£300 Reward

It’s self-explanatory really.  There is absolutely no moral or ethical basis to permit two convicted sadists (at least one of whom has a child raping fantasy) to up and relocate themselves without the people of that new area being fully aware.  No one in their right mind would want them anywhere near them but at the very least they deserve to know.  The public are sick of the shameful pandering to twisted monsters- Pandering which endangers everyone else.
That’s why we are offering a £300 reward to anyone that gives us the new location/address.  It must check out and I’d strongly advise against false info or games.  We’re not playing games here.  Obviously we are not going to do anything which would be out of step with our approach and words so far.  This goes without saying.  However, we strongly believe that citizens have the right to know when dog-torturing potential child rapists are quietly placed among them.  We do strongly believe in the rights of the innocent majority over those of the guilty and damned.
Our intentions are simple.  When we secure a location we will implement a public awareness excercise on the grounds of pre-emptive safety.  We will also initiate a dialogue with all businesses in that region and invite them to join the righteous proposed sanctions against serving them.
Those are our intentions.  Share and link this post to all places appropriate.


One thought on “£300 Reward

  1. Have I watched too many Cop programmes – could they be in some sort of police protection programme where they just disappear – like a witness protection programme – surely not – but seems strange that you have no info on there whereabouts


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