An Open Letter To The Two Cockroaches

Okay you pair of spoon burners – listen up and tune in.  This is specifically for the pair of you.

Look, I know that right about now you’ll be feeling all sorry for yourselves.  “Other people torture their dogs and talk about raping kids and they don’t get this much pressure”, I can almost hear you whining in that irritating voice with the effeminate lilt.  And yes, perhaps that is true.  But guess what boys?  Life just isn’t fair I guess.  You’d know all about life not being fair since life was not fair for the nice little dog you beat up like the two giggling little cowards you are.  So you may as well get all notions of fair out of your drug-addled little micro brains.  Parasites such as you have been begging to be made an example of for too long.  Well done – you won the golden ticket.

Here’s another fact you may want to note.  The ending goes one of two ways.  You lose in both though.  Either you are thrown in prison where (at the very least) you belong.  Or you don’t go to prison in which case we will go on using every plausible and possible means to haunt you for your actions.  This is not a game to us.  We could not be more serious.  You both ruined your OWN life and your own reputation when you were caught and exposed for what you really are.

And then you thought it would all go away with the slight inconvenience of a tag and a curfew.  But no.  This is not going away.  You can see with your own eyes it hasn’t gone away since the day we formed.

I know you’d probably prefer some nonsense death threats or something so you can go crying a trillion tears to the police.  But we don’t do death threats.  Pointless.  Rarely are they followed up and it just gives you a little skirt to hide behind.  That’s not to say we don’t have our own personal thoughts in that regard of course.  I’d pay large sums of money to have you pair and us together and then see if you can repeat with us what you did to your dog.  But neither of you would DARE face any man that was able-bodied and you both KNOW it.  You also both KNOW you’d get obliterated if you even dared.  That’s why you never will.  That’s why you only pick on those who are captive, disabled or unable to fight back.  Because you both realise how weak you are.  You can only validate your shattered psyche by way of beating up on those who trust you and are defenceless.  That is your way.

Andy, on one of your chat logs from earlier this year you stated that you “can’t even remember three weeks ago let alone three years ago”.  Do we believe you?  This is of minor importance.  What is of major importance is that YOU believe US.  You are a pathological liar, kid.  There’s nothing wrong with your memory.  You remember well enough.  We’re all wise to the Frankish lies.  But if you do suffer from a bad memory then see us as a service to remind you.  Forever.  We are entitled to remind you and the people as much as we want.  It’s you who are defenceless now.

You should in a sense be grateful to us.  We are teaching you both a valuable lesson here.  We are showing you that the perverse actions of people like you won’t be forgotten, we are showing you that we’re prepared to go all the way to protect the people and animals by way of exposing you, we are showing you that you have crossed paths with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Be very thankful that we’ve been restrained enough to devote our efforts on exposing and haunting you via legit means.  Just imagine how bad things would be for the pair of you if I just threw all those ways out the window and instead redirected my energy to simply doing what you did to your dog that day to you?  Do you think your bodies could endure that?  However, because I have believed from the start that there are other ways to deal with dirt like you, I would not want anyone to risk their own liberty just for you two losers.  Not when we have a whole arsenal of stuff we can do in other ways.  Not when all that stuff put together is more crushing long term that you pair getting a tickle.

I have to say though there are some mad dogs just straining at the lead to bite you.  Seriously.  I wouldn’t like to be on the wrong side of some of the guys we’ve seen.  Thankfully we aren’t.  Thankfully they like us but hate you.  But we’re keeping them cool as we have different plans and in general I think they like our plans better.  Our plans mean they don’t need catch an infection in biting you directly.  The exception would be some unfathomable parallel universe where you both had a gigantic brain shut down and decided to “bring it”.  I cannot imagine in even my most wild dreams that you’d have it in you, but if you dared then this would be a fatal error.  All previous bets would be off.

You are probably wondering how you can possibly get out of this.  That’s what I’d be wondering.  You are going about it all the wrong way so far.  What good does moving do?  Buys you a few weeks then the public want to know if the two dog torturing potential paedos are in their area.  Then they find out and it starts all over again.  Changing looks and even names is no use.  It’s only going to make your situation worse.  Pretending you have a memory problem is just being a smart-mouthed bastard and I strongly suggest against being one at this time.

We know your curfew and tag end around September.  Normal people have never accepted that as a suitable punishment and never will.  Nor do we.  To be honest I don’t think there is way out unless of course you both happen to be the bargaining chips of the state.  If due to your actions the laws were radically and vastly changed then that would possibly be a decent enough trade-off (so long as you also got jail time).  Anything short of that and I guess you are doomed really.  Shame.  Pains me.poster90



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Two Cockroaches

  1. Keep hounding the miserable little oxygen thieves. They should pay for what they did for the rest of their useless lives. Any potential employer ot girlfriend has a right to know what theyre getting involved with.


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