Don’t Do Deals With The Devil

Although our focus always has been and always will be the two brothers that doesn’t mean to say we would give a free pass to those who seek to enable and facilitate them. I’d fully and obviously expect the mother to remain loyal to them, albeit a twisted loyalty and perhaps born from knowing of her own failures. I’d fully understand the police having to do whatever duties they were given, even if that does mean chaperoning them to a new address or something. That’s just how it works.
But that is it.
No one else has beyond their blood relatives (or police) have any excuse or reason to be knowingly enabling them.

Examples of enabling;

Giving either of them employment
Permitting either to volunteer for any role
Permitting either to enrol in a college
Permitting either of them service in a club, bar orshop
Permitting either of them to be alone with dogs/children/general animals
Knowing their whereabouts and failing to alert the public or OF thus endangering one and working against the other.
Befriending either
Knowingly putting out false information either for motives of wanting to sound ITK or to lead us off on a false trail.
Its not a complete list but these would all be examples that we would consider enabling. It goes without saying that a business could innocently serve them and just not know. That’s okay. In such an instance we would naturally let that business know. If they chose to keep giving them service then we shall retaliate by bringing a boycott of their business. This is entirely legal, people can choose to boycott any business they wish. So if any company wants to bring a big boycott down on themselves then all they need do is insist on giving service to them.

If a company gives them work then we shall make them aware. If they fail to do the right thing we shall bring a boycott and shaming to that company. If a college permits either to enrol then we would put political pressure on the funding sources they rely on.

If a landlord elects to rent to them, then he shall be made fully aware of what they are. We would hope and trust he or she would get rid of them. If anyone withholds information about either their actions or whereabouts then this would also be seen as unwise and an act of embankment. Like with the other examples we’d be reasonable. If someone that knows them coughs up now then we’ll see that as an olive branch, but if they know of actions or whereabouts and are protecting them by saying nothing then it will come to light.
There would be no excuse for a person at that point.



One thought on “Don’t Do Deals With The Devil

  1. Ticking over in my mind. Does anyone on the OF team live near Southampton St or know a post man? Re-direction of mail ? Which you’ve probably already thought of. But you never know


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