will be less social need for so many rescue centres

Other groups hit the viewer with an almost daily digest of new abused animals and perpetrators.
We have instead focused on this one dog, this one case and these two brothers. Why? Because if we can make an example of them and use them as our conduit to change wider laws then that would be worth 100,000 “worse ever” dog abuse pics and it would be worth a million “Someone should hang ’em by the balls” comments.

Other groups like to focus on very traditional and old fashioned methods. Petitions and writing to MP’s are the two best examples. Neither do any harm, but in my research I found very few petitions have ever led to change and that most who write to an MP get a stock response.

We always set up to be lawful but always different, always unpredictable. We were and are unapologetically over the top. Why? Because the Government would prefer you weren’t. They’d sooner you just either left it or stuck to petitions and things. They are used to dealing with that. They are even used to dealing with disorganised mobs on streets. This is no issue for them at all.

It is extremely challenging to remain both lawful yet over the top and different all in one. Especially when the case is about two people already convicted and a dog that died circa 2014. It is extremely challenging to keep that relevant to those that matter – media and the body politic. Yet we have achieved this.
Notice how OF has gotten precisely no one into any kind of bother by way of their involvement. Notice how careful we have been to be creative and overt yet remain lawful. Why? Because we are all more productive on the outside than on the inside.

Notice how well ahead of the curve we have been since day one. Ever found us scratching our heads, stuck as to what to do next? Ever found us wanting for ideas? Ever donated to an Operation only for it not to happen? Ever known one of our previous operations not to get press coverage? Ever known a night where Phil and I aren’t here to take questions and share material? Ever known two or three absolute strangers to work this smoothly together in 5 weeks or so?

Just think about this. I’m just a guy from Scotland. I am about 300 miles away from these brothers and yet I selected this case from a town called Redcar that was previously unknown to me. I could have selected any number of deserving cases right here in Scotland and went with that. Being that Scotland is small, it is far easier to reach an entire nation with something. I could have done that. But I forgot all national boundaries, I forgot the fact that this was in some town in NE England that I had never heard of, I forgot the fact they had been arrested and convicted and I forget the fact that this happened three years ago. I put ALL of that aside.

Yet when I think about it and if I were to flip it over, I would be astonished if some guy from Redcar decided that a case in Scotland was going to be THE case he would go with to try to alter legal history. Keep in mind that we have our own Parliament here. It might even mean that my efforts yield fruit in England before they do so in Scotland. Phil is probably the same distance from Redcar as I am in a Southerly direction.
I’m going to be brutally honest here. Redcar has 35,000 people in it. ‘Boro has 125,000. For one guy from Scotland and another in the South of England to be doing more between them for the benefit of that area than the people from the area is … bizarre.

There is absolutely no way for instance that they should have been let out of sight. That should have been an easy thing to cover. You really couldn’t get a more easy thing for just ONE person to have done properly. But no. Instead we are forced to rely on information given and tracing agents. We should NEVER have had to do all this extra work just because NO ONE had the wit to follow. By not following its just put a whole new area and its residents at risk and now we have to try find that out to maybe stop their kid being raped or their dog tortured to death.

Its taken one man from Scotland and another from the South of England to mobilise and essentially storm right into ‘Boro(twice) and say “We are here. Now what the fuck are you going to do about it?”.
Which brings me to our funders. I could kiss every one of them except the men. Without them there would be no operations. We certainly have not toiled to fund them, but what annoys me is that it is by and large the same loyal group who do. What about all those that want “justice for Baby”? What about all those that want legal changes? What about those that truly believe the brothers a threat that must be neutralised? What about all those that spent their life moaning that “someone should do something”. What about the various Bulldog clubs in the UK?
Well here we are. We are doing that something. We couldn’t do more with what we have in the time we have. Our speed of growth has bewildered people and journalists alike.

But isn’t it about time others stepped up to the plate and donated for a change, rather than rely on the loyal people to always pay out? Isn’t it about time more people in that region stepped up to the plate and decided to be more constructive?
Their back yard after all – not mine.
We cannot be everywhere all at once unless the people of that area step up to be our eyes and ears.

They do not do that nearly enough. Sorry, but it is true. I go to bed each night wishing that circumstances allowed me to live there. What good use I would make of that.

The case of Andrew and Daniel Frankish is already the top animal abuse story of the year. No other has or will court the exposure and coverage of those two. That’s an achievement but it is still not enough.
Its a huge opportunity though, since this is the animal abuse story of the year then it would make good sense to actually USE that fact.
This is gold.

With a chance like this you would get laws changed if you persist. But you need to make full use of that chance while it is there.
It may take us several days to create a good 4 min bit of footage. First we need a script, then it needs direction, visuals, suitable music, editing, revised and finally released. Its a LOT of work to do it well and get right and sometimes we are sat doing stuff on a Saturday night when we could be on the piss and chasing women.

