Cry Me A Waterfall Of Tears

Well boo-f***ing-hoo.  We get at least one ill-informed ad hoc ‘reckon’ every day and Sunday was no different.  🙂

Some rotund bloke known as ‘Rob’ took to our page to tell us how we were being too harsh on these boys.  Took objection to the fact that we strongly feel the public have a right to know when a convicted dog torturing potential paedophile is shoe-horned into their neighbourhood.  I’m not really sure why a man with a young son would be keen to allow dog-torturing nonces to take the piss out of the public and put them in clear danger – but object he did.

Well here is my question to all the men like ‘Rob’.  What have YOU done this year or your entire life to ensure that paedophiles and animal perverts didn’t get an easy time of it?  I’d love to know since the Robs tend to bark a lot but I see no bite.

Rob thinks that anyone who takes the fight to the paedos and dog torturers “needs to grow up”.  This coming from a man in his 40’s that wears an England replica top.

I see it somewhat differently.  I think it’s the Robs of this world that need to “grow up”.  Put down the games and take off the overpriced replica football top.  Stop mouthing off via the net against those that are showing balls- and DO something instead.  How about that, fella?  Then all the sons of  the nations Robs may grow up with someone they can truly look up to instead of looking up and thinking “My dad eats lots of pizza, drinks beer and wears an England top”.

Rob did give us some amazingly cerebral advice though.  Apparently “nothing we do will bring the dog back”.  Damn.  And here we were working under the belief that if we gave it long enough that perhaps we could resurrect Baby.

All this time we have been labouring under the idea of making Baby rise from the grave, and now look: Rob claims that to do so is impossible.  I feel so very disillusioned since I had convinced Phil and Nemo that with enough trucks and planes we could bring Baby back to life.  But it’s all been in vain.  After all, if you can’t resurrect the dog then “what’s the point”?

I wonder if people like that would be so casual and liberal in their outlook if that evil pair had personally hurt their child or dog?  I’d assume not, which means that such men are hypocritical and selfish.  Selfish?  Yes – because only when evil visits them do they think about actually shutting the hell up, getting off their arse and taking their own action.

If you want to know why paedophiles and dog torturers get off so lightly it’s due to people like that.  Those with an “I’m alright, Jack” mentality – until an injustice happens to them.  Then it would be a mushroom cloud of tears as they raged and bitched about how unfair stuff was.

Men like that need to take a LONG look at themselves in the mirror.  They are like overgrown children playing games and wearing the shirt worn by footballers that earn £150k per week.  We have women followers with more balls.

I do not think we go far enough with paedophiles and animal perverts.  I would never give a single one of them another chance – not ever.  People like that merit being shunned and ostracised.  If it were down to me I’d make crimes against animals and children a top national priority.  I’d want every single one of them arrested (or re-arrested) and I’d send every single one of them to an offshore labour camp – for the rest of their lives.

I am sick to the stomach of weak pussies giving perverts a free pass time and again.  No, our efforts may not be able to bring the dog back.  But if our efforts perhaps save the life of another animal or child then that’s extremely valuable.  If our efforts can demonstrate that such vile monsters cannot just vanish into the ether without being made an example of, then it will have been worth it.

Now is that time for people to pick a side.  There’s no middle.  Either you are with the people that most want to neutralise the predatory animal abusers and child abusers – or you are against them.

Choose the right side.  Choose the side that wants Britain to have the toughest abuse laws in all of the West.  Choose the side that dares and takes risks.  Choose the side who are devoted.

Don’t be a Rob.
There’s no place for gluttonous do-nothings in a fight against evil.



One thought on “Cry Me A Waterfall Of Tears

  1. I love your commitment,humour and eloquence,for too long these wank offs have been getting away with torturing defenceless creatures.I am sick of it.Keep up the good work.


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