But we believe it worth it since good audio visual is an excellent tool if the people use it well. But they don’t. For the number of shares it gets or places people link it, it almost isn’t worth our time and effort doing it. We may as well just revert to never ending pics of abused dogs.
It can literally take us weeks to create an operation from start to end. The fastest part is the funding. But you would not believe what HAS to go on behind the scenes to ensure all goes to plan. Especially when it is a series of operations. It is absolutely constant.

Most people would probably think we give far too much of ourselves, but we believed in what we are doing. So we were prepared to make that sacrifice and do what it takes. I was prepared to sacrifice my summer if by doing so I could make a difference. Phil sacrifices his sleep to make sure what needs done is done. We have both definitely had to sacrifice self interest in any form. We have even taken risks.

But the problem is that this level of sacrifice is not returned by even 0.5% of Baby’s so named “army”. Its a fact. One million people are meant to have signed that petition.
Where are they then?
What are they doing NOW?

One million that virtue signal and say they want “justice”. Yet they leave it to a mere 20 people to fund us and they leave it to two guys 300 miles away from that region.

Amazingly we then get messages from people asking us to take on this or that case. They must honestly think Phil and I are salaried to do this. There is no way you could just sit back, do nothing, and let two guys work on this full time unless you believed they must be salaried to do it. There is no way you’d be flinging them additional cases and expecting them to do anything about it. How do people actually think we exist? How do they think we can devote so much time to doing this for BRITAIN unless we are giving all of everything that we have to help make a better society … for YOUR children to grow up in?

Maybe they think we’re just two old retired billionaires with nothing better to do than be philanthropic for the sake of it. Maybe they think we can find 26 hours in a day and not 24.

Yet when we ask them to stand up and be counted? Suddenly they are silent.

Its up to you. Either this can be the animal abuse case of 2016 which became a wasted open goal for the public or you can stop moaning about bad things and unfair stuff and actually and visibly stand up and do something about it.

We know that eventually something will give and the dynamic would alter against the brothers and those like them. But it will NEVER be done unless you pick ONE case and clamp onto it. And you will never sustain it UNLESS you can create things over and over. And you’ll never do that unless you have the person(s) prepared to do all that work and make all that sacrifice.
And if you do find people like that (not common) then you don’t let the chance just float on by, you fight tooth and nail to build it up and make it stronger.
You don’t contact guys that have already sacrifice more time than some give their entire life and expect them to do other cases AS WELL. You contact them to say “Here’s what we can do for you guys”.

At the end of the day motivation is a two way deal. We work around the clock to try to motivate by way of giving you something to believe in. Who motivates us though?
Who keeps me going or Phil?

People tell us they haven’t been able to watch the vid. That’s fine. But we had NO CHOICE. Not only did we have zero choice but we have had to work with this material in ways that were frankly horrible for anyone to do. But we did it as a team even though it pained us and even though it makes us sick. We do that so YOU do not have to.

On a purely personal level I could just sack it all, go to the pub and suit myself. The brothers are no threat to me and would not dare. They are no threat to my dog. They are no threat to my locale. Its not my street they will arrive in and its not my kids that will need to watch out for Andy and his child raping fetish.

I could walk away now and no one could fault my effort. Phil and Nemo are the same. We do not lack the skills, the will or the dedication.

We understand that to really secure a change you must select a case and make a huge thing of it and on the back end you can eventually drag in all other cases. In theory we have operations that could last until the end of the year. We’ve already written them up and filed them for possible use. Only by executing each operation will it eventually lead to success. Its all about the accumulative momentum.
But I will be honest here – I am not entirely and fully convinced that the British public are yet tired enough of dog torturers and paedophiles. They certainly rant and rave about them a LOT. But there’s a difference between saying and DOING and most do NOTHING. This can only mean they don’t see child raping and dog torturing as a big deal. If they saw it as a big deal they would take action. They wouldn’t just talk shit in comments sections. They’d actually react. Like how they would react if someone insulted their football team or some other fairly trivial thing.

If people react with more passion to getting a parking ticket to kids being raped and animals being tortured then it clearly means they see a parking ticket as more serious.

And that effectively means society isn’t yet sick enough of child rapists and dog torturers.
Maybe one day society will finally have enough of child groomers and animal abusers, turn off their TV, cancel their SKY sub and actually DO something. Anything at all would do.
Until then it is starting to seem to me that they don’t dislike it enough yet. And this would mean we are seeking a spirit within people that they simply do not have.

I’d love to be convinced otherwise though.


2 thoughts on “Use it or lose it

  1. Can I just say that whilst I agree with the majority of what you say, I must add that I live in Redcar and the reason these two monsters were let out of sight was because our brilliant (not) police assisted THEM in escaping true justice and helped them move and not because the locals were apathetic. Keep up the fight because most people here are well and truly behind you.


